My life in Royal Hill high School

My life in royal hill high school epilogue


My life in Royal Hill High School
Written by Humble Smith
Anne’s POV continues
Words can never explain how I feel,
My heart is just so bittered that I nearly burst into tears..
He was looking into my eyes without blinking,
I must confess I felt the connection again, there is no doubt he is my father but I can’t be his daughter, I could have being dead because of him, I could have died long ago because of his evil dream..
“Jaden!” I called and he shut his eyes and took a deep breath..
“How are you doing?” I asked and he smiled
“Why I’m I knowing this now??” He muttered
“What is it?” I asked
“Why I’m I just discovering that you are my biological daughter..” He breathed
“It is because..we are not meant to be father and daughter..” I replies slowly with my heart becoming very heavy..
“It is really weird that you are her father, can the devil bore an angel?” Jeremy huffed and he smiled at him..
“How can anything good come from you?..” Hannah mumbled and his smile deepened
“Can anything go come from Nazareth?..oh I understand..” He said happily..
“The cops are waiting outside to take you so don’t be too happy because you are gonna pay for every single heinous act you committed” George seethed and every single smile in his face vanished immediately..
He became sober..
“Why did you decide that path?..why did you choose to be evil?” I asked and he gazed at me, his saddened countenance turned into a smiling one leaving me surprise..
“I am very happy to have you as a daughter, at least there is something good i gave to the world, I’m very sorry for all the pain I caused you..” He muffled and for the first time in my life, I saw Jaden cry..
I couldn’t believe my eyes, tears rolled down his cheek, every body stared with utmost surprise..
“This is my first time to shed tears since I lost my mother at the age of 16..I am in tears not because I’d die but because I wouldn’t have the opportunity to stay with you..” He sobbed and I fluttered my eyes trying to push back the tears which was forcing itself out of my eyes..
“I’m sorry, you could have changed when you have the chance” I muttered with a cracked voice..
Just then, George’s phone rang..
He glanced at it then to Jaden..
“Bring him!” He ordered two of his men..
They removed the shackles and

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led him downstairs, we all followed behind..
I rest my head on Jeremy’s as we walked downstairs, I don’t just know how I feel right now..
We got outside and I was startled at the number of hilux waiting for him, every single cops were armed and it was like
they were coming to take the greatest criminal ever known..
I stood beside Jeremy and watch how he was taken away handcuffed..
I swallowed the lump in my throat and held Jeremy’s palm..
He glanced at me..
“Why??” He asked and I smiled
“You are my everything now” I said and he smiled
“I am so happy to have you” he cooed
“So at last, we are we are together without anybody trying to pull us apart, ohh, I had always prayed for a day like this” I said and squeezed his palm..
“This world is really weird, from
a hawker to a celebrity” he said and I smile
We all walked back to the sitting room after jaden was drove out of sight..
Everyone sat in pair..
Lisa and David, Sophia and Steve, Richard my foster father and Hannah, Lara and George, Lisa’s parent, Desmond and his wife..Lydia was sitting beside Sophia.
I looked at them and smiled to myself..
“Why are you smiling?” Ann the little girl asked staring at me with a smirk
“I’m just happy” I replied
“Why won’t you be happy when you were able to achieve your biggest dream” she smirked
“Yeah, Jeremy of all people being your don’t really know what it means” she said,
“Well we are meant to be together” I muttered and she turned to Jeremy
“Hey, I’m going to live with you and Anne” she said with a grimace
“You have to tell Anne not me, if she agrees then you are free to get in” he said and i giggled
“I told Anne and she said I should tell you”
“That’s!!!!” She squealed and jumped on Jeremy’s body..
“Hey what is wrong with you!!” He squeaked
“Shhhh, you don’t actually know how I crushed
on you, I would always kiss your picture..right now here I’m i, with you.. I want to rest on your arm” she said in glee making everyone burst into laughter..
“You want to snatch him from Anne right??” Richard said amidst laughter
“Hey, it would have be possible if Anne isn’t this beautiful..” She said with a squeezed face sitting on Jeremy’s leg.
“Don’t break my leg oo!” He squeaked and she chuckled
“How would I break my boyfriend’s leg!” She shouted and everyone stared at her..
“Hey spare me those stare..Jeremy I’m I lying?” She asked facing him with
a funny look..
“No oo, you are my girlfriend” he replied and she jumped in glee and poked out her tongue to me.
I couldn’t control the laugh that came out, It really got me,
“Stand up first, let me show you something..” Jeremy said and she stood up..
Before she could know it, Jeremy held me up and made me sit on his leg with his hand wrapping around my body..
“ have tricked me!” She squealed and I poked out my tongue at her..
She grinned and plopped down the couch..
“It would match the three of you, I must say!” Sophia spoke out..
“Yeah, I’m taking her..she would really make me laugh out my lungs” Jeremy said
“So we would be heading to Jeremy’s house” I said and stood up..
“Okay, enjoy the rest of your day” they akk chorused.
We all baded them all I left, Ann was in the middle holding me and Jeremy..
“I want to hold Anne so can you come to this other side..” Jeremy said and she rolled her eyes
“Imagine me being Anne.. Let’s go biko!” She squeaked
“What is biko?” Jeremy asked
“It means my love” she said and smirked at me
I couldn’t hold my laughter..
Jeremy was just smiling confusedly..
We stepped into the car, I was sitting with Jeremy in the front seat while she sat at the back..
“Jeremy so it is all real??” I muttered
“Yeah..we succeeded” he grinned
“It was really a long journey of love”
“Yeah, I never knew we would reach the end”
“Jeremy I love you” I said and he licked his pink lips smiling sheepishly
“It had been long I heard that from you, we haven’t had time to be together” he said
“Oh yeah, our love story is really a tough one..I can’t wait to sleep in your arm peacefully..”
“I long for that..”
“The drive seem to be like eternity, I can’t wait to reach home, can you increase your speed?” I said with a lopsided smile..
“We are here already” he said as we drove in through the gate which opened itself automatically..
“Is this your house?” I asked with my eyes widened.
I’m sure this building would cost up to $15million, it look like a paradise,
“This is our home” he said as we alll stepped down..
I swoon as I stared at the building, the surrounding, everything was great, ohh God!!!
Ann on her own hand was totally mesmerized..
She couldn’t talk, her eyes was hovering around the place lost in its beauty, she did not even noticed when I and Jeremy went in..
The day went by and night came..
I went to the bathroom to take my bath,
Just as my cloth dropped down, someone came in,
I smiled knowing who it was..
“What are you doing here?” I asked still smiling
“I want to stand by you, I’m afraid you may disappear” he said with a smile
“When did I became a ghost?” I chuckled
“I’m looking at your half n@ked body without you saying anything or chasing me away, thank God!!” He squealed and I turned to him…
He was only putting on short only..
“You want us to take our bath together right?” I asked and he smiled
“After bath what would happen next?” I asked
“We would go to bed, it is already late..” He replied
“So we are laying together?” I asked and he nodded with a smile..
I switched on the shower making water sprinkle out, I was still wearing my underwear, the water drenched us as we peer into each other’s eyes..
He wrapped his hand around my face and drew me closer, our lips were one inch close and I could feel his breath..
“A time like this is what I wanted and now it is here, I feel like bursting in joy, Anne you mean a lot to me, you are my breath, the very first day I met you was the day I found something different, you did not only changed me, you also made me complete, having you beside me makes me understand what love is, I can’t love you less, now I find peace, I find peace in you..Anne I can’t express all I feel for you because words aren’t enough, I wish I can tear my heart open so you can see how it beat for you, I hated Nigerian not knowing that was where my heart lies, not knowing that my missing rib was there.. Fate wants us together and that was why we couldn’t be separated, we went through a lot to be together, now I know you worth all my suffering, I wouldn’t be the same if you were not with me at the end..I want to kiss my word into your heart, I can’t tell you I love you because that words isn’t enough to make you understand what I feel for you.. Just know I’d die for you..” He purred and his word went deep into me, tears dropped off my eyes..
I drew my face closer and kissed him, the kiss lasted for some minute before I broke it.
“Let bath!” I said and turned off the shower, I pulled off totally..
He also did the same..
We smiled as we stared at our n@kedness..
I climbed into the bath tub and he also came in we both sank into cold water, our body clunging around each other..
After the romantic bath .
We cane out, he dried my body with the towel..
We got to the room and I quickly put on a red gown…
He wore another short and we both sat on the bed facing each other..
“You don’t really know how much you meant to me right?” I said and he smiled
“We are doing it tonight right?” I asked shyly and he giggled
“Do you really want me to do it?” He asked looking into my eyes.
“I had always tell myself that the man who would break my virginity would be the man I was sure I would spend the rest of my life with, Jeremy you are the man” i whispered with a grin
“I’m sorry for not being a virgin” he said making me laugh
“Sophia broke it right?” I said amidst laughter
“Yeah, but right now, I feels like a virgin, this is my first love making” He said and I smiled and held his hand stepping down from the bed..
He kissed me and I shivered..
“I am slightly nervous, I don’t want to hurt you” he whispered
“It is a painful at yge beginning but would turn to happiness when you have your virginity taken by someone your heart beats for” I muttered and he smiled…
We cane
“Thanks for loving me..”
We kissed passionately..
His hand went all over my body in a soft and slow way leaving me shudder in the pleasant sensation..
He moved his hand to the zip of my gown and drew it down..
My gown fell off..
He kissed my lips more deeply and I let out a soft m0an, his hand went to the buckle of my bra and unbuckled it making it fall off..
He pressed his hand on my b**b and I felt my heart glitch..
Shrill ran through my whole body, that was the first time a guy would touch my b***b..
He moved his lips from my mouth down to my neck then to my n!pole which he licked slowly leaving me shiver..
I felt wโ‚ฌt down..
“My leg couldn’t hold me any longer, I leaned on him and he lay me on the bed..
He started his magic on my body and I couldn’t stop the m0ans that kept escaping..he moved his index finger round my cl!toris..
I shut my eyes tightly as the pleasure soared, I was very much wโ‚ฌt that it was dripping..
Jeremy pulled down his short and looked into my eyes, all I could see was passion and love..
He was ready to stop if I say so..
” should I? ” he asked
I smiled and nodded with a sweet smile
“Close your eyes and think about me” he said softly..
“Okay..” I breathed and closed my eyes thinking about the past blissful memories..
He plunged in slowly with care and I jerked in pain..
His eyes went dim and he felt hurt.
“Does it hurt much?? Should I stop?” He asked with care
I smiled
“Do you think this pain is more than the pain of having another man take my virginity.. Hell no..I’m very happy” I cooed
“I’m also happy being the man you choose, ladies like you are rare, I guess they are born once in a century” he said and grinned.
“Go on!” I coaxed and he went deeper, the pain went away and was replaced with pleasure..
I totally forgot about the pain and was drown into the ocean of pleasure and sweetness, Jeremy is just that perfect man I want…
I adore that very day we met..
Our life in Royal Hill High School is the part of our life we can’t just forget..
It would remain in our memory and we would keep on telling the world about it…
Hey guys tell me how you see this story which is my second completed story..
I love you all๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ’‹

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