My life in Royal Hill high School

My life in Royal Hill high School – episode 10

My life in Royal Hill High School
Written by Humble Smith
Episode 10
 Anne’s POV
He k-ssed me passionately like I was his lover, although I was shocked but I never thought of breaking it, I was confused but I left him to go on with whatever he was doing, I’m not his girlfriend but I love him, I closed my eyes feeling the great pleasure of his deep k-ss, I’ve never k-ssed anyone before so the pleasure was really knew, I don’t even know how to k-ss,
His hand went round my neck drawing me closer to him, that made his l-ips go deeper,
I could feel a shudder of s-nsation go down my spine, my wh0le body kept quivering, I couldn’t even tell when I wrapped my hand around his neck and returned the k-ss,
We kept devouring each other’s l-ips as if our life depends on it,
His hand went all over my neck down to my back rom-ncing it sweetly, a soft mo-n escaped my l-ips immediately, the pleasure was immeasurable,
Just then, like a lightning, I got back to my senses and quickly broke the k-ss,
We both peered into our eyes deeply,
“Do we just k-ssed ourselves?” We both asked in unison, our face was full of smile,
“Why do we keep saying things at the same time?” I asked with an arched brow,
“Uhmm, well it’s because you’re my soulmate, we are meant to be together” he answered and I raised my brow on him,
“Me and you?”
“Yes, Anne, do you want us to…”
“Shhhh, go back to your Lisa” I interjected with a drawn face,
“Ugh, wait, do you just, omg, I don’t have anything to do with that f-cking girl” he said with his face grimaced,

Jeremy’s POV
“You are her boyfriend right?” She asked staring at me,
“She is not my girlfriend and can never be, she is just one of a desperate bitch, I really hate her” I blurted and held her hand,
“Jeremy, aren’t you hungry?” My driver inquired glancing at his time,
“What is the time?” I asked
“3:00” he said and Anne flinched immediately,
“3:00!!!” She scre-med and he eyes went teary immediately
“What is it?” I queried her
“I’m dead, my stepmom!!’ she squeaked and made to rush out but I hastly caught her hand,
“I’m driving you home, you don’t have to stress yourself please” I said softly and she scratched her head in thought,
“I’m I your girlfriend?” She asked with a squeezed face,
“Yes you are” I replied and she jumped in glee,
“Me your girlfriend” she said happily an I nodded,
She walked over and sat beside me on the seat, I drew her downward and rested her head on my laps,
“I love you” I heard her mumbled,
“I love you too” I said and pecked her cheek making her giggle,
My driver drove off to the main road,
I can’t stop smiling, today is one of the best day of my entire life, I don’t know but I feel so great and the source is nothing other than Anne,
She is a Nigerian but she charmed and captured my heart, how I fell in love with her is something I can’t explain,
I k-ssed her unintentionally, I couldn’t tell what really triggered me into k-ssing her, it was just like I was controlled, the feeling I got when k-ssing her was the type I’ve never felt even when I k-ssed Sophia,
I stroke her hair softly with different thought going through my mind,
Sophia and Anne
Who do I love the more?
I can’t tell..
“Where is the location of her house?” My driver asked and I glanced at Anne and found out she had fallen asleep,
“Drive straight to my house” I said and he arched his brow
“With her?” He asked
“Yes” I replied
“Is she your…”
” No more questions, drive home” I said smilling
We both arrived home, my driver opened the door of the car for me and gestured to help me in carrying Anne in but I shook my head and gestured him to leave,
“Can you carry her on your own!” He asked surprised,
“Even if I can’t, I’ll not allow you help me” I said rolling my eyes
“She is your girlfriend ugh?” He asked folding his arms
“Yes” I whispered to him and he smiled broadly
“What about Sophia?” He asked and I breathed heavily
“Sophia must have go on with her life, you know it has been long we talk” I said dryly and carried Anne into my arm in a bridal way,
I walked into the house straight into my room, I layed her on my bed and made to stand up but I couldn’t as she quickly wrapped her hand round my neck,
I glanced at her to check if she was awake but she wasn’t, her face was still calm and her eyes closed, I tried struggling off but her grip got tighter,
What is wrong with this girl? I asked myself,
I looked at her face thoroughly, there was no doubt that she is much asleep,
I had no choice than to lay on the bed with her,

 Anne’s POV
My eyes fluttered and opened a bit, my gaze fell on the wall clock hung on the wall,
I blinked my eyes rapidly and closed my eyes again,
“I think I am still dreaming.. Anne wake up!! wake up!!!” I said to myself,
after sometime, I open my eyes again and found the time to be 5:05, I pinched my self and felt a great pain rush through my wh0le body,
“oh no ooo!!! I’m not dreaming!!!” I jerked off from the bed with great force, my wh0le body became sweaty immediately,
I’m dead, my step mom will kill me !!
I sat up from the bed and quickly wore my sandal, I stood up and looked around my surroundings,
where I’m I?”
everywhere was thoroughly strange, just then, my gaze fell on Jeremy lying on the bed, my memory quickly flashed back to all that has happened, I came to realise the doom I’m into,
My stepmom will skin me wpi e for not coming home on time and this is my first day in school,
Hot tears rolled down my cheeks, my heart beat increased,
I stared at Jeremy with anger, if only he knew what he had done to me by bringing me here, he wouldn’t have done it,
In exasperation, I rushed to him and tried spanking him on his face but just couldn’t, it was as if a force withheld me,
I was angry but couldn’t hit him, his face look innocent and cute,
“Jeremy!!!!” I scre-med his name making him jerk up from the bed,
He looked up to me straight to my face and his face went pale and drawn, the tears in my eyes made him feel hurt,
“stand up from that bed and take me home!!” I yelled in anger
“Calm down, you…”
“I don’t want to hear anything from you, just do what I say now!” I said with tears rolling, the thought of what my stepmom would do to me was really hurting me badly,
“Okay let’s go” he said calmly wearing his shoe,
I walked to the door waiting for him, immediately he was done, we both walked out without talking to ourselves,
“Anne I’m sorry” he mumbled to me as we both entered the car,
“Stop being sorry because it is not gonna change anything” I said rolling my eyes,
“What I’m I going to do so you’ll forgive me” he said again with a cracked voice,
“Jeremy it’s okay, drive me home” I said resting my head on the headrest,
He nodded and zoomed off stealing glance at me continuously,
In a few hour, we reached my apartment,
I beckoned him to stop and made to walk out but he grabbed me immediately and drew me close to his body,
“If you leave just like that without saying anything to me then I…”
“Shhhh, I’ve forgiven you, just that I’m afraid of what my stepmom would do to me” I said calmly with a smile,
“Let me follow you in so…”
“Eeeee, don’t say that, don’t ever try to come in,side or else you hate me” I said and fondle his palm,
He handed a bundle of money to me,
“Try bribing her with this, I don’t want anyone to ever lay his or her hand on you” he said and fondled my cheek softly smiling widely,
“Thank you” I muttered and walked out after pecking his cheek making him blush,
“I love you” he whispered with a grin,
I winked at him and rushed into the big black gate feeling butterfly in my stomach,
Immediately I walked into the sitting room, my stepmother rushed at me with a slap but I swiftly dodged it,
“Where went you!!! You must stop that school at once” She seethed angrily trying to hit me again but I quickly dodged it again,
“Mom I have a good news for you” I said smilling
“Good what, are you mad!!, what..” her voice hitched as she sighted the bundle of money which I brought out,
“What.. what is that?..” she asked with her face covered with smiles,
“It was given by the school principal, every student is being paid daily, you see, I can’t stop that school” I said and she smiled broadly,
“How will you stop such a school.. keep going dear, don’t forget to always bring your share” she said colleting the money from me with a smile,
I always know my stepmom as a money freak, she love money like mad,
I made to walk away to my room when she said what made me flinch,
“Your body is emitting another colongne, it seems you have been hugging a guy” she  said with a w¡den eyes filled with fury,
Omg!!! What lie will I say to her now???
I’m dead??!!!


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