My Mind As A Teenager

My Mind As A Teenager – episode 10

My Mind As A Teenager

episode 10

Vivian kept quiet and stared at nothing.
Me: I’ll love to unpack my things now. mum
and dad will be home any time from now.
Vivian: Its okay. But nne,I’m sorry. You know
that we’ve come a long way since childhood.

I’ve realised my mistakes and I won’t let it
happen again.
I looked at her and believed her immediately
because there was remorse on her face.
Me: I’ve heard you. Oya help me and unpack.
She stood up and hugged me,then we went
into business; unpacking my bags.
We finished putting everything in place and I
went to get water from the fridge at the
dinning. I bumped into aunt Justina and used
the opportunity to ask her if my sister
followed mum to the shop(she had written
waec that year). She said no,that my
travelled to jos,that she’s being there since
she finished neco.

I was happy. Not because I didn’t miss her
but because I’ll be having the room all to
myself. I went back to the room and handed
Vivian a can of water which she gulped down
Vivian: Ehee! Dalu( well done)
I nodded with a smile
Me: you’re welcome.
Vivian; will you be attending any holiday
Me: no
Vivian: why?
Me: nothing. I want to spend quality time
with mum at the shop
Vivian: will your siblings attend?
Me: They don’t miss holiday lessons
Vivian: okay. since you won’t be attending,I
won’t attend as well. But next year,we’ll go
together to that of my school
I laughed
Me; oh! you’re now looking for candidates
Vivian: something like that.
Me: okay. Till next year.
We talked some more before she left for her
house,promising to return the next day.

My parents came home that night and were
very happy to see me. We went through the
rituals of welcoming me and asking about
school. Mum said she missed me a lot and
asked me to promise her that I’ll never stay
away from home for too long and I did…….


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