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My life in royal hill high school episode 47


My life in Royal Hlll High school
Episode 47
Written by Humble Smith
Anne’s Pov continues
My blood freezed as I saw Drake walk in, I found myself trembling, just the sight of him brings back my past pain, all I went through in his hand, I serious dread him,
His face was exuding evil and I know beyond doubt that his coming here would result to nothing but disaster..
He brought out his phone and did something which I couldn’t ascertain…
I glanced at Jeremy and he felt undisturbed, I guess he couldn’t remember what happened that night..
He doesn’t know drake is evil..
After some seconds of silence, I finally rounded up my speech..
Drake kept staring at me with a baleful look but I tried to bottle up my fears..
Everyone clapped except Drake who was seated at the back still staring at me..
No one noticed his presence because he was seated at the back of everyone and was wearing a face cap which covered his face sightly..
Everything went by and we were dismissed..
Drake scurried away quickly so as to escape the eyes of the students there..
Everyone went back to class but I and Jeremy stayed back, we would be heading back to Jeremy’s house which we had chosen as our venue for the practice, all
I was just having a mixed feeling…
Everything is not going to be fine, I’m sure of that,
I don’t want to go through pain and suffering but that is what being with Jeremy would bring.
I’m I ready to go through that journey?
I pray I would..
It’s getting dangerous..
After some chit chat with Sophia, Dave, Lisa, Steve and the others, I and Jeremy finally left with his car..
We drove home with smiles, I couldn’t stop glancing at Jeremy who looked like a Greek god, it was just like it was the first time I was able to see his real cuteness.. I couldn’t help but wondered how I was able to get someone like him to be mine..
No one talk to each other, all we do was unending glance which we gives to ourselves..
“Anne!” Jeremy called out breaking the silence..
“Ugh” I answered turning my gaze to him..
“I have this feeling that we would face more torture than we had” He said in a low and soft tone
“I am also sure of that..did you see drake come into the drama hall?” I asked and he nodded
“He is one of our greatest enemy and as long as he is still alive..we would not know peace” I said and he arched his brow
“Take your time to think about what happened that night, then you would know that drake wants me dead” I said and he shut his eyes and took a deep breath”
“I’m sure I’d remember very soon” He said with a sigh as he took the last turn which leads to his house..
After some more drive, we reached his house, the gate opened automatically giving us way to move in, just as we drove in, another car moved his way in with a very high speed.. I was frightened at first but was
a little bit relieved when I found out that the person who did that was Drake..
“Hey Drake what is the meaning of that?” Jeremy asked as he rushed down the car..
“I don’t have any business with you..i need to talk with her” He said gesturing his head to my direction..
“What if I don’t allow that?” Jeremy retorted
“You can’t..well I hope you known the danger about to befall her?” Drake asked resting folding his arms..
“How does that troubles you?” Jeremy asked with a scowl
“Well..i still need her even if you don’t care about her..you know fully well that she won’t be able to survive this..you know how cruel Jaden is..you know he would kill her at the slightest chance and you decide over looking all that because of your selfish feelings…that isn’t love, let her be and stop risking her life because you want to f**k her a*s….” He couldn’t finish his words before receiving a heavy blow from Jeremy who had gotten so much angered and infuriated by his words..
Drake was very shock at the outburst..he placed his hand right on his lips where the blow had landed, I guess it was really painful because he was close to tears, he could feel some liquid substance dripping down, he checked his hand and saw it was blood, this made him very angry and he made to charge at Jeremy but couldn’t as five bodyguards quickly came in…
“Drag him away from here!!” Jeremy ordered and scurried into the house.. I could see his eyes w€t, I’m sure Drake’s words really got him..
I hurried after him..
On reaching the sitting room, I couldn’t find him there, I rushed to his room and there was Jeremy seating on the bed with his face buried into his palm..
I walked closer and sat with him..
“Jeremy!” I called but he made no move..
“Jeremy..” I called again and he raised his head this time and once again, I saw Jeremy cry..
My eyes widened in shock..
“What is it?” I asked feeling pained..
“Anne..i’m sorry..i’d be the reason for the pain and anguish you would face and I don’t think I’d forgive myself for that..i just think you should..” He took a deep breath and continued..
“I think you should..go..your..own..way..and let me..be..” He stuttered forcing each word out..
“Don’t think about that..I’d only leave if you want me to..i would leave you only if you tell me right in my face that you need a break up!.” I said wiping the tears about to fall from my eyes..
I know there are going to be trouble ahead but leaving Jeremy wasn’t an option for me..
“My life would never be the same without you..i don’t think I would be normal if you leave..i’m just feeling sorry for you, that is the reason why I said that..” He explained and I held his palm..
“We had been in this together and we are ending it together..i’m sure there would be a time when we would be together in harmony..” I purred staring into his eyes which were glistening..
“The word I love you isn’t enough to explain how I feel for you, I wish I can make you read my mind” He cooed with a sweet smile that melted my heart..
“You are really romantic” I said with a lopsided smile
“You taught me that” He said fondling my cheek..
“So when are we beginning the practice?” I asked
“Ohhh..yeah..erm..tomorrow” He replied
“Why??” I asked
“It would take just a day for me to regain my memory fully” He said and I arched my brow..
“I can remember many things but it isn’t clear enough in my memories..” He explained and I smiled..
“Okay then, I’m here for you” I said with a smile making him chuckle
“Can you give me your body?” He asked with a smirk
“What are you going to do with it? Are you a cannibal?” I asked with an arched brow
“Forget about what i would do with it, just pull off and leave me to do the rest” He said with a smkrk and I hit him playfully on his head
“You are Sophia’s boyfriend I guess you know?” I said and his countenance changed
“No I’m yours, please don’t mention her here, I don’t like her anymore..” He said sternly
“Who is your girlfriend?” I asked with a raised brow
“Ugh..you of course!” He said spreading his hand
“What if I tell you I have another guy in my life?” I said with grim
“It is not possible” he blurted..
“infact to be frank..i have another guy..” I said and I could see him cringe in shock with his eyes widened..his gaze were on me trying to read if I was saying the truth..
“You doubt me right, okay, I’m gonna call him right away” I said and picked my phone..
I stared at the screen thinking of who to call..I don’t even have another guys number..
I quickly dialed his number secretly..
His phone rang beside him and he rushed to see the caller only to see it was me calling,
He turned to me with a huge smile..
“I’m the guy right?” He chuckled and I rolled my eyes..
“You are the only boy i has his number saved in my phone” I said and slumped on the bed
“So that means you have no boyfriend, you are just playing prank on me” He said with a smile
“Erm..but..were you serious with what you said earlier?” I found myself asking..
“You mean having s£x with you?” He asked and I nodded shyly
“I would not hesitate only if you you give me an approval” He said and I smiled
“We would have s£x that very night after the drama scene” I said and he smiled
“I can’t wait” He mused and I giggled
“Well..do you think it would ever happen?” I asked
“It may seem impossible but it would happen, we would act that scene, trust me..” He said and his phone rang that moment..
He glanced at it and found out it was an unsaved number..
He answered it..
“Hey man, stop thinking you have succeeded in taking Anne from me, I would still come again and this time no one would be able to save her from my grasp” I heard the caller which I guess was Drake threaten..
“You must be cra…” Jeremy couldn’t complete the statement before the call was dropped..
“That was Drake” We both said in unison..
“He must be mad or high in alcohol!!” Jeremy cursed angrily..
“Let’s go eat something” I said trying not to think of Drake..
I’m afraid of even his shadow..
😳Jaden’s Pov 😳
I sat on the swivel chair in my office checking through the internet, I was still anxious to see the death of Anne as a headline, i don’t actually know what to think of, I am having some feelings that Steve has something he is hidding from me.. How would he suddenly become some kind of humane, the Steve I know would not waste time in killing Anne because of his deep hatred for women but now he is no more concerned about her death,
I was still deep in thought when I heard a knock on the door,
“Come in ” I said to whoever was knocking..
My PA walked in and bowed
“What can I do for you?” I asked immediately
“You have a visitor who claims he has a personal issue to discuss with you, I tried making him send the message to me but he insisted it would be you only..” He explained and I arched my brow
“What does he said was his name?” I asked
“He said his name is Drake, the singer that….”
“Call him in now!!” I interjected without waiting for him to end his words..
“Okay Sir” he bowed and left ..
After some minute I heard a knock..
“Hey come in dude!” I shouted and the door opened with drake walking in..
“Have your seat, I have many questions for you, I’m so glad you came just at the time I needed you most” I said with a brief smile
“I know you would need me that is why I came” he said and sat down with smile on his face..
“What is going on there, what is actually happening? is Anne still with Jeremy?”.. I asked anxiously breathing heavily..
” you see..all your plan is getting ruined..” He said and my eyes widened in shock..
❤Drake’s pov❤
“I don’t get it!!” He retorted with his eyes bulged out..
“None of your plan are working out, Anne is already practicing with Jeremy and next week they would both come out there in front of the the whole people and act the scene..” I blurted out and he jolted up immediately
“Are you telling me the truth?” He said with his eyes getting red in anger..
“I can’t come up here from Nigeria to lie to you..you have to start doing something before all you planned for would be a nightmare” I said and he shut his eyes and took a deep breath..
“What about Steve? What is he doing?” He asked and I burst into laughter..
“Owww..that d**k head is passing out his time with you daughter, he is there f**king her a** like there is no tomorrow..Steve is doing nothing man!” I spited making Jaden hit the desk hardly with his fist..
“Your daughter was the one who made him refuse killing Anne, he does her biddings just to get free p**sy..” I smirked..
“We are going down there right away..I’ll make sure Steve goes to his grave and as for Anne, I’m gonna feed her body to my lion!!!” He stated with a grim expression..
We both stepped out…
“Arrange some of my boys, we ate going to Nigeria, I have a mission for them” he said into his phone..
I couldn’t help the smile that escaped my lips, I can’t wait to see Anne suffer to death, she had caused me pain and I can’t let her go free..you can say I’m heartless, I don’t care…
To be Continued
Drake I hate you!!!!

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