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My life in royal hill high school episode 59


My life in Royal Hill High School
Episode 59
Written by Humble Smith
Jaden’s POV continues
The phone dropped from my grip, my eyes widened, i felt my whole blood freeze at the news, I couldn’t believe, i don’t even want to believe it is true..
There is no doubt my PA never lies to me but just this moment, I pray he is telling a lie,
I pray he would just tell me it was a prank, I won’t punish him..
Let it just be a mere joke..
I flopped down on the couch with my whole body becoming sweaty, my heart pounded loudly and very much fast that I found it hard to breath..
I couldn’t help but wondered what would become of me if all he said was true..
I was still in deep thought when the door of my office sprang open and my PA rushed in…
“Tell me you were lying!!! Please the me all that was just to pull my leg!! Say it!!!” I screamed gripping his collar tightly..
“I wish I can tell you that..I wish it would be a lie, but it isn’t, I saw the news headlines today, I saw it everywhere, I saw it in the internet, I must confess, if you come out in the public, you would be stoned to death..” He said and I pushed him away furiously..
My eyes was blood shot, I couldn’t just think straight,
“Who did all this??” I asked
“We made a mistake by not being interested in that man who rescued Anne and Steve, yeah we had thought he was just a mere cops not knowing he is a rank 5 top agent who had worked for many countries, he is very well trained and has a much connections” he explained and I sneered at him..
“What do you mean by connections?” I asked
“He is being known even by the president of America, he has recieved many awards from the president for stopping many attacks..he has reported you to the national agencies, I’m sorry we are doomed..” He said making me totally drained..
“What did he wanted from me? Why would he do this to me? He could have named his price..what are we going to do now?” I asked frantically..
“We would go and plead for mercy.. Who knows he may forgive us..” He said and I sneered at him, what he said really slapped my face, I can’t imagine myself plead for forgiveness, I have never done that and doing it now would be very impossible..
“Isn’t there another alternative?” I asked
“I don’t think there is..” He muttered
“Max I can’t stoop so low to ask for forgiveness, it would really kill my ego” I gritted bitterly
“So what do you intend to do?” He asked
“The battle is not yet over..I can still kill him, I don’t care dying after that, no one tampers with me and get away scot free, we would assemble our men and attack him when he is less guarded” I said..
“Sir I’m sorry, many of our men had disappeared, they heard that the cops were on your track so many of them left with a resignation letter sent to your email..” He said and I took a deep breath..
“Does it means that I have been defeated without accomplishing any of my plans..does it means that all my long time plan has been shattered in a twinkle of an eye?..I would be a bastardized fool if I let this slide away without that boy paying for it dearly!!!” I growled fuming..
Just then we heard noise outside, I rushed to the window and peepee only to see crowd of angry mob, trying to gain entrance into the building, the gate was closed so they couldn’t come in but they kept hitting the gate making noise..
“Very soon, they would gain entrance, I wonder what they would do to you” max said with a deep sigh..
“Isn’t there any way to get out of here?” I asked frantically..
“There is only one way, remember we made a secret passway which would lead us outside this building, we have to leave” he said and head to the door..
“But what did that guy really did that brought this number of people against me? What secret did he exposed, he had only the rape..is there any other one he made exposed??” I asked with an arched brow..
“I guess I haven’t told you everything..just check the google, check the facebook, log in and you will understand what I’m telling you” he said and I quickly surfed into the internet..
I couldn’t believe my eyes, what I saw left me transfixed, i felt like the earth should just burst open so I would jump in..
Almost every bad records of my past was trending, video of people I murdered, video of babies I aborted, video of me swindling money..many of them were all posted and was viewed by billions of people around the world..
Now I am understanding the whole thing, now I see the reason to ask for forgiveness but how? Where can I meet the guy, I don’t even know how he got all those videos..
Oh God!! I’m doomed
“Hey…please at least don’t call on God, its irritating, it doesn’t fit your mouth at all” max said as we walked through the hallway..
“How? What do you mean??” I questioned
“You and I knows that we are terrible sinners, so just keep quiet” he said..
I took a deep breath and kept calm thinking about what I was into..
I had never thought of a day like this, a day when my evil would be known to the world, I had only figured a day like this for Desmond but had never thought it would be for me..
Words can’t express how I feel, there is no doubt that my quest to be the governor is totally destroyed, I’m now a wanted criminal, this alone made my heart fail, I could feel it, I’m dying slowly, the whole thing is eating me up..
We finally got to the major road..
“Are we boarding a taxi?” I asked and he nodded,
We both stood beside the road, he handed a face cap to me,
“Wear that and cover you face a little bit, the cab may recognize you and call the cops” he said and I forced out a smile as o wore the cap..
I can’t believe I’m now hiding from the people, those same people that made me live the life if deceit just to gain their interest in me and vote for me..
We stood there for some minutes before a cab drove by..
It was waved to halt, I and max hopped in..
“Sir where would you drop off?” The cab man asked and I glanced at max..
“Just drive straight, I would direct you on where to go” max said and he nodded,
He sped off and I exhaled heavily..
“Where are you intending we should go?” I questioned
“I have a friend who would help us escape to a far away country, where no one would really recognize us, we would stay low till all this passes away.” He said and I growled as I remembered that I had failed to accomplish any of my dream..
Just then, the cab man halted the car
“What is the problem??” Max asked immediately
“I think I got a bad tyre, let me check it…” He replied and rushed out..
We stayed in the car waiting patiently..
It was close to one minute and I have just ran out of patience, I need know what is wrong with that stupid cab man..
Just as I made to come out, the cab man returned..
“What took you so long!!!!” I growled
“I’m sorry I took your time” he said dryly and ignited the car..
He sped off this time with a very high speed without caring to know tgw direction we are giving..
“Hey man, where are you going to?? Drive slowly so I can direct you..” Max said but the man made no attempt, his face was grim and he seemed not to care about what we are saying..
I was very angry, I took out the pistol fixed in my trouser and pointed at him..
“Halt this car now!!!” I snorted…
But I could see his face contort into a smile..
I was startled..
“Are you mad!!” I shouted..
“You are Jaden right?” He said still driving
I glanced at max..
“Do you recognized me?” I questioned
“There is someone who wants to meet you and I’m taking you to him” he said with a smirk..
“Who are you?” Max asked
“It doesn’t matter..just keep quiet let’s go in peace” he said and I exhaled heavily.
“I don’t even know what is going on in my life these days, everyone is no longer afraid of me, I am just seen as a commoner..
“You know I’m jaden and you have the guts to order me to keep quiet??” I sneered and pointed the gun to his head, he chuckled..
“I think I’d be dropping you here.. You are too troublesome” he said and halted the car..
I peepes from the window and saw crowd of people with cops all around, my picture was hanging around the air, there was no doubt I’m the one they are looking for..
I freezed in shock..
“Please take me away from here please…” I found myself pleading as I bend my head low to avoid anyone seeing me..
“I never knew you can plead something from someone” he chuckled and drove off..
I was ashamed but couldn’t say anything, I better shut my mouth up and be safe than talk death on myself..
He drove us to a mansion which I had never been before, I just wish I would not be killed.
Immediately we drove in through the gate, five men rushed at us..
They opened the door and dragged me out..
I was still trying to understand what was going on when a strong metallic object hit my head, I fell down in excruiating pain..
“What did I do? Please don’t kill me..” I begged from the floor..
They wouldn’t listen, even the cabman joined hand to deal with me alone..
“Max cant you do something, I’m dying here!!” I shouted but he stood still without moving an inch..
“Hey we don’t even need you here” one of the men said and shot three bullet into max head leaving him dead on the floor..
My eyes widened and I felt my whole body shook in horror..
My body was covered with bruises and wounds, I couldn’t stand up even when they were done beating me,
How can I stand when my legs are broken?
How can I stand when I can’t feel my body anymore?
Since I was born, I had never felt this kind of pain before, I had never been beaten, I don’t even know how it feels to be in pain, but today I had felt it and I must confess it is too painful..
I was dragged on the ground into the house,
I thought I would die as my head keep hitting on materials on the floor,
Who are these men and why would they be this cruel some?” I asked myself with a groan..
I was brought into an empty room and was tied in a standing position with my legs hanging on the air and my hands clutched together upward..
My whole body drizzle with blood I looked at the men with my eyes pleading for mercy but they were far from having mercy, I could even see the urge to hurt me more on their faces..
Ohh gosh!!
I don’t think I’d survive this..
One of them brought out a drugged handkerchief and pushed it into my nostril making me drift into sleep..
💋Anne’s POV💋
I couldn’t talk because I was too happy, I couldn’t believe all this was really happening, the drama was something that really made me feel on top of the world..
We were called out as the winner and you should really see how millions of people struggled to touch me and Jeremy, how they swoon around us, they took pictures of I and Jeremy, I also took some shot with the student of my school, I took a separate shot with Lisa and Dave, I did not forget to take a special shot with my heroes.. Steve, Sophia, Lara, George and Desmond..
These are the people who made it possible for my dream to come true, I couldn’t just stop thanking them..
I was surprised to even see my stepmom also there, I hugged her like a mother making her feel great, she couldn’t even believe I was the one, she couldn’t believe how great I had become in just a few month..
I turned to my side and saw someone I never expected to see there..
He was being accompanied by three cops and his hands were cuffed..
“Drake” I called out and he stared at me with a dim eyes..
“Anne, I just pleaded for some minutes to be here, I want to ask for forgiveness, i just want you to forgive me..I thought I could get you to myself by helping your enemy…”
“Shhhhhh” I hushed him..
“Get that cuff off his hands!” I ordered and everyone stared at me in startled at my words..
“Hey, I’m sure you heard me” I said to the cops who was still in shock..
“I guess you still know what he did, like..he attempted to rape you and..”
“Shut up and do as I say” I said sternly
They took a deep breath before unlocking the cuff, Drake was really took shocked to say anything, he could never believe what I did..
“I forgive you, do you know why?” I asked with a smile and he shook his head..
“I forgive you because you declared me a winner when I sang with Sophia, I forgive you because you once went on an errand for me, you were slapped by Sophia just because of me..hey.. all these worth being forgiven, so Drake come and hug me..” I said and his eyes bulged out..
“Wh..at.” He stuttered
“Come and hug me na, it is not a sin that you were crushing on me” I said with a lopsided smile..
He dragged his legs on the ground as he walked closer..
He was really afraid, I was no longer that Anne he could humiliate, I’m no longer that girl he could beat..I’m now that girl that can determine his future, I can make him rot in jail and I can equally destroy his career as a singer..
He was shaking as he came closer..
“Drake can you recall the past?? You treated me so badly..but I don’t have the mind to repay you even when I can do it, you should thank Jaden for stopping you from raping that day because if you had done it..I am going to personally gun you down now” I said peering into his eyes..
“Well it was not by my power that I’m here today, God brought me here, from a hawker to a celebrity.. I have forgiven you” I said and hugged him, He cried on my shoulder,
“Go and amend your ways, you still have a lot to do in this world, try and be a good guy, you will find a damsel who would love you, I just want you to know that you cant stop fate” I said as I broke the hug..
He muffled a thank you and left in agony..
“I haven’t seen my father..where is he?” I asked looking around
“He is safe but is still recuperating from the drug used on him” George said and I flinched
“Drug?? Who drugged him?” I asked
“Jaden kidnapped your father, well it has already been settled, let go, I think you have to meet with Jaden, he is really longing to see you” George said and I nodded and held Jeremy’s palm..
“Let’s go..” I said and we all left the arena in our cars..
We drove to George’s apartment and settled down in the sitting room..
I was surprised to see my mother Hannah there, I could even see Michael my foster father there..
We all sat down in silence..
“Right here and now, we had passes through a lot and our lives had been through ups and downs, we had faced many ugly situations that had made our lives have different shapes..there had been secret hidden that has to be said no matter how untrue it may seem..” George paused and glanced at our faces, I and Jeremy seemed to be the only one confused at what he was saying..
Just then my father came in..
“Ohh father!!” I squealed and hugged him.
He stared at me and forced out a smile..
Something is not right some where..
My father would be very happy to see me after he was rescued from jaden but this man here seem to be another person, he wasn’t so happy..
I sat down and decided to rest my case, he would later tell me why he acted that way..
“Someone else is on her way here” George said and the door opened immediately..
A woman walked in, she was a middle aged lady who was a white woman, her pace halted as she saw my father, their eyes locked for some minutes, it seemed there was something they have in common..
“This is Jaden’s wife??” Jeremy said and I flashed a look at him..
“What is really happening here??” I asked myself as my heart pound in curiosity..
“Everyone would have to say his or her own side of the story..” George said with a smile and slumped down on the couch..
Michael and Rose was the first to begin..
“I’m sorry Richard for lying to you, I’m not Lisa’s father, I took Lisa away from her mother just to accomplish Hannah’s wish” he said and everyone cringed in shock..
“I changed your baby not because she would die like you thought but because I can’t live with her” Hannah spoke and everyone turned their gaze at her..
“I don’t understand, you can’t stay with your daughter?????” I and Richard spurred in unison
“Yeah..I can’t live with the trauma of having a child who is from a different father” she spited out and I felt my heart flipped
I don’t want to believe i heard her right..
“Then who is her real father??” Jeremy asked
“Jaden” she said and I freezed…
Jaden my father??????
No oooooo
It can’t be…….
To be continued

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