My life in Royal Hill high School

My life in Royal Hill high School – episode 14

 My life in Royal Hill High School
Written by Humble Smith
Episode 14
Jeremy’s POV
“What do you boys think you are doing!!!” I barked with terror rushing at them with a blow, they all scrambled away in fear,
I rushed to Anne who was writhing in pain on the floor,, my heart ached, shudders filled my wh0le body as I stared at Anne,
“Are you okay?” I said slowly to Anne, my heart was really beating with pain,
“Go and get me a new cloth please” she pleaded in a low tone,
“Okay I’ll be right back” I said and rushed out,
I ran to the girls restroom with a great speed, immediately I entered, all the girls who were in there started rushing for their cloth to cover their uncladness, I just scoffed in disgust and brought out a new uniform from the cloth track and ran back to the room where Anne is,
I can’t help but kept wondering why those boys tried raping Anne,
I wished I had saw their face clearly, I would just put then behind the bar immediately,
Oh gosh..
If I hadn’t came earlier could it be that those boys would have rape her?
I entered into the room and handed the cloth to Anne who quickly wore it,
“Let’s go to the clinic” I said to her and she nodded,
We both went off..

 Anne’s POV
I held Jeremy’s palm softly as we walked to the clinic, I am short of word, infact I’m totally befuddled,
He hasn’t said anything about Lisa, could it be that he didn’t saw her in the room, it looks as if he the only people he saw was the boys who attempt raping me,
“Jeremy do you saw Lisa in that room?” I asked
“ was she there? Wait was she the one who..”
“No just forget” I interrupted
“But who really did that to you..I mean.. why do those boys want to..”
“Jeremy, you have to understand, I’m poor, I’m a hawker and almost every single student here in this school hates me, they can do anything to me, I’m like a piece of trash to them, you’re the only friend I’ve..” I said and sniffed back my tears,
“I promise to stay with you, if they all hate you then I love you and will never allow them hurt you okay?” He said and pecked my hair,
“Thank you” I mumbled with a smile,
We both entered the clinic room where I was thoroughly treated,
“Why does everyone hate you?” Jeremy asked me with a frown,
“Uhm because I’m better than them” I said with a smile,
“Yes and that is why I fell in love with you despite the fact that I hate Nigerian” he said fondling my palm softly,
We stayed in the ward till school was over, we both walked to the classroom to bring our bags,
Immediately we entered the classroom, everyone present kept their gaze on us, their expression was really full of hatred,
Lisa was very much furious, she kept glaring at me, I just rolled my eyes ignoring her,
We took our bags and went out immediately,
Jeremy took me home, I bade him and went in to my hell of a house,
Walking in, I couldn’t find my step mom, I just sighed a sigh of relief then hobbled to my room,

Lisa’s POV
I walked into my self contained apartment with two of my best friends flanking me,
“That was really close” Sylvia on of them said slumping on the couch,
“Yeah.. thank God he never caught us” I said flopping down to the sofa,
“I wonder what could have happened if he had seen us” Jane my other friend said sitting also,
I smiled to them and nodded my head,
I really love these new friends of mine just for one thing, they follows my order and they also hates Anne with passion just the way I myself hate her, they were even the people who brought the plan of having Anne raped,
“I’ve to call those boys, let’s be sure Jeremy never caught their faces” I said in anxiety,
“Oh don’t stress your self, I’ve already done that, Jeremy couldn’t see them because they ran off immediately” Jane said with a smile,
“Wow, that’s good! so what next now” I asked with my arm folded,
“We have to stop Anne from acting that scene with Jeremy” Sylvia said sternly,
“Ugh!! Is she the one he choosed?” I asked in dismay,
“Ohh you don’t know.. even without being told, with the way they are now, she is the one he would take” jane said,
“Omg!! Does it means that he is in love with that trash!!” I huffed jumping up in anger,
“Yeah he just have fell for her, I really wonder what charm she used on him” Sylvia said with disgust,
“Wait oo, so that means that if she succeed in acting that scene with him then all our plan would be totally shattered, Anne the poor hawker would turn to a rich and popular celebrity?” I said with fear,
“We can stop her from being that girl to act that scene, she is a little case you know?” Jane said with a lopsided smile,
“What are we gonna do, I’m afraid she may end up being great, we have to stop her at all cost” I said with my l-ips quivering, the thought of Anne turning into a billionaire after that scene is really making me go gaga and afraid,
“But Lisa why can’t you just expell her?” Sylvia asked and I sighed,
“I would have done that long ago if I could, she can’t be expelled for nothing, according to my father, she saved this school that was why she was given a scholarsh¡p so expelling her would only be done if she was caught in a heinous act” I said burying my face in my palm,
“So what makes you think she could not be caught in the act that could get her expelled?” Jane said with a smirk,
“Ugh.. how? You know she is a good girl, how can she…I don’t get you” I said confusedly
“We would implicate her!!” She said and I arched my brow,
“How??” I and Sylvia asked in unison while Jane smiled evily
“Just watch and see!!” She said nodding her head repeatedly..
I can’t just love this girl less, she really has a way out…

 Anne’s POV
It was early morning the next day, I am already prepared for school, I’m out of the gate of my house waiting for Jeremy who have really insisted on taking me to school,
A few minutes later, he drove to me with his car,
I hopped immediately,
“How are you dear?” He greeted with a peck on my cheek,
“I’m fine” I replied with a smile,
“Jeremy I don’t think I’m safe attending that school” I sighed softly
“Ugh..why?? Are you afraid of Lisa or what?” He asked with a raised brow,
“I’m afraid of everyone around me in that school, believe me.. I’m not safe, everyone hates me in that school, who knows what they would do to me if they finally know that I am the lady to act that scene with you..I’m feeling anxiety all over me.. please would I really be safe??” I sulked resting my head on his chest,
“When those boys was about to rape you, I stopped them, it was because of the strong tie between us that was why I was able to feel it when you were in trouble, believe me, I will always save you anytime you are in trouble, our love will unstoppable” he said and I really got relief,
“Thank you for being my friend” I said with an elated voice,
“Thanks for accepting me, you really changed me, I love you” he said
“I love you too” I cooed and pecked his l-ips
“Wow do you just k-ssed me?” He asked in amazement,
“That was because I love you!” I said and hugged him,
We reached the school and he dropped me outside and drove in, I walked into the school slowly with my heart beating faster and louder,
I’m really agitated..
I entered the class and sat down beside my Jeremy,
Our maths teacher came and taught then gave us a class exercise, I wrote mine and Jeremy write his own excellently,
Lisa was really burning in anger with the way I was with Jeremy..
After some hours, the school bell rang, it was break time, everyone including I and Jeremy walked out of the class,
I and Jeremy was sitting round a table enjoying our meal when someone walked to us,
“Anne, your attention is needed by the proprietor!!” He said and Jeremy glanced at me..
“Let’s go!” He said to me and we both walked away,
We reached the office and I was startled at what I saw,
Right there was Lisa, the school proprietor with a police officer, what made me much more trembled was that the proprietor was holding an expulsion letter,
Omg!! What did I do now!!


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