My life in Royal Hill high School

My life in Royal Hill high School – episode 11

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 My life in Royal Hill High School
Written by Humble Smith
Episode 11
 Anne’s POV
“ mean..ermm”
I muttered bringing my arm close to my nose to perceive the scent, it was the cologne of no other person than Jeremy, I felt like k-ssing my body as I smelled the scent, I really love it like mad,
“Who has that scent or have you started meeting boys!!” She queried with her eyes filled with anger,
“No no no.. I don’t know any boy, I have no boyfriend.. the scent could be… Okay yes, I got this scent on my body when I was rushing through the crowd to get my own share of the money I just gave you” I lied smilling foolishly scratching my head vigorously,
“I don’t have any time for you, mind you, I’ll never take it lightly with you If I finds out that you have start having any kind of relationsh¡p with any guy, get out from my view!” She barked dryly,
I walked to my room feeling very elated, what made me so happy isn’t far fetched, it is no other thing than what happened between me and Jeremy earlier,
I slumped on my bed without removing my uniform, my heart beat was really beating loudly in unending joy,
The fact that Jeremy k-ssed me can’t just leave my memory, the way he k-ssed me made me feel shudder all over my body,
I couldn’t really believe that I have Jeremy all to myself, he is the only guy I’ve ever fell in love with an my greatest happinesses is that we are both in love,
Just then, someone flashed to my memory,
I pray she doesn’t frustrate me..

Jeremy’s POV
I walked into my mansion smiling to myself like someone who had gone nut, I can’t just stop jumping in glee,
On reaching the sitting room, I found my driver sitting on the couch with his gaze faced to the television,
I let out a sigh and braced up for questions which I’m sure he would fire to me,
I am much ready to explain everything to him, maybe be would help me understand what is truly wrong with me because I’m sure I’m not longer normal,
He is a Nigerian but I don’t see or treat him like one of them, he had been my driver right from tender age and I’ve got to love an respect me like a father,
“Good evening sir” I greeted him with a bright smile,
“How are you?” He said with a funny look,
“I’m good!” I said and flopped down on the sofa sitting beside him,
“How about that girl?” He asked smiling broadly,
“You mean my girlfriend?” I asked in glee while he nodded,
“Uhmm, fine, I just dropped her off now.. ermm, let me ask you, I’m I in love with that girl?” I asked in a solemn tone facing him with a straight gaze,
“Uhm.. I’m not the one to answer that question for you, it’s left for you to sit down and have a deep thought on it” he said and I sighed,
“I’m confused” I mumbled burying my face in my palm,
“What do you really feel for that girl?” He asked and I sighed again,
“Is it possible that I would be able to fall in love with a Nigerian at first sight?” I asked making him smile,
“It’s 101% possible, she may be the true lady you are in love with, but maybe it could be lust” he said and I nodded,
“I think it’s lust, that was why I k-ssed her” I said with a hiss,
“So what do you intend to do?” He asked
“I don’t know, I don’t just know.. I keep getting her image clouding my memory, I kept on thinking of her even when I don’t want to..”
“Do you still have Sophia in your mind at all?” He asked and my heart flinched,
“Sophia.. Sophia” I mussed her name deep down in my heart,
Do I still love her?
“Talk to me..and please be sincere” he said and I scratched my head in confusion,
“Erm, uhm.. I..I still love her but..the far distance is really affecting my feelings for her, but to be frank, I still love her and wish we could come together again” I said with my eyes closed,
I was just saying something in contrary to what my heart wants,
I love Sophia but deep down in my heart, I never want her to come to my life, not at this very moment when I’m still harbouring this uncontrollable feeling for Anne,
“If Sophia should come down here in this country this very moment, who would you decide to be with, who would you choose, Anne or Sophia?” He asked and my head began pounding abruptly,
It was as if a big metal was hitting my head,
“I don’t know what answer to give now, maybe I have to think well, my head is really pounding seriously” I whined and stood up,
“Don’t take decision that you aren’t capable of tackling the consequence, love is a thing of the heart, follow your heart and don’t change it because someone would get hurt” he said and his words really sank into my heart,
I walked to my room feeling fatigue,
Only one single question kept resounding in my mind,
‘if Sophia comes back, who would I choose to love and be with’
I’m so confused!!

 Anne’s POV
I had just finished taking my bath when I noticed a vibration in,side my school bag, I was a little bit startled,
It was Monday and I was feeling so anxious to get to school, I had missed Jeremy so much, although the weekend without meeting him made me feel like getting sick,
I’m falling deeply for him, my thoughts had always been clouded by the things related to him..
Slowly, with curiousity I walked to the bag and opened it up only to find the greatest shock, right there in,side my bag is a new sparkling Android phone, it’s pack was pinky and so beautiful,
I took it out and found the caller to be a number saved as my boyfriend,
“Who has this phone?” I asked myself, it isn’t mine and I don’t even know how it got in,side my bag,
After it rang the third time, it stopped them began again, I decided to pick up the call,
“Hello, I don’t know….” My voice hitched as I noticed the voice of the caller to be Jeremy,
“Jeremy is that you? How did you..”
Shhhh, that phone is yours, that would be our medium for speaking to each other, are you prepared for school I’m coming to pick you up” he said and I sighed,
“Please don’t…” I heard that footstep of my stepmom coming to my room, with the speed of a lightning, I flinged the phone under my bed,
“Anne!!” She called me immediately she entered the room,
“ yes” I stuttered trying to catch my breath
“Give it to me!” She said and I felt like dying,
Did she saw me?
“Ma.. what..I don’t know..”
“Give me my cream!!” She yelled and I exhaled heavily,
“Okay ma” I mumbled and rushed to my drawer and gave it to her,
“Anything you’re hiding would one day be exposed” she said and walked out,
I quickly wore my uniform and brought out the phone, I switched it off and shoved it into my bag,
“I’m off to school!!” I yelled to my stepmom who just hissed to me,
I smiled to myself and hurried off out of the gate,
Just immediately I came out, Jeremy’s car stopped by and I hopped in,
“How are you pretty?” He said wrapping his hand over my shoulder,
“I’m feeling great handsome” I answered,
“I hope you mom did not touch you?” He said with a caring tone,
“No, I lied to her” i said laughing,
“I trust you” he said with a smile,
“Are we both truly in love?” I asked myself lowly but he heard it,
“That’s what it may be” he answered,
“I pray so”
“That’s it” he said and drew me closer to his body
We both reached the school gate and I begged him to drop me down there, I would not want anyone see the both of us together, that would be really dangerous,
“Okay I understand” he said and pecked me making me blush,
I walked down and he drove in, after some minute, I walked in carefully,
On reaching the class, I couldn’t find anyone in the class except done few people,
“Where are everyone?” I asked Jeremy,
“I don’t know, let’s ask” he said and went to some boys at the corner of the class,
After having some little chat with them, he walked to me,
“They are in the drama class, do you like acting?” He asked,
“Yeah, I love it” I said in glee,
“Let’s go there” he said and grab my palm,
“Stop holding me” I warned but he lend me a deaf ear,
I kept struggling to release his grip but couldn’t,
We walked through the hallway and at last we got to the big hall,
Just immediately, the door gave way for us and we got in,side,
Everyone turned their gaze on us, Jeremy was still holding my hand softly,
Lisa was burning in fury..
“I think we have got the right match for the drama” I heard the drama instructor said and everyone started grumbling,
Just then, Lisa walked hurriedly out of the pupil to our direction, she stood in front of me quivering in anger,
Before I could see it coming, she raised her hand and slapped me..


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