My master

My Master episode 39 – finale


As soon as I saw Terissa and a couple of maids dashing out of the room a ran after them. They all ignored my questions and I was honestly going out of my mind with worry.
“You need to calm down brother” Darrien said calmly as he placed his hand on my shoulder reassuringly.
“That’s easy for your to say, your mate is not lying in there, scre-ming and thrashing in pain is she?” I fumed.
Darrien simply held his hands up in mock surrender.
Terrisa and the maids came back running again with a bunch of equipment I did not even want to look at. I grabbed Terissa’s hand and pulled her towards me.
“How is it going, is everything okay. Why is she scre-ming like that” I rained the questions down on her.
She smiled slightly, then answered;
“She is doing just fine. Just a few more minutes and she will have delivered” she assured me.
I left her hand go and proceeded to lean against the wall, praying to the heavens that all would go well.
Rosalia Elizabeth Blackwood was absolutely breathtaking. She had my father’s eyes and that made me adore her even more.
I smiled as I held her in my arms. My little girl.
“She looks like you” Lia commented smiling at me as she lay on her bed, looking a bit pale and tired. But she was fine and she was in perfectly normal health, besides the bloodloss and fatigue of course.
“No. She simply hadm my nose, the rest is all you babe.” I commented still not taking my eyes of her.
“And she has my father’s eyes” I commented and Lia smiled.
“I was wondering where that deep shade of blue came from” she muttered and I laughed.
My laughter was cut short as the bedroom door was opened and Cole, Emily and Darrien walked in.
Emily immediately scooped the little girl from my arms.
“Awwww she is so pretty” she cooed as she rocked the sleeping doll sized girl in her arms.
“Cole, you see what I mean when I say I want a baby but you always have to pull out and shit” Emily said and Cole gro-ned.
“Really Emily, in front of your brothers?” He asked rubbing the back of his head in embarrassment.
“See now this,” he says motioning between Cole and Emily ” is why I don’t want a mate anytime soon”
“Ooh really. I thought you and Dalia were hitting it off” Lia said and the room burst out into laughter.
“That girl needs to realize that when she dies, she is going to hell like the rest of us. Bitch thinks she owns the heavens or something” he gro-ned and I growled.
“Language dear brother, we have a minor here” I said through clenched teeth earning a chuckle from the idiot I called brother.
“I hope I’m not interrupting anything” a voice from the door said and we all turned towards it.
“Kevin, come in brother” I say and he walks in.
He gives Darrien, Cole and I brotherly hugs while he k-ssed Emily and Lia on the cheek.
“Damn, are those dad’s eyes?” He questioned and I nodded with a smile.
He chuckled and added, “She is gonna be a handful this one” and the wh0le room broke out into murmurs of agreement.
“Do any of you wanna hold her?” Emily asks the boys.
“Nop” Darrien said raising his hands in the air 🤣
“No” Kevin said as well🤣🤣
“No way in hell I’m holding someone so small.”🤣🤣 Cole said immediately moving away from Emily’s side.
I gro-ned at the sheer foolishness of my brothers.
“Idiots” I muttered under my breath earning chuckles from the wh0le room.
This was it. This was home. And it felt good to be home, with family.
The End.
Much Love, please comment


  1. Wow! Beautiful story! I can’t wait for another of your creation and imagination!

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