My life in Royal Hill high School

My life in Royal Hill high School – episode 22

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My life in Royal Hill High School
Episode 22
Written by Humble Smith
Jeremy’s POV continues
The very moment I saw David was when I got to my real sense, that was when I discovered what I was actually doing.
Oh gosh!!
I quickly broke off the k-ss and pushed the girl away from me,
David came closer clapping his hands, his face was contorted in fury and I’m sure he would pick up a fight with me,
“David calm down it isn’t what you think!” I tried explaining but couldn’t go further as he quickly sent a blow to my face but just then, his girlfriend stood in between and he ended up punching her making her sprawl on the ground with a loud thud,
“You see what you have caused” David said angrily to me then squatted down to check on her, I glanced at the girl then at David before taking my leave, I’m very befuddled…
I walked away from them even when it was really hærd for me to do, I found it very hærd leaving the girl, I really want to check on her also but I just can’t, I feel guilty for everything…
I feel guilty for k-ssing another girl who isn’t Anne..
I feel like one of a cheater who doesn’t care..
Anne is missing and I’m here k-ssing another girl, doesn’t that seem like I have no conscience…
One thing is still strange and confusing to me..
How is it possible that I fell for this girl.. How????🥺🥺
I entered the class and sat quietly on my empty seat, I could see Jane talking with a guy at the other corner of the class maybe he is trying to woo her because with the way he kept bracing up I guess she is really insisting..
I sat down lonely looking around, some girl were glancing at me contemplating whether to come or not but they knew better than coming near me…
Few minutes later, I saw David and that same girl walk into the class, the girl fixed her gaze on me while David did not even care to glance at me, it was as if he hates me for what I just did, maybe he thought in trying to snatch his girlfriend from him, if only he knew that I don’t actually love that girlfriend of his, if only he knew that I don’t know what made me k-ss his girlfriend..
They both walked to another seat and sat together, David tried starting up a chat with her but without much look on would discover that she wasn’t even interested in whatever he was telling her, her mind was really far away, she was lost in a kind of thought which I can’t tell, I could even notice her steal some glance at me,
I turned my gaze to them and I couldn’t help the jealousy that grew up in,side me the very moment I saw him peck her cheek,
Ohh shit!! Was the words that escaped my l-ips before I could even think of holding it back,
David turned to me immediately with a scowl but I just drift my gaze away from him
What is even wrong with me?

Anne’s POV
“I believe you, I know the k-ss was nothing that is why I’m not angry with you but with him, he knew you are my girl…”
“I’m famished, can you allow me have some little rest” I said and he nodded then stood up and walked away,
I lay my head down on my locker licking my l-ips while I thought of that great moment which I never wanted to come to an end, I was still smiling to myself because of the k-ss when someone sat beside me, I looked up and found the person to be Jeremy, my l-ips crooked into a wide smile immediately,
“How are you? I hope your cheek doesn’t hurt you much?” He cooed with care making me smile again
“It no more pains me dear” I said
“Erm can I know your name?” He asked and I felt my heart hitch, should I tell him my real name, should I just blurt it out?…ohh no, I don’t know what would be of me if I do it, Tony would find out and may carry out his threat..
“My name is.. Julian” I replied slowly
“Okay, don’t be angry with this question but do you really love David?” He asked and I fluttered my eyes and took a deep breath,
“But why do you ask?” I questioned slowly
“Nothing actually, I just felt like asking” he said and blinked his eyes rapidly
“Okay then, erm..”
“Can I ask you this last question?” He implored
“Okay go on you are free” I said looking at him straight into his shimmering eyes
“Why did you stood in between shielding me from David’s punch?” He asked and I exhaled
“I did it because I would never want him to hurt you, it isn’t your fault so he has no right hitting you” I replied
“But he is your boyfriend right?” He asked and I sighed
“He isn’t..” I replied and I could see his eyes w¡den
“He isn’t your boyfriend them what is he to you?” He asked inquisitively
“He is just a desperate dude who is just obsessed, like he said, he love me but I don’t, so I don’t think it meant anything, we are just normal friend as far as I’m concerned” I breathed
“Tell me, do you love me, please I want to know, I don’t know what is wrong with me, I’ve a girlfriend named Anne, she is no where to be found at this moment, I love her so much, I sworn never to indulge in any sort of friendsh¡p with any other lady of not her, I had loved only her but this very moment, i can’t really fathom what is becoming of me, I’m just coming to understand that I’m doing what I had vowed not to do which is falling for another lady, I don’t want to be a cheater but I’m already becoming that which I dreaded, i am falling in love with you even when I don’t want to, it is just as if there is this kind of attraction which kept drawing you to me, please can you explain all this to me, I’m falling in love with you..” he said in a slow and emotional voice like someone hurt..
I stared at straightly and could see pain and passion in his eyes, that very moment,bi felt the greatest urge and impulse to take him by his hand to a secluded place them reveal my real identity, I felt like uncovering the mask and making him understand that he was doing the right thing but the fear In me is greater than the urge, i have not got that much courage to do it, I don’t wanna endanger my life for now, I’ve to think thoroughly..
“Jeremy, just calm your nerve, time will determine what would become of us” I said and fondle his cheek, immediately I did that he held my palm and stared keenly at it,
“You look like Anne” he said with his eyes glistening
“Really, uhm that’s absurd, I don’t know who is Anne” I said and he nodded,
“You just fondled my cheek the way she does, you really look like her on almost every thing” he said and I smiled,
“Well it’s normal, different people do look alike at times” I said with a shrug
“Erm, I want you to please do this for me” he said with a pleading tone
“What is it?” I asked,
“I want you to sit with me, I want is to be tight friend, I want you beside me, I want you to be more than a friend to me, my heart beat for you Jullian, the same love I have for you is the same I had for Anne..I’m confused” he said and I felt like shedding tears, If only he knew that he is right here talking with Anne, if only he could just see through the mask and find out that I’m Anne, I want him to know it…
I held his palm passionately and k-ssed it making him smile broadly,
“I love you Jeremy” I said and he sighed
“I love…” His word was cut short by an angry growl from behind,
“Jeremy!!!” The voice sounded, it was David again cutting short my great moment with Jeremy, I got very angry and stood up immediately…
“David can you just stay aside?!!” I blurted making him turn his gaze to me on surprise and shock,
“Jullian did you just said that to me?” He asked slowly like he wanted to cry,
“David we are friends, normal friend, that doesn’t make you my husband or fiance, I hate it when you interupt my time with Jeremy, what if i say I’m getting on love with him???” I said sternly making him shook in both anger and shock, his eyes were turning red and his fist was already clenched, he stared at me with a gritted teeth like he would devour me,
“Jullian did you just say you are in love with him? Someone you just saw today, someone you met just today, you alive already started falling I’m love with him, you even went as cheap as k-ssing him.. are you this cheap ugh??” He growled fuming vigorously
“Today isn’t the first day in meeting him, we had met some other days” the word slipped off my l-ips before I could push it back..
They both stared at me utterly shocked,
“You had met him before? Where?” David asked but I couldn’t reply
“Where had we met, I can’t remember seeing your face anytime in my lifetime” Jeremy said slowly, I glanced at him then to David…
“I’ve to leave” I mumbled and scurried off,
Just few minutes later after I had just settled in the school garden, the school bell rang signifying the end of break period,
I walked back to the class slowly thinking of what would actually be of me, I don’t know but I’m just hating David seriously, he is just like a thorn in my flesh, I just wish he would leave my side, I wish he would just hate me, I want him to leave so I can enjoy my stay with Jeremy my love..
I entered the class and walked slowly to where Jeremy sat, I went beside him and say down, I glanced at David and saw him fuming in anger, his eyes was pure red and there is no doubt he would skin me alive if given the chance..
“You accepted me to David?” Jeremy asked in a low tone,
“Yes, we are meant to be” I replied with a smile.
“Don’t you think he may hurt you?” He queried and I sighed
“I don’t care, my heart is for you alone” I cooed smiling sweetly
“Okay tell me what you meant saying we had met before” he asked and I smiled
“I’ll tell you later” I said and he nodded and faced the board..
After taking two more teaching, the school closed and David rushed to me immediately, he grabbed my hand and drew me to him forcefully..
“What is it??? Leave me alone!!” I scre-med loudly
“Shut up you cheap wh-re!!” He scre-med and made to slap me but someone held his grip..
“You don’t dare to do that” Jeremy who had caught hold of him blurted with a mean face..
“Hey Jeremy, we are friends doesn’t mean that I can’t beat you up, just back off if you don’t want my wrath” David said and Jeremy chuckled
“What made you think I’m gonna let you lay you filthy hand on her” Jeremy said to him in a harsh tone
“She is my househelp, I have the right to do to her anything I wish!” David howled
On hearing that, Jeremy released his grip on him them sigh,
“But she is innocent, you don’t have to hit her” Jeremy said calmly
“It’s none of your business!” David said and turn to me..
“Run to that car now don’t just waste any time, you will see hell today!” He snorted to me and I flinched but stood transfixed
“Didn’t you heard me clearly!! I say go to that car!!!” He thundered but I didn’t make any movement,
He rushed to smack me but I swiftly dodged it and ran to Jeremy’s back for protection..
“I’m not going with you!” I bawled and he w¡dened his eyes in fury
“Are you mad!!!” David hurled
“I don’t want to go with you, leave me alone!!” I bawled again
“Jullian you can’t leave him for me, you are his househelp and he has authority over you, go to him okay?” Jeremy coaxed but i shook my head vehemently
“Go just go, I can’t save you, I’m not capable of doing it” he said again and I wiped the tears in my eyes,
I released my grip from him and took three pace forward to David who was already smirking..
“You can’t run away from your fate” David said with a lopsided smile..
Just then, I stopped and turned to Jeremy who look hurt…
“My real name is Anne  and I’m your true lover” I said and removed the mask which covered my face…


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