My Mind As A Teenager

My Mind As a Teenager – episode 11

My mind as a Teenager
episode 11
Like she promised,Vivian came back the next
day and asked that we go out. I took
permission from my aunt and we left the
house. We headed to a place I don’t know
and I didn’t even ask. I just followed her.
We got to a junction that was not far from
my house,took a left turn and entered into a
government school(name withheld). We
bought groundnuts from what I think is a
canteen and went into one of the classes. I
was a bit uncomfortable but I reasoned that
there were many people around so if she
tried anything funny,I’ll shout for help. I think
she noticed my discomfort when she said;
Vivian: don’t worry,I just want us to talk. just
the two of us
Me; hmmm. hope there is no problem?
Vivian: Not at all. I just want to clear the
tension between us.
Me: And who says there is tension between
I asked munching my groundnut
Vivian: You’re now forming dormitory girl for
me abi? If you want to know,its about
you,myself and Frank.
I looked at her and frowned.
Me; so you called me here to slap me again
Vivian: Mba o(no o). I can’t do that. Do you
want Frank to kill me?
I raised my head and looked at her.
Me; what do you mean by kill you?
Vivian: kam gwa gi(let me tell you),after you
went back to school,Frank came to my house
and gave me the beating of my life.
Me: eh?
Vivian: it’s not a small thing o. the day before
he did that,I had seen him with Somtoo .
Little did I know that she was telling him
about our visit to your house.
My head wanted to do a “maltina dance all”.
AH! So he beat her for my sake? chei! But
see as Somtoo don carry the blame. serves
her right anyways.
Me: so,where is Somtoo now?
Vivian: I don’t know and I don’t care to know.
Do you even know that when I confronted
her,she denied it. I promised never to talk to
her again. Nne,when you did not come back
for Christmas break,he came again to finish
me up,thanks to Ugoo and Emeka,who
pleaded on my behalf. That was when I knew
that frank loves you a lot.
Me: leave that thing. I don’t love him. And fl
top it all,why would he beat a woman?
Vivian: He was just vexing that I slapped you
and believes its the reason why you refused
to come back.
Me: Not enough reason to beat you.
I diverted the discussion noticing that it will
go on unend.
” have you  seen Ebuka?”.
Vivian: I heard he wrote waec at Abuja
Also heard that he will be there for a while.
But wait,doesn’t he call?
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