My life in Royal Hill high School

My life in Royal Hill high School – episode 9

My life in Royal Hill High School
Written by Humble Smith
Episode 9
 Anne’s POV
I walked away with a heavy heart, I feel down and pained, I regret being a poor girl, I regret the fact that I can’t fight back,
Entering into the class, I went to my seat and sat quietly without glancing at Jeremy, I know he must be peering on me but I can’t spare him a glance, I don’t want to fall for him more deeply, I’ll try to kill the feelings growing in me, I’ll try to forget everything about him, he can’t be mine even if we love ourselves,
I hate and detest wrestle of love,
Two more teacher came and teach before the school bell rang for closure, I picked up my bag and scurried out of the class heading home, I sighted Jeremy picking his bag also following me,

 Jeremy’s POV
She rushed out of the class immediately the school bell rang, I stoid up quickly and followed her, I’ve a lot to ask her, I have alot to understand, she had been acting cold on me and I’ve to know the reason, I need to know what Lisa really told her. I’m very much anxious right now,
I kept chasing her along the hallway but before I could reach her, someone held me stopping my track, I turned to the person in anger and found it to be Lisa, I felt like bursting in anger,
“What is it girl!!!” I seethed gritting my teeth,
“You seem to be in a haste, any problem?” She asked me with an arched brow,
I stared at her with a gawp stare and flinged off my hand off her grip,
“When did you got the guts to touch me!!” I glared
“I’m sorry, I..”
“Lisa!! For the sake of peace, don’t come near me talk more of touching me, you digusts me!” I half yelled and made to walk away, but she held me again, this made my anger grew a hundred folds,
“Are you mad!!!” I yelled in exasperation,
“Yeah, I’m madly in love with you” she sulked
“What did you tell Anne?” I asked her peering into her eyes with fury
“I just asked her a simple question” she replied dryly
“What is the question?” I inquired
“I just asked her if she truly loves you, I just wanted to clarify everything, I just wanted to know her mindset towards you” she replied and I became curious immediately,
“Wait, you asked her if she loves me, then she answered what?” I queried anxiously
“Uhm well, to be truthful, she gave me an answer I never expected, she said she doesn’t love you, she said she detests rich guys,she…”
“Shut up bloody liar!!” I scre-med angrily,
“Anne loves me, she loves me but is just insecured so back off” I said and walked away without listening to the other things she was saying,
I walked to the car park and hopped into my car which had been waiting for me,
“You took time in coming out, I hope there is no problem” my driver inquired,
“Do you see any girl in…” I stopped remembering that I have told him how much I hate Nigerian, I did not even know when I started asking him of Anne,
“What did you want to say?” He asked
“Just forget” I sighed
He drove off into the major road in a drift motion,
I kept my gaze out from the car window, I couldn’t just stop wishing I would see her treading home so I can pick her up, yeah, I can’t just help my smile thinking how great it would be sitting in the same seat with her,
Oh gosh, I’m really liking this girl,
“Why are you smiling to yourself?” My driver asked making me flinch back to reality,
“Ugh, was I smiling?” I asked with an arched brow,
“I’ve been watching you fir a while, you have been smiling dreamly like someone newly in love” he said and I felt shudder go through my spine,
I’m I in love with this girl? That was the question I asked myself immediately,
“I’m not in love with anyone, I just remembered something amusing” I said after some time, I turned my gaze out the glass and my eyes w¡dened to who I saw,
Anne was sitting on a bench beside the road resting, she looked exhausted like someone who had walked a long distance, she was still on her uniform, but what trembled me the more was that she was shedding tears,
“Stop this car!!” I yelled to my driver who quickly matched on the brake making the car halt gradually, without waiting for the car to completely stop, I stopped out and ran to where she was,
“Anne!” I called out her name making her turn her gaze to me immediately,
Her face turned into a smile but contorted into a frown almost immediately,
“What are you doing here?” We both asked in chorus then burst into a short laughter,
“Who will first answer then” she asked and I smile,
“Let’s go into the car” I beckoned and she frowned then shook her head,
“You disagreed! Anne you refused coming into the car, I want us to discuss something and nevertheless I am taking you home” I said with a smile,
“You are not my boyfriend so there is no need for all that” she said with a little smile,
“What if I says I’m your boyfriend”
“What??!!” She gasped,
“I don’t understand, you Jeremy wants to be my boyfriend?” She asked in amazement and I nodded,
“Okay, you have a lot to answer, let go to the car” she beckoned and held my palm,
Oh gosh, I felt my wh0le body trembled under her touch, my heart beat increased immediately and I felt shudder of pleasure run down my back,
Her palm was so soft,
I smiled to myself,
She just held my palm, that means she…
Eehh, Jeremy shut up, I smiled again feeling her palm passionately,
We both entered in,side the car and sat at the backseat, my driver who was thoroughly stunned couldn’t stop staring at us but I just ignored him,
“So what were you talking about recently?” She asked still holding my palm,
“I don’t know how to express feelings but I must say, I want you into my life, you gives me joy, I feels incomplete without you, all I want is for the both of us to be tight friend” I said with my eyes peering into hers,
“I know I haven’t say this to you but I decided to say it to you today, this very moment..” she paused then held my chin,
“Do you truly love you and me?” She asked slowly,
I felt confused,
Do I love her truly?
Uhmm, I…I love you!!!
“Answer me” I heard her voice, that was when I knew it was my heart that said that I love you not my mouth,
Through my life, I have learnt that the heart truly falls in love with only one lady, now I can’t tell who I love the more,
Is it Anne or Sophia??
“Are you still thinking? Okay I understand, you loves Lisa more and is confused on who to choose, there is no problem, you can…” I placed my index finger across her l-ips,
“You are the lady I love, Anne from the dept of my heart, I love you!!”  I said and k-ssed her,
Oh gosh!!! what did I just did?


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