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My lord my love episode 2 – 3

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🌳πŸ₯€{ Marrying The Duke } 🌳πŸ₯€

Written ✍️: Cisca. H.


Itzel woke up rather weak, stretching tiredly as she stared around the room.

Last night had been fun but to her, it was just dreadful. Dancing with Lord Malfred was the worst decision she had ever made in so many years.

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She had almost lost her toes dancing with him. He would step on her several times, he was the worst dancer she has ever met.

But thankful to Lord knight who had requested to dance with her. Although, she didn’t fancy him but, he was enough to keep her night comfortable.

She shifted her heavy blanket to the side as she stepped out of the bΒ£d, yawning. From her room she could perceive the aroma of h-ot dog sausage and she couldn’t withstand the growling sound in her stomach.

She went to the kitchen, peering to see if the cook was out of sight. When she didn’t find anyone nor the cook, she tip-toed to the pot where the h-ot sausage was kept.

She inhaled, exhaling heavily, her mouth salivating already and she couldn’t wait a second to devour a handful of the sausage.

She opened the h-ot pot, her hands had deepen into the pot when the cook showed up.

“Take your hands off my pot, young lady.”

Itzel smiled, “Good morning, ma’am. I was only trying to taste a hand of your sausage.”

” It’s too early to be out of bΒ£d, m’lady. It’s still 6pm.”

” I couldn’t sleep. The aroma was to tempting so I had to check what the cook has on fire. ”

” Guess my h-ot sausage had a great effect on you. You’re already salivating for it, haha. “She teased giving Itzel a taste of the sausage.

” The cook has this for you.”

“Thank you. Mmm, this is so delicious. Can I have one more? ”

” M’lady will have one during breakfast. Up to your room, will you? ”

Itzel nodded, her eyes still eyeing the h-ot sausage. She wanted to pick one when the cook slapped her hand off. She giggled, finally leaving to her room.

The day went painfully slow. Diana as usual, was all the day in the library this time reading a different version of her book.

Honoria walked in, taking the book from her hands.

“What is she reading?” She asked, although, less concerned about the book. She was only trying to get to her nerves.

“Mm.” She scoffed, throwing it to the ground.

Itzel ignored her, picking it up but Honoria slapped the book out of her hand, letting it fall to the ground again.

Itzel knew what her sister was trying to do, but she decided to ignore all of it. She finally picked up her book, dusting the little dust stain on it.

“Don’t try to be so gentle, sister. Inside you I can see how much you fight to tolerate it. Can’t you just give it up, stop the pretending acts and be your true self? ”

Itzel didn’t want to talk or say a thing, she kept quiet.

“I saw it. I noticed the look on your face when I was introducing you to Lord Arthur, the pretence was so obvious. ”

Itzel still made no comment. She knew where Honoria was heading to, how desperate she wanted to push her to the wall. But she wasn’t going to let her get to her inside.

“Well, I am not into his highness, you can have him anyhow you want.” Honoria didn’t know Itzel was too smart to see the tricks she was playing.

She was into Lord Arthur than anyone else. She loved him ten times her age. Since she met with him the previous night, her life has been twisted. And if anyone didn’t see that coming, Itzel saw it.

“Thanks, sister for your concern but… I’m not interested either. You can find someone more interested than I am. ”

Honoria smiled, ” I do not want anyone to have him but you, Itzel. I have seen it clearly that you two deserve each other. ”

” Like I said, sister should have him to someone more interested. ”

Honoria frowned. Seeing how h-rd Itzel was giving into her offer. She said, ” if you insist, I will give him to someone else. When no one comes to ask for your hand in marriage, and you become an old spinster father and mother fears, don’t say I didn’t help you at the first place. ”

” Don’t worry, sister, I won’t become the old spinster you think. ”

” Well, I’ll leave you to be. Sorry for interrupting. ” She left. As she got to the door, she looked at Itzel who was now back to what she was reading. “I can’t believe you are this boring.” She hissed, existing.

Itzel spent the rest of her day with Ginny her maid at the garden. The garden was another place she always spent most of her time at.

The garden had a good looking sight, decorated with beautiful trees and flowers. It contained little insects such as butterflies, mog and the rest of them which gave it an undenying beauty.

The atmosphere of this environment was different, the air which blew in it stood to be fresher than anyother part of the palace. No wonder why Itzel finds it more comfortable and satisfying than the palace itself.

It was h-rd to believe Ginny was just a maid to Itzel. The way they played and do things together makes people wonder if Ginny was an unknown sister in the Milford family.

Itzel respected her despite the odds between them. Yes, she’s a princess and Ginny was just her maid but that doesn’t seem to both Itzel. Ginny was like a true sister and a friend to her.

She has had Ginny as a maid since she was thirteen. And that time, she had thought Ginny to be five years or more older than her. It was just three years ago she found out that they were the same age but what had differentiated them was the months.

But that still wasn’t necessary to Itzel.

Other maid servants envied the love Itzel shared with Ginny. It was totally different in terms of Itzel’s sisters and their maids. They always have them do the entire works and even at that, punish them with worster duties.

“M’lady, can I ask you something?” Ginny asked, not sure if that was the best thing to do.

” Yes. Go ahead. ” Itzel permitted.

“I was wondering why you never said anything about the ball yesterday. You seem less bothered about it. ”

Itzel sighed.” Actually, it was a little fun to me. I had to dance twice. One was with Lord Malfred, oh, I almost lost my toes dancing with him. Honestly, he is a horrible dancer but luckily, Lord knight had asked me for a dance too. ”

” Poor thing, m’lady. Does your feet still hurt? ” Ginny asked, concerned.

” No, not anymore. ”

“I heard lady Honoria talk about Lord Arthur. Have you met him before? ” She asked again.

Itzel tried to remember where she had met him. The name sure sounded familiar. She remembered meeting with him- not personal- he was having a chat with Honoria when she asked for the key to her room.

She nodded.

“I guess her lady finds interest in Lord Arthur. ”

” You never know, she is the most beautiful woman alive. She is like Sirius, which makes the beginning of a new year. For her beauty can not be matched. No wonder why every noble Prince’s wishes to have her on their bΒ£ds. ” She told her, every single word filled with truth.

” If Lord Arthur decides to court her, that would be great. For both are of great match to each other.” She chuckled softly, “what about you? Has any come for you?”

“No, m’lady, I am not interested either.” She replied with a shook, ” I have decided to serve her highness well till the end even if it is till my end, I am ready. ”

” Ginny, you have to find someone for yourself. We cannot be together forever, we have our separate ways to follow. I do not want to be your burden. ”

” No one said you were a burden to me, m’lady, I made the choice myself. I have chosΒ£n to follow you, until my last breath. ”

” Thank you. ”




She held her book, walking through the quiet hallway that she didn’t notice Lord Arthur approaching from the other side.

She kept smiling at what she was reading. Those smiles were something else. So captivating and possessive.

They were close, each step bringing them much closer but the busy princess seems to be carried away. Until they walked pass each.

Lord Arthur stopped, still wondering what was so enticing about the book in her hands. And there was a staircase just a front, any mistake and she’s off for a slide.

“M’lady?” He called but she didn’t hear him. “M’lady?” Yet, she didn’t notice.

Now, getting closer to the stairs, he rushed to her. Just as he feared, she did missed a step. Almost falling off the stairs, he grabbΒ£d her by her wa-ist. Then did she realized her environment.

She gasped in fear, breathing, then exhaling heavily.

He helped her stand to her feet. He was staring at her to see if she was okay but she kept avoiding his gaze.

Her eyes were fixed to the ground, her f-ngers ran through the edges of her book as if it were some kind of consoler.

“Are you alright?” Hint of concern sounding in his voice.

” I am alright. All thanks to his highness for saving my life. “She said with her head still faced to the ground.

Not to wa-ist a minute of her time, he nodded and said, “Guess you have to be careful next time.”

“I will keep that in mind. ” She said leaving instantly.

For a while he stood watching her as she retreated. That face looked so familiar to him. Somehow, somewhere, he has met that face before only that she was afraid to look at him.

He didn’t blame her, she isn’t the only lady to play such attitude towards him.

The rest of the evening ran slow. Honoria and her sisters has been making a perfect decorations on their body with the expensive pearls they had purchased three days ago.

Itzel on the other side, could only do justice to herself with the little she could offer.

Finally, Honoria and her sisters left to the ball hall. Every eyes were on them, murmurs filled the hall, endless chatters came to an end for this sisters were extraordinary beautiful and were of no match.

With their various intentions, they walked majestically. Both noble Kings and Queens we’re no exceptions to the case of staring.

Honoria indirectly searched for Lord Arthur, when she did found him, she pretended not to be interested to see him. She acted to be having a serious discussion with Victoria, her sister while her eyes didn’t stop from eyeing him.

“How long has he been staring?” Victoria asked.

“Long enough. Since we entered. Why? ”

Victoria shrugged, ” well, I think Lord Arthur wants to have a conversation with you. Don’t you think so too?”

” I’ll be honored if he did approach to me first. ” She said, pretending to be less concerned.

” Okay, I can call him if you want me to. ”

Honoria’s eyes widened,” No, sister, don’t you ever think of doing that.”

” Well, I guess he already is. ”

” He is?” She asked, fluttered at his approach.

Just then, a guard approached him, whispering something in his ear. He looked at Honoria for some moment before leaving with the guard.

Honoria frowned at the disappointment. This was her moment, to dance and have some time with the young Prince.

It was as if the time had stopped when the entrance door opened. Normally, it wasn’t meant to call for an attention… But this time, it seems not to have caught an attention only but… attentions.

Everyone paused what they were doing or saying, now focusing it at the lady who had just entered. Chattering noises ended and one could hear the murmurs of the other.

And it was as if the world stood at a stand still for the wh0le moment, like someone so mighty has just walked in. Maybe not so mighty, but at least still able to get a thousand attention to herself.

Despite the little justice she had played on herself, she still was able to beat the rest of the female attendants.

With her red long lace gown and the red l-ipstick, with those long lashes and the greenish-blue eyes she possess, giving her the perfect match any noble Prince would want.

She slowly – not majestically – but decently made her way in. Lord Arthur’s dark eyes from where he stood couldn’t stop from watching her.

He was already lost that his father had not realized until now that he was only talking to himself. No doubt to say he was also distracted trying to get a glimpse of what had taken his son’s attention.

Itzel was so scared and shy that she wished the Earth could swallow her in wh0le.

“She looks amazing!” Someone said from a distance, “I can’t get enough of such beauty. ”

” What a goddess! ” Said another.

” If there is anything more beautiful than a goddess, I would refer that to her.” Said a voice from behind.

” Blessed be the womb who bore you. Beauty is thou call upon you. ” She heard an old lady say.

Itzel heard all this and more which weren’t so clear to her hearing. She prayed they could all get blind at this instant. If it was really possible to turn back, she was fully ready to have that done.

The ceremony finally started.

The ceremony wasn’t as Itzel had wished for. Noble men here and there asking her for a dance and suitors who came asking for her hand in marriage but ended up turning them down.

After the long dances, she felt she needed some rest. She stood at a corner sipping on her wine. Not quite long after Princess Arya of Asia walked to her, complimenting her gorgeous look, Lord Arthur approached her.

Princess Arya understood his appearance, excusing herself. Itzel smiled and he did return the smile.

“Would you mind for a dance, m’lady?” He asked.

“A pleasure, my lord.” She replied.

He curves his right arm while she inserted hers, holding him as they walked for the dance. First, beginning with a courtesy, Lord Arthur knotted one hand to hers while the other grabbΒ£d her wa-ist.

She was so conscious not to look at him and not to miss a step too. He was staring at her, studying her. “You look beautiful tonight, m’lady.”

She played a smile on her l-ips.” Thank you. And you look catchy tonight, My Lord. ”

Lord Arthur, laughed.

” Guess no one has complimented his highness tonight.” She said, letting Lord Arthur chuckle.

” What made you think so? “He asked.

” By the way you laughed. You sounded happy like no one has told you how great you looked. ”

” I was only laughing because yours was more complimenting than anyother. ”

Itzel blushed. ” Then I am wrong. ” She said, a little embarrassed.

“You look familiar. Have we met before?” He asked, thoughtfully.

Itzel chuckled softly, ” His highness must have mistaken me for someone else. I’m certainly not sure if we have met.”

” You are right. Maybe I am just confused. ” He said, not believing if he was wrong.

The rest of the dance was just so slow. Itzel making much effort to avoid his gaze. She seem not to know why he was offering her the long stare.

He smiled. She turned her pretty little l-ips up into a sed-ctive smile. He studied her, Lady Itzel was definitely different from any other ladies. He had met her last year at one of the balls, she had been wearing the same shade of sed-cing red, her l-ips the same shade.

It was h-rd to resist the girl putting all of his attention towards her.

“You know, the way you stare at me makes you look a lot beautiful with those smiles. ”

Itzel’s cheeks reddened at what he had told her. Lord Arthur wasn’t the first neither was he the last to have ever told her this but honestly, his was something special to Itzel.

“Your highness isn’t the first to tell me this, but, I will confess, your words was more special than anyother. Thank you. ”

He did not stop from smiling, this time wider than he already has. Now, she was staring at him, but to him, they were sed-ctive and. . . Captivating.


After they had danced to their satisfaction, they both ended it with a courtesy. While she retreated, he said stopping her.

“Lady Itzel Milford.”

Itzel gasped, turning but she was too quick to hid the surprise look. “Never expected to have forgotten that name. ”

She smiled, ” Guess I underestimated His Highness. It is so smart of you to remember my name after a long while. ”

” He smiled, “you should know that I do not forget so easily.”

She smirked, scoffing softly. ” Well, I still owe his highness one for saving my life. It was nice having a dance with you, My Lord. ”

” A pleasure, m’lady. ”

She smirked again, exiting.

Honoria watched from where she stood. One could see the anger boldly on her face. She wants to strangle Itzel. She wants every chance to do that and have her dead.

She had just watched them dance and chat happily to each other? The way he looks at her, his eyes hungrily devouring her.

Everything about the night hunted her and not even a console from her sisters could calm her down. She angrily left to her room, throwing up all stuffs in there.

“I will have you pay for this, Itzel. I really will have you pay for hurting me. ”


And I love Lady Itzel and Lord Arthur’s moment. I couldn’t stop from thinking.

And our Itzel is in trouble. Honoria is just busy preparing for the h-ot soup.

What do you think?

To Be Continued. . .

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