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My life in royal Hill high school episode 53


My life in Royal Hill High School
Episode 53
Written by Humble Smith
George’s POV continues
“You must be a big joker, how could it be possible, how??” I said as i couldn’t really understand, it is very confusing and unbelievable,
“explain what you meant please..” I sputtered with an arched brow..
“Wait oo, do you believe that cheap lie?” She suddenly said and I grimaced at her,
“I was just guessing, I mean..what else do you want me to say..the ruthless Jaden saving Anne, it is so awkward!” She said with a shrug..
“But you really sounded like you were sure..” I said with a smile, something tells me she was hiding something
“Do you really trust me to that extent of believing anything i say no matter how weird or untrue it sounds” she said and I sighed..
“Okay well if you say it was a joke, there is no problem but I must confess, I feel you are hiding something” I said and she winced
“Like???” She questioned peering at me..
“You had been with Jaden for many years, you knew many of his secret and I guess one of them is Anne being his daughter but I don’t understand why you suddenly doesn’t want to tell about it” I said staring into her eyes
“Jaden doesn’t know who Anne is, to him and to the whole world Sophia is his daughter..” She said and I exhaled heavily..
“Tell me more, my ears are itching..” I urged
“I don’t really know who that girl Anne is but I am sure she is his only surviving daughter..do you really want to hear this??” She asked and I growled..
“Why don’t you want to tell me??” I asked and she looked away..
“Have you ever tried checking the background of that Anne??” She asked and I shook my head sideways..
“I never saw it necessary” I said
“Who is her father?” She asked
“Richard the owner of Royal hill high school, the best school in this country..” I replied
“That means she must be very rich” she squeaked with smile
“I guess.. So..” I urged craving to hear some more..
“Who is Richard’s wife?” She asked
“Her name is Hannah” I replied
“Hannah??? Uhh its making more sense now.. Hannah..” She mused
“Where is she now? She asked and I fluttered my eyes as something struck me.. If Hannah is Anne’s mother why is she out of the state comfortably when Anne is being kidnapped..
“I had heard from Richard that Hannah was out of the town, she left for a business trip” I replied..
“Her daughter is being held captive, I’m sure she knew and she never cared if she was alive or not, is that how a real mother does??” She asked rhetorically..
“Does that means she is not Anne’s mom??” I asked anxiously waiting to hear a reply but heard none, she just stood up and walked over to the bag she brought from her house..
“I have the pictures of all the women Jaden slept with and Hannah is one of them” she said
“Was it only Hannah that kept her baby, I can remember you said Anne is the only surviving one..” I questioned..
“If you are a lady and a man like Jaden forces his self on you, when eventually you find out you have a baby for him, would you keep it?” She asked
“I will if only he accepts it and take responsibility” I replied and she giggled
“And you think someone like Jaden would do that?..ohh no.. These women went to Jaden to tell him of the pregnancy but where sent back and threatened never to make anyone know, sometimes, he would arrange doctors to abort the baby” she said and I wagged my head in surprise at how cruel Jaden is..
“Hannah met Jaden here in America and like other ladies Jaden made a request for her to be brought to him, it was carried out immediately, Hannah was already married then..the s£x brought a baby, she made it known to Jaden but he gave her two options like other ladies, abortion or keeping the baby to yourself without involving him, Hannah couldn’t kill the baby, she went back to Nigeria and no one heard about her..”
“Wait, out of all the women Jaden slept with, was it only Hannah that took the decision of keeping the baby?” I asked and she shook her head..
“There are some other who decide keeping the baby, but, Jaden wouldn’t allow the baby to see the daylight, he would keep track on the lady until she would be put to bed, then he would bribe the doctor in charge to eliminate the child in the womb..” She explained
“Ohh gosh, that’s really gruesome” I spited
“He was able to do all that to every lady but Hannah’s case was different, he lost track on her whereabout when she travelled down to Nigeria..the baby wasn’t killed…” She concluded
“Omg!!..but why does Jaden kill these babies?” I questioned
“There is one thing he cherish so much and that is his reputation, he strives hard to make a good name even when he is the devil himself, he covers his tracks making almost everyone believe he was a great man” she replied
“Why?? Why does he want to keel a good name when he knew he was evil..” I asked and she let out a smile..
“No one knew that why, the same way, no one knows why he wants Jeremy to marry Sophia” she replied and I breathed heavily..
“Who is Sophia to him?” I asked
“Jaden later decided to settle down and get married, he made friend with Jeremy’s father..they were very tight that you barely see one without the other, when Jeremy was born and got to the age of 4, Jaden became so desperate to get a female child that he was ready to do anything so as to get the female child he longed for, His wife had only two boys for him, they did family planings but Jaden kept making mistake which would result to having a male, he would order the child to be abort..
They did another planning and this time, a girl was bore but what no one knew was that the child wasn’t Jaden’s child, she was a result of a s£x Jaden’s wife had with another man…
Jaden couldn’t know of that, he was too happy to check, Sophia had the resemblance of her mother so he had no cause for alarm..after Sophia was bore, he stopped having babies and took special care of Sophia, he did not hesitate to make Sophia and Jeremy meet and become friends..I don’t know why only him can tell” she concluded..
“Ohh that was a very long story, but how did you know all this?” I asked
“Someone told me” she replied
“Who??” I asked immediately
“She is dead!” She replied and I flinched
“What killed her??” I questioned
“Jaden killed her after finding out she knew much about him, she was the oldest staff in Jaden’s organization, she was a great inspector having a way of finding out secrets, it was like she knew Jaden would kill her one day so she told me all this..just a week after she exposed all that to me, Jaden killed her..” She said and tears fell off her eyes..
“That is very bad, Jaden has to pay for all these pain he caused to other people!!” I huffed
“I couldn’t have recognized Anne if I had not decided to keep track on her, I took pictures of her as she grew up..” She added and stood up,
“I’m sorry for every pain you have passed through..” I cooed
“Jaden knew i may one day try to tarnish his good name with his evil deed so he put in me an everlasting fear, killing the people I loved right in my eyes, it was painful..
“You would join them the very day you would do anything that would make people see me as a ruthless man, you can leave but just know that I have my eyes on you,bid kill you if you try to play wise!!” That was the last word Jaden told me the day I left his organization..
“I’m here with you, we would do it together and make sure he pays..” I said and she nodded with a sob..
“But please don’t let Anne know Jaden is her father, it would cause her more pain, she is happy living with Richard, don’t cause disunity” she said and I nodded..
“Why did Hannah feel unconcerned about Anne?” I asked
“I guess she is pained anytime she sees her knowing that she is the daughter to someone like Jaden..” She replied and I nodded..
“So how are we going tomorrow?” She asked slumping down on the couch…
“We would distract Jaden and his men with the police so that we can rescue Anne, his men would have to combat with the police while we secretly rescue his hostage” I said and she nodded..
“So how??” She asked..
“With the help of Richard I’d gather many cops to attack that building” I said and she shrugged
“Jaden’s men are well trained, they would wipe away those pot-bellied men…the only way we can succeed is by making Jaden and his trained men leave that building before calling in the cops” she suggested
“So how??” I asked
“This video would do that..send it to his email, tell him to meet you immediately before you make it viral” she said and I cringe..
“Meet me???” I questioned
“Are you afraid facing him?..” She chuckled
“I am not yet ready to die..” I said with a crook smile..
“Send a location to him, tell him to meet you there, he would come with his trained men then we would have the chance to attack that building…” She explained
“I don’t think I’d use Nigerian police, I would have to bring in my men from America” I said
“There would be cameras there so we would be wearing a skin mask” I added and she held my hand..
“What if I die there?” She said and I flinched..
“I rather die with you..” I said and hugged her passionately to my heart hearing our heart beat together..
😍Jeremy’s POV😍
“What was the meaning of that??” I asked with my eyes widened..
“I don’t also understand, I know my father, this is unlike of him..” Sophia stated looking as confused as I am..
“Does it means Jaden is getting soft?” I asked rhetorically
“There is a reason for that, Jaden can’t do that thing without a reason, we would find out as time goes on” she said and I sighed
“Is he falling in love???” I mused and Sophia bursted into hysterical laughter..
“Jaden in love??..that’s the most impossible thing that would ever happen in this world..” She said trying to control her laughter..
“What do you want me to say..just look at what happened, he killed that man as he wanted to rape her, he did that just when his eyes fell on Anne’s eyes, tell me what you want me to believe..” I half yelled..
“I don’t know, we have to start crying oo.. Less than 24 hours we would be out there..” She stuttered and I hissed
“I don’t even know what that George is even doing..” I said feeling exasperated..
“If this has happened when I was still head over heel in love with you, I would have been the happiest woman in this earth..” She said and I chuckled
“Let’s go and do the last practice” I said and she rolled her eyes
“I’m not going anywhere, i have already learnt it all” She said wagging her head sideways..
“Practices makes perfect” I said
“I am not acting any scene with you, there is no need for practising” she sulked
“Well, it’s not like I’m forcing you, if we fail I don’t care!!” I bawled and dashed to the kitchen to cook something….
💕Richard’s POV💕
I buried my head in my palm in deep thought, I had just told the school press that Sophia and Steve was on an emergency leave, they had been disturbed not seeing them for a week especially Lisa, Dave and joy..
I drew my locker open and a picture fell off, I picked it and saw the image of a man in it, I took some time to recall if I had seen the face before, just then I remembered the man as that Michael who gave Anne to me, Lisa’s father.. I got to remember that I haven’t told Lisa about him..
I heard a knock on my door immediately,
“Come in” I said, the door opened with Lisa and Dave walking in..
“Good day sir” they greeted in unison
“Have your seat” I ushered which they did..
“You just came when I was about calling for you” I said with a smile
“Really, I hope I’m safe” she asked and I nodded..
“Take a look at this..” I said handing the picture to her which she stared at with a grimace..
“Who is he?” She asked
“Your father” I replied and she cringed..
“Are you kidding me?? My father?? You finally found him?” She asked in surprise..
“I found him not long ago but I couldn’t tell you because he said he doesn’t need you so I thought I should let you be” I explained and she took a deep breath..
“I doubt if he is really my father..why would he say he doesn’t need me..” She said in a sullen tone..
“I don’t know..you were exchanged with Anne at birth, he showed me the pictures that made me believe Anne was my father, I also contacted the doctor and he showed me the videotape” I explained .
“Where does he live?” I asked
“It is written at the back of that picture, I tracked him and found his location, you can go to him when you feel is due” I said and she sighed..
“Thank you very much” she said with a curtsy..
“You are welcome..” I said with a smile..
“The reason why we came here was to ask how we can contact Sophia or Steve, their line are switched off” she said and I swallowed tag lump in my throat..
“Well..just wait, you would meet them in America on the tomorrow..” I said and they nodded and left..
“When would be the time for the flight of the student?” I asked the person I just called which was the principal..
“7:00am..the drama would start at 1:00 pm..* he said and I quickly cut the call feeling bittered at the conditional of my daughter, she is still held captive, I had tried calling that Jaden but it had never went through, my only hope is George..
I quickly put a call to him which he answered without hesitation..
“George what is going on? What are you doing? The flight is 7:00am and I can’t see any improvement!!” He half yelled ..
“Your daughter would be in America tomorrow, I’m going to bring her trust me” he replied in a calm tone..
“If my daughter isn’t seen there, I would be ashamed and the school press would bombard me with questions, I don’t know what I’d tell them.. I don’t really care of she acts the scene or not, i just want her there please” he said in a pleading tone..
💔 George’s POV💔
His word melted my heart, I really felt sorry for him, how would he feel hearing that Anne isn’t his daughter, his would he feel to know that this girl is another man’s daughter..
“Dad, I’ll make sure you smile, trust me” I said and ended the call..
“Is Richard your father?” Lara asked making me sigh..
“Richard is my foster father, my parent were killed” I replied with a heavy heart as I recall how they were shot dead right in front of me..
“I’m so sorry for that..let’s go eat something” she said
“I have no appetite” I said and stood up heading to the room..
“I also have no appetite” she said and followed me carrying her bag..
We reached the room and she dropped the bag on the floor…
I sat on the bed feeling so drained, I don’t know why my parent were killed but all I knew was that they were killed by an organization who had an issue with my father, I was spared because I was little..
“George please forget the past, we both has an ugly past but we have to face the future and not allow the past weigh us down” she said rubbing my back sweetly..
I was forced to smile..
“Why are you romancing me?” I asked
“I want you to be happy..” She said with a sweet smile that made joy surge into my heart..
“I’ll go take my bath..help me choose a cloth from that bag” she said pointing to her bag..
“Okay..” I said and opened it
“Bring it to the bathroom” she said and walked off..
I smiled and opened the bag…
I started searching and searching till I found a classy pink gown.. I took it and drop on the bed,
I was about zipping up the bag when I saw an album..
I made to ignore it but I felt the urge, I took it and opened it..
The first person I saw was a young girl, I flipped to the other page and what i saw left my mouth agape, my eyes widened on shock..
It was my father’s image..
Just then, Lara walked in..
“George what..”
“How did you get this picture????” I questioned and she arched her brow
“Do you know that man?” She asked and I glared at her..
“He is my father!!” I squealed and her jaw dropped…
“Those pictures are some of the people Jaden  killed..if that is your father then that means your father was killed by Jaden” she said and I felt like dying…
To be continued…

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