My life in Royal Hill high School

My life in Royal Hill high School – episode 23

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My Life in Royal Hill High School
Episode 23
Written by Humble Smith
“Anne!!” Jeremy scre-med in joy with his eyes glistening with amazement and awe,
“Anne is that really you?” He asked again walking closer to where I stood..
“That’s me dear” I replied softly with a sweet smile all over my face,
Just immediately, he ran into me with a tight hug, he hugged me closely to his heart like I was part of his body, I rested my head on his chest inhaling the nice scent emitting from his body,
“Anne I really missed you” he mumbled and k-ssed my l-ips softly
“I miss you too” I replied in a whisper,
“And what is really happening here if I may ask” David ch¡pped in with grim all over his face..
We both turned to him with a smile,
“We are two lost lovers” Jeremy said to him making him leave a grimace on his face,
“The two of you? Have you both met before today?” He asked and we both nodded,
“Well I’m sorry Jeremy but I’m also in love with her and the last thing I will think of doing is leaving her for you” David said with finality
“You can’t stop our love dude, you love her but she doesn’t love you, do you think it would work out for you both?” Jeremy asked squeezing his face,
“Hey I don’t care, I’m taking her home now!” He said and made to come nearer,
“What if I disagree!” Jeremy said and he gawped at him
“She is my house help or have you suddenly forgotten?” He said stonily
“I’m not! Your father kidnapped me, I’m not in that house willingly, he forced me in there through sabre-rattling!” I said and he turned to me with a grimace
“And what are you insinuating? That my father is a kidnapper or what?” He queried and I sighed and walked closer to him,
“David, remember we are friends, we are good friend, don’t let anything break us up, you have a good heart which is rare, i know somehow you are having that feelings for me but understand..I’m already in love with another guy which is your friend, believe me we aren’t meant to be” I said softly to him,
“I don’t get you” he muttered under his breath..
“Later on, you will find someone who will love you as much as you would love her, please I don’t want to bring enemity between you and Jeremy” I said calmly and he shrugged,
“Let’s go home” he said and I nodded
“Jeremy see you tomorrow” I said and pecked his cheek and made to move but he held me.
“Do you still want to stay with him?” He asked and I nodded,
“I’ve something to make up before I leave just wait a little” I whispered and turned to David who held my palm as we both head to the car with Jeremy staring at us..
“Anne so you can’t love me?” David asked with a pale eyes
“I can’t, we can be friends, nothing more than that” I said and he sighed,
“So you had known Jeremy before?” He queried and I nodded
“Do you really know him well, like his past relationsh¡p?” He asked and I arched my brow to him..
“Do you know he has another girlfriend out there in the country?” He asked and I shrugged
“I know it may seem like I am trying to poison your heart so that you wouldn’t love him but that isn’t what I think, I just love and cherish you and will not want any harm to befall you” he said and I cringed
“What do you mean Dave” I asked and he sighed,
“I’ll tell you everything when we reach home, there many things you will have to know, things that will cause much havoc if you don’t act wisely” he said and I exhaled feeling anxiety rush through my spine, the expression of Dave tells it all, there is no need thinking he was lying..
After some minute, we reached home, we both alighted immediately and rushed into the house, different thoughts were running through my mind likewise him because he couldn’t even say any word to me at that moment…
It was evening just immediately I finished taking care of Lisa who had been battered that David called me into his room,
“Where is Jane?” I inquired because I haven’t seen her since we closed school,
“She had gone to party that’s just all she loved doing” David replied under his breath and plopped down on the couch..
“Okay then, go on with what you have to say, my ears are itching” I said and sat beside him closely,
“Anne, I and Jeremy had been friend in the state for some years now and I knows much about him which you don’ this is it, Jeremy has a fiancee her name is Sophia you know right”
“Yes but he said she is nothing but an ex to him” I said and he chuckled,
“You see, that guy Jeremy is someone who hærdly falls in love but when In love, he can do everything to build up that relationsh¡p, now this is it, Jeremy and Sophia are betrothed” he said and I abruptly jerked up from the couch in dismay,
“You can’t be saying the truth right?” I said and he exhaled heavily,
“They are betrothed, I’m not lying, there is no gain lying to you” he said
“But Jeremy never told me!” I howled
“He doesn’t equally know about it, he don’t know that he was betrothed to her” he purred and I arched my brow
“What do you mean by that?”
“It isn’t long when the deal was made, Jeremy’s father is a politician, Sophia’s father is also a politician, I don’t just know but something led to another and they both made the deal of making their children get married to each other” he said and I felt my wh0le energy drain up,
I stared at him trying to clear up what he said, I just can’t help tears that started falling off my eyes, what I just heard really tore my heart into shreds..
“This is what I want you to know, for you and Jeremy to be together, something hærd must be done, Sophia isn’t someone that has a good heart, she is heartless to anyone who tries interfering in things meant for her, she would not take it lightly with you if eventually she finds out that you have anything with Jeremy.. uhm I’m afraid you may regret it” he said and I felt like fainting, his word was just running into me slowly making me feel down,
“I am confused” I muttered and buried my head into my palm
“The worst of it is that she is coming down to this country to live with him, she is coming to begin the acting with him” he said and I felt my heart flip,
I rushed out of the room with tears all over my eyes, my heart is really pained I felt like bursting…

 Jeremy’s POV
I walked into my room feeling drained and tired, I am just feeling some kind of anxiety running through me, it was just as if something bad would actually happen,
I lay on my bed staring up the ceiling, my thought was clouded with the thought of Anne, I’ve many things to ask from her, I want to know why she is leaving with Dave what actually happen, many questions I had in mind to ask her but I don’t have the time to ask her all these because I was engrossed in the emotional outburst of seeing her again after some days, I had thought she was k-ssing but she is right beside me covered, why did she covered her face?
I’m really confused…
After some hours of lying down alone, I dozed off…
Tomorrow came like a flash and I was very happy for it, today I would commence the drama practice with Anne, I can’t just wait for that moment, it always leave me smiling…
I rushed my bath and prepared hastily for school smiling all through,
After some minute, I was done, I rushed off to school praying Anne comes to school, I also wish David wouldn’t disturb but I know he wouldn’t because I had known him as someone who does the right thing, knowing I and Anne are in a relationsh¡p he wouldn’t interfere again,
I drove to school and couldn’t smiling as I saw David’s car parked at the car park,
I rushed into the class and saw Anne sitting on my desk, I quickly greeted David who answered with a smile before taking my seat with Anne who let out a sweet smile to me,
“How are you pretty?” I greeted and she nodded and held my hand
“I’m I safe being with you?” She asked and I flinched
“What’s the reason for that question?” I asked with an arched brow,
“Sophia would be coming back soon, what do you have to say?” She purred and I felt my wh0le body quivered at the question..
“I..don’t actually know what to answer but the fact is that I love you more than anyone else” I replied under my breath
“I’m afraid she may hurt me if she finds us together you know?” She said and I exhaled
“Don’t get stressed out, I’ll see what I will do about that, even if it means breaking up with her” I said slowly ..
“I pray so” she said and I felt weak instantly,
I know we’ll who Sophia really is, breaking up with her would not be any way easy at all, she is one of a desperate lady who is overall possessive…
Just a minute later, the school bell rang and I couldn’t help the wide smile that escaped my l-ips, it is time for the drama practice..
I grabbed Anne’s hand and walked away to the drama room with other students following up,
We both reached the room and the instructor asked me of who I choosed without wasting time, I held Anne up and walked to the front stage which was a well decorated podium
Everyone clapped their hands as we climbed up,
“Now it is gonna began, at first we have to go through the part where they would k-ss their self, Jeremy knows how to do it, it would be very rom-ntic…just look up and see” the instructor said and beckoned on Jeremy to begin…
He faced me and held my hand, cameras were positioned to our direction…
“Anne you can’t tell how much I love you, you can’t explain it, even I myself can’t find the right word to use in explaining it, if I should begin writing it, a full note wouldn’t be enough to write it all, I want you to know this, nothing in this wh0le universe can stop our love, we are meant to be so no storm or wave can shake it, Anne this very day I want you to know that I love you” I said softly and slowly then brought my l-ips closely,
Just as I made to k-ss her deeply, the door of the drama room swung open, we both turned our gaze to the door and found the greatest shock of my life
Standing at the door post was Sophia…


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