My life in Royal Hill high School

My life in Royal Hill high School – episode 16

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My life in Royal Hill High School
Episode 16
Written by Humble Smith
“Anne did you just slapped me!!” She scre-med with total shock, her wh0le body was trembling in great fury, her eyes shone with great anger, I could feel her about to burst,
I just smirked and tilted my head,
“Lisa! Since I stepped my feet into this school, you’ve kept on picking on me, you had always made me suffer oppression, I did you no wrong, I did nothing to you but you choosed to make me despondent, see listen to me, I had kept quiet all this while and act timid doesn’t means I don’t know how to act, mind you, behind the poor and timid Anne you know there is a deadly lion who would never take shit from desperate fool like you… Jeremy choosed me over you because he saw how stupid you are…do you think maltreating me would make him love you? Ugh… never instead, he would keep hating you more and more, firstly when I saw you, I thought you are sensible the way you are beautiful but less did i knew that you’re a beauty without brain and that makes you a bullshit..have a nice day!” I said spitefully with a smirk and walked away leaving her shaken to the core, her expression exuded great shock,
I reached the s₱0t where Jeremy stood watching us and smiled to him,
“I love that stunt you pulled over there!” He said with a broad smile,
“That is what really suit her, I mean she is just so obsessed toward you, and what I can’t even explain is why she kept picking on me” I said with a sigh then wrapped my hand around his wa-ist with my head resting on his chest as we walked to the park where his driver was waiting for him,
I glanced back at Lisa and saw her staring at us with fury,
I let out a chuckle and scoffed at her..
We entered the car and greeted the driver who nodded his head with a bright smile..
“Anne how did you really got the courage to slap Lisa.. I thought you were afraid of her?” Jeremy asked with a smile
“My anger makes me do what I never thought I could do” I muttered,
“Uhm, so it was out of anger that you slapped her” he said with a lopsided smile,
“That was it, I would never dream of touching her if I was on a normal state, to be sincere I was really pissed up on everything about that girl, I mean.. why would she keep oppressing me when I did no wrong to her, she was the one who framed up that fake story just for me to be expelled” I sighed and rested my head on his laps
“She is just a desperate wh-re, please keep on acting brave to her maybe she would get to know you aren’t a sap, show her that you are much more than her” he said and I sighed again
“What if she reports me, who knows her father may expel me” I said with anxiety seeping into me
“You don’t have to be afraid, I’m with can never get expelled from this school, trust me” he said and pecked my cheek making me blush
“Thanks for accepting me as I am” I mumbled
“You captured my heart with everything about you.. till this moment, I still wonder how you were able steal my heart, disregarding the fact that you are a Nigerian” he said and I smiled,
We reached my house and I hopped down after giving him a heart warming hug,
Entering the house, I found my step mom with a middle aged man, he was carrying her on his laps and was fondling every part of her body including her b**St
“Good afternoon ma” I muttered a greeting and head upstairs, she did not even glance at me but I could notice the man feeding his eyes with my body, he was staring at me lustfully and totally forgot my step mom who sat on his laps,
I just hissed and rolled my eyes at him, stupid man!!
I entered my room and slumped on the bed feeling elated, I couldn’t help the smile that escaped my l-ips as I remembered that I Anne slapped Lisa, someone everyone fears,
Oh gosh!!
That was so sweet, my smile turned into a wide grin when I recalled how her fair cheek turned red, the slap was really hot, I’m sure the mark must still be there tomorrow,
I pray Jeremy should be with me because I’m sure she would really skin me alive if she gets the chance to do it..
I was still feeding my head with different thought when I felt a vibrate on the bed,
I scanned all through my bed and found the vibrate from my bag,
I smiled as I found out it was the phone Jeremy gave me,
“Hi love” he cooed with a bright voice
“Jeremy why are you calling me, what if my stepmom find out…”
“Shhh, I’m bored, I feel like coming over, this place is uncomfortable without you” he said and I blushed,
“Jeremy stop those flattering, I…”
“Anne!!!!” I heard my stepmom voice sounded
“Jeremy my mom is calling me, we would chat later, bye love” I said and cut the call,
“What is it?” I questioned my stepmom who had just barged into my room,
“I need you to leave this room and get out, I want to use this room for something” she said and I sighed
“What do…”
“Don’t you dare ask me questions, do as I say now!!” She thundered and I nodded my head and rushed out,
I need no soothsayer to know she is about to carry out one of those filthy act of her..
I still wonder how a woman like her would just be comfortable being a slut..
I came down to the sitting room and sat down on the couch,

Tony’s POV
Sitting on a swivel chair in my private room, I had my mind clouded with different thoughts,
Everything looked strange to me and till today I find it hærd believing how it happened,
How was it possible that the bomb didn’t explode,
How was it possible that the bomb was fished out quickly,
My name is Tony, I’m the proprietor of Mac-Hill high school and you know what? I’m Richærd’s brother,
Richærd is the proprietor and owner of Royal Hill high School, he is my brother but I hate him with passion,
I want him dead, I want that school of him to diminish,
I and Richærd was born of one mother, we both grew up and started our school jointly which really bloomed and came out the best of all,
Later on, we decided to detach,
My hatred for him began the very day Royal Hill was awarded the best while I follow,
Seriously, it really pained me, I had always wanted to be the best, I had always wanted to be the first in all, I’m his elder brother but he always comes first in everything, my hatred for him really grew the more when that foreign boy Jeremy was admitted to his school all because the school was stated the best,
I hate him and I’ll not rest until I comes out the best..
I picked up my phone and dialed a number,
“Ben, I need you in my office now!” I ordered and dropped the call,
after some minute, he walked in looking huge like always,
“Good morning sir” he greeted and sat down in front of me,
I smiled as I scanned him, he is my special man, every mission I had sent him to, he had never fall my hand and today he is gonna do one thing for me and that is kidnapping Lisa for me,
“Ben I have a mission for you” I said and he nodded
“Check this out” I said and showed him a picture of Lisa Richærd’s only daughter
“Uhm that’s great, I am fully ready” he said with an evil smile
“I want her kidnapped, she is the only daughter of Richærd my brothers, I what her arrested as soon as possible” I ordered and he nodded,
“Consider it done” he said and stood up and walked out of the door,
I smiled evily feeling elated, kidnapping Lisa would be the best, I know he love her so much and when she would be in my possession Richærd would do everything I say, I’ll just order for him to close up his school if he needs his daughter alive..
Omg that would be great!!!

Lisa’s POV
It was morning the next day, I’m in my father’s office now,
“Dad I want her expelled!!!!” I yelled to my father in anger,
“Who? He asked softly,
“Anne” I said and he shuddered,
“Wait, what happened?” He asked sternly
“Look she slapped me!” I reported and he flinched on seeing my swollen cheek,
“Do you mean she did that to you!!” He thundered and jerked up from the seat in anger,
“She is the one..she slapped me” I sulked
“How dare her do that to you, what gave her the guts is she crazy!!” My father scre-med exasperated,
“Father please I want her away from this school please” I pleaded with tears falling freely from my cheeks drawing pity from my father who truly love me
“Stop crying, I will not hesitate in getting her expelled dear, trust me” he said and hugged me,
“Let’s go to the class, I’ll disgrace her before expelling her” he said and I gloated
“Let’s go but can you find a way of making Jeremy leave that class before you go in, you know he would stand by her even if she is wrong” I said in a sullen tone
“Uhm.. but why do he keep standing for her in everything, I thought you said that he is crushing on you?” My father said and I felt embarrassed, my cheeks flushed in shame, I felt insulted by what he uttered, it was true I said Jeremy was crushing on me but it was just because I was obsessed,
“Forget about that dad, just do as I said”
“Okay” he agreed and picked up his phone, he made some a call
“Call Jeremy to your office, do everything to hold him there till I said you should release him” he said and cut the call,
After some minute we both walked to the class,
“Anne stand up from that seat!!” My father thundered immediately we walked in
I could see her startled,

Anne’s POV
I expected this, I knew that I would be in trouble and the worst of it is that Jeremy has been called by the principal,
“Anne I said get up from that seat you filthy being!” The proprietor yelled again making shudder of fear run down my spine, Lisa was standing beside him smiling evily to me,
I stood up feeling my wh0le quivering
“How dare you slap my daughter?” He asked and everyone in the class w¡dened their eyes in shock
“Sir, I …I…I..” my voice was shaking and I couldn’t find the right word to say at all,
“Anne do you even know who you are? A poor hawker who got the chance to attend this school through scholarsh¡p, you were wretched and I helped you then the way to appreciate me is by slapping my daughter, ugh??” He spitted and I bowed my head in shame,
“I’m sorry” I mumbled with tears falling freely from my eyes
“It is not needed anymore, students can you just do something to show that she is not your class and rank!” Lisa said and all the student sprang up,
The first thing that spilled all over my body was a slippery substance which has a very bad scent, the scent was very awful, before I could raise my head, a hot slap landed on my cheek hærdly, I looked up and find the person to be Lisa,
Another student rushed at my shirt and drew it roughly making some few buttons break off, my singlet was now in view,
“Please stop, please…” I couldn’t finish when another guy pressed my b**bs hærdly,
“What did…” I made to tell at him but couldn’t as my voice hitched,
Someone had just drew my skirt downward to my feet displaying my short,
“She has a bad scent!”
“Her underwear had already been torn”
“She is wearing rag on her”
The students kept saying and everyone laughed and jeered,
I felt the greatest embarrassment ever.
What’s my crime??

I bend down and drew my skirt upward, everyone burst into hysterical laughter, tears rolled down my cheeks,
I looked up and found Lisa staring at me with a floating smile,
“Why did you…” My voice hitched abruptly as a cow dung splattered all over my body, the awful smell diffused all over me and I felt like fainting,
“Now student let me give you the latest news, I am going to expell her from this school because she did not worth staying here” he said and everyone scre-med in agreement..
“Anne this is it” he said and handed a paper to me,
“That’s your expulsion letter see ya” he said and walked out
I held the paper with my tears dropping on it,
“What are you waiting for..leave na you are disgusting” Lisa said and I sniffed in, grabbing my bag up I felt someone snatch it from me,
“You are not going  anywhere, come let’s go and clean up, I’ll make sure they all regret their actions” Jeremy said and took me away.


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