My life in Royal Hill high School

My life in Royal Hill high School – episode 13

 My life in Royal Hill High School
Written by Humble Smith
Episode 12
I quickly shut my eyes waiting for her slap to land on my cheek but it never came, before it could reach my cheek, someone stretched out his hand and held her arm up in the air,
I turned my gaze and found the person to be Jeremy,
“Don’t you dare lay your filthy hand on her or else..” he warn and shove her hand downward,
The wh0le students gasped in surprise at what happened, it was not what they expected,
He shrugged her beside the way and we walked in hand in hand,
I walked to the side meant for girl while he walked to the boys side,
I sat down on the second row seat and just as if I was a leper, the three girls who was sitting there quickly jolted up and rushed to another seat making the wh0le students burst in laughter,
“She has an awful smell” a voice sounded from behind and everyone except Jeremy and the instructor laughed loudly..
I was really embarrassed, I felt thoroughly ashamed of myself, their insults pierced my heart with pain that tears started warming up in my eyes,
I sniffed it back and turned my gaze around, it fell on Jeremy who was also looking at me,
He winked at me and smiled, that alone made my heart miss beat, I felt a shudder of joy run down my spine,
“You are far more better than them all” I heard Jeremy’s voice sound deep down in my heart,
I smiled, every shame vanished immediately,
“Listen up everyone… I am here to tell you all what you would have to know..this drama group was created for a single reason and the reason is this..” he paused and glanced at me and Jeremy with a smile..
“There is this competition going on which no school in Nigeria had ever thought of registering into, it is an international drama competition.. like I said earlier, no school in Nigeria had ever dream of attending because it is obvious that there would not win, no school had dared to go in but this school had finally decide to break the record, we are going in there for one reason, the reason is that we know quite well that there is a probability that we gonna win because we have someone with us and that is no other person than JEREMY” the instructor said and everyone scre-med, they all turned to Jeremy doing all sorts of stuffs that I can’t explain,
“Jeremy is the winner of that competition in the year 2015, he won the price for America, we are lucky to have him with us and we know that with him we would win that price!!” The instructor added and everyone scre-med again,
I smiled at jeremy and he smiled back to me,
“The drama scene is a rom-ntic one, we need a girl who is capable of acting a rom-nce scene with Jeremy” the instructor said and everyone raised up their hands jumping like zombies, they were all drooling and primping, I sat down quietly smiling to myself,
Even if Jeremy is my boyfriend, there is no way I would be the one to be choosed to aft that part, not when Lisa Is here..
“We would all go back to our class and start learning some love moves, learn rom-ntic words, enlight yourself on how to act a rom-nce movie.. bye see you all on Friday” he said and walked out..
“Jeremy let’s do it together, I’m…”
“Shut up!! You are too ugly!” He thundered at the girl and scurried off from the girls whowre roaming around him,
I just shrugged and walked out,

 Jeremy’s POV
I rushed out of the drama class going to the class, many girls kept coming after me begging me to accept them, I was really angry and felt like strangling them all,
On reaching the class, I sat on the seat with Anne beside me,
Without even thinking much, I have already decide to choosed her, all I need is for her to just show concern,
I glanced at her with a smile, she was facing a book which she was reading,
“Jeremy let’s act the..”
“Get out from my sight!” I sneered at her angrily,
In a short time, a teacher came into the class and taught, another two lesson was taken before the bell for break sounded,
Everyone especially boys trouped out for break,
“Jeremy who do you have in mind for that drama?” Lisa asked and I rolled my eyes at her,
I hate that girl with passion, how dare her try slapping Anne,
“I’m sorry..I’m so sorry for that act, please find…”
“Please can you just leave my presence?” I said
“Please forgive me!” She pleaded again kneeling in front of me with a teary eyes,
Anne stood up and made to leave but I quickly hold her hand and drew her back to tell seat,
“She is the one to leave not you” I said to her and faced Lisa,
“Leave this place you are digusting the both of us” I said with a glare,
“Are you in love with that thing?” She asked with a sneer
“If I am, how does it troubles you?” I said and stood up
“Jeremy please I love you so much, don’t..”
“Shhhh, go to hell!!” I said and walked out with Anne,
“I thought you were once her boyfriend?” Anne said and I shook my head,
We both walked to the cafeteria and sat on an empty chair,
“Anne would you want us to act that movie together?” I asked her and she arched her brow,
“How? Me and you? I don’t understand?” She said surprised,
“Anne this is your chance, this is an opportunity for you to be a star, a superstar, this drama of a things is something I had been into, it is done in stages, if you come out the winner, your life would change totally, you will become very popular, you will be very much rich, Anne I have decided to choose you, not for any other thing but because I love you” I said with a smile
“Jeremy why did you love me?”she asked with a funny look
“I love you because you are meant for me” I answered with a smile

I am a loser,
What is happening?
I have just losed everything.. I’ll never allow myself to be a laughing stock,


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