My life in Royal Hill high School

My life in Royal Hill high School – episode 20

My life in Royal Hill High School
Episode 20
Written by Humble Smith
“Make it clear to me, you are taken Anne to Royal Hill for what, why if I may ask?” My father inquired with grim
“Uhm well, I just felt like doing it, I need someone to accompany me” I said with a lopsided smile,
“I don’t think it would be possible!” He said wagging his head
“Why?” I asked inquisitively
“Her life is in danger and for her to go out there would make her vulnerable to those who want her life, I employed her here to keep her safe from harm, no one knows where her enemies are, so son I don’t want to harm her by letting her out of this place!” He said sternly glancing at Anne
“What! Anne is that true???” I asked facing her with an arched brow,
At first, she couldn’t utter any word, she just sat still glancing at my father and I, it seem she was lost of word, I just prayed silently that she would just tell me that all my father said are mere lies…
“It’s tr..ue..” she replied after some minute,
“It’s true??” I asked trying to be sure
“It is true, my life is endangered, some assassin are sent to eliminate me so I can’t follow you to school” she said with a drawn face, her body was slightly quivering
“This sound ridiculous..but I really want her with me, can’t you do something?” I said softly
“I don’t think there is anything I can do” he snapped eating his food,
“Father this is the first request from your son since we came back, can’t you think of something to do, dad I know you as someone wise” Jane my sister ch¡pped in,
“Okay I’ll see what I can do, you will hear from me before today runs out but for now I’ve to go upstairs and rest” he said and stood up immediately,
“No problem, I’m waiting” I said and he rushed off,
“So Anne what…”
“Please excuse me, I need to use the restroom” she cut me off and walked away

 Anne’s POV
My heart pound faster as I walked my way into the toilet, I am not in any way pressed but I just had to leave his presence, I don’t want to get myself into trouble, it is clear that Tony doesn’t want me out of this house, with that lie he just blow I’m going nowhere,
You can’t just explain how much my happiness was when David said I would follow him to Royal Hill, I felt like bursting, I was just waiting for Tony to leave so I’ll hug him tight for that, but it all went sour with that nonsense Tony lied about me,
When David asked me if it was truth, I truly felt like scre-ming No but without being told, I’m aware that that would be a fatal mistake..
I sat on the closet with tears forming in my eyes,
Why is my life this way?
After some hours, I walked out and head to my room, but as I walked to the hallway, Tony walked out from a room and beckoned me in..
I entered the room and her locked the door…
“Anne just thank your stars, thank your gods that you didn’t spoil everything by saying that what I said was a lie..I swear I will not hesitate to plunge off your throat!!” He ranted and slumped on the couch
“What is the meaning of that lie? Why don’t you want me to go with him? Why are you restricting my movement, I’m I in a prison!!” I huffed with drop of tears rolling down my cheeks,
“Shut those mouth and seat down let me enlighten you on many things you don’t actually know” he rasped and I exhaled then plopped down on the couch adjacent to him,
“Anne listen carefully, you can’t truly understand how dangerous I’m until I unleash my terror on you, I’m calm and innocent outwardly but I’m a beast, I don’t want to hurt you but you can push me into doing it the very moment you disobey my words.. Anne on no account would my son or daughter know about that girl i kidnapped..she would not be kept in your room anymore, she would be staying in that torture room, I’ve instruct for everything you will need to take care of her be kept in that, there is a secret passage at the back of the cupboard In your room, that is the passway for you to tread when taking care of Lisa, now as for going to school with David, you will but you would he wearing a skin face mask” he said and I gasped,
“You heard me right, no one has to know your face, don’t ever uncover your face, if you do, I swear I’ll kill you!!!” He snorted and gestured me to leave,
I walked out with a mixed feeling, I’m elated that I would be seeing my love Jeremy, but I’m offended that he would not recognize me, he would treat me like a commoner..
“Hello Anne what are you thinking of!” Someone said making me drift back to reality,
“Erm.. nothing” I said with a forced smile,
” I’m Jane, David’s sisters, I would like to chat with you” she said with a benevolent smile,
“I would really love to, but I’m quite busy, I’ll see you when I am free” I said and she nodded then fondle my cheek,
I smiled and walked away wondering what it would be like going to Royal Hill with another face, Jeremy would not recognize me
I walked into my room and found Lisa strong, she was sitting in the bed.
“How do you feel now?” I asked with a little smile
“I’m really good but I’m afraid of being tortured again” she said and I sighed,
“I pray he doesn’t hurt you again”
“So what is it with you, you look somehow pale?” She inquired
“I’m going to Royal Hill High School tomorrow” I said and she gasped,
“What!! Omg I wish I was you..I wish I could leave this place, I’m missing everyone, I know my father would be greatly worried..Anne can you please tell..”
“Shh.. sorry I can’t do anything, besides I’m not going there with my real face, I’m wearing a skin mask, a face of another lady” I said and her shoulder sagged,
“I guess he warned you not to uncover it right?” She said and I nodded
“That’s bad”
“Very bad”
“So what are you gonna do?” She asked
“Nothing at all” I replied hopelessly
“I’m taking you to that torture room now that’s the order of Tony” I said and she cringed
“Oh no, please don’t” she begged but I shook my head,
“I must obey his order and besides, his children are back so he wants your stay here secretive” I said and yank her up, I pushed the cupboard aside and opened the behind it and walked through the passway which led us to the torture room.
“stay calm and strong” I muttered to her before leaving..
I walked to the sitting room and found David and Jane chit-chatting..
Immediately I came in David stopped his words and fed his eyes on me,
He kept staring at me like he would eat me with his eyes..
“Why the stare?” I asked when I couldn’t bear it..
“You look beautiful” he purred with a broad smile
“Thanks” I said and turned to Jane,
“What do you wants to say to me?” I asked
“Erm, nothing really it’s my brother who wants to talk to you” she said and I turned to David who looked tensed immediately..
“Ehen what is it?” I asked calmly
He chuckled then stood up and sat beside me on the couch, I sat calm without moving an inch,
“What charm do you use on me?” He asked and I arched my brow
“Why did I got attracted to you just the very first time seeing you? Why?? And how could it be possible?” He asked and I felt like laughing,
“What are you insinuating?” I queried
“You captivate me” he mumbled and turned his full gaze straight into my eyes.
“I want you to be my friend, would you?” He asked and I breathed out heavily
“There is no wrong being your friend so I agree” I said and he smiled widely
“Thanks, so we are going to school together tomorrow” he said elated
“Yeah, your father had agreed but he said I’m wearing a skin make to cover my identity” I said and he nodded
“You are wearing it, I’m sorry for you” he said pitifully
“That’s my fate” I mumbled..
“Okay dear, thanks once more” he said and I smiled…
The next day finally came, I got well prepared in the uniform, I really look beautiful with the mask but more beautiful with my real face, I combed my hair and walked away with my bag,
“Wow you look superb this morning” he compliment and I smiled
“Please let’s go we are already late” Jane ch¡pped in and we all left,
My heart kept pounding louder and fast, I wonder what would be of me of Jeremy sees me, I just pray he recognize me..
We reached the school and alighted,
“We are going in, the registration had already been done” David said and held my palm as we walked in.
On reaching the classroom, there was a little murmur as almost everyone gazed at us, I felt my heart ache, I felt my wh0le body went sweaty, my head pound heavily as I saw Jeremy sitting all alone on his desk, his face was paie but was brightened the very moment he saw the three of us walk in
“Could it be that he recognized me?? Oh God I pray so”
The three of us walked to him,
“Jeremy whatsup!” David said happily to him and they both shook hand,
“When did you came down here” Jeremy asked with a broad smile
“Yesterday, I really miss you guy” David said and he laughed,
“why are you missing when you have other friend to make your day, I myself have none” he said and they both sat down,
I stood there with Jane beside me,
“Jane you look more beautiful” Jeremy praises her making her smile sheepishly
“Thank you, how is your stay here?” She said and sat down on the seat beside Jeremy, I felt jealousy grew in me immediately,
“So who is this Nigerian gal with you guys?” Jeremy asked
“Oh, yeah she is my girlfriend, her name is an..n.. no her name is Julian” David stammered and Jeremy squeezed his face,
“How can you say she is your girlfriend, I know she is one of those filthy things you drill their assh-le” he said with disgust in his tone
“No she isn’t, she is my real girlfriend and I’m in l.o.v.e w.i.t.h.h.e.r” David said and I flinched
Jeremy glanced at him then to me,
“How can you befriend these smelly dark skinned girl, yuck, i really hate em” he huffed then turned to me,
“Hey girl go and find another seat far away from me because you are disgusting!” He cursed and I felt like fainting,
Jeremy just abused me..
He abused me Anne..
I walked away immediately, I couldn’t even wait to hear what David has to say, I’m just pained!!


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