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my life in Royal Hill High School episode 46


My life in Royal Hill High School
Episode 46
Written by Humble Smith
Jeremy’s POV
Different thought was running through my mind as I fight hard to remember the past which I had forgotten, I could remember royal Hill high school which was the school I was attending but it wasn’t clear all that had happened there..
I was totally restless..
Who is Anne?
That was the question I kept asking myself as I lay on the bed looking up to the ceiling..
This was the only person I find my self longing to see even when I don’t know how she looks like,
I just feel it deep down my heart that this person is really special to me,
I had been told that she was my girlfriend but it was really absurd.. the only girlfriend I had which I can remember is no other person than Sophia..
Well…I’m actually planning on breaking up with her because I don’t love her anymore, she doesn’t even seem to love me like before..
I was still lying there drown in thought when the door of my room was pushed open by someone..
This alone made me mad..
Who had the guts to dash into my room that way…
I jolted up ready to blast whosoever it was when my gaze fell on the lady who just dashed into my room..
My heart flinched immediately on seeing her..
I don’t know who she is but she is really affecting me..
I stared at her and felt my whole body freeze at a spot, I couldn’t shift my gaze because it was as if I was enchanted…
My mouth was gaped and I was totally lost in her beauty, I couldn’t help but wondered who she was and what she was looking for..
“Hi, Jeremy” she greeted with those melodious tone and I found myself smiling sheepishly..
The fact that she knew my name made me happy, I was ready to make her mine at all cost..
“How are you?” I smiled feeding my eyes with her great body
“Can I seat with you?” She asked and those words clinked in my memory,
I felt like I had heard that word from someone in the past but I can’t recall it no matter how hard I tried…
“You are free to seat anywhere you feel is comfortable for you” I said feeling joy surge through me..
She walked closer and sat very close to me that our body was really touching each other..
“Do you know me?” She asked with an arched brow and I felt like slapping myself..
I had been acting stupidly all these while..
A girl who I don’t know dashed into my room and I started drooling over her that I can’t even inquire about who she was..
“I don’t actually know you but I think you must be that Anne I had been hearing of..” I said out praying she would tell me she was..
“So you can’t remember me?” She asked with her eyes getting drawn
I squinted my eyes and scrutinize her whole body from head to toe..
I felt confused…
“I’m Anne your love, its unfortunate you can’t remember me, it is really painful that you can’t remember our past..you can’t remember me…you can’t remember that day we met, you can’t remember that night that departed us..I feel great pain to see you look at me like a stranger..” She muffled staring at my eyes..
Her words rang repeatedly in my memory and I felt dizzy..
I stood up and tried walking around to know if I can feel better but it became worse and before I knew it, I loss balance and fell..
I shut my eyes waiting to hit the tiled floor but she caught me and I rested on her chest, her cologne filled my nostril,
I felt peace,
I felt love
I felt joy
I felt my whole body shudder on her touch
I had never felt this way before not even with Sophia…
I raised up my head and gazed at her eyes which was shimmering..
“I think I’m getting to know a little bit of the past” I said and she cringed with a broad smile on her lips..
“Really?” She asked anxiously staring at me..
“It is hard for me to remember our past now but there is something I can recall, there is something that my heart has which cannot be erased and that is the fact that you are my only love.. the only lady I had ever been truly in love with..you are the lady my heart beats for..they may be able to take my memory but they can never take away the love I have for you which is in my heart, seeing you alone brings joy to my heart, I don’t think I need my memories to love you again, you are in my heart and would always be there..i love you more now..I’m sure I’d get to remember this great past of ours..i want you to know that I’m still with you, I still love you…” I cooed and a sweet smile appeared on her face making her more beautiful than before..
I couldn’t help it anymore..
I drew my lips closer and kissed her deeply sending a pleasurable sensation down my spine..
💕Steve’s POV💕
I had never thoughts a time like this would come, a time when I would feel loved and become in love again, it all seem like a dream.. how it happened is what I couldn’t fathom,
I had always hated ladies and had killed few but now after many years, I’m falling in love..
Sophia took my heart..I can’t just have enough of her, every second of the day, I just need her beside me, i just want to be with her always..
The time was around 11:34am,
I couldn’t sleep as I just spent my time watching Sophia doze like a baby with her head on my chest, her lips was slightly apart making her more beautiful and s£xy….
i closed my eyes waiting for sleep to steal me but just then, my phone rang..
I gently rested her head on the bed so I can get the phone, i wasn’t in a hurry to know who was calling, I had thought it was Drake, maybe to tell me about Anne’s escape..
I took the phone and what I saw left me shaken,
The caller was ‘Sophia’s father’
I felt my whole blood freeze at that moment,
why would he call me??
I really found it hard picking the call…
i was just some kind of afraid..
i was sent to make sure his daughter gets along with Jeremy but here I’m I lying with her..
After the phone rang the third time,
I picked the call…
“Hello” I said in a gruffy voice so he would think I had been asleep all these while…
“Steve what is going on? I hadn’t heard of Anne’s death, what is still delaying it?” he asked and I let out a deep sigh..
“Must she die?” I asked and i could feel him widen his eyes at my question..
“what do you mean?” he asked
“I had made Jeremy lose his memory a little bit, he can no longer remember who Anne is…. ” I explained and he exhaled heavily..
“Has Sophia and Jeremy begin the practice?” He asked
“No…they got some issue and hasn’t been talking to each other for some days now” I said calmly
“What!!!!..i guess she has become insane..she must be very stupid!!. is my daughter there??.give her the phone.. ” he commanded
“Erm.. she is asleep..” I tried explaining..
“Spank her up that bed now..!! ” he barked and I could sense he was really infuriated…
I glanced at Sophia who was still asleep peacefully and felt no urge disturbing her sleep..
I can’t wake her up…
“I just went to her room now but I can’t find her.. ” I said dryly
“Are you mad???.. find her and give her the f**ing phone” he thundered and I sighed..
“She just told me she isn’t going to speak with you.. she said I should inform you that she is no longer in love with Jeremy and would not have anything to do with him” I lied making him fume without saying any word..
After some time, i couldn’t hear a sound so I checked and found out he had dropped the call
I let out a deep sigh and turned my gaze to Sophia..
I felt drained immediately…
I just don’t actually know why I said all those things to her father, I guess I was jealous..
I don’t want her to leave me for any reason..
I was ready to make her mine but it wouldn’t be easy..
Jaden Sophia’s father is not an easy nut to crack, he gets what he wants the very way he wants it..
I buried my face into my palm as I sat at the edge of the bed,
I don’t want to lose her but having her isn’t going to be easy..
I was still lost in thought when I felt someone which I guess was Sophia wrap her arm around my body…
“Are you awake?” i asked with a forced smile
“My dad called right?” she asked and I nodded..
“i heard all you told him” she said and I turned my gaze to her
“Do you think..I’m doing the right thing?.. ” I asked
“If we truly love each other, it would work out for us, the odds may be high but we are definitely going to overcome, let’s just be careful, I can’t afford to lose you” she purred resting her head on my shoulder..
“I’ll rather die than live without you because that life without you would be worthless” I cooed
“let’s go to bed, you know we would be going to school tomorrow” she beckoned and I obliged..
we slept with our body wrapped together…
😍Anne’s POV😍
It was morning and I was set to go home so as to get prepared for school..
I had informed my dad of everything that happened and he would be sending my driver to come and pick me up..
“Hey so we would meet in school right?” Jeremy said with a smile as he walked into the sitting,
“yeah” I replied staring at him dreamily..
It seemed like he became more hot that morning, I couldn’t help but feed my eyes with his body..
“Stop staring at me that way” he deadpanned
“You are just too handsome” I said with a smile
“You are also too beautiful, I can’t just believe you are mine” he said and I chuckled
“Do you know what it means to have you as a boyfriend?.. I’m the talk of the town, I’m really trending, being the girlfriend of someone like you is enough to make one a celebrity” I stayed and he pecked my lips..
“I surfed into the internet yesterday night and I was able to see the pictures and videos of us.. I’m regain my memories” he said and I felt on top of the world..
“What can you recall from the past?” I asked quickly
“We would be acting that drama together.. someone sent the video of what happened that night that made me lose my memories, I can remember we were going on an event..i.. ” he couldn’t finish his statement when we heard my car honk at the gate..
“He is here already” I said out stood up quickly..
“I love you” he whispered and I chuckled..
“I know” I said and pecked his lips…
“let’s go” he said and we both walked down to where the car was parked..
There was my father and mother standing beside the car waiting for me..
“Do you both really have to follow the driver here?” I asked as I ran into a tight hug with them..
I really missed my parents..
“you are my precious jewel, you can’t just tell how restless I had been since your disappearance, your mother has always been sober..” my father said and I smiled sweetly pecking my mom who was holding me tight like I would disappear again..
“Okay I would like to use this medium to introduce my boyfriend to you both” I said and held Jeremy’s palm softly..
“We already know, it is all over the internet” my father said and shook hand with Jeremy who was only smiling sheepishly..
“We would see again at school.. they mustn’t know you had a memory loss” I whispered into his ear making him smile..
“bye!” he waved as we drove off…
😍Jeremy’s POV 😍
I walked back into my mansion and quickly took my phone..
I dialed my father’s number and he picked it immediately..
“Hello son” his voice sounded jovially
“Thank you for bringing me into this country” I said and he burst into laughter..
“I know it is all about Anne but you know your being with her would bring trouble” he said with his tone getting serious..
“How?” I asked
“Have you forgotten that you had been betrothed to Sophia? ” he said and I was shocked..
I couldn’t ask further because it sounds like he had told me before, I don’t have to make him know i had a memory loss..
“We have to find something to do about it” I said..
“it would be really tough fighting Jaden” my father sighed
“I pray everything turns out well” I said with a deep sigh of frustration and cut the call..
I got prepared for school and dashed out forgetting to eat, I’m so anxious to see this Anne, her image alone gives me joy and it seems like I’m just falling in love for the first time..
I drove my car to the car park and hopped down immediately, without glancing at anyone, I rushed into my class and found it somehow scanty…
“Where are the other students?” I asked Anne who was sitting quietly all alone..
“Let’s go we are already late for the drama” Anne said and I shrugged..
Immediately we entered the room everywhere went silent..
All their gaze rested on I and Anne..
We walked straight to an empty seat and sat down with our hand locked together..
“The date for the drama would be next week…i believe our representative Jeremy and Anne are really doing their practice, we are sure of winning the competition as long as we have the Almighty Jeremy with us..i want to inform us all that Jeremy and Anne would be living together from now, they would be more serious in their practice..they would no longer attend school for this whole week, they are the one to make the choice of where exactly they wants as a venue for their practice..any house they choose would be rented by the school..let is give them a round of applause as the walk together up this podium to address us and give us assurance of being the first…” Everywhere was filled up with clap and cheers as I and Anne walked up the stage with our palm held together..
“It’s a pleasure to be chosen to represent both Nigeria and America.. I don’t have much time say but I’m giving you all my promise of making sure we come out as the winner..love cannot be destroyed even though it may be shaken, Anne here is my true, the only one that meant so much to me, for the very fact that I would be going up there with her, I’m 100% sure of winning..i love her with all my heart..i don’t think words can express how much I feel for her, she is just like my own body, she is my breath and anytime I stand alone without her I feel like suffocating, she is my strength when I’m weak..our love his an assurance of winning..i thank everyone who made it possible for me to meet her..i wonder how my life would be without her..she is an angel sent by God..” I poured out my heart with emotions, my eyes was even glistening..i felt like bursting, I can’t imagine how pleasurable it would be staying a week with her by my side, acting a romantic scenes with hee in the stage with million eyes watching…
There were clap and scream ranting the air..
I could see some tears on Anne’s eyes, I’m sure it’s a tears of joy…
“So Anne give us your assurance..” The instructor said..
💕Anne’s POV 💕
I picked up the mic with unending joy, I feel on top of the world, all that Jeremy said sank into my heart and gave me peace..
“I…dont have much but..i..know that two bond meant to be can never be broken, our love is more stronger than anything you can think of…..” I couldn’t complete my words as someone I never expected walked into the hall..
To be continued

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