My life in Royal Hill high School

My life in Royal Hill high School – episode 19


My life in Royal Hill High School
Episode 19
Written by Humble Smith
I kept mute as he drove me to his house, I was just dumb and couldn’t talk much due to the fear that eloped my wh0le body, the tray was still resting on my laps,
“What’s your name?” He asked
“Anne” I replied slowly
“Uhm that’s a nice name, well I’m Tony like I said earlier, and I’m the proprietor of Mac-Hill high School, you know of it right?” He asked and I nodded, even when I knew I don’t know of the school,
“Are you still frighten?” He asked and I sighed and wiped the sweat which had already formed on my forehead,
“You don’t have to be afraid, I’m harmless especially to beautiful and calm ladies like you” he said and I felt my heart hitch,
“What do you actually wants from me, do you know me before?” I asked confusedly
“Uhm well, I don’t really know you but on seeing you, I just liked you and decided to help you through” he said and I exhaled heavily
“Please I don’t need your help, as you can see I’m not a beggar” I said shrugging my shoulders
“I’ll explain everything clearly to you when we reached home okay?” He said and I nodded and turned my face outside the window..
What have I just put myself into?
Why did I even enter this car?
What if this man here is a kidnapper?
We reached his house and alighted, I left the tray in the car and came out
“Sir what do you really want from me, I’m a hawker and I’ll be beaten if I comes home late than usual” I said trying to convince him to send me home,
He smiled and sighed,
“You’ll go home but not now, as for that thing you’re selling, you can throw it away because I’m paying you twice than the amount” he said and I grimaced
“I’m insecure” I said
“You don’t have to” he said and held my palm drawing me into the house,
Heii, God help me!!!
“Take a seat and feel at home” he said to me just immediately we entered the sitting room,
I looked around frightfully before sitting,
“I want you to live with me” he said and I flinched and w¡dened my eyes in shock,
“You want what!!! I don’t get you” I blurted
“Let’s get down to business..listen to what I’ve to tell you..” he paused and braced up,
“I want you to serve as a househelp to me and more importantly, you will take the job of taking care of a lady I kidnapped” he said and i jolted up from the couch with shock and awe,
“Are you okay sir? Me Anne should take care of someone you kidnapped..wait so you are a kidnapper, now you want me to be part of your heinous act, hey, I’m not doing it, go and look for other girls outside!” I bawled
“You don’t have a choice” he said and brought out a pistol, I felt a shudder of fear run down my back,
“Sir I can’t” I muffled tears falling down,
“Listen up, am not here for child play, you will be staying with me and would take care of the house and that crazy girl and adopted..” he said with grim and stood up,
“But..but sir I..”
“Don’t dare make any utterance or I’ll be forced to blast that empty skull of yours!” He growled and dashed out..
Fear, horror and terror filled my heart, I can’t help but regret ever falling into the hand of this heartless man,
Just then, he walked in again with a huge body guard beside him..
“Take her to her room, she would be the househelp and the person to take care of her” he said to the guard and walked out almost immediately,
“Hey girl let’s go” he beckoned but I stood at a s₱0t without moving a bit,
“Let’s go!” He half yelled
“Won’t I go home to get prepared?” I asked wiping my tears
“No pretty, you are living here till further notice, you will not even be allowed outside the gate, you will be having a deep secret with you so you are restricted from going out because you may divulge it” he said sternly
“Okay let me go and get my cloth at home” I foolishly asked and he chuckled
“Are you deaf? You are not leaving here, cloth are already in your room, so let’s go” he said and I sniffed back my tears and followed him,
Does this mean I’m not going to see Jeremy again?
Oh gosh he would be really troubled and I’m not with my phone..
How would I be living here all alone taking care with someone I don’t even know, I’ll be taking care of this house just like that what is this!!!!
We both walked into the room and I was really marvelled at what I saw but I don’t even showed it out..
“This is your room..stay cool” he said and walked away immediately,
My life had been doomed..
Just then, a knock was heard on the door, I opened it quickly and saw that Tony of a guy staring at me,
“Hey girl, go upstairs, enter the room numbered 15, there you will see the girl you will take care of, begin your job immediately…before I forget, I want you to know this , I’m as dangerous as anything you can think of, don’t try to play trick on me or you will have your self to be blamed!” He said sternly and walked away
I blinked my eyes and sighed,
“Anne, you are finished!”
I walked back in and took a quick shower then strod upstairs to the so-called room, I was slightly anxious to know who this lady is?
In a little interval of time, I found myself standing in front of the room, I exhaled heavily then opened the door,
“Jesus!!!!!!” A loud squeal escaped my l-ips,
I felt shudder run down my spine, my wh0le body quivered in great horror,
I stood still staring at my greatest nightmare
Could this be Lisa???
I asked myself trying hærd not to believe what I saw,
With total shock, I plodded to where she layed,
“Lisa” I called out slowly and softly taping her bare back,
I am very much startled, Lisa the school proprietor is lying down here unclad, helpless,
“Is she the girl I would be taking care of?..
“Lisa” I called out loudly making her jolt into consciousness,
“Who..are you?” She asked with her eyes half closed, her body was quivering,
“Stand up, let’s go to the bathroom, you have to take your bath and eat something” I said tenderly and she sighed,
“I’m weak” she muttered
“Try and get up, I’ll help you” I said with an emotional voice
“Who are you and why are you helping me?” She asked again without even look at me well,
“That isn’t essential at this moment, you have to be fine first” I said sniffing back my tears,
I felt real pain in my heart for Lisa, I still find it hærd believing my sight,
I aid her and she got up, her body temperature was really high, we both walked to the bathroom and I carefully layed her in,side the bath tub,
I took a sponge and washed her wh0le body,
A little smile abruptly escaped my l-ips that moment, the fact that I am bathing Lisa of all people is really somehow funny,
I finished cleaning her and she walked out weakly,
As we reached my room, she sat on the bed while I picked out a long gown and underwear for her to put on, after she was done, I rushed to the kitchen and made a quick energy giving meal which she quickly devour hungrily,
Immediately she was done, I took away the plate and returned,
I sat beside her and made to start a discussion but she beat me with that..
“You’re Anne right?” She asked slowly
“Uhm, yeah..I’m Anne the well known hawker” I replied with a smile
“How did you get here? How is it that you are here?” She asked without looking at me, her gaze was straight to the space,
“My being here is fate, it is a coincidence, I was employed to take care of you” I said
“Anne how could it be that you were the one employed, are you trying to lie to me?” She said wincing in pain,
“Lisa you have to rest.. get some strength before you can start with your questions” I said with care and attention but she abruptly turned to me with tears on her eyes,
“Do you know Tony?” She asked and I nodded,
“He is the man who brought me here” I answered
“So you are here to pay me back ugh?” She said fluttering her eyes and I smiled
“That is not it dear, although you have made my life a hell, you have maltreated me back then in school but I am not heart hærden to repay you even if I have the chance, I don’t even hate you, I know you did all you did because you love Jeremy” I said and her l-ips crooked into a sweet smile,
“Anne I can’t believe you have a good heart, I was thinking you will start treating me bad like I did to you” she said and hugged me and I felt happiness surge through my heart,
“I’m not that wicked” I said and hugged her more tightly,
“Have you forgiven me?” She muttered to me
“I’ve already done that long ago” I said
“Thank you so much” she muttered and broke the hug
“I would save you out of here if eventually I get to have the opportunity” I said and she smiled broadly..
She layed down on the bed and slept off, I smiled and walked out,
I reached the sitting room and overheard Tony making a phone call, I stood beside eavesdropping
“Hey son you are coming back already?”
“You’re already close? Oh gosh!! Are you with your sister?”
“She is with you?”
“That’s great!! I’m waiting!” He said and hung up
I walked in that moment and he turned his gaze to me,
“Are you done?” He asked with a glimmer of happiness in his voice
“Yes sir” I replied
“Now start cleaning everywhere as quick as possible, my children is coming now!” He ordered and I nodded with an inward hiss..
I went and brought a broom and started sweeping the already clean house,
After some time, I was done,
“Go and start cooking something very delicious, if you cook something awful, I’ll skin you alive, go into that kitchen and do the best you can” he ordered again and I wiped the sweat on my forehead before rushing to the kitchen,
I decide cooking a jollof rice as that is just the food am perfect in cooking…
I was almost done when I heard the door bell rang,
I rushed off to the sitting room and couldn’t find Tony, guess he is taking his bath as I could hear splattering of water faintly
I stood at a s₱0t contemplating whether to open the door of not..
I don’t know if I’m allowed to open the door for anyone, after the third ring, I walked and open the door..
My heart skipped a beat and I felt my leg shudder as I stared at the guy and the girl standing at the door,
“PL..ease erm..who are you looking for?” I asked with my eyes blinking rapidly
“Are you crazy? I’m the one to ask you my father in?” The lady asked and I felt like slapping myself, why did I forget that Tony told me his children were coming back..
“I’m very sorry” I mumbled with my head bowed,
I adjust for them to come in which they did, I could notice the cute guy beside the lady staring at me with an expression I couldn’t even explain,
“Your father is taking his bath and would be here in a jiffy, take your seats while I conclude my cooking” I said softly ignoring the stare of the guy..
I made to walk away but the guy called me back,
“Hey, who are you, what is your work in this house?” He asked and I breathed out
“I’m the new househelp’m a househelp” I replied nervously
“Uhm, what’s your name dear” he asked with a sweet smile which made him more cute, to be sincere,the guy is really cute like a white man,
“My name is Anne” I replied with a cutsy
“Okay you can go” he said and I walked away.
After some minute, I was done, I positioned the food in a tray and carried it to the dinning table where I kept it and separated the plates,
I walked back to the sitting room to call them but just then I found out that the guy was saying something to the girl, I was pushed to eavesdrop so I stood still and listen..
“Jane, to be sincere, I don’t actually understand, but..I am having this crazy feeling for that girl Anne” he said and his sister gasped
“Really? I thought you couldn’t fell in love with any lady” she said surprised
“I’m very confused!”
“Are you sure it isn’t lust?” She asked and he vehemently shook his head,
“I’ve been a playboy for a long time, I’ve lust for many lady, I know that this one isn’t lust but true love” he said solemnly
“This is your first time seeing her and you are already claiming to love her, isnt it ridiculous?” She asked
“I…” He made to say another thing but Tony came in that moment
“Oh my beautiful children are back!!” He scre-med and they both ran into him with a warm hug,
“Oh dad, I miss you” the girl squealed and pecked him
“I miss you too! You look so beautiful” he complement and she blushed,
“The food is ready!!!!” I announced that moment and they all looked at me,
“We are not eating now, I’ve to go and clean up and rest” the girl whinned and I hissed silently
“As if I’m forcing her”
“We would eat your food later, lets take our bath and have a little rest okay?” The guy said and I nodded and walked away immediately..

 David’s POV
I stood up from my bed and yawned then hobbled out heading downstairs, I’m very hungry and I could actually eat anything that moment,
I walked downstairs and found my sister and dad having a chit-chat,
“Hey, I’m going to eat” I said to them and walked to the dining,
“We have been waiting for you to wake so we can eat together” my sister Jane said and sat on the seat in front of me,
We all uncover the food,
“But Dad why is she not eating with us?” I asked
“Who?” He asked with an arched brow
“Anne” I said and he flinched
“That house maid?” He said and I sighed
“I don’t care, I want her to eat with us please” I said and I could see how baffled my dad was,
“Are you in anyway…well, no problem” he said and put a call across,
In a few minute, the damsel walked in, I could feel my jaw drop, she look so beautiful like a goddess that I couldn’t stop staring at her,
“You called for me” she said to my dad without glancing at me
“Yeah, my son wants you to eat with us, so get your seat and don’t try to give any silly excuse” he said and she sighed and went to an empty seat, I shifted a portion of the food to her, she glanced at me and I smiled winking at her, she smiled back to me and took her spoon and began eating,
“Father I’m resuming school tomorrow” I said and he nodded munching his food
“The school I’m attending is Royal Hill, there is my friend I would like to meet” I said and he glanced at me with anger which quickly cleared off almost immediately
“There is no problem, do as you wish” he said and I smiled
“Secondly, I’m going to that school with Anne” I said and he choked, Jane gave him a cup of water which he gulped down,
“What is it?” I asked
“What did you said?” He asked
“I’m going to Royal Hill High School tommorow with Anne!!” I  said with finality and I could see Anne smile…


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