My Lord My Love

My lord my love episode 8 – 9

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πŸ‚πŸ‚ MY LORD. MY LOVE.πŸ‚πŸ‚

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🌳πŸ₯€{ Marrying The Duke }🌳πŸ₯€

Written ✍️: Cisca. H.


Flash Back. . .

They all plastered their faces with a broad smile as the king and his wife stepped out of the carriage.

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The wh0le castle attendance were so much happy for their return. The Milford sisters were the first to welcome them.

“Father, mother, you are welcome.” They greeted in unison.

“How was the anniversary?” Honoria asked.

“It was so much fine, my dear.” Replied Queen Eleanor while king Alfred smiled. “How have you all been?” She asked back.

“We have been fine. Thank you.” They replied in unison.

They all walked back into the palace, going to their respective rooms.

“Itzel,” called Queen Eleanor. “Follow me.”

Itzel looked at Hazel for a moment then at her mother. “Yes mother.”

As they got to Queen Eleanor’s chamber, Queen Eleanor sat on the chair just beside the window ordering Itzel to sit on the bΒ£d opposite her.

“What happened to your face?” Queen Eleanor asked, noticing the scar on her left cheek.

“My face?” Itzel repeated, pretending not to know what she was talking about.

“Honoria did it to you, didn’t she?”

“No, not at all. I had a bad dream, a very bad dream. I was scared, shaking that I had to fall while asleep. When I woke up the next morning, I discovered there was a scar on my face.”

“You don’t have to lie to protect her. I know my daughter more than anyone else, she wouldn’t fall just by a mere weird dream.”

“Sometimes people change, things change.”

“Not this one. I understand how much you want to protect the truth but, I guess whatever that is going on between you and your sister ends now.”

“What are you planning on doing?” Itzel asked, worried of what her mother would do next.

“Nothing. ”

“Please, mother, don’t do anything stupid. Let it pass by, I am not complaining.” She pleaded.

“Honoria is my daughter, so are you. She has no right to punish anyone of you. The more I let things go, the chances she misuses it. I can forgive her for hating you, but I won’t forgive her for letting the guards lay their f-ngers on you.”


“That’s enough! No more humiliation in my house. Is anyone outside?” A maid walked in, her face focused to the ground. “Call me lady Honoria.”

“Yes, my lady.” She exited the room.

Itzel looked at her mother. “What are you going to do with her?” She asked.

“Leave that to me. How prepared are you for the next ball dance?” She asked, changing the topic.

“Honestly, mother, I don’t think I am ready.” She told her.

” Ready for what?”

“I don’t know. I’m just not ready.”

Queen Eleanor sighed. “Three days ago, King Cyrus sΒ£nt a letter to your father. He wanted to know how prepared you all are for next year. I don’t know your father’s reply but… ”

“Honoria will be chosΒ£n.” She cuts in. “You don’t have to worry how prepared we are.”

“Actually, I am more concerned on how prepared you are.”

“I already told you mother, I don’t want to marry Lord Arthur. How more will I have to explain that I have no feelings for him.”

“You do, you are only frighting back the feelings. It’s obvious, okay?”


“Well, let’s wait and see who will end up being Prince Arthur’s bride.”

Honoria walked in few minutes after Itzel has left. She bowed her head as soon as she entered.

“Mother, you called me.”

“Yes, I did.”

“Is there any problem?” She asked.

“How fair did you ruled the kingdom while we were away?”

“Fair enough,mother. I made sure I followed father’s steps.”

“How fair were you to your sisters all those while?”

“Fair enough. Why do you ask, mother?”

“I heard you ordered two guards to torture Itzel, is that true?”

Honoria’s eyes widened in surprise. “Who told you that? Itzel right?”

“Haven’t you realized that not everyone in the castle cherish your supremacy. They only fear you for what you are and not for whom you are. And at the end, they spread the rumors of every actions you take.”

“Who told you?”

“Well,that doesn’t matter now. Is someone outside?” This time, two maids walked in. “Escort Lady honoria to the laundry room and have her wash all the clothes. See to it that no one assist her.”

“Yes, your majesty.”

“And after that, you still have more to do at the library.”

“Mother! How dare you do this to me? I am your daughter, your first child.”

“You should have thought about that when you ordered for Itzel’s torture. Escort the princess please.”



He sighted the carriage from afar. Running to the stable, he took a horse, chasing after the far moving carriage.

He rode fast, fast enough, stopping right at the front of the horse man causing him to halt. Jumping out of his horse, he ordered the horse man to climb down too.

He opened the door to see Lady Itzel’s both hands tied to her back and her mouth tΒ‘ghtly covered with a white cloth. She was struggling but when he touched her she calmed down.

While he untied her, she stared at him. He helped her come out of the carriage. Now at the gentleman on his knees, he pointed his sword at him.

“Who sΒ£nt you?” He asked but the gentleman said nothing. He drew his sword more closer, “I will ask you for the last time, who sΒ£nt you?”

“Lady Honoria.” He confessed. “She said she wanted the princess out of the palace until it is dawn. I was only following orders, sire.”

Itzel held his arm. He looked at her those big brown eyes staring at him. She shook her head, “let him go.”

He looked back at the man, “I won’t let you go the next time I see. I hope we don’t meet again.”

He helped her climb on the horse while he sat at her front. Her hands w-rapped around his wa-ist as they rode back to the palace.

As soon as the fit to the castle, he again helped her climb down. As they walked, his hands didn’t leave hers like he was scared she would be taken again.

They climbΒ£d through the stairs to the hallway which led to the ball room. He paused, and she paused too. She quickly took off her gaze from him, staring at the ground.

“Are you alright? Did he hurt you?” He inquired.

“I am alright. All thanks to his Highess for saving my life.”

He kept studying her, their eyes didn’t leave each other for what took like minutes. Realizing himself, he said. “Come on, his majesty must be waiting.”

The big golden door swung open. Prince Arthur held her as they walked through the crowded hall. King Cyrus called his name as he sighted him. “Arthur?”

The entire place grew instantly quiet. Itzel’s heart was already beating against her chest. It was like she was having the wh0le universe staring at her. Right at her.

“Father, I wish to say something to you.”

“Go ahead. What is it you wish to say?” He permitted.

“I wish to make Lady Itzel my wife.”


πŸ‚πŸ‚ MY LORD. MY LOVE. πŸ‚πŸ‚

🌳πŸ₯€{ Marrying The Duke }🌳πŸ₯€

Written ✍️: Cisca. H.


“Father, I wish to say something.”

“Go ahead. What is it you wish to say?”

“I wish to make Lady Itzel my wife.”

The hall grew more quiet than it already has. Every single soul stood surprised but not as surprised as Itzel whose mouth was half-opened in surprise.

He looked at her, then said, “The first time I met this lady, I had thought it was a mistake. But something about her baffled me then did I realized that it was no mistake but a coincidence.” To his father, “It would be an honor if father grants my wish.”

For a moment Itzel couldn’t swallow. It was like everything was a dream. Just like the normal dream she always dreamed of Prince Arthur proposing to her.

But was she ready to turn him down this time? In reality?

Tears silently walked down her face. Could this be fate? Can this actually be fate’s doings?

“Do as you wish.” His father proclaimed. A loud applause evaporated the atmosphere.

Prince Arthur smirked, chuckling. He looked at Itzel who still looked shocked and speechless at the same time.

He held her hand as the walked out to somewhere lonely for the both of them. After a brief moment of silence, he started. “My apologies for not seeking for your permission first but… Whatever I said back there, I meant the words. It is you I have chosΒ£n, only you have I desired to be with. Give me a chance and I will prove my loyalty and love to you.”

“What have a mere princess like me do for his Highess that among every woman I was found worthy of thy love?”

“The heart speaks. And whatever it says, that is the truth. My heart has chosΒ£n you, who am I to say no.”

“Why?” She asked, “why do I feel like It wasn’t a mistake meeting you? Why do I feel like you are the right one for my heart. The one who will prove my doubts wrong and embrace me for what and who I am? Why do I always feel like I made the right choice falling in love with his Highess?”

He pulled her, hugging her tΒ‘ghtly. He whispered in her ears, “Because you just found what you have been seeking for. And I have sworn to protect you with my life. I promise.”

He broke the hug, peering into her eyes. “Will you…marry me?”

“For I have found favour in thy sight, who am I to refuse his Highess’s offer? I will marry you.”


Honoria banged her door close scre-ming hilariously. She threw down everything she came across with.

She fisted her palms, stamping it h-rd on the table.

“Itzel!” She cried. “Why can’t you just let me be? Why can’t you leave me with what belongs to me? Why?”

“Because for once Prince Arthur never loved you.” Hazel said as she entered. “I warned you, remember? You were only fooling around with him.”

“He loved me. It was in his eyes.”

“Was?” She repeated, mockingly. “But where is that love now?”

“That thief stole it from me. She ruined my life!”

“No, you did it yourself. Prince Arthur just realized that he has longed been playing the devil’s game with you. He just found his true bride, what do you expect? ”

Honoria’s anger grew wide, her eyes burned with anger and hatred. “Get out!” She yelled, “get out of my room!”

Itzel chuckled, “I hope your games are over. But if you still feel like you can still play, my advice… You are only wa-isting your time.” She concluded, leaving her chambers.

“Get out!” She cried.


“You definitely do not know how happy I am for the good news. Although, I would say I wasn’t expecting Prince Arthur to have it declared so soon but… I really am happy he did chose you.”

Itzel smiled. “Me too. I wasn’t expecting it to be me. I always knew he did love me but… I was scared. How will sister Honoria feel?”

Queen Eleanor frowned slightly. “However she is feeling shouldn’t bother you. Prince Arthur isn’t meant for her. Her true love will find her just the way yours did.”

“Your majesty,” Queen Eleanor’s maid ran in.

“What is it?”

“A message was sΒ£nt to his majesty few minutes ago. I think it is from King Cyrus.”

Queen Eleanor and Itzel looked at each other for a while then at the maid. “Lead the way.”

They walked into King Alfred’s meeting room where he held the letter. He dropped it on his table as soon as he noticed their presΒ£nce.

“Prince Arthur request for Itzel’s arrival tomorrow.”

“So soon?” She asked, surprised.

“So soon?” The Queen repeated. “Everyone thinks it is coming late and you say so soon?”

“But, it was only yesterday he proclaimed I was his bride. I was thinking I needed some time with you all before I leave.”

Queen Eleanor hissed. “You have had enough time with us, it’s time you have enough time with your new family.”

“Father, don’t you think I should stay back. At least for a day or two?”

“I wish I can say yes but… his Highess wants you tomorrow. You have to go.”


“Go on. Go on. Go get your things ready for tomorrow’s journey and stop the but, will you?”

She left.

“I am so happy for her,” said the king. “After all, she won’t become the old spinster we feared she would become.”


To Be Continued. . .

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