My life in Royal Hill high School

My life in Royal Hill high School – episode 15

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My life in Royal Hill High School
Episode 15
(I slapped Lisa)
Written by Humble Smith
 Anne’s POV continues
Their faces were all far from smile, I need no soothsayer to know that I’m in trouble,
“Jeremy your attention isn’t needed here, so I’ll love if you would just get yourself outta here!!” Lisa said angrily to Jeremy,
“And how do my presence disturb you?” He seethed and rolled his eyes,
“Jeremy, just leave here this is not a little matter, just leave okay?” The proprietor said to him and he arched his brow..
“What if I say I’m not leaving here alone without her!” He said with a raised brow making the proprietor shock,
“I don’t Anne your girlfriend or what?” He asked confusedly,
“Uhm.. that’s isn’t your concern so back off!!” He growled,
“You are really behaving as if there is something going on between you both” he said and Jeremy scoffed,
“Stop poking into other people’s matter you chump!!” He cursed leaving me shocked at how rude he was, I came to remember the former Jeremy, that guy who hates Nigeria and acts rude to them,
“You have to calm down and leave!!” Lisa blurted
“Jeremy I’ll be fine, leave for peace to reign okay” I cooed and he sighed then nodded,
“I’ll always stand by you” he mumbled in my ear making me smile,
“Thanks” I said and her left,
I turned to both the proprietor, Lisa and the officer, their expression was really hærden,
“Anne what is your really mission to this school!!” The proprietor asked me with a strong tone and my heart missed beat,
“Me?? What??..I don’t understand?” I said with a frow
“Answer the question quickly you heartless girl!” Lisa retorted angrily tapping my shoulder vigorously,
“What did I do? I know nothing at all!!” I bawled with tears forming in my eyes,
“Why can’t you just stop hidding it, we all know so just say it out!!” Lisa blurted again and I turned to her with tears,
“Lisa I don’t know what you are talking about.. I know nothing, tell…”
“Shut up!! You are so inhumane” Lisa spitted and I felt like fainting,
“Anne, why are you this way? I never thought of it, I never knew you were this way, I gave you a scholarsh¡p as a token of appreciation not knowing that I just set a waterloo for myself and the students!” The proprietor said and sat down,
“Please believe me, I don’t know what you are talking about” I said slowly,
“I can’t believe you because there is a clear evidence, just spit it out so I can find a way out” he said and I took a deep breath,
“Say what you have been told, I don’t understand” I said closing my eyes slowly
“You are a spy” he said and I flinched,
“Ugh, uhm.. what did you just said!” I asked really befuddled,
“Who have this?” He asked displaying that same Android phone Jeremy gave to me to my view,
“Uh,erm..that is phone, how does it got to your possession?” I asked in confusion,
“Read this out!” He said and gave me a conversation message displaying on the phone,
I took it and read..
I have kidnapped three students..
Keep giving me information on the update
I read it out and got totally flabbergasted..
I can’t even explain what the messages means and how it came to my phone, I don’t know anything about the messages but one thing was for sure, I’m in trouble!!
“What’s your explanation for that!” The proprietor asked with his voice exuding disappointment,
“I don’t know of any explanation to give because I am innocent” I said calmly,
“Father I said it!! I know she would deny it!! I know!!” Lisa said glaring at me,
“Anne you’ll be expelled from this school at this moment because you are now a suspect.. you’ll follow this officer so you’ll explain to him, all I want to say to you is that, for you to indulge yourself in this kind of evil act at this age.. uhm believe me you’ll die a shameful death!” He blurted and shoved the expulsion letter into my hand,
Hot tears rolled down continuously, I could utter any word, my l-ips were quivering, my legs kept trembling under me, my head went blank, I felt like I was about to faint, all my strength kept draining, what have I done to deserve this, what is my crime to the world, haven’t I suffered enough? So I’m now out of this dream school, I’m going into the police station..
“Anne what are you waiting for? Get out please you digusting human!!” Lisa blurted and I gazed at her,
“You’ll regret this act of yours, believe me” I sulked and walked out,
“Go and bring your school bag, I’m waiting for you here!” The officer commanded and I sighed,
“God what is this?”
I walked to the class and hobbled to my seat, my eyes were clouded with tears,
“Anne!” Jeremy called and my hand as I made to carry my bag,
“Anne what’s it? What happened!” He asked stand up abruptly,
“What is my crime?” I asked him in a sullen tone,
“Explain to me..what happened!!” He said with his expression exuding passion,
“I..I..have been expel..led” I stuttered and he shuddered,
“What??!! It can’t be true..never!!” He yelled and held my hand,
“We are going back there now, there is no way you’ll be expelled, not when I’m here!” He said and made to walk out with me when Lisa walked in,
“Stop stressing yourself out dude, she is going for good” she said and we both stared at her,
“What are you talking about! She did no wrong, she is innocent!” Jeremy yelled at her and grabbed my hand while we both stomped to the proprietor’s office,
We reached the office and barged in..

 Jeremy’s POV
We entered and the duo stared at us in surprise,
“What is this I’m hearing!” I asked immediately,
“Jeremy, who is she to you?” The proprietor asked,
“Okay if you care to know, she is my girlfriend” I replied and could see Anne and the proprietor gasped in shock,
“You are..uhm, okay, this is it.. I’d expelled her” the proprietor said and I gawped at him
“Why if I may ask”
He explained everything to me and I felt like laughing at them all,
“You read a message from her phone and that made you expell her?” I asked with a squeezed face,
“Are you this dumb to know that it is all a set up” I said
“It is a lie!” Lisa ch¡pped in walking into the office,
“What is a lie? That you planned all these just to shatter her life because I refuse your relationsh¡p with me?” I said with a smirk and she frowned
“You’re saying gibberish! Anne here knew what she has in mind so stop backing her up” lisa retorted and I smiled
“Please proprietor, check this out from the surveillance camera, check what went on at the Gym room yesterday” I said and he arched his brow,
I glanced at Lisa and saw her smiling
The proprietor brought out a laptop and connected it with the cameras then searched through,
“I can’t find anything” he said and I smiled,
“It has been cleared, at 1:35pm what happened there in that room!” I asked and he checked it through but couldn’t find the record,
“I can’t even find the record, it seem someone stopped the camera at that time” he said and I grinned
“The people who stopped the cameras where those who wants to shatter Anne’s life, they attempted to rape her but I caught them, they fleed away with her phone and came up with this plan so as to get her expelled” I said and the proprietor nodded,
“Uhm.. I’ve to investigate more but for the moment, Anne you are free to go on with your education here” he said and Anne leaped up in glee, she ran into me with a tight hug,
“Thanks for being with me, thanks for standing by me.. i love youuuu” she said and k-ssed me,
“I love you too” I said and walked away with he leaving Lisa burning in fury,
We both went into the class together ignoring the peering eyes of the students,
Immediately we sat down, Anne took my hand and k-ssed it,
“Thank you so much” she mumbled and I smiled and pecked her l-ips,
Everyone in the class let out a loud shout,
The school ended and we both walked out together, as we reached the park someone called Anne, we turned and discovered it was Lisa,
“Come let’s talk!” She said and grabbed Anne,
“Shhhh” Anne said to me and winked,
They both went to a corner

Anne’s POV
“Anne I guess you’ll be happy that he saved you, uhm but listen up, you have got on my nerve in this school and I swear I’ll show you what I’m capable of doing” she said in an angry voice, I bursted into laughter making her surprised,
“Lisa, I thought you were clever or wise but less did i knew that you are a douchebag, a dumbass, you are killing yourself for someone who doesn’t have a single feeling for you..uhm stop being a fool and think of how to reshape your already scattered life than wasting your time fighting for what isn’t yours” I said and chuckled,
I turned to leave but she drew me back and raised her hand to slap me but to her dismay, I caught hold of her hand, and gave her a hot slap..
I slapped Lisa!!!


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