My life in Royal Hill high School

My life in Royal Hill high School – episode 18

My life in Royal Hill High School
Episode 18
Written by Humble Smith
Lisa’s POV
Slowly, my eyes fluttered and open, everywhere was blurry and I can’t yet ascertain where I was,
I shut my eyes tightly trying to get myself back to normal, I opened it again after some minute and this time my sight was slightly clear, my head was really pounding hærdly that I felt like I was carrying a building on my head,
What really happened to me?”
I looked around and found out that everywhere was scanty except for a chair at the corner..
I tried standing up and that was when I discovered that I was bound to the chair I was sitting, my feet and wh0le body were tied tightly to the chair and I can’t even shake any of my body except my head,
How did I got here? I asked myself again trying hærd to regain my sense which was actually blank and empty at that time..
I shut my eyes again and slowly what happened recently came creeping into my mind, I got to remember how I was kidnapped on my way back to school, immediately I remembered this, I felt my wh0le body turn sweaty as shudder of fear swept down my spine,
Just as I sat there trying to figure out everything that just happened to me, the door made a creaking sound and opened,
I looked up to the door and found the greatest shock of my life, walking towards me was three men with my uncle Tony..
My eyes w¡dened and my wh0le body quivered, I felt my head pound the more,
“Tony..are you the one who kidnapped me??!” I asked thoroughly befuddled
He smirked and sat in front of me..
“How are you?” He asked giving me a lopsided smile,
On hearing his question, I went berserk,
“Tony, so you were the one who kidnapped and tied me to this f-cking seat?..what does that mean?!!!” I snarled with fury in my eyes,
He smiled and fondled my jaw softly,
“Stop wasting your saliva dear..this is just the beginning” he said dryly
“I don’t understand you at all, what are you insinuating!!” I retorted with grim
“You did no wrong to me but your father did, and for that, you’ll suffer for the wrong of your father girl”
“What is his crime?” I asked with a sigh
“Why would he always come first in everything? Why would his school be the best, why wasn’t it my school that was given that rank? Why?!! I want him to close that f-cking school so I will be the first and best of all” he said with a voice exuding hatred and hostility,
“But he is your bro…”
“Shhh, don’t just utter that statement..He isn’t and can never be my brother!!” He snorted and jerked up,
“So what do you want from me?” I asked with an arched brow..
“Making you suffer terribly would push him into doing as I say..he would not hesitate to shut down that stupid school of his when he finds out that his daughter is in pain because of that school, you know he loves and cherish you” he drawled and fondle my cheek smiling evily,
“Tony you can’t do that!! Are you crazy! When did you started having this kind of hatred to your…” My words were push back to my mouth with a very hot slap which landed on my cheek sending an aching streak of pain all over my face..
“You think I’m here for child play? Or do you think I’m just bluffing!!” He growled then turned to the hefty men beside him, he nodded to them giving them the gesture to torture me,
“Tony are you really doing this? Are you??” I questioned with tears dropping off my eyes,
“If you think I’m just playing..uhm.. then suit yourself” he said and walked out,
“Hey girl, let’s begin immediately” one of them said with a smirk and I scoffed
“Begin what! Are you insane? Wait..are you trying to tell me that you would do what that man said? Are you that foolish and stupid!!” I blurted with anger written all over my face,
“So you still have mouth to talk you will learn how to be polite” another guy said and landed a heavy blow on my jaw..
The kind of pain that swept my wh0le body from the blow was the type that I’ve never experienced, I have heard of people being torture but I have not for once thought of the kind of pain they go through, the blow made me go limp, the excruciating pain made me unable to shake any part of my body, I felt my jaw went stiff..
I was still trying to absorb that pain when I felt the rope around me shred off, at first I thought they had decided to release me but later on, I found out that the worst was about to happen,
I was about to get raped…
They charged to my cloth and tore it away..
“Please don’t!! I’m a V-rgin!!” I lied in a loud shrill and they all stopped abruptly
“Really!” They all said in unison looking at themselves
“Yes I’m” I replied nodding repeatedly with my wh0le body quivering, Ohh God please let them buy this lie” I prayed silently but it was as if God was far away from me..
“Wow..okay then this is it..if we check you and find out that you’re a V-rgin..we promise we aren’t going to rape you, but if we find out that you are lying then sorry for you” their leader said and I felt my blood freeze
“” I started stuttering
They w¡dened my leg immediately then one of them ins**ted one of his finger slowly into my pu**y
Immediately, he burst out into a hysterical laughter..
“This girl is a public wh-re!!” He scre-med and they all rushed me with force, I had never knew what being rape is like but today I felt the real pain of being forced into s€×, my wh0le cervic region was sore and painful, I scre-med and squealed begging for them to have mercy on me but all my plea fell on deaf ears,
Just then a statement crept into my mind..
“This is just the same thing you planned for Anne” immediately this words sounded in me, I felt weak emotionally, I could no longer scre-m,
They kept pounding me till they were fill before they left me lying there totally drained…

Tony’s POV
I woke up feeling happy and great, I can’t stop smiling remembering how Lisa passed through that torture,
I took my phone and opened the video which I had taped.. it was really good, everything was shown clearly, how she scre-med in pain…
I smiled and stood up from the bed, I’m living alone, my only son and daughter are outside the country with my wife..
Today would be the day Lisa would be declared missing then she would be searched through, no one would ever suspect her being here..
Oh gosh… I’m really great..
I walked to the bathroom and took a quick bath then wore my cloth quickly,
Just then, I heard a knock on the door,
“Come in” I ordered and one of my guard walked in,
“What is it?” I asked immediately
“Erm sir.. Lisa hasn’t get up to her feet since yesterday and I’m sure she would be really hungry, I suggest we find a lady to take care of her like feeding her daily, you know she need to eat well so that she can take the torture which would be upon her” he said and I nodded,
“Okay that good, I’ll check what I can do about that” I said and dismissed him,
Uhm.. seriously I’m confused now.. who can I trust? Who can be that cook, I need someone who has fear and would never try divulging the secret to anyone, I can’t cook and no guard in my house can cook, I eat food being bought outside…
I really need someone who would keep this secret with her heart..
I need to check on some girls out there…
I stood up, pick my car key and barged out..

 Anne’s POV
I was fully prepared for school when my stepmom barged into my room,
“Hey little brat, pull off those uniform because you aren’t going to school today” she said and I felt like throwing up, I felt my wh0le body freeze,
“What is it? What have I done?” I asked, years already forming in my eyes,
“You are going to hawk, go downstairs on the dinning table, you’ll find a full tray of orange, don’t hesitate to go and sell it finish in the market!” She commanded and stomped out without waiting to hear any word from me
“Omg what is my crime?!” I muffled and pulled off the uniform and wore a casual
I hobbled down the stairs murmurings incoherent words, anger filled me up to the brim,
I carried the tray carelessly and walked out, i smiled as a thought crept to my mind,
I’ll just keep all these orange in Jeremy’s house and go to school, he will pay for it all,
Yeah that’s a great idea..
I reached the market and groped my way to Jeremy’s house, I still find it hærd recalling the way..
I walked forward and stubbed my toe on a stone making my tray shake, one of my orange fell and rolled under a car beside the road,
I arched my brow and sighed, I looked at the car and found out that it’s glass was tinted, I peered my eyes narrowly to check if I could see anyone in it but I couldn’t and I agreed to myself that no one was in..
I dropped my tray on the floor and bend my head under the car,
Just then the car roared into life and made to move..
I scre-med on top of my voice and quickly slid out,
I started knocking on the window to call the attention of whoever rode the car.
The door of the car opened and a strange man walked in..
He look very rich..
“Erm sir.. my orange fell on the.. erm..under your car” I spluttered scratching my head vigorously
He just stood still looking at me straightly.
I arched my brow and repeated what I said thinking he did not heard me but still yet he said no word,
“Sir I…”
“Hey girl, you are following me to my house now, don’t dare to say no” the man said with grim
“What…” I couldn’t finish my statement when two guys hopped out from the car and ushered me in,
“I don’t understand” I said resisting
“Don’t be afraid, erm, I’ll like you to do something for me okay?” The man said with a smile easing my tension..
“Don’t be afraid dear, my name is Tony..” he said with a smile,
I sighed then walked to his car without even knowing when I did that…
I pray I’m safe..


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