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My life in royal hill high school episode 52


My life in Royal Hill High School
Episode 52
Written by Humble Smith
George’s POV continues
“Jaden can not resurface in my life again, no..I have to leave here!!” She sobbed making me befuddled..
“What do you really mean? You seem to dread this Jaden??” I inquired..
“Jaden should not see me, I don’t even want to see that evil face again..no..Jaden why would you always come for me, can I ever stay always from you forever??” She sulked burying her head into her palm..
“What did jaden do to you that made you be this frightened of him??” I asked passionately..
“I’m not born in this village, I came here to seek solace, I came here to be free from my past, my terrible past which I don’t want to recall..” She paused and took a deep breath..
I wiped the tears rolling down her cheek and held her hand softly..
“Jaden destroyed my career, he destroyed everything I had, he shattered my future and left me hopeless, I have no parent or siblings because Jaden killed them..” She said I shuddered at her words, it shocked me so much that for some time, I was transfixed..
“He did all that just because I threatened to reveal his dirty secret to the world..” She said and I arched my brow..
“You did not expose the secret, just that you threatened to do it??” I questioned and she nodded..
“I never knew he was so much cruel and heartless, I must saw him as my boss who has some little secret, I never knew he has a deadly organization..” She cried and I felt my eyes getting w€t, her words is really piercing my heart shattering it into shred, I was feeling just the same pain she was feeling, I know what it means to see your loved one being killed..I couldn’t talk as my heart bled, seeing her cry really got my emotions..
“I was a nurse, a professional one.. Jaden employed me to work with him own one of his company without me knowing that I was going in there for a different work..he did not only made me his s£x machine, he also forced me to kill many unborn babies, he always have raw s£x with anyone he want and would force that person to commit abortion if she gets pregnant, he had also used me to make many women barren, he would tell me to remove their womb without them even knowing, many heinous act, many to count..I had prepared many dangerous chemicals for him which he uses to carry out his evil act, some was used to make one lose his memory, I also made a chemical which was used to melt any kind of padlock, I also made a dangerous chemical that could kill anyone who inhaled it..I was very intelligent and all my intelligence was used to kill soul, I even made this gas that can make one deranged if inhaled.. All this I did because I was forced to do it, he used my laewnt and siblings as a bait, I don’t want to lose them so o succvmbed to his wills, one day, I decided to stop..I had all his evil acts recorded, I kept secret records of his heinous acts so that I’d use it as a bait to let him leave me, I never knew he had a strong organization with many men and women in it, I thought he was just doing all these with few people so I decided to fight my way away from him.. I called as much cops as I could to back me up..
That night…
For the first time in my life I talked back at him, I shouted, I squealed, I bawled, I threatened him with the records..
“Let me go or I would show these videos to the cops” I had said showing him the videos..
I could see the shock on his face, the shock gradually faded and was replaced with a wicked grin..
I was in his personal room so none of his bodyguard heard us..
“You will regret this action!!” He had growled but I was not ready to hear any word from him.. I was fed up..
“I give you two days to decide my fate” I had said thinking I had been able to get him..
On the appointed day, he told me to leave if that is what I wanted..
I happily ran away, I was very happy leaving, smile could not leave my face, that day was my best day, I was hopping home that very morning only to walk into my parent’s house to meet their corpse staring at me.
My world collapsed…
I put a call across calling my siblings only for my call to be answered by strange voices which delivered to me news of them being shot dead. I had fainted and was rushed to the hospital..
Waking up from my unconsciousness was what I pray never happened because I saw hell..
Jaden ordered his men after me.. I noticed it earlier so I called the cops counting up to thirty but they were l killed by Jaden’s men which was so much, they overpower the cops and killed them all..
I was able to escape as the battle was going on..
My life never remained the same after that day, everyone I meet and make friend would be killed by Jaden.. Anywhere I rented a house, Jaden would buy off the house, I tried flying to another country but couldn’t, Jaden used his influence to make my flight always unavailable, I later found a long time friend of mine who helped me to acquire a flight but I don’t even know how it happened, parcel of cocaine was found in my bags and I was jailed…
Jaden paid some cops to give me a hard labour in there in the prison, I had no parent or relative so no one talked about my case.. I suffered a lot, one day Jaden visited me there in the prison and asked for those videos but I vowed not to give him even if he killed me..
He left and never came back, I later came out of the prison and lived a lonely life waiting for death, I couldn’t post the video to the world, I was so much afraid, Jaden didn’t disturb me and I felt he had forgotten or had forgiven..
I started my life normally making friends..but everything changed in one day..his men set me up, one of my friend was stabbed and I was forced to hold the knife, they captured me making it look like I was the murderer..
Jaden threatened to show off the picture if I don’t give him every video I had..
I gave everything to him..he told me to leave his sight and promised me that the next time he would set his eyes on me, I’d be a corpse..” She completed and I wiped the tears which was rolling down my cheek and hugged the poor girl passionately,
“I would try to bring him down and make hundred pay for hurting you” I poured out emotionally and she stared at my face squinting her eyes
“You want to risk your life because of me??” She questioned
“Your happiness is what I desire, I can’t bear seeing you in pain, to be frank, we just met today but I’m already falling head over heel in love with you, I guess it’s love at first sight” I said in a low and soft voice..
“I’ll help you bring him down, I’ve an information that could tarnish his reputation, we have to leave here first, let’s go to your apartment and plan on how to go, I feel you are the only one who can help quench the thirst of revenge boiling in me” she said and I held her hand softly peering into her eyes..
“Meeting you seem like a coincidence but I know it was for a reason, we have a string that holds our heart together..let’s go before it’s too late” I said with a smile which she returned..
💖Lara’s POV💖
We held hands together as we walked to where his car was parked, I had taken every important belongings I had in that house both my diary and flash drive which contains some of Jaden’s little secret..
We drove off and I felt peace, I glanced at this guys face and was forced to smile, he looked so hot, now I see the reason why I had sighted him earlier, it was because of our bond, we are meant for each other..
“Do you have a girl..friend?” I asked without looking at him..
He giggled and glanced at me..
“Would you ever think I guy like me would live without a girlfriend?” He asked and i flashed a look at him,
My heart really skipped a beat,
“So you have right?” I questioned and he smiled
“Had I told you that I love you?” He asked
“I don’t know” I said and he chuckled..
“Even if I has a girlfriend, I’d break up with her today” he said and I arched my brow at him..
“I don’t get you.. Why would you break up with her??” I queried and he stomped on the break making the car screech to halt..
“If I had a girlfriend before meeting you today, I would break up her because it would become vivid to me that she isn’t meant for me, you are the lady my heart long for, you glistening eyes melts my soul, I really love you” he said and I smiled
“Then, is that why you halt the car? You can still say all this while driving” I said and he smirked..
“I want to do something more than just talking..” He said
“And what is that??” I queried
“I want to speak to your soul” he said
“Okay go on” I said with a shrug
“Close your eyes” he said and I stared at him with grimace..
“Why??” I questioned curiously
“It would make it work, I guess you don’t know how possible it is to talk to the heart” he said and I fluttered my eyes..
“Okay” I shrugged and shut my eyes..
I waited in anticipation, listening to myself, I felt a hand cross my neck, I felt someone breath coming closer..
Oh God, does he wants to kiss me?
His head came so closer that I could feel his breath on my face..
I was still contemplating on whether to open my eyes or not when his lips pressed into mine and we started kissing with passion..this was the best kiss I had ever had, it was so real and great that I kept shuddering, I just wish it wouldn’t stop..
“We have to go!” He said as he broke the kiss which had lasted for close to one minute..
“Okay” I sighed and we drove off..
💖Jeremy’s POV💖
“Can’t you see we are doomed!!” Sophia growled as we both walked out of the studio..
“How??” I asked
“What do you mean by how? Can’t you see that nothing is being done, George is doing nothing, the time is 3:07 pm, in about 16 hours later, we would be at the podium..ohh shit, what kind of fu**king life is this!!” She squealed in frustration
“So you haven’t made up your mind, I’ve already done mine, I have make up my mind to act with you, there is nothing we can do” I said flopping down on the sofa..
“I can’t believe George could be this useless!”she blurted moving her hand over her head…
“He isn’t useless..your father has everything well planned, I think George is taking his time” I tried putting hope..
“Are you sure that Jaden is my father?” She asked
“I don’t know, you can go for DNA test to confirm” I said and walked to the balcony..
If any one had ever told me that I wouldn’t act that scene with Anne, I would have rank that person as the greatest liar..
Ohh gosh!!!
I felt like just taking my life, how would Anne feel watching me and Sophia after she had passed through many things just because me…
💖Anne’s POV💖
I was transfixed as I watched Jaden barked at Drake for the very first time..
He was really angry and I wondered the very reason, whether it was because of the rape or something else..
“Did he hurt you?” He asked and my eyes widened in shock..I couldn’t actually ascertain if he was the one who said that..
“Get up there and wear your cloth, I had promised Jeremy that you won’t be hurt if he abides by my orders, don’t think I have suddenly became soft..” He said sternly and walked away..
I sat up with confusion embedded all over my system, I don’t know what to believe, it was clear that the very reason Jaden did that wasn’t because of Jeremy, it was beyond that, his expression said it all, it was exuding compassion and pity,
Does it mean that Jaden had started having a soft heart??
I took a deep breath and went to take a thorough bath..
Jaden saved me…
This sounded really weird to me, the Jaden I knew would just walk from the room leaving Drake to do whatever he wants..
I dressed up in a red classy gown which I saw in the cloth rack and lay on my bed feeling boring but happy that I didn’t lose my virginity which I had kept all through my life, Jaden had really did a great thing for me and I just at that moment forget all his wrong, I found myself liking him, he has a soft heart but is so desperate to cause pain on anyone trying to stop him from achieving his aim..
I was still having a deep thought on all these when the door of my room opened and Jaden with three thugs walked in,
I shivered..
“How dare Jeremy threaten me, he is really testing my patience, I’d show him how serious I am..” Jaden gritted..
“What did…” I tried asking when he slapped me hardly that I fell on the floor..
“I wanted to keep you safe and healthy but I think Jeremy doesn’t want it the easy way..how dare him try destroying my plan!!!” He thundered
“Set the cameras and rape her very roughly that she would bleed, I need Jeremy to see it and know I’m not joking!!” Jaden ordered with anger and I felt my whole system freeze..
Was this the man that just left here saving me from Drake??
I got sweaty immediately and my legs melted under me…
The boys walked closer and tears poured out from my eyes, my heart became heavy..
The boys grabbed the new cloth I just wore and tore it into pieces, my struggles was useless, only one of them was very much stronger than me talk more of three..
I screamed
I squealed
I cried for help but they wasn’t moved..
I was pushed to the floor and the men drew down their trouser..
Two of them pinned me down while one of them made thrust in..
I turned my gaze sideways and it fell on Jaden, our eyes met and the connection came again..
To my dismay, he quickly stood up and shot the man that had almost plunge in his d**k..
The other two turned to him in shock with their eyes asking him why he shot him..
I saw him took a deep breath and shut his eyes not understanding what was happening to him..
“Boss should we leave??” One of them asked..
“Get her up and assist her to her bed” I heard Jaden say before he turned away without glancing at me..he had even forgot Jeremy was watching as it was connected in live streaming…
The men helped me up and I gestured them to leave immediately which they did..
I took another bath and wore another cloth, this time a crop top and trouser..
I slumped on the bed resting my head on my palm..
Someone should give me an explanation to this before I gets insane, it is clear there is something between me and Jaden but what would I have to do with the devil…
Just then, I saw that the camera was still at me, they had all left it there..
I faced it knowing that Jeremy was watching.
“Hi Jeremy, I’m sure you saw what happened, can you say the reason for that, I also don’t even know why he did that but I want you to know that I’m safe, do what he tells you so he won’t hurt me” I said with a smile and just then one of the guard came and disconnect it..
I giggled and lay flatly know the bed at least Jeremy would be relief seeing me in a good condition..
💖George’s POV💖
I watched all that happened and couldn’t explain..
Jaden saved Anne..
I had been able to jack through the cameras in Sophia’s house and I could see everything that happens there, when the video was connected to the TV, it connected into mine because I have been able to stand in the gap of the connection between Sophia’s surveillance system and Jaden’s own.
This video left me totally confused..
I turned to Lara and she was smiling..
“What is it??” I asked surprised
“That girl is Jade n’s only surviving daughter” Lara said and I felt like fainting..
To be continued..
I can’t stop smiling..😊😊😊😊

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