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My life in royal hill high school episode 58


My life in Royal Hill High School
Episode 58
Written by Humble Smith
Jeremy’s POV continues
I couldn’t believe my eyes, it was so unreal and unbelievable,
How is it even possible for her to be standing there, how did she got here?..
When was she rescued from Jaden?.. for some seconds, I couldn’t move as I stared at Anne’s ghost, I believe she must have appeared to me..
I was still staring at her when she ran into a tight hug with me,
I felt like bursting,
I felt like slumping in joy..
It was real, the lady was Anne in human, I couldn’t contain my joy, my whole body shook in happiness,
“Anne is this really you?” I asked with a wide smile as I stared at her face which was brightened with a smile..
“Yes..can we go now they are waiting for us” she said with a sweet smile that melted my soul..
“I thought i have lost, thanks for coming” I said and kissed her..
We both walked up to the podium, everyone screamed on sighting her, there were claps, and shout from the hall, everyone stood up waving their hands, I could see some girl swooning, their eyes were w€t as they stared at us with emotion, there was no doubt I matched with Anne, she really look beautiful and stunning that all the boys couldn’t remove their eyes from her..
It took some time before the noise of amazement could drop down..
Blues was going on in the background making the hall look romantic, the disco light even made it more enchanting..
I took the CM311 MiniXLR | Reference head-worn condenser microphone with mini XLR connector and fixed on my head..
“Hey guys..can someone tell me what love is??” I began and they all smiled..
“Yeah..I don’t know what it means to fall in love and i don’t even want to know about it, ladies means nothing to me” I said and rolled my eyes seductively making the crowd clapped and scream..
“I don’t like them a bit, that’s why I’m an introvert, i stays alone, girls irks me..but..there is this girl who was employed as my maid or should I say house help..she wouldn’t let me be..” I paused as Anne walked over and stood beside me..
I squeezed my face and shifted but she came closer, I moved away and she came more closer..
I moved farther at the end of the stage and she came very much closer..
“Why wouldn’t she let me be, she is a house help and not my shadow” I grimaced and everyone laughed..
“Stay away from me, don’t you have anything doing?” I asked Anne who smirked
“I’m your maid” she said with a funny face..
“Move away from me!” I growled and shifted, I was at the end of the podium, I lose balance and made to fall but Anne caught me, her hand was around my waist and her face was close to mine..
The crowd screamed as we stayed that way for some seconds..
“Hey get your hands off me!” I screamed and moved away from her..
I took a seat on the chair at the middle of the stage keeping my gaze straight..
“Can someone take her away, I don’t need a maid!!!” I shouted and everyone laughed..
“Thank God she is gone” I breathed as I looked around without seeing her..
I stood facing the crowd with a smile..
“I am here to sing, hey..I’m singing alone, I don’t care if I should be performing a duet with a lady.. I don’t like girls especially that sassy maid” I said and rolled my eyes..
I sighed and smiled widely, everyone clapped as they wait in anticipation..
I took a deep breath and began…
🎵You can take all of my money..
🎵Strip me of all of my pride, oh no
🎵Nobody else gotta love me, I’m not gotta fall for any one,
🎵oh woah..woah
🎵As long as she’s right by my side..
🎵Forgive me, Father
🎵For I have sinned through my worship of a woman
🎵I’ve discovered here..
I paused and the whole crowd burst into a wide scream, everyone had their eyes shimmering as my voice went all around the hall, some couldn’t contain their emotion as they stared at me with a teary eyes..
I started the chorus but found another voice backing me up, It was Anne, our voice really matched that everyone gazed in amazement..
🎵So drag me down to the fire
🎵Surrender me to desire
🎵Paint my soul as a liar
🎵But I don’t need nothing
🎵Don’t need nothing
🎵Nothing else but you, oh-oh
🎵Nothing but you, oh-oh
🎵Nothing but you, oh-oh
🎵Nothing but you, oh-oh
🎵Nothing but you
Everyone clapped uncontrollable, they were startled and dazzled at Anne’s voice, it was so melodious that it really beat mine..
I kept quiet and stared at her while she sang..
🎵Tennessee whiskey and honey
Isn’t as sweet as his smile, no
🎵Sometimes the world can get ugly, oh woah, woah
🎵But he makes it worth all the while, eh
She sang and stared at me..
“Was that line for me?” I asked..
“Ohh yeah..” She replied with a funny smile..
“You are really a good singer” I commended nodding my head
“Ohh, you made me that way..staying with you was all I needed” she said and I giggled
“What if I sack you?” I asked
“Then you would stay up all night thinking about me, my voice would keep echoing in your ear” she said with a babyish look that made me chuckle..
“Do you still know I detest women?” I asked and she hiccupped,
“Aishh, really..then I guess I’m not a woman” she said with a crazy look that made everyone including me laugh..
“Can you just leave, I am singing alone” I said and turned to the crowd..
I began the song..
🎵Forgive me, Father
🎵For I have sinned through my worship of a woman
🎵I’ve discovered here
She joined me..
🎵So drag me down to the fire
🎵Surrender me to desire
🎵Paint my soul as a liar
🎵But I don’t need nothing
🎵Don’t need nothing
🎵Nothing else but you, oh-oh
🎵Nothing but you, oh-oh
🎵Nothing but you, oh-oh
🎵Nothing but you, oh-oh
🎵Nothing but you….
We rounded up and the hall was engulfed with scream, everyone was really amazed at the performance…
“I guess I’m falling in love at last” I said and they all screamed in joy, some where even blowing a kiss..
“Can you all take out some minute to feed your eyes with this goddess beside me” I said and they all gazed at her with their eyes glistening with awe..
I could see Anne blush as everyone laid their eyes on her, the boys were winking and kissing the air, almost everyone was taking a shot especially the boys who was already drooling forgetting they can’t with their girlfriend..
“At a time like this a year before now, I was standing at the podium with Sophia, yeah, maybe you all may have expected it to be Sophia as usual, but there is a change this year, someone else had stolen my heart, someone else had made me feel the way I had never felt before, when I was with Sophia, I thought I had found my true love not knowing that far away in Nigeria was where my heart lie, she is a Nigerian but is so special that I always forget that, she changed me, I had never thought I would fall for her but it happened and right now, I can no longer control it, I feel completed when ever I stand with her..” I paused and a round of applause followed..
I turned to Anne and found tears rolling down her eyes.
“Anne” I called out and she gazed into my eyes..
I held her hand as we kept our gaze to each other..
“You had been my cause of joy, I don’t know where to start because my mouth is full of words, You’re such a sweetheart, a cutie, a darling, a beauty! You stole my heart from day one. Your sweetness is incomparable! I love you so much, baby girl!..Your elegance, your grace, your love is like no other girl in the world. You are truly one in a million. That’s why I chose you. I’m so so lucky to have you by my side..” I purred and she smiled sweetly making her beauty exposed more..
“Can I say I love you Jeremy?..can I say you are my breath?..what is the gain saying it when it is visible in my eyes, my meeting you was like a coincidence, fate brought us together and we couldn’t fight it, we were like two people in two different world but we were brought together by love, when I look into your eyes, I see my image there and it gives me courage, I don’t how to express my feelings, my heart is just pumping, I feel like resting in hour arm all the days of my life..I truly love you..” Anne purred out with emotions,
I wrapped my hand round her waist, she placed her hand on my shoulders..
“You are the girl I choose among the millions out there, it is because I feel complete when I see you beside me..the thought of you alone makes my day..” I said with my face an inch away from her..
“I wish we can stay like this forever, my body throbs at your touch, you sends shrill down my spine with just a single touch, the sight of you is enough to make me lose my sense..Jeremy you are my man” she said with a charming smile..
“You are my woman..” I whispered and drew my face forward…
“Kiss her!!!!!!!!!”
“Kiss her!!!!!!”
“Kiss her!!!!!!!”
The crowd screamed and we smiled then plunged our lips together in a passionate way..
The kiss was the best I have ever had in my whole lifetime..
The whole crowd watching couldn’t hold themselves any longer, they kept swooning and drooling, many kept gasping with their body shivering..
The kiss lasted for a minute before we broke it…
“I made a promise last year..” I said and turned to the crowd which was watching with tears of passion..
“Everyone is sceptical about who I would spend the rest of my life with, who would make baby for me..hey..do I need to even tell you??..okay I have to say it out..it is no body other than Anne!!!!!” I screamed and she hugged me tightly with the crowd screaming loudly..
I broke the hug and knelt down in front of Anne..
Her mouth went agape, her eyes widened as she stared at me, it was really hard for her to believe it was really happening..
“It has been a very long journey..we were once doubtful if we could make it..but I’m happy I could stand here with you when I thought it won’t happen.. This very day, in front of billions viewers, I ask if you would be my one and only woman who would stay with me till death..would you marry me??” I asked
“Yesssssss” she screamed giving me her finger..
I inserted the ring and stood up..
We hugged tightly leaving the crowd gaga…
We both bowed and left with our hand locked together…
💖Jaden’s POV💖
Someone should wake me up from this nightmare, oh no..this can’t be real, it is an illusion, I’m seeing things that are not real, I need someone to wake me up and tell me I was only dreaming…
This is unbelievable, I can’t believe my plans are shattered, how can it happen??
Oh no!!!!
I picked my phone and dialed my PA..
“Assemble thousands of my men now, they should attack Anne and anyone around her, tell them to kill her, I don’t care who dies on the process!!!!” I growled but couldn’t hear any reply..
“What is it???!” I seethed
“I’m driving to your office now, we have to leave this country and hide, the cops are after us and many of your secrets has been revealed, it is trending over the net now, everyone is after you and you have already been declared wanted….” He said and I felt like fainting..
Ohh nooooo..
This is not happening..
To be continued
I can’t stop laughing

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