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My life in royal hill high school episode 48


My life in Royal Hlll High school
Episode 48
Written by Humble Smith
Jeremy’s POV
It was morning the next day.. I woke up feeling really unease, my head was pounding and my heart pace wasn’t normal, it was beating faster than it should.. Deep inside me, I felt anxiety clouding my while self..
I glanced at Anne and couldn’t help the smile that escaped my lips,
I stared at her soft pink lips and felt the great urge to kiss it, I brought my head forward but something stopped me..
Those words Drake spited out, it cane ranging in my memory..
“Well..i still need her even if you don’t care about her..you know fully well that she won’t be able to survive this..you know how cruel Jaden is..you know he would kill her at the slightest chance and you decide over looking all that because of your selfish feelings…that isn’t love, let her be and stop risking her life because you want to f**k her a*s..”
I felt weak instantly, his words seem to disturb my conscience that I felt I was doing the wrong thing..Anne is a girl who wanted the best for herself, she had being through many things since I came into her life..it is really hurting me that she would still have to fave Jaden who I know would not rest until he sees her dead, I really hate the way my life is going and it pains me more that my father who I had always trust couldn’t help things..
I glanced at Anne again and the words of Drake flashed again, I felt the urge to wake Anne up and tell her to leave my life, it really seem like the best way to keep her off from what is looming around.. I know she would feel shattered, I know she would feel broken but I’m sure it would save her, I can’t just let her sacrifice her life because of me..
I raised my hand to wake her but my phone rang just at that moment,
I picked it up and found out it was a video call from Sophia’s father..
My heart skipped a beat and I felt my whole body shivering.. My eyes fluttered and I felt hot, my palm became sweaty with my heart beating very fast..
I quickly rushed out of the room and head to the sitting room,
“Hello” I said just as I picked the call
“Wow, long time man..” He said looking at me happily,
“Why are you calling?” I snorted and he chuckled
“Well I called to ask about my daughter, I hope you both had began, I thought I should be seeing the both of you..” He said and I rolled my eyes..
“I have no business with that fu**king daughter of yours!” I blurted and he laughed out making me feel irritated
“When did you began hating her this much, what is her crime little boy?” He questioned with an arched brow
“Love is a choice and I have no choice of loving her, my love for her died the very day I….
“Met Anne right..” He helped me complete my speech
I sighed as I felt my head becoming heavy, he already knew about Anne.. I had planned not to make him know about her but less did I knew he already knows her.. Hearing him call her name was enough to make me shiver..
“You aren’t saying anything..” He chipped in
“What did you want me to say?..you already knew I am no longer in love with your daughter so I can’t act any scene with her, that means I’m not into any practice with her” I said bluntly
“Okay then, can I see that Anne of yours?” He requested
“You can’t see her” I retorted
“I don’t need to see her before getting her..I guess I would not only see her but also see her lifeless..” He said with an evil grin..
I inhaled and exhaled trying to hold on my emotions which are forcing it self to burst out..
“I have no feeling for your daughter!!” I shouted
“I don’t care about those crazy feeling’s, all I want is for the both of you to get married cater acting that scene” he said with a grim
“Can you at least allow me act the scene with Anne, I’d think about the marriage after that” I said and he giggled
“That’s childish..you and I knows that any lady who acts the scene with you is your girlfriend, ghats what the world knows, so you don’t expect me to believe those words you said” he said with a lopsided smile
“Get lost you fool!!!” I thundered getting infuriated..
“Is that all you have to say?” He said and let out a smirk as he focused his gaze behind me..
“What are you staring at?” I asked and he gestured his palm behind me making me turn only to find out he had be looking at Anne who had woke up and was standing being me..
“Shit!” I cursed
“She is really beautiful..” He said with a crook smile
“Go to hell!!!” I blurted
“She would be more beautiful without breath” he smirked and I angrily flung my phone away..
I turned and saw Anne standing transfixed with tears rolling down her eyes.. This alone shredded my heart into pieces..
I felt drained..
I felt weak
I felt pained..
I couldn’t move..
My gaze was just on her..
We are in love but our love story is gonna be bloody..
Our love is a hard one..
When we thought our love lives would bloom, when we thought we would be together in harmony, an event is about to occur..
The coming of Jaden..
Can we really stand by each other…
“That was Sophia’s father right?” Anne asked sitting beside me
I nodded and she took a deep breath..
“Do you want me to leave?” She asked and I cringed
“What do you mean?” I asked with an arched brow..
“My parent doesn’t know about Jaden’s ambition of wanting his daughter to marry you, they do not know you are betrothed to Sophia..neither don’t they know that death awaits any one who tries to come in between you and Sophia.. My life is at stake, that man has fire in his eyes.. He has something in mind to get from your getting married to Sophia and I guess your father isn’t aware of that..I’m confused and equally frightened..tell me..would you stand by me even if it would risk your life?” She asked and I felt my eyes getting w€t..
“I would never leave you my dearest, I would see the end of this with you, i promise..” I said and kissed her deeply with tears falling freely from our eyes..
“We have to stop shedding tears and at least enjoy our moment together” Anne said as we broke the kiss..
“Yes dear” I said with a smile and we both headed to the bathroom to clean up..
“Are we bathing together?” She asked with an arched brow
“I can’t stay outside waiting, I’m afraid you may vanish” I said with a lopsided smile as I dashed in..
“Hey, I’m bathing first” she whined and pulled off her top exposing her bra..
I licked my lips as I stared at her voluptuous b00bs..
“What are you staring at you naughty boy!!!” She shouted and I quickly bend my head downward..
“Come help me unbuckle this bra” she requested and I sprung up quickly..
We both pulled off our cloth standing completely unclad..
I switched on the shower making the water splash on our body..
We both held each other together staring into our eyes as the water drenched us..
“Anne I love you” I breathed making her smile..
“Its because I love you that’s why you are the only guy who I allowed to see my [email protected] body” she muttered and I smiled
“Your body is to sensual, I really find it hard holding my urges down..” I said and she smiled
“Keep on trying..” She said and I chuckled pecking her cheek..
“You are really my source of joy, I do not really know how my life would be without you” I cooed making her blush..
She wrapped her arm round my neck and drew my head forward plunging her lips deep into mine..
The kiss was a very different one, it was just like that was the first time i was kissing her, the sensation I got was too intense that I felt like eating her up..
Oh gosh!!
I really love this girl..
💖Steve’s Pov💖
I sat on the couch of the sitting room fiddling with my phone trying to get my mind to rest but it still wouldn’t..
I had been expecting Drake to call but he hasn’t and that really means he has a plan.. My greatest fear was Jaden who I know must have had of what had been going on.. I couldn’t help but feel like I had chosen the wrong choice..
Love which I dreaded so much is about yo hunt me..
I had always abstained from love because of what it caused me in the past and now I had succvmbed to it.. This time I don’t think I would be alive to tell my story..
“Steve why are you so disturbed?” Sophia asked as she walked jnti the sitting room..
She had refused going to school that day because I myself wasn’t going..
I couldn’t go to school for the fear of the unknown..
Jaden is coming for me and I could feel it..
“Your father would be coming for me?” I said with a deep sigh..
“Then j think we should leave this country” she suggested
“That’s foolish, we both know your father has a great connection all over the world, we can’t hide from him..” I stated taking a deep breath
“What….” Her word couldn’t be completed before the door of the sitting room sprang open with my nightmare coming to reality..
Standing at the door was Drake and Jaden with many thugs fully armed…
To be continued
I’m already crying..
Would Steve really survive this…

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