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My life in royal hill high school episode 50


My life in Royal Hlll High School
Episode 50
Written by Humble Smith
Jeremy’s POV
My eyes fluttered and open as I returned to consciousness after I had became unconscious from the drugged handkerchief pushed to my nostril,
Everywhere was really strange and I could not help but wondered where I was..
I scubbed my eyes and took a deep breath to calm my nerve..
Just then, the door made a creaking sound and opened, I turned my gaze sharply to who just came in only to find Sophia at the door staring at me with her eyes bulged out as a result of constant crying..
I squinted my eyes on her trying to understand what was going on.. I looked around thoroughly and found out that I was in her house.
“Sophia what is going on? What I’m I doing here??!!” I asked with a raised brow..
She muffled and walked closer..
“We are trapped in here..” She breathed and I arched my brow not understanding what she was saying..
“Some men brought you here while you were unconscious..” She said and I growled in bitterness as I recalled all that happened, Anne is still there, they had taken her away!!!
Tears covered my eyes immediately and i felt like bursting..
I wonder what Anne would be passing through now in the hand of that devil..
“Where is Anne?” Sophia asked and my heart stung me
“She is with your father!” I replied with pain written all over my face
“I could have called the both of you when I first found out my father was coming for her but I couldn’t find my phone, in sure my father took it away..” Sophia said with a deep breath
“Steve..” I made to ask when Sophia slumped on the bed shedding tears profusely..
“He is in pain, he is suffering now, I can feel it, he is passing through a lot just because of me, I made him love me and this is what it has caused.. Ohh God!!” Sophia sobbed making me cry too because Anne is also in pain because of me..
“We can never get along.. Why can’t my father know this.. I can’t touch you, I can’t even hug you, there is no way I’d love you even of we are kept here till eternity..” Sophia poured out amidst tears..
“What can we do?” I asked like she knew..
“Are you asking me that? She said with a grim
“I’m devasted” I said and walked out of the room..
I came downstairs and head to the door..
I brought down the handle praying it would open but my prayer wasn’t answered..
I growled in frustration moving my palm over my hair..
I didn’t know what to do at all..
😍Anne’s POV😍
I thought I had gone through pain, I thought i had understood what it meant to be tortured but I just found out I knew nothing, words can’t be able to explain what it is, only people who had undergone it would be able to understand it..
It was just as if I’d die but every time I kept on waking up from being unconscious..
I don’t know if these people still knew I was a lady because I was beaten just the same way Steve was beaten..
My whole body was engulfed in excruciating pain that made me pray for death to take me..
What pained me most was that Drake joined hand in beating me, he wasn’t touched, he had no mercy, my cry and wail was like a song in his eyes.. I couldn’t help but began regretting my meeting Jeremy..
It has been up to 8 hours and I had not eaten, my stomach kept playing different song for me crying out for food..
I glanced at Steve who was tied on the chair like me and found out he was moving..
Could he be dead??
The door sprang open and my heart flipped as I saw Jaden and drake walk in..
“How are you?” Drake greeted with a smile which made me feel like breaking his head..
“Well..our reason for being here is to make the both of you go through great torture that would make Jeremy and Sophia begin practice immediately!” Jaden said with a wicked grin..
My eyes widened and I made to plead when the door opened with three men coming in with different kind of weapon..
My heart sank into my belly and I felt numb..
I’m sure to die if I should be hit..
They set a camera and connected it to the live surveillance at Sophia’s house, that would make Jeremy see all the torture from the TV in Sophia’s house..
Jaden quickly put a call to him which he picked immediately..
“Hello man please don’t hurt her..please let her go..she isn’t the one to pass through that..I’m the one..leave her..she is Innocent, I’m the one who made her stay with me..I..” Jeremy couldn’t go on, his voice broke as he burst into tears..
“Hey dude, had you began the practice with Sophia?” He asked not feel an atom of pity..
“I had not started but I would do it right away, just let her go!” Jeremy pleaded making Drake laugh..
“I can sense in your voice that you still have hope that Anne would still come back to you alive right, well then, let me clear your mind.. Anne would die here, just start getting along with Sophia, you can go to the sitting room if you aren’t there, watch how I torture her and Steve..” Jaden said and cut the call..
“Begin!” He ordered and walked away while Drake stayed back…
“This is what you caused yourself!” He smirked at me
“I rather die here than be with you..son of a b****h!!” I blurted and he punched my lip hardly that blood spilled out,
The men came closer and that was the beginning of the torture which made my life never remain the same..
I and Steve was beaten to mess that I thought I was dead..
💔Jeremy’s POV💔
I couldn’t bear the pain in my heart as I saw Anne cry in anguish..
I was staring at the live video from the TV,
My while body became weak and I felt like killing myself..
Sophia couldn’t watch for long before running away to her room to cry out her eyes..
I was still there numbed in pain when the door of the sitting room opened and Jaden walked in with his guards..
I rushed to him kneeling before him..
“Please stop putting her through all that please??” I pleaded profusely while he moped at me like I had grown two two head..
Sophia rushed down the stairs and on seeing I and her father, she started crying in pain pleading to her father whose expression never showed compassion..
I wonder if Sophia is his daughter, I wonder if this man is a human or a beast..
“You both should sit lets talk” he said dryly and we both obeyed immediately..
“I had planned to kill those people but agyee much thinking, I decided not to” he began and we both stared at him without blinking our eyes..
“I would let them live only of you both promise me to start loving each other, let love grow between you both and do everything possible to win that contest..” He said and we both glanced at each other without saying anything
“Then you Jeremy would have to propose to her just after the drama..make the world know you are getting married to her.. A week after that drama.. You both would be husband and wife” he stated and I felt my heart skip beat at his words..
“That’s the only condition that would warrant Anne and Steve coming out alive” he said and we both nodded
“I’ll do just as you said, release them right away” I said softly
“I’m not doing that till you are done getting married to Sophia, I’d not torture them again, they would be treated well but would not leave..” He said and I nodded
“Thank sir for the consideration” I breathed and he got up and left locking the again..
“So what are we eating?” I asked Sophia who was lost in thought
“There is enough food in the kitchen, go and get your choice” she snapped
“Hey we have to play along” I whispered and she took a deep breath
“That’s right” she said and held my palm..
“Let’s go” I said and we both walked to the kitchen with an outward smile and inward sadness..
I never knew a day like this would come…
💖Richard’s POV💖
I sat on my bed in confusion as I watched how my daughter and Jeremy left and couldn’t return..
After the kidnap of my daughter, I had kept track on her watching everything move she takes, I dong really know what happened to her but I’m sure she isn’t okay anywhere she is, her phone is switched off, Jeremy’s phone couldn’t go through, I had tried tracking their location but it was secured, this was actually what left me perplexed.. Something must have happened..
I have to do something or else I may end up losing my only child..
I got up and dressed up, my wife had travelled abroad for a business seminar so I would be doing this alone..
I had noticed something about my wife but I don’t know how to even explain it, she seem not to be very much happy with the fact that Anne our child was found, I can’t tell why and I don’t even know if what i sensed was true, seriously I don’t think a woman whose child was kidnapped not long ago would have the courage to leave her and travel on a trip..
Well, I can’t make a say now..
I have to find Anne now..
I had called Sophia several times but it couldn’t go through.. I really sense danger..
“Hey George, come to my office right now” I said into my phone as I drove to my school
George Is the one I rely on in everything, he was a boy I secretly abducted from USA when I was frustrated about my not having a child.. On one of my trip to America, I visited the orphanage home..
George was someone who was very intelligent and smart but his parent died when he was five, I took him and sponsored his education now he is one of the best cops in America, he had nabbed many criminals, his ability to carry out tactful mission was what made him different..
I had almost forgot about him until now when I needed him most..
I entered my office and slumped on the swivel chair, just immediately, he walked in cladded on black all through with a dark glass covering his eyes..
“Good day sir” he greeted with a smile
“Yeah good day my son” I replied and gestured for him to seat which he did..
“I can see you are fine, I have not able to call you all because I don’t want my wife to know about you..since we came across each other till this day, I’ve never ask for a favour from you right?” I said and he nodded
“But today I want you to do me a favour..” I paused then brought out a picture and handed it to him..
“That’s my real daughter” I said and he removed his glass and stared at the image in the picture meticulously..
“She and Jeremy was to act that romance scene this year, they are both staying in Jeremy’s house, a day before yesterday, they left the house without a guard after receiving a call, now they are both missing and their phone switched off, their location is also hidden” I explained while he listened
“I’ve heard you.. I’d make sure your daughter and Jeremy comes back safe, I really need to pay Jeremy back for what he did for me one day in my life..” He said and stood up
“I should be leaving!” He said and I nodded
Ohh God, I pray he is able to do this…
My phone rang that moment and I glanced at the screen to see it was an unsaved number,
I answered the call and a husky voice came in..
“Guess you would be searching for your daughter right?.. Well she is with me and is really in good health, I have to keep her so that she wouldn’t destroy my plan which I had set for many years” I heard the strange voice
“Who are you and what are you talking about?!!” I yelled
“Hey calm your nerve.. My name is Jaden the father of Sophia guess you must have heard of me…I need my daughter to be with Jeremy but I don’t see it coming, your daughter was the obstacle, I really have to take her till everything gets set..” The voice replied and I inhaled and exhaled heavily..
“Do you intend to force your daughter on Jeremy??” I queried
“I don’t have an answer for you” he said
“Sophia was once Jeremy’s girlfriend but now they no longer love each other, you should stop all these you are doing!” I stated
“Well..you have no idea of what I want” he said
“Okay please, you said my daughter is with you hale and hearty, how I’m I going to believe that, I need to hear her voice and see her face” I requested
“I’ll show you that in a jifty, just know I’m not wicked, I even hate to see people suffer..” He said and the call tripped off..
After some minutes, a video was sent to me displaying my daughter laughing happily as she chat with Jaden, it look so real that I instantly believed she was safe but one thing was amiss, Jeremy isn’t there with her..
I tried calling the number again but it was unreachable..
I sat down in deep thought..
My mind was drowned in confusion..
Why should Anne’s phone be switched off, why hasn’t Jeremy tell me about the new development..
Something is fishy..
I pray George gets my daughter out of the hand of this man..
💖Sophia’s POV💖
“We are done for today” i snapped walking away from the studio..
“I was even about telling you that” he said and walked his own way..
It was evening so I took my bath and head to my room, I sat on my bed feeling sad, the bed makes me recall those moments with Steve…
I lay down gazing at the ceiling..
“Steve please be safe for me, please” I sobbed..
Just then, the door of my room opened
Jeremy walked closer and sat beside me..
“We have to do what your father wants, if our fate is to be together then we cant elude it, try to make your self comfortable in this situation we are in” he said in a soft tone
“So I should try to love you” I asked and he shrug..
“We both know we can’t love each other but let’s at least make your father think we are getting along” he explained and I nodded
“So we are sleeping together” he said and I raised my brow at him..
“What are you saying!!” I snorted
“Your father locked all the doors of the rooms so I have no place to sleep” he said and I sighed..
“Okay then, let’s lie” I said and we both lay with our body cuddled but our souls departed..
I woke up the next day and got away from the bed, I cleaned up and came downstairs..
I sat on the couch and after some minutes, Jeremy came out and sat beside me,
“Sophia what if I say I’m falling for you!” He said and I widened my eyes in shock.
“Your father is watching us, just comply” he whispered to my ear and I sighed
“I also felt the connection last night, I think we should give our heart a try!” I said with a smile
“I miss your kiss” he purred
We both brought our head closer and deepen our lips together..
We kept kissing for minutes making sure we were being seen by the camera..
“Let’s go the room” he whispered and I giggled..
He carried me in a bridal style as we both found your way to the room..
💖Anne’s POV💖
It was three days after we were made free from torture, we had been treated nicely all of a sudden, our wounds has been treated intensively that we no longer feel pain,
I was sitting on the couch in the sitting room and Steve was sitting right beside me..
“Hey look at this” Drake said showing me a video in his phone just as he walked in..
It was displaying Jeremy and Sophia kissing passionately..
“That video is really trending..” Drake said making me hiccup..
I was really shocked but was just tired, I don’t know what to think of.. I gazed at the videotape for some time..
JEREMY HAS FINALLY DUMPED ANNE TO HIS EX..” I read before giving the phone back to him..
“Why are you showing me that? So I would be more bittered right? Well.. I’m just waiting to leave here, I don’t need Jeremy anymore even you, I don’t want any guy in my life…” I said trying to bottle my emotions, I am just tired of crying, I could not hell but pray that Jeremy hasn’t dumped me..
“There is something you don’t know, Jeremy has the power to save you but he didn’t all because you mean nothing to him” Drake said peering at me
“Really..well you yourself has the power to save me but you would not because I mean nothing to you so to hell with you and Jeremy!!!” I bawled and he stared at me in shock
“See you soon” be said and walked away..
“Steve are you okay?” I asked as I hasn’t heard him say a word..
“I can’t wait to kill that guy!” He whispered to me..
“Pray we aren’t killed here before thinking of killing someone..” I said and turned my gaze to the TV which was displaying a movie..
💖Jeremy’s POV💖
I can’t believe the day of the contest is next tomorrow and there is no hope of Anne return..
“Have you tried getting to the internet with that phone your father left here?” I asked Sophia
“Not at all” she replied
“I’d be having my fans saying many things to me on my Facebook page..” I said..
“Omg!! Watch this!” Sophia squealed showing me the video of us in a deep kiss..JEREMY HAS FINALLY DUMPED ANNE” I read it out and felt my heart shatter..
There were millions of comments from my fans..
I switched to my Instagram page and made to type something when the door of the sitting room opened..
We both turned our gaze to the door thinking it was Drake or Jaden but to my dismay, I found a different person..
He was dressed in a security uniform and his face was covered with a cap..
“Who are you?” I and Sophia asked in unison..
He walked closer to us and pulled off his cap only for me to find out the man here was no other person than George my long time friend…
To be continued..
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