My life in Royal Hill high School

My life in Royal Hill high School – episode 21

My life in Royal Hill High School
Episode 21
Written by Humble Smith
Jeremy’s POV
“are you mad! how dare you hurl those insult on my girlfriend!!!!” David thundered with fury in his eyes,
“I’m sorry, just that I hate these Nigerian with passion” I said standing up,
“you are sorry wouldn’t do any good you know?” he seethed
“then I don’t know what you want me to do, I’ve already said the words and i can’t take it back” I said staring at him,
“Jeremy all you would do now is go to her and apologize, that’s what you will or else we would get problem” he said and I scoffed
“you must be the biggest joker, I Jeremy can never do that gibberish you just said” I retorted,
“then know that we are now great enemy, don’t just come near me again” he said and made to leave but I caught hold of him
“wait are you serious?” I asked with an arched brow and he scoffed
“I’m more than serious buddy!” he said and I sigh
“okay I’m going to do it but just make her know that I hate girls in this f-cking country!” I said and went toward the damn girl who had her head bend in her desk maybe she was sobbing, there is no doubt my word hurts her so much
“hey girl” I called but she still left her head buried
“can’t you hear me, raise those head of yours I wanna apologize” I said dryly
“are you apologizing willingly or were you forced to do it?” she asked and I scoffed again
“what are you insinuating? do you know what it means for me to come here to apologize? you even had the gall to ask me annoying questions” I said rolling my eyes
“it pains me seeing you this way” she said and I cringed
I don’t even know how but I suddenly found my heart became heavy, it was as if I’m hurting someone I love, I stood there totally confounded
“raise your head and explain those words you said to me!” I blurted and she chuckled
“There is nothing confusing in it” she said
“I guess my harsh word hurts you so badly” I said in a sarcarastic tone
“If you really know how much it hurts you would never say it” she said and I felt myself shudder
“Why don’t you want to look up at me?” I asked and she giggled
“It would make me feel more pain” she said and I arched my brow
Her word really seem so confusing to me
“I don’t understand” I said with a sigh
“You came to apologize right? Okay I’ve already forgiven you so you can leave” she said
“Look at me into my face and say it” I beckoned not knowing when I suddenly felt the urge to see her face even when I’d already seen it before, I really felt like I had known her some where,
“You hate me so there is no need looking at your face” she replied with a shrug
“I don’t hate you” I snapped and flinched immediately at what I said,
Don’t I hate Nigerian?
What I’m I even saying…
Just then l, she raised her head and looked into my eyes,
At first, I thought I was seeing Anne, but later I saw a different face,
I felt my heart glitch, my wh0le body shuddered, my l-ips quivered, I found myself admiring the strange girl, her l-ips, her gorgeous appearance..
Everything about her was really stunning that I found myself drooling,
As she peered into my eyes, something struck me…
There is a clear resemblance between this girl and Anne, I can’t even lay hand on where she looked like Anne but somehow I felt she was like her…
“Can you please go back to your seat” she purred but I stood transfixed gazing at her trying hærd to ascertain everything…
Just then, a teacher walked into the class and I was forced to go back to my seat which was really hærd for me to do because at that moment I felt like seating with her..
“Jeremy did she forgave you?” David asked me but I didn’t even gave him any answer, my mind want even clear, I’m thoroughly dumbfounded…
“Dis she forgive you man!!” He half yelled the second time and I turned to him
“Why does it troubles you?” I asked getting a little bit angry
“Why wouldn’t it disturb me..she is my girl…
“Shut up guy..just shut up!” I interjected..
I don’t just want to hear him call her his girlfriend, I just don’t want to hear… The reason is something I can’t even fathom..
“After this lesson you have to tell me what happened” he mumbled and I rolled my eyes and faced the board
After some hours, the teaching was over, another female teacher came in, after she was done, the bell rang for break time..
“Jeremy what…”
” I’m not I’m the mood for any question from you, if you want to know what happened go to her yourself!” I blurted and dashes out of the class..
I’m very confused and I need to find a cool and quiet place to clear my head…
Quietly, I sat down on that same bench where I and Anne always stay whenever we comes to the school garden, I say there so as to refresh our memories… The fact that I haven’t seen Anne for days now is really eating me deep, I had searched for her many place, I have even sent someone to disguise like the school teacher and ask of her whereabout from her stepmom but it was the same, she doesn’t know where she went, no one knows where she was and I don’t just want to believe she is lost or kidnapped…
I brought out my phone and scroll through my galleries looking dreamily at her pictures which I had taken secretly…
“Anne where are you? Please come back from where ever you are, come before I die of missing you” I muffled sniffing back the tears forming in my eyes glands
Tomorrow is Friday the day I would commence the first drama practice with the lady I choosed, I’m really confused, how could it be that Anne is nowhere to be found, who will I act that drama with..who!!
Lisa is also missing…all these happening is really queer and hærd to explain…
Just as I stared at the pics of the smiling Anne, I felt my mind drift slowly to that lady I met I’m the class, that girl David claimed to be his girlfriend, who is really that girl? How could I felt that way for her…
I buried my face into my palm strong myself engrossed into the thought of that lady, there is no doubt I’m getting this crazy feeling for her, there is no doubt that I like her and felt hurt seeing her pained by my harsh words to her, I can’t even remember her name anymore…
I was still drowning into all these thought when I felt someone presence around me, I raised my head and my gaze fell on someone I never expected,
It was that same girl, David’s girlfriend, she was staring at me with a smile which melted my heart and made me feel happy and delighted, the reason is what i can’t explain..
“Hi Jeremy” she greeted softly but I still stared at her like I’ve seen a ghost, how would I say any word to her when I am foolishly falling for her after throwing hurtful words to her..
“Can I seat with you” she said and her word spank my head like a rod
This is just the same words that Anne said to me when she came to the school firstly..
Is this girl anyhow related to Anne? I mused
“Give me a reply” she urged and I nodded my head..
She walked over and sat beside me
“You look troubled..what is it?” She asked and I sighed
“You will not understand..but besides, how did you know I’m here, how did you even know about this place, o guess this is your first day in this school” I queried and she smiled then shrugged
“Let’s say my instinct led me here” she said and I arched my brow
“Your instincts led you here? How? Why? We aren’t friends, you are just the girlfriend to my friend I don’t think that is enough to make us friends so….” I shrugged spreading out my hand
“Uhm, okay can we be friends?” She asked and I gazed at her
“Why will you ask for us to be friends when you are aware I don’t like you, if I had liked you a bit, I wouldn’t have insulted you then” I said and she smiled again
“Okay then I’m going maybe you don’t actually want me at all” she said and stood up to leave but just as she stepped three pace forward I held her hand,
“Everything about you is strange to me, I hate Nigerian but later fell in love with one of them which is Anne but she is missing now, I loved only her even now I couldn’t find her, I couldn’t find myself liking any body else, you just came today and I am stupidly having some crazy feelings for you, what is the charm you actually used…tell me because it is strange” I said and she smirked
“If I had used charm on you I wouldn’t dare to tell you” she said amidst chuckle..
“I agree being your friend” I breathed making her gasp in happiness..
Before I could explain what was going on, we both went closer to each other and k-ssed,
We plunged out l-ips together as if we had knew each other before..
I k-ssed her like she was my lover, just then, the unexpected happened.. David walked in.


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