My Mistake (short story)

My Mistake – episode 1

Episode 1

My name is Badejo Coles, I lost my father when I was 2years old, I was raised to an extent by a single mother before she died when I was 10 years old. That was how my struggle began…
Do well by listening to the journey of my life, accompanied by laughter, agony and weeping.

Badejo I thought you said you are going back to school, so what are your plans now,how do you want to go about it? Guess there is someone promising to support you and that must be the reason you’ve been having such thought!
That’s what Immaculate my friend and also a daughter to my parents friend said as we engaged in a conversation. After the demised of my mother I actually moved in with them, I was 12 years old then, no hope or any assistance from anybody, I don’t know what to tell Immaculate as touching what we were discussing because I don’t want to offend her by words but I summoned courage and replied her.
Immaculate I believe in God, I just hope and wish to go back to school, not expecting assistance from any person neither anyone has promised me anything yet, you know my parents didn’t familiarise with any family members when they were alive, but something is telling me to keep the hope very high, help will surely come or do you think that’s the end of my life? You that have both parents you don’t know what God has done for you, just keep on praying for me.
IMMACULATE: Not at all. How would I think of you like that? End of life? Nope, I just decided to ask you since you are not saying anything about it.
BADEJO: Thank you so much, I really appreciate your kind gesture since I lost my mum, you have been a good friend. Thanks for allowing your parents to take me in, you are part of my story that will soon end in glory.
IMMACULATE: Thank God Badejo, we have been friends since we are babies(smiles) and our parents are also friends, so if we don’t do this for you, who else deserved it?
BADEJO: You are a friend indeed.
IMMACULATE: But Badejo I am thinking if we can discuss this with dad and mum or what do you think?
BADEJO: No No No. That’s too much to ask o, not at all. Your parents have been a good to me, they gave me clothing and shelter, isn’t that enough?
IMMACULATE: Badejo why are you talking like this? what make you think my parents won’t be happy to hear that you are aspiring to go back to school?
BADEJO: I am not saying…
IMMACULATE: So what was it you said?
BADEJO: Imma, I don’t just want to be a burden to your parents, please don’t discuss anything about my education with them, they are passing through alot because of me already.
IMMACULATE: At times when you open your mouth to talk I always feel like shutting it for you! Did you just said burden? Burden indeed, has my parents ever complain about anything to you? So now let me ask you, where do you think to get help if not from my parents or you don’t want to further your education? I think now is the best time to discuss it with them, If not for holiday I would’ve entered JSS1 and may be probably moving ahead of you. Over the years you knew how we do things together and a step together,do you now want me to be ahead of you? No I won’t allow that to happen.
BADEJO: But Imma.
IMMACULATE: But what again, when dad comes back from work I am going to discuss it with him,
I will discuss it with him first then if your presence is required or needed I will call you. Please you will have to change your thinking about my parents. You are just like their first son.
BADEJO: Immaculate Immaculate you have a way of putting a smile on my face…thank you I am happy.
At first I thought this is not going to work, how would they support my education? Imma was planning to attend a private school and she always wanted us to be together, will they be able to sponsor me with that expensive school?
Anyway I still hope things will get better, I just pray they agreed , but still I kept cool and observing.
It’s evening time dad and mum came back from work and Immaculate fulfilled her promise, fortunately they agreed and I was so happy. At the other hand I wasn’t feeling to good because I was thinking about my University education, who will take that responsibility again?


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