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My life in royal hill high school episode 60 – finale


My life in Royal Hill High School

Episode 60


Written by Humble Smith

Anne’s POV continues

I stared at my mother in horror, my whole body shook and for some seconds, I couldn’t move any part of my body,

Words can’t explain what i feel right now, it was just like a very heavy blow, tears forced itself out of my eyes and I felt my heart becoming very heavy, it was just as if I would faint any time from then, I couldn’t just imagine how it was like to be his daughter..

How can i be his daughter?

How can I be the daughter of a devil?

How could I pass through pains and suffering in the hand of my father??

I looked at the expression of everyone, they were all looking sober,

“Anne take heart..” Jeremy muttered pressing my palm softly..

“Are you really telling me the truth?” I asked my mother to be sure I heard her right..

“I can’t lie to you and I can’t keep hiding the truth from you..but..the choice to accept him as a father is left in your hand, you can accept him or reject him, he isn’t even worth having you as a daughter” my mother sobbed and I sulked..

My mind flashed back to that moment when he saved me from Drake, I recalled back then when he shot down one of the men who wanted to rape..

I remembered the connection I felt when our eyes met..

Could all that be because he is my father??

Ohh gosh!!

I can’t just get all these…

Why would it be him?

Why would he be the one to be my real dad…

My heart really sulks…

I rested my head on Jeremy’s laps, that’s just where I can seek solace..

“It hurts a lot to know that Anne isn’t my daughter, it hurts a lot to find out i had no child of mine, it makes me feel like shedding tears” Richard chiped in with a sober tone, we all gazed at him feeling sorry but there was someone whose expression was different and that was Jaden’s wife, she was just looking at him feeling disturbed, there was no doubt she has something to say but it seem what ever she wanted to say was something she was feeling nervous to say out..

“Lydia!” George called as he noticed her stare at Richard..

She turned her gaze to him.

“Is there something we have to hear from you?..it seem you have something to say…”

We all stared at Lydia as she looked around frantically trying to pick enough courage to speak out..

She scratched her head and looked around nervously..

“Ermm..Rich..ard has a ch..ild” she stuttered and everyone jerked in shock, Richard was just staring at her with a questioning look.

“I..I..had wanted to keep this as a secret forever because of the fear of Jaden, but..now that he has been subdued, I think its the right time to let the cat out of the bag..” She paused and looked around taking a deep breath…

We all stared at her with curiosity written all over our face..

She exhaled and turned her gaze to Sophia,

“She is Richard’s daughter” we heard her say but no one could accept the fact that what he or she heard was really true, we had to take some seconds to assimilate the words one after the other..

“Sophia is Richard’s daughter, on one occasion when Richard was on a business trip here in America very long time ago, we met and became friend, our friendship led us to s£x, we made love on the day he would return back to Nigeria,

I later found out I was pregnant but couldn’t tell him, i don’t want to cause trouble in his family, I carried the baby like Jaden’s baby, he was really desperate to have a female child so I was very happy the child was a girl, he was too happy to even think of DNA test, he took Sophia as his daughter not knowing she was a result of the s£x I had with Richard” she explained and everyone breathed out..

“Omg! Sophia!” Richard called and she smiled at him..

“I am very happy to be your daughter, at least I’m the daughter of someone I could be proud of, who would want to be the daughter of that devil Jaden!” She said with a wide smile..

I rest my head on Jeremy’s shoulder as I felt pained, I’m Jaden’s daughter..


I don’t think I can accept him as a father, even if I decides to forgive him, I can’t call him father, I can’t answer his daughter, he is known worldwide as a ruthless criminal, how would I stand out as his daughter..

No I can’t!!

He may be my father but I don’t know him as a father,

I can’t take him as a father, I rather stay fatherless than become his daughter..

Just then, David’s phone rang, he glanced at it..

“My father is calling!” He announced before picking the call which he put in loudspeaker..

“Hello dad”

“Please where can I meet with Richard, I was there in that hall watching the scene acted by his daughter, with what I saw I’m sure Anne is now an idol, I can’t fight with him, he is now a bastard billionaire, please where can I meet him, I need to plead for forgiveness, your mother couldn’t come, she had an emergency call from the office..” We heard his voice and I recalled back where he planned bombing Royal hill high school, I recalled when he kidnapped Lisa just to get Richard, I couldn’t help but smile, who would have known that one day he would come to ask for forgiveness…

I smiled but my smile vanished when I remembered that I wasn’t the daughter of Richard..

Ohh gosh!!

This is getting me crazy..

“I’ll send the location to you immediately” david said and hung the call..

“So my brother is coming here to ask for forgiveness?” Richard asked


” okay then, I can’t wait to reconcile with him, I have even forgot I have a brother all because of his envious heart” he said and they all smiled except me, Jeremy saw I wasn’t smiling and quickly stopped his smile..

“Why did you remove the smile on your face?” I asked

“When you are sad, I’m also sad, I know how you feel, like seriously no one would ever want to have anything to do with that monster” he said and I forced out a smile..

“He is not my father, Richard is my father, I have already disown him” I whispered with a smile

“He would rot in jail so there isn’t any need seeing him as a father” he said and I smiled

I lay my head on his laps and he moved his hand around my hair down to my neck making me feel tickling…

I smiled as I stared into his face, the past struggle I had to be with him came replaying him my memory, I passed through a lot because of him and I think it worth it because right now I’m in his arm..

💖Tony’s POV💖

I opened my car to get in just as I got the location sent to my phone..

As I made to hop in, I saw three people running to my direction, I was sure I don’t know these faces…

“Hey what is it?” I asked them as they got nearer..

“Sir please I guess you are Richard’s brother ugh?” The middle aged man who seem to be the father asked breathing heavily due to the run..

“Why do you ask?” I replied with a question..

“Please my daughter here wants to meet Anne, just want to know if you can tell me where we can meet her” he said and I gawped at him..

“I guess you know who Anne is now, you can’t just see her anytime you want..” I sneered

“Please my daughter wouldn’t let me rest..” The mother said and I gawked at her..

“Do Anne know who you are?” I asked the young girl who nodded immediately

“Who are you to her?” I asked

“I’m her friend, I came here with her, watch this” she said and gave me a picture displaying her and Anne walking out of the private jet she came with..

“Hey how did you got this?..I’m sure it is a photoshop” I said and she giggled..

“Why are you doing this?.. Take me to her and she will tell if I know her or not” she said and I shrugged

“Let’s go” I said and they all entered the car..

“How do you all get to know the Almighty Anne?” I asked confusedly as we drove off.

“It was by luck, she got interested in my daughter who sees her as a role model” the mother replied..

We finally reached the place which was a big mansion,

Without waiting for anyone, I scurried into the building..

I dashed into the room and saw more people than I expected..

“Hey bro, you are here” Richard greeted with a smile and hugged me tightly .

I quickly knelt down..

“I’m sorry for being….”

“Can you just shut up and stand up to your feet, who told you I was angry with you, even if I were, I have forgiven you..” He said and I felt joy surge into my heart, I felt peace once more..

“Thank you, I never knew it would be this easy” I said with a wide smile..

“Yeah, you are my brother, there is no need keeping malice” he said and I smiled and turned my gaze to Anne who was sitting with Jeremy..

“I’m sorry..” I mumbled and she nodded with a smile..

“Get a seat” Richard coaxed and I nodded with a smile as I head to an empty..

“So what….” George’s voice was hitched with the sound of the knock on the door..

“Did you came with any other people?” Richard asked me and that was when I even remembered I came with that family..

“Ohh yes, yes” I replied and opened the door,

“Why did you left us there? The security men wouldn’t let us, if it had not being this picture, they would have bundled us out now” the young girl whined and I shrugged and gave way for them to come in..

“Ohh Aunty!!!!!!” The young girl squealed and ran into the arm of Anne who welcomed her with a wide smile..

The man and the woman on seeing the people there became unease..

“Who are you people?” Jeremy was the first to ask..

“They are my friends…hey take yoit seat and feel comfortable” Anne said with a sweet smile..

“Thank you” they both said in unison and head to an empty seat which was beside Lisa..

As they walked over, their eyes met with Lisa and for some moment they stared at her..

“Hey why the stare?” David questioned

“I’m..sorry!” They both said in chorus and rushed to their seat..

“Tony it may leave you befuddled to know that Anne isn’t my daughter” Richard stated and I cringed in shock..

“You are joking right?..how is that possible?..from loss to Anne then now there is no daughter, what kind of history do you have?” I questioned with a squeezed face

“I never said I had no daughter..I have a daughter and my daughter is Sophia” I said and his eyes bulged out..

“Like seriously?? I thought she is Jaden’s daughter, I’m even about consoling her about the state of her father” I said and she glared at me..

“Hey jaden is not my father, shift that console to Anne, she is the one who needs it” Sophia growled and I turned to Anne who was staring at the space with a smile..

“Ohh God, there must be a mistake in this particular creation, how can the devil produce angel?” I muttered..

“So who is her mother?” I asked and they gestured at Lydia Jaden’s wife..

“So where is Jaden now? Has he known?” I asked

“No, he would know it but would not live to call me daughter” Anne replied with fury and pain..

“David where is joy?” I asked him

“She had gone for a party immediately the drama ended, you know that is what she knows best” he replied and I smiled

“I just want to ask if you too are my children because I’m getting afraid about this whole thing” I said and they all giggled…


💖Lisa’s POV💖

“So Michael, your time has elapsed, where is my parent?” I suddenly asked making everybody turn their gaze at him..

My question really came unexpectedly and I could see him tremble in shock, he was looking around frantically not knowing what to say..

“You took a baby from a mother because of your selfish desire, you did not even care about the mother, you did not care to even look at her face so that you can recognize her, I swear I’m going to put you behind the bar!!!!” I seethed and he shook in horror, I could see he dreads jail so much as he had already start sweating..

“I..I..I…will…will..” He kept stuttering

“You said he took a baby from the mother?” Someone asked and we all turned our gaze to the direction of the voice and found out it was from the woman that just came with her husband and daughter..

“Yes..can you imagine that?” I said and she glanced at her husband who also glanced at her..

“What is the name of the hospital?..my child was also taken away, she was stolen from the craddle where I lay her..” She explained and everyone stared at her..

“You can’t tell his grievous I was, after carrying a baby for nine month, it was stolen..till today I prah for a day when I would see her..” She sobbed..

“There is no need looking for her, you wouldn’t recognize her even if she comes standing in front of you” I said dryly waving my hand over the air..

“I gave her a mark on belly” she said and my eyes bulged out, did I hear her well, there is a mark on my belly which I had no idea why how I was there..

“You gave her a mark on her belly?” I asked staring at the woman,

“Yes, a nurse advised me to do it” she said and rested her gaze on me..

I stared at the woman saying this..

“I have a mark on my belly” i announced and everyone jolted up..

“You are my daughter?” The woman said with tears in her eyes, she was peering into my eyes, I swear I could feel something, her tears was like a sword in my heart, I had never seen her but I am sure I felt some tie between us as we stared at each other..

“I could feel it..you are my lost daughter” she said and I walked closer to her..

“What is your name?” I asked

“My name is Stella and you are Lisa right?” She asked and I nodded..

“Ohh is she our daughter?” Her husband asked and stood up

“Yeah she is our lost daughter..”

He smiled and hugged me tight..

” i knew one day I’d meet you ” he said and I smiled as I rest in his arm..


💖Anne’s POV💖

“So she is my parent’s real daughter?” Ann asked me and I nodded

“Ohh yeah, at last they found her, I was only abducted by them to represent their missing daughter, now they have found her, please I’d like to live with you” she said with a funny look..

“Okay, you would be my maid” I said

“I don’t care, even if I would be your slave, I would agree, I just want to stay with you and Jeremy” she said and Jeremy glanced at her..

“Hey don’t look at me, I’m always shy, you are too cute” she said to Jeremy who burst into laughter .

“Sometimes I do ask myself if you are really a human, you look like a Greek god” she said and I could see Jeremy blush..

“Stop that flattering..”

“You guys look perfect” I heard Lydia say..

“Well..mom..be ready to come to Nigeria” I said with a smile..

“I’d like to visit there, j have heard a lot about that country” she said with a smile..

Just then, George’s phone rang..


“Okay” he said into the phone and hung up..

“Jaden has woke up” he announced and my heart flipped..

“Ohh” I breathed..

“Let’s go” Jeremy coaxed and I nodded and gave him my hand which he took and we both head to the room..

We all got into the room and there was the Almighty Jaden sitting helplessly on a chair, his hands and legs shackled..

Immediately we got in, he raised his head and his eyes fell on mine…


To be continued..

Get ready for the epilogue..

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