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My life in royal hill high school episode 57


My life in Royal Hill High School
Episode 57
Written by Humble Smith
Anne’s POV continues
I head to the office for registration, I had close to ten guard all over me, it was just like they were expecting an attack, I’m sure it would be an order from my dad, I smiled as the thought of Jeremy crossed my mind, I just want to see him, I want to hug him tight..
I reached the office and the door was opened for me, a white lady was sitting on a swivel chair, I guess she is the person who would register me..
Immediately she saw me, a wide smile escaped her lips..
“You must be Anne right?” She questioned as I sat down gently
“Yeah..” I nodded
“I see, you are really beautiful, I must commend.. Jeremy is really lucky” she purred smiling sheepishly
“Thanks, so I came to register” I said
“Oow! Jeremy’s prediction really came to pass, he registered with your name and also with Sophia’s name, he said that it must be one of them..all you have to do is to sign here..but who would Jeremy really act with?..are you the one??” She asked staring at me
“Yes..he wasn’t sure I would come that was why he signed for the both” I replied with a smile
“So right now that you are here, you are the one right??” She said and I shrugged
“Time will tell” I said and signed the paper she passed to me..
“Nice meeting you, my name is Karina” she said and offered a hand shake which I took with a smile..
“I really admire you, I wish Jeremy would be with you alone, you are very different from Sophia” she commended making me blush
“Thanks, so what next would I do?” I asked and she smiled
“The drama would be starting at exact 1:00, it’s 11:58 now, I think you have to spend some time with Jeremy before it starts” she said and I squeaked in glee, that was what I long for..
“Can it happen? Can i meet him?” I asked as my heart throb in joy..
Her countenance wasn’t really bright this time, it was like she was forcing herself to smile, it was vivid she was disturbed..
“You look unease, what is it?” I questioned and she sighed deeply..
“Do you really wants to see him? I think..you should stay still till he comes to pick you for the drama” she said
“What are you saying?” I asked and she glanced at the surveillance camera…
“Okay I’ll give you the location of where he is..” she said with her voice cold, tears was even forcing itself out of her eyes..
“Jeremy is…” She breathed
“Hey what is wrong with you?” I asked
“Do you know jaden?” She asked suddenly with a whisper and her question threw me off balance,
“Yes.. What does he have to do with our discussion?” I asked
“Be very careful, he is after you” she said and took a deep breath
“Why did you told me you would take me to Jeremy at first, was it a lie?” I questioned..
“Jaden bribed me to bring you upstairs in room 59 where his men are waiting to kill you..he said I should lure you there using Jeremy, but..the moment I saw you, I could not do it again, you are too special to be killed..” She sighed
“Geez..i can’t believe this!” I squeaked and jolted up from the chair..
My heart was really beating fast and loud..
“I just risked my life to say this to you, jaden would come after my life for telling you the truth, but..I don’t mind, i have did a lot of heinous act for Jaden, at least for once let me do the right thing..” She sobbed
“I’m sorry I’d make sure you are safe” I said and took my phone..
“Send 20 well trained police to room 59 upstairs, there are some men there sent to murder me” I said to my chief security which I just called..
“Are you sure they would still be there?” I asked as I dropped the call..
“I can’t tell..” she said and I sighed
“I pray they are caught” I breathed..
“Anne it is just one hour and the scene would begin, has Jeremy know you are here??” She asked and I recalled that my father went to tell him of my presence, I quickly dialed my father
“What is going on dad?” I asked,
“I am very sorry dear, I actually went there but couldn’t meet him before receiving an urgent news” he said in a cold tone..
“What news is that?” I asked
“Your mother had an accident while coming, I have to go see her..” He replied with a horsey tone..
“What?? Omg! I hope it isn’t serious?” I asked with my eyes widened
“No it isn’t dear, just a little dislocation” he said and I exhaled in relief..
“Send the address of the hospital to me, I would come immediately…”
“You don’t need to bother yourself, enjoy your time, mom is fine” he said and I smiled
“Okay..take care” I said and hung the call..
“So that means Jeremy isn’t aware you are here?” She said
“He must have heard the rumour, everyone is talking about me” I said trying to put my hope high..
“I pray so, you can go to the ladies dressing room and get ready, if Jeremy knows you are here, he would come there and pick you when the drama starts” she said and I nodded with a smile..
“I will order some of my men to keep watch on you, Jaden won’t hurt you” I assured and she smiled
I walked out of the office and quickly called my chief security,
“Did they found any body in that room?” I asked
“Yeah, I was just about calling you..seven men was found hidding around there, they have been arrested and would be investigated as soon as possible” he said and I felt joy swell up in me..
“Thank you, and please don’t let those men escape” I said
“Yeah we would be extra careful”
I hung the call and head to the dressing room,
I got in and found many ladies who were trying different kind of clothes, they all seem to be striving to look outstanding, there were different set of clothes there, you just have to choose the one you would perform with,
I just sat down feeling morose, I couldn’t pick any cloth because I wasn’t sure of acting, Jeremy may not know I’m here and I can’t go to tell him because i don’t even know where he and no ladies are allowed to go to the men dressing room till the time for the scene to be acted..
The only option was my father but he isn’t here..
I don’t even know where Sophia is..
I’m just stranded…
💖Jaden’s POV💖
“Ohh shit!!!..my men in that room had been arrested!! Oh gosh!” I cursed hitting my fist on the desk..
I was very furious, I had suspected Karina going against my order but I couldn’t inform my men in the room because they weren’t having a communication device with them, I never thought things would go this way, my plan was great and I would have succeeded if Karina hasn’t pulled that stunt,
If she had lured Anne into that room which I have had the cameras disabled, Anne would be killed and her taken away, there was a secret passway there, that was the path my men would follow to leave the building and dispose Anne’s body.. That was it, but Karina shattered it all, I can’t wait to destroy her…
“How is Richard?” I asked one of my men.
“He is already asleep after taking that drugged food.. ” he replied and I smirked
I had gave him the drugged food after he answered that call from Anne..
My plan to abduct him really went well, I had dialed him when he went to meet Jeremy, i had succeeded in making him leave the hall without making Jeremy know of Anne being in America, I had knew he loved his wife so much that was why I used her to lure him away, telling him his wife had a fatal accident and is still lying on the road really made him tremble that he totally forgot about Jeremy and Anne..he had quickly rushed into his car and drove away after I described the hospital she was to him, he couldn’t think straight because of the shock, he never cared to ask who I really was, he didnt even care taking much guard with him, only two guard followed him making it easy.. He was too anxious to save his wife and that made him fell for my trap, he came out to meet her in the hospital I told him she was, my men kidnapped him on the way…
There is no way Jeremy would know Anne is there, my men are all on guard, just after some minutes now, the drama would commence..
I flopped down on the chair and switched on the television on the wall, it has all the event happening in that hall displaying on it, I could see Anne sitting frustrated at the dressing room and I let out a chuckle..
She would wait till eternity..
“What are we going to do with Richard after the drama?” My pa asked
“He would be drugged so he would forget all that happened to him..” I replied and seeped the wine on my desk..
“Don’t you think that man who saved Anne and Steve would spoil our plan later?” He asked and I grimaced,
I had suddenly forgot about that ba**d..send my men to track and kill them without hesitation!” I gritted and he bowed and walked away..
I checked my wrist watch and saw it was just 30 minutes later..
I seeped my wine and let out a wide grin..
My first plan is almost done,
The next is to get that contract which would be handed to Jeremy, no one is aware I knew about the contract, it was worth $20 billion, Desmond signed the contract with Jeremy’s name, I would get it with the help of Sophia, as Jeremy’s wife, she has the right to lay hand on it, I would use it to run my campaign,
The next plan would be to tarnish Desmond’s name with his past errors of life, there were many bad secrets he told me about as a friend, I’m gonna use it against him and make the world see him as a devil thereby giving me the chance to win the election as the governor, without that past secrets I’m sure Desmond would win because he is loved by the people, i would expose his secrets and make him hated by every one, with that money I can do it, I’d bribe even the judge..
I can’t stop laughing…
“Sir we can’t find Steve or the man who saved him, they couldn’t be traced” one of my men announced as he rushed into my office..
I stared at him with a wrinkled forehead..
“How is it possible that they can’t be found??” I asked getting angry..
“Steve is the only one we are sure of his facial appearance, we tried tracking him but it has no match, it was even showing that he is dead..” He explained and I sighed..
“Keep trying..” I muttered and turned back to the screen, it was just five minutes later..
I don’t even think there is need getting that guy or Steve, my plan is going well…
💕George’s POV💕
“Sir we need your help..” I said to Desmond Jeremy’s father who was seated comfortably in the hall waiting for the scene to begin..
He stared atbis for some time before standing up..
“How can I help you?” He asked and I glanced at the bodyguards showing it is something private..
We were all dressed in a security uniform and was wearing a wearing a face cap which covered our face slightly
“You all look like an assassin to me, how can I move to a private place with you, who knows if you were sent to murder me” he said calmly and I was forced to chuckle
“Do you know this girl?” I asked displaying Anne’s picture to him..
His face brightened up as he saw the picture..
“This is Anne” he said and I nodded
“Are you aware she is here?” I asked
“I was hearing it from people’s mouth but I did not see her with my eyes so I have some doubt if she is truly here right now..” He said and I smiled
“Please let’s go to somewhere private, there may be some enemy prying” I said and he nodded and we all moved away,
We went one of the guest room and settled down..
“Anne is here now and she is totally stranded, she is at the dressing room” I said and his eyes widened as he quickly jolted up from his seat..
“Are you damn serious?” He asked and we nodded..
“The drama would start in few minutes, Jeremy isn’t aware she is here.. We want you to take her to him” I said and he arched his brow..
“Why is my son unaware of her presence, someone should have told him” he inquired
“No one could tell him because Jaden had his men blocking the entrance” Lara chipped in
“What do you mean?” He asked
“Jaden wants Jeremy to act that scene with Sophia at all cost to the extent that he abducted Anne and planned to kill her, your son wants Anne but Jaden wouldn’t let that happen..” Steve said and Desmond peered at us all trying to decipher if we were saying the truth..
“I know how much my son loves Anne but o thought he jilted her?”
“Ohh no, that was a lie..” I said and he took a deep breath and flopped down on the couch..
“Is there anything you have in common with jaden excluding the being friends..” I asked and he stared at me..
“Jaden has a secret plan you don’t know about” Steve said making him turn his gaze to Steve
“What do you mean?”
“You see Jaden as a good pal but he is a devil reincarnate, he wants to take something from you, that’s why he keep insisting that your son should marry his daughter, that was why he betrothed them..” Steve said
“I’m very confused right now” he muttered
“Just take Anne to Jeremy, let them act that scene together, as time goes on, you would understand what we are saying” I said and he sighed and stood up..
Just then, a loud clinging sound was heard and the whole hall lighted up, cool soft music was heard, the time had reached for the drama scene, we could hear the sound of the crowd wailing in joy as they waited in anticipation for the first set to begin..
“We have to go now” I said and we all walked out..
“Sophia is waiting for you at the back door” I said to Steve who smiled and left,
It was part of our plan, helping Sophia to sneak away with Steve…
💕Anne’s POV💕
I heard the sounds which shows the scenes has began, I dried my eyes and muffled, no one was remaining in the room, they had all went with their man to act, pain surged through my heart as it dawned on me that I’d never act with Jeremy, it pained me that all the struggles had been in vain..
I buried my face into my laps and cried…
Just then, someone tapped me..
I looked up and found a middle aged man smiling at me..
“Let’s go” he said offering his hand to me..
“Where?” I asked..
“You have to meet Jeremy my son, he needs you to act with him, let’s go before it becomes too late” he said and I sprang up with full force, I held his hand and we ran off..
Am I dreaming????
💋Jeremy’s POV💋
I was stranded and frustrated, I couldn’t find Sophia or Anne, none of them was to be found and I would be summoned after the performance going on,
I can’t believe I had been a failure, I couldn’t fufil Anne’s dream, i couldn’t fufil my promise to her,
I wiped the tears in my eyes as I waited for the greatest embarrassment, how would I tell the whole spectators that I have no girl to act with, ohh gosh.. This is getting me crazy..
I slumped on the couch as I stared at the screen, they were already rounding up, I felt like the earth should open and swallow me..
I never knew Sophia was serious when she said she would disappear..
The scene ended with a round of applause from the crowd..
“Now, we summoned on the main reason why all of us are gathered here, it has been on our mind for this day to come, the memories of the past years are still in our mind.. He is the most romantic guy and doesn’t fail to make us swoon, no other man than Jeremy!!!!!!” He screamed and the whole crowd roared in anticipation, everyone screamed at the top of their voice waiting for me,
I thought all hope was lost..
I thought I couldn’t have the cause to smile,
I thought I was be laughed at..
I thought I won’t be able to act with Anne but when I thought all hope was lost, someone walked in..
I looked up and saw Anne standing at the door post..
To be continued..
Ohh God come and join me and dance
At last…….

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