My Mistake (short story)

My Mistake – episode 2

Episode 2

Few years have passed, we are both done with secondary school, God answered my prayers I passed all my exams but unfortunately Imma failed woefully, so pathetic. It wasn’t a good day seen our results but Imma really tried her best how could she failed like that? May be her best wasn’t enough.
I was supper happy cos’ making our parents proud of me has always been my priority.
But who will encourage Dad to continue paying my University bills? Since Imma has failed and will not be able to enter university next year, will she be able to encourage her parents about me? What I am going to do? How will I cope? Who will solicit for me this time around? What if Daddy is not thinking about me going to university? Alot of questions I couldn’t answered was just running through my mind but I decided to talk to Imma. to hear her view.
BADEJO: Immaculate failure is not the end of life, you failing this year’s doesn’t mean you will not pass next year, its just a matter of time, just few months…
IMMACULATE: Will you wait for me?
BADEJO: w… I was shocked hearing that from Imma. Wa…what? But do I have any options than to say yes? Yes
BADEJO: yes,why not? But wait why did you said I should wait for you? Does it…
IMMACULATE: Yes it has to do with me and you pursuing our academics race together and even you will have to wait for me because Dad won’t be encourage to send you to university alone.
BADEJO: Really? They won’t ? Anyways I am just asking, why won’t I wait for you. You have been helping me since all this while by talking to your parents about me, so it’s high time to repay back by waiting for you. Make sure you pass your exam this time oo and may God help you dear.
IMMACULATE: Did you think I wish to failed?
BADEJO: No now, I am just trying to encourage you. I am sorry.
IMMACULATE: So while waiting, what will you be doing?
BADEJO: Doing?
IMMACULATE: Like working, have actually thought I will help you talk to Daddy if he can help you out in getting a job, at least little you gather there you can use it to support yourself.
BADEJO: work? Can’t I be staying at home to…
Immaculate mum just came out from nowhere and she gave me a shocked of my life when she said…
Mum: staying at home doing what? Doing what I asked you. I hope you are not thinking my husband will carry your University responsibility! If that’s what you are thinking forget it. If that’s your dream you better wake up from that slumber and come back to reality.
BADEJO: mummy I was just trying to…
Mum: trying to stay back at home waiting for mannas to fall on you like thunder.(hiss)
IMMACULATE: Mum, why this ? What are you saying? this is too much, how could you talk like that mum? Why the sudden changes? Please mum take it easy on him. You have not heard him out. He doesn’t mean it that way mum, how can he sit at home doing nothing,I was actually discussing with him what he can be doing pending till I passed my exam…
Mum: cut it there, oh Immaculate you have gut to talk to me anyhow now, right? Ok! Today I will tell you what you don’t know.
You see all this while my husband has been sponsoring you, he was using the money your reckless father dropped with him to pay your school fees and my husband was doing that because he is a nice man. Now the money has finished, so I will not open my eyes down why you ruin my daughter education in other for my husband to start using the little money he has on you. So Badejo get it straight to your brain you must work.
IMMACULATE: Muuuuummmmyyyy…
BADEJO: what? Mum are you for real, so…
Mum: so I am out of this conversation.

Mummy left and I was still looking like dummy, I couldn’t believe my hears, my father reckless? The man I didn’t know dropped money for me with Immaculate dad and my mum didn’t know about it till passed away? If she does she would’ve mentioned it. I couldn’t hold my tears. So this Igbo people have been playing smart on me since all this while thinking they were doing me good? It was a bitter experience. Still ruminating about what she said, unknown to me, Immaculate has called me like three times.
BADEJO: yes mummy.
IMMACULATE: mummy is not here, what are you thinking? Don’t mind mum,you know she could be funny at times. May be someone got her angry while coming from work, she might said that due to the anger and aggression .
BADEJO: anger? Aggression? You mean out of anger?
IMMACULATE: Yes now, Badejo please don’t take it serious, when dad come I will ask him myself.
BADEJO: Your dad won’t meet me here. Don’t bother to ask him anything. I will find my way out of this mess by leaving this house. Thank you.
IMMACULATE:No Badejo, you are taking this matter too serious. See mum might be wrong with what she said, I am very sure Daddy won’t be in support of her when he hear this, Dad will give a full explanation about this, please don’t take any drastic step. Please Badejo, please please please.
BADEJO: forget about it. Mummy is not a kid now. I tell you she was in her right mind and she meant every words she said.
IMMACULATE: Will you know my mum more than me?
BADEJO: Yes, don’t forget I am not a stranger or visitor in this house either.
IMMACULATE: What has come over you? My dad has never mentioned it to me despite the fact that I am very close to him even more than mum.
BADEJO: who are you?
BADEJO: will you know your dad more than your mum?
IMMACULATE: You know what, do whatever you wish to do.
BADEJO: I am leaving this house today, so you have been lying to me since all this while so I can like you in the name of soliciting for me?
I bursted into tears again, Imma. Couldn’t hold her tears too. I forgot everything they have been doing for me for that moment all I was thinking was the way Immaculate’s mum talked to me. Leaving the house was the only option on my mind. I was full of anger and so furious I didn’t want Dad to come back from work and meet me at home. The man that have been deceiving me for the past 6years. Will I be able to withstand his presence? No I need to leave right away. I packed all my clothes and I am ready to leave, I didn’t know where mum went to but she left home already. Imma. Was crying, begging me not to leave I just pushed her away to make my way, she fell and I heard her saying “I just hope you won’t regret leaving this house today” she called me several times but I left.


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