My life in Royal Hill high School

My life in Royal Hill high School – episode 17


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My life in Royal Hill high School
Episode 17
Written by Humble Smith
 Jeremy’s POV
I took her by her hand and walked away to the wash room, she cleaned up every filth and dressed into another new uniform kept as reserve for students,
My heart was heavy with pity and anger, I was feeling like I would burst any moment from now, I wasn’t there to save her from the embarrassment because I was called by the principal,
I had felt it when I was in the office, I felt it that Anne was in trouble and that was why I abruptly rushed out of the office without concluding the discussion I was having with the principal,
Word can’t just explain or ascertain how I felt seeing Anne embarrassed and mock, the way everyone in the class jeered and scorn at her really left my heart shattered,
“Jeremy let’s go” she mumbled to me as she walked out of the washroom looking clean and new,
“What really happened?” I asked her breathing heavily
“Because I slapped Lisa yesterday, the proprietor beckoned the student to taunt and scorn at me, after that, he gave me an expulsion letter and ordered I leave immediately” she explained and I burst into a hysterical laugh,
“ that what happened? We both are going into his office this moment, you see Anne you can never leave this school because I’m with you, we are going there and I’m gonna show that foolish man my wrath!” I said fuming and grab her hand,
We both dashed into the office and saw the chump sitting with his daughter,
Immediately we came in, they both stood up and faced us,
“What I’m I hearing that you did not long ago?” I inquired angrily
“I don’t understand what you’re talking about” he said airly and that really made me go berserk
“What did you did to this lady beside me?!!” I bawled with a w¡dened eyes,
“I…I..” before he could complete his stuttering, I gave him a resounding slap on his cheek which made him sprawl on the floor, on seeing what I just did to him, Lisa rushed at me angrily with a stick but she could reach me before Anne caught hold of her, she dragged off the stick from her hand and gave her a very hot slap hærdly on her cheek, the slap was so loud that I was sure the people around the block would hear it,
Lisa let out a loud shrill of pain and fell on the fall, Anne rushed at her and laid on her stomach giving her the beat of her life, I was really startled at how furious and dangerous Anne could be when she get angry, her eyes and purely red and hee mind was really far from pity, I truly found it hærd believing this is that same meek and emotional Anne I knew,
I left her to unleash all her wrath on the bitch,
“You see Lisa, you don’t dare get on my neck again because if you do, I’m afraid you may not live to tell your story.. stupid and filthy piece of shit!” Anne spitted and stood up straightly,
“Let’s go” she said and made to walk out but I held her immediately,
“Hello proprietor” I said to the shocked man who kept staring at us and his daughter who was wincing in pain,
“Jeremy, how could you dare allow her to lay hand on my could you hit me because of this trash here?” The proprietor Richærd queried with his eyes w¡dened in shock,
“I want you to take this into those empty skull of yours..this girl here which you call a trash is far more better than that filthy wh-re you have as a daughter.. and listen carefully, like you said, Anne is expelled from this school, I want you to equally know that I’m also leaving with her, go to hell with your stupid school” I said and turned to leave but he quickly jolted and held my hand with his knees on the floor,
“Please Jeremy.. please please don’t leave, you’re all we have, please.. don’t..” he pleaded and I scoffed,
“Anne what do you think I should do?” I asked, she smiled and glanced at Lisa,
“Before we are going to stay in this crazy school..I want Lisa to kneel in front of me and plead for forgiveness” she said with a gloating smile,
Lisa flinched at her word, she stared at her with a sneer, her face was swollen, she had also got a black eyes,
“Do you just said I should kneel and beg you for forgiveness? Have you gone nut?” She said in exasperation, her brow arched
“Lisa do as she said immediately!!” Richærd ordered sternly
“Dad how could you say that? How can I kneel to this riffraff?” She said with disgust,
“Lisa if you don’t, then know this, I will disown you!!” He said with grim
Lisa grunted bitterly then sluggishly went on her kneel
Anne burst into a mockery laughter leaving Lisa shamed to the core,
I quickly brought my phone and snapped the scene…
“Anne… I’” she stammered squeezing her face,
“Uhm.. are forgiven, go and sin no more” she said in a sarcarastic tone and Lisa hissed and stood up,
“Let’s leave here please” Anne said and we both left,

Anne’s POV
You can’t explain how elated I am, the joy in me is just so immeasurable, I can’t just stop smiling to myself as I walked through the hallway with Jeremy beside me,
“I love what you really did to her” I muttered with a sweet smile,
“That suit her..erm can I see that pic you took?” I beckoned with a grin,
He showed me and I let out a chuckle, it displayed everything clearly,
“I’m gonna show this to the student in our class” he said and I gasped,
“Wow that would be great” I said in glee
We both walked into the class and the wh0le student stared at us surprisedly
I walked to my seat leaving Jeremy in front of the class,
“Hello everyone, I’ve something to show you all!” Jeremy began, everyone gazed at him with rapt attention,
“I was baffled at what I saw today, can you all believe that the wh0le Lisa who brags of being this and that knelt to Anne begging for forgiveness!” He said and everyone shouted in surprise,
“What if I tell you that Lisa is afraid of Anne.. the Anne is calm but fierce, she beat up lisa and still yet, Lisa was the one to kneel before her” Jeremy said and everyone gasped in shock and amazement, they kept glancing at me like to know if it was true, I just smirked and nodded my head,
“We can’t believe you, we all know Anne, she is a poor hawker..she can’t touch Anne, she had already been expelled for that” one student said ,
“Watch this” Jeremy said and have him his phone, he gasped on seeing lisa kneeling before me, everyone in the class watched the pic and video and was really startled..

 Lisa’s POV
“Dad I’m heading home! I can’t bear the shame anymore!!” I said and rushed out, my heart is really heavy now, I find it hærd breathing, my voice had turned horsey out of shock, Anne has done the worst and now if that video and pictures gets to the class then am doomed, everyone would laugh at me..
Oh gosh!
I made to leave the school but I remembered that I wasn’t with my bag and my phone is in there,
Omg I pray they hasn’t shown them that picture,
I walked into the class and a loud sound of laughter eloped the wh0le building, every student in the class laughed and taunted at me,
“Lisa is it true that you knelt before Anne?” A student said loudly and everyone laughed out so hærd,
I was embarrassed…
I could not believe that these students who respected and feared me would say spiteful words to me..
I grabbed my bad quickly and rushed out but before I could step out, someone stretched out his leg on my way and I found myself stumbling on the floor like a piece of rag,
I couldn’t wait to know who did that to me, I’m shamed and embarrassed,
I rushed out and head to the park, enter my car and zoomed off,
Today is my worst day!!!
Reaching at the middle of the road, I noticed a blacked SUV Jeep propelling toward my direction, I arched my brow and halt my car immediately and walked out,
The Jeep stopped just in front of me and three men hopped out..
They were wearing dark glasses covering their eyes..
“Who are you guys and what do you…” I couldn’t finish my statement when one of them smacked my face, they bundled me up and shuffled me into the car, before I could scre-m, someone pressed a drugged handkerchief on my nostril and I losed consciousness immediately…


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