My life in Royal Hill high School

My life in Royal Hill high School – episode 6

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My life in Royal Hill High School
Written by Humble Smith
Episode 6
(Please be my friend)
There was a kind of loud mumur which filled the wh0le class room that moment, everyone had their gaze on me, their eyes were w¡dened in shock,
“did he just allowed her seat with him?”
“this is wierd.. how could he accept that poor girl!”
“I can’t believe my eyes”
“how could this happen?”
these were the kind of murmur that filled the class, everyone was shock but what they didn’t knew was that I myself is equally shocked than they can think of,
yeah I can’t just help being baffled, I don’t really know when I accepted her offer,
it was as if I became influenced by an unseen force, I accepted her to seat with me just because that was what my heart urged,
when I looked into her eyes, I gets happy, I finds myself under the influence of her beauty
“Hello Jeremy, can I talk with you?” Lisa said making me jolt back to reality,
I turned my gaze to her with a glare,
“what is it?!” I seethed,
“I want us to discuss something privately” she said and I arched my brow,
“I’m not going anywhere and don’t just talk to me this moment” I blurted and bend my head on my locker after stealing a glance at the new girl, I found myself wishing she could just be the one to talk to me,
Why wouldn’t she just start a discussion with me, I’m really longing to talk to her,
I seriously wants to start a discussion with her but I couldn’t just do it, she is a Nigerian and I still find it hærd to explain how I was even getting all these feelings for someone like her,
My head was still bent on my locker when someone tapped me softly on my back, to be truthful, I felt some kind of shiver as the palm touched me,
I looked up and found the new girl staring at me, her sparkling eyes were peering into mine and I felt tensed up,
“Thank you for accepting me to seat with you” she said with a sweet smile that really melted my heart,
“You are welcome” I replied smiling back
“Uhm, like you know, my name is anne, can I know yours?” She asked
“My name is Jeremy” I replied smiling back,
“That’s a nice name for a cutie like you” she said and I blushed,
“Thanks once more for accepting me” she said and I smiled
“Jeremy, Jeremy!!” Lisa kept calling my name but I just lend her deaf ears,
Just then a teacher walked into the class, I let out a sigh and fixed my earpiece into my ear, I’m nit just in the mood of any lesson right now,
“Hello class, my name is Linda, I’m your new math teacher, so let’s get down to business, today’s topic is logarithm…” She kept teaching but I am not even hearing her well, my head was even bent over my locker,
Just that moment, someone removed the earpiece off my ear
Omg!!!!” Who dared to do that,
who the hell could this be??!!
I raised up my head in anger only to find the new girl staring at me with grimace,
“Are you the one that removed the earpiece in my ear?!!” I asked not knowing what to even say,
“Yeah, it is wrong to be hearing music while the lesson is going on!” She said with a frown,
Everyone in the class were all staring at the both of us in anticipation,
“You don’t have the right to touch my belongings you know?” I said trying to get angry
“I don’t understand” she said with an arched brow
“You see, there is something you have to know, that I allowed you sit with me doesn’t give you the right to interfere into my business!!” I said in an angry tone
“I just tried correcting you, if you don’t wanna take it then suit yourself” she said and faced the board
I shrugged and fixed back the earpiece, I have to start being harsh to this girl or she would end up playing with me, I hate Nigerian for everything and nothing can change it, not even this girl,
After sometime, the teacher left and the school bell rang for break, everyone start walking out in pairs and trio, I sat on my locker feeling unhappy and sad for what I said to the new girl, I could sense she was even angry with me as she no more talks or look at me,
I sat still pressing my phone waiting for her to go out so I would follow her,
“Jeremy” Lisa and the Anne called out in unison and glanced at themselves,
“Anne or whatever you call your name, just don’t dare try me in this school, you are sitting with him doesn’t give you all right to start acting like he is yours” Lisa seethed with anger,
I was waiting for the new girl to talk back at her but she never did, she just shrugged and walked out of the class,
“Why did you said those words to her?!!” I half yelled at her,
“She doesn’t fit you, she is not supposed to even sit with you, I don’t understand why you even accepted her” she said with digust,
“I accepted her to sit with me because no one wants her to sit with them, I mean..why?? Why do you all hate her?” I asked with a squeezed face,
“She is too poor and wretched, she doesn’t fit to be in this school, I still wonder how she got that scholarsh¡p to this school” she scoffed
“Even if she is poor, you don’t have to slam it on her face, you don’t have to hurt her” I said in defence and she looked at me in surprise,
“You are standing by her, you are seriously defending her and I don’t just understand, are you.. I mean getting attracted to…”
“Will you just shut those smelly mouth of yours, infact I am pissed up, stop talking to me” I huffed
“Why are you getting angry, I just…”
“If you can’t shut up, I think I’m leaving this place for you” I said and walked out

 Lisa’s POV
I’m confused right now,
I don’t just know what to think of, I am getting this feeling that Jeremy is liking that new girl, when he was talking with her he was free and didn’t look disturbed, now he is standing by her,
Oh gosh, what if he later falls in love with that girl,
Oh no Lisa what are you thinking?..
He hates Nigerian and can never fall in love with anyone,
I walked around the school compound looking for that Anne, I need to warn her or else she would end up trying to get Jeremy,
I kept looking for her anxiously, I later found her sitting under a tree in the garden, I walked up to her and stood in front of her,
She looked up to me with a questioning look,
“Anne the hawker” I called her loudly making everyone around her turn to her with a funny look, I could see her cheeks flushed in embarrassment,
“Why are you embarrassing me in front of everyone, I’m a hawker, yes, how does that troubles you?” She said with a hurtful tone,
“Uhmm well, you know you are very poor and doesn’t suit this school, your scholarsh¡p was out of luck, I know you must be very happy to be in this great school right? But I want to tell you this..” I paused and sat on the bench then beckoned her to stand up while I talked to her, she didn’t even hesitate before standing up, I guess she knew what I’m capable of..
“Now listen.. I’m the proprietor’s only daughter, I am equally like the owner of this school and I tells who stays and who leaves this school, you know that guy you’re sitting with right?” I said and she nodded frightfully
“He is my boyfriend” I said and she flinched
“Really?” She said and I nodded with a smile
“Now this is what I want to tell you, he is my boyfriend and I don’t shares him with anyone, I’m a jealous girl so I don’t accepts any girl talking with him, so you know what is best for you.. don’t talk to him or I expels you” I said sternly and she glanced at me with a frown
“Don’t try to talk to him, even if he talks to you snub him, I don’t take shit and I bet you, I’ll not hesitate to expel you if you try me” I said and she nodded her head with an expression exuding fear,
“You can go on with whatever you’re doing before I came” I said and walked out proudly,
Uhmm that’s good, I’m sure she would respect her self now,
There is no doubt she is very beautiful and s€×y and that’s why I gave her that threat, I know fully well that it wouldn’t take her much to enchant any guy with her nice behaviour and wisdom, she may be poor but I’m sure she is more beautiful than i, her beauty is hidden in,side her poverty and that’s why she was hærdly noticed, I really feared she may charm Jeremy, she is the only girl he couldn’t yell at,
Oh gosh, I will never allow her get him,

 Jeremy’s POV
I am looking for that Anne of a girl anxiously right now, reason, I can’t tell, I just wants to stay with her, I couldn’t stay in the class all alone without her beside me, I don’t know what is wrong with me, I don’t just know what is wrong with me at all,
I walked into the garden and found her sitting on a bench under a tree,
I stood at the corner feeding my eyes with her beauty,
Yes she was poor, it shows in her dress and the sandal she wore but it never enshrouded her beauty,
I kept staring at her dreamly, everything about her kept enticing me,
Her dark hair
Her fair light skin
Her pink l-ips
Her chubby cheek
Nice jaw
Long eyelashes
Dark s€×y eyes
Oh gosh!! She looks like a goddess,
I was still staring at her face when she looked up and how eyes met,
Her eyes was shimmering, it was as if she was close to tears,
She looked at me for some time before bending her head down to the book she was reading,
I walked to her and sat beside her, she shifted leaving a large space between us, I moved closer to her and shifted again, I sighed and moved closer again, she shifted without knowing she had reached the end of the seat, she found her self falling off the seat but before she could reach the ground, I caught her quickly and held her up,
She stared at me then struggled off from my grip,
“I’m sorry for those harsh words I said to you” I pleaded not knowing when i even said that
“Why are you asking for forgiveness, not as if we’re friends or we’re dating” she said with grimace
“Ermm, I just found out that my words hurts you so I felt like…”
“Whatever, you can start going, I don’t need any problem please” she said and sat down,
“What problem are you talking about?” I inquired anxiously sitting beside her again,
“Why are you pestering me, can’t you just let me be?!!” She retorted getting angry,
“Okay I’m sorry, I’ll leave” I said and stood up, I turned to leave but couldn’t, I want to stay with her,
I know I’m stupid
I know I’m really crazy,
A poor hawker from this dumb country is making me act crazy, I must be very mad, at first sight on her I have starts thinking of her, not as if she is the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen,
I turned back to her and caught her staring at me, she quickly bend her head as I turned,
“Anne” I called softly
“What?” She answered
“Why does everyone detest you?” I asked her with a concerned tone
“Why are you being concerned about me, why?!” She asked with an arched brow
“I don’t know, I can’t understand myself, I hates Nigerian, I had always hated everyone from this country, I always acts rude on them because I detest this country, I don’t know why I’m getting this type of feeling for you, I can’t even tell what that feeling is all about, looking at you makes me gets happy, I feels lonely when you left out for break, I feels free when talking to you, when I cuddled you, I got warm and felt great, you’re a Nigerian but I still find myself liking you, you’re the only lady that makes my heart hitch when I look into your eyes, I don’t know if I’m normal but what I want to tell you is that I.. wants the both of us to be..friend” I said praying in my heart that she accepts  me,
She looked at me with an inexplicable expression, my heart kept beating loud,
“Please be my friend”


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