My life in Royal Hill high School

My life in Royal Hill high School – episode 4

My life in a Royal Hill High School
Written by Humble Smith
Episode 4
Jeremy’s POV continues

Oh yuck!! what was wrong with me? did I just felt sorry that hawker?
Wait!!! I gave her my money, I can’t believe myself anymore, how could I feel pity for that lady?!!
uhm… Jeremy you’re getting crazy..
I drove into my house and rushed upstairs to my room, I took a cool bath then slumped on the big king-sized bed,
I turned my head to the clock hanging on the wall and found out it was 6;01pm,
I brought out my phone and scrolled through the contact in search of Sophia’s number,
I know it wouldn’t go through but I foolishly clicked on it and like expected, the call bounced back,
I hissed loudly then sat up,
I’m bored, no one to talk to, no one to gist and play with,
I layed back on the bed waiting patiently for sleep to come but it couldn’t,
Just then, the face of that girl appeared in my memory,.
who is heck is that f-cking girl for christ sake,
Why does her tears hurt me?
why did I felt remorseful after making her tray fall off from her head,
Ughhh.. I breathed heavily as I found out I was even unintentionally wishing to see her again,
yeah.. I am just wishing in my heart that she would just mysteriously walk into my room this moment,
She was the only girl who insulted me more than I’ve ever got, her word made me so embarrassed and angry that I’ve to rush after her,
my aim was to make her cry, my aim was to hurt her.. but it all turned awkward…
I found myself feeling sorry for her that I even went ahead to clean her tears,
omg!!! I must be really crazy for doing such a thing..
I turned my body to the other side of the bed and with my other cheek resting on the bed that was when I felt the pain of that slap again,.
I quickly stood up from the bed and took my phone,
I’m calling my father right away, that guy has to be dealt with for that act,
“Hello my precious son!!” my father’s voice sounded immediately I called,
I could feel some kind of joy in me, there is no doubt I missed him
“Father how is mom?” I asked with a dry voice
“she is really good as usual” he answered with joy in his voice
“So you finally decided to call, I thought…”
“I don’t have time for long talks just listen to my reason of calling you” I retorted angrily
“go on son”
“point of correction.. I’m not your son anymore, since you decided to bring me down here to live, I do not regard you as a father again” I blurted rolling my eyes
“ohh dont say that.. you’re down there for your safety okay”
“whatever… so, I called you to make a report and also inquire for something” I said calmly
“okay what’s it?”
“How can I get someone arrested? I mean.. what are the steps you take in this country to put someone behind the bar” I asked slowly praying in my he would just tell me without much query,
“what? who do you wanna arrest?” he asked with his voice exuding surprise.
“A stupid brat in school that slapped me..” I said and to my surprise my father burst into laughter,
“what’s so funny in what I said old man?” I asked getting angry a bit,
“haha… you wanna arrest someone because of just a slap??.. oh god!! it isn’t done down there, I mean, you can’t call on the cops because of just a slap, it is really absurd, police men in Nigeria are meant for criminals and not for someone who slapped you, there is a difference in Nigeria and America okay?”
“I don’t get you, do you mean I can’t arrest the guy who slapped me!!!” I yelled in fury
“exactly.. if anyone beats you, it’s meant for the school authority to take control of the situation and not the cops” he explained,
with anger, I hung the call and threw away by phone before lying straight on the bed,
I’m hating this country the more…
My alarm banged loudly waking me up from my sleep,
ohh gosh!!
I didn’t even knew when I slept off yesterday, I yawned a little before standing up from the bed,
I’ve a plan which I guess would really give me the chance to deal with that guy and I’m gonna carry it out today,
I hobbled into the bathroom and cleaned up, I wore my already washed and ironed uniform before walking out but not without wearing the watch from Sophia,
I reached downstairs and hopped into my car and off we drove to school,
On reaching the school park, my driver halted and I walked down, everyone was in the class so I walked to the principal’s office carefully,
“Hey Jeremy when…”
“shhh, I’m not here for any type of stupid chat, I just came to inform you that I’m leaving this school this very moment, I can no more tolerate the shit happening here” I blurted and his eyes w¡dened in shock,
“what!!! I do not get you, you want to leave?? oh no you can’t please???” he said with grimace, his eyes glistening,
“yeah I’m fed up, I’m leaving!!” I said and turned to the door, he rushed to me quickly and held my hand,
“please we’re sorry for every inconvenience, you can’t just leave… tell me what you want, I’m gonna do it but please don’t go” he pleaded and I smiled inwardly,
“I want that son of a bitch who slapped me expelled from this school” I said out and he flinched,
“okay okay, let me call the proprietor he would do as you said okay?” he quickly brought out his phone and dialed the proprietor number, just few minutes after the call, the proprietor rushes into the office,
“what I’m I hearing?” he inquired immediately
“he said he wants to leave this school” the principal replied him and he turned to me
“why?? you don’t have to leave , you means a lot to this school” the middle aged proprietor pleaded with a troubled voice..
“If you all couldn’t do anything to that guy who slapped me then just forget about me because I’m leaving!” I said and the proprietor gasped
“Someone slapped you? who?” he asked in surprise
“Don” the principal replied
“how dare him, beckon him to come to this office now!!!” the proprietor order with anger
The principal placed a call immediately and in just some minute, the stupid guy swaggered into the office,
“Hey you..”
“don how dare you lay your hands on this guy!!!” the proprietor thundered and the guy’s face contort with surprise, he glanced at me then the proprietor
“what is that….”
“Don don’t even uttered any gibberish, your father is the founding fathers of this school doesn’t mean you’re now the owner of this school, this guy you just slapped is the son of a billionaire, his father is capable of building this wh0le school three times, his father wants his son to be treated lowly like every other person in this school but that doesn’t mean you would do him a anything you like, now listen, don’t you ever touch this guy for any reason or else I’m gonna expel you!!!!” he warned then turn to me
“please go back to your class, I promise, I’m gonna expel anyone who dares you okay?” he said while I nod then smirked to the guy who was totally astound,
I walked into my class and found some kind of change,
It was now another girl sitting besides me and that was that lady i insulted yesterday,
I shrugged and sat on my seat pretending not to see her,
“Hi Jeremy how do you see me sitting besides you?” she primped but I just kept quiet and faced the blank board,
“please Jeremy stop those snub it’s so annoying, I am your new seat mate and I need us to talk to each others like the seat mate we are” she added but I still kept quiet as if i didn’t hear her say anything,
I could notice her grimaced in embarrassment,
“please you…” she stopped abruptly as she found me covering my nose with a handkerchief,
“oh god what’s that supposed to mean?” she inquired with her cheek flushing in shame
“What does it look like, your mouth has a stinking smell and I’ve to cover my nose before I throw up” I snorted without glancing at her,
“Why are you this arrogant? It doesn’t suit you” she said and I angrily walked out of the class,
I walked through the hallway heading to the library when suddenly, a lady wearing a cleaners uniform ran past me shrugging my shoulder,
Oh gosh who is that bitch!!” I cursed and rushed at her angrily
I Drew her hand backward with force making her lose balance and fall on my body,
I don’t know, but I really found my body shook in some kind of pleasurable s-nsation as her body got in contact with me,
I really felt warmth,
I felt just the same way I feels when I hugs Sophia..
I felt like cuddling her more,
she turned her gaze at me and I found it to be that hawker,
Oh nooo what’s she doing here??
I peered into her sparkling eyes then to her pink l-ips and I found myself wanting to k-ss her,
Her face was really beautiful and charming that I wondered if she was from this country,
everything about her face was just so perfect…
“Are you okay?” she asked waving her hand across my face and that did well in bringing me out of my world of admiration,
that was when I found out i was cuddling her tightly to my body,
I quickly withdrew her,
“what are you doing….”
I couldn’t finish my statement before she ran off to god knows where,
I just stood there at a s₱0t staring at her with a smile as she scurried out of sight,
I could sense a shiver of warmth elope my wh0le body as I remembered how I cuddled the girl,
Oh gosh!!!!
why I’m I this happy that I hugged her!
omg!! could this be love?
I’m confused….


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