My Mistake (short story)

My Mistake – episode 3

Episode  3

What actually made me leave the house? I felt have been used! I felt so bad and betrayed. I am a Yoruba, my mum was yoruba, my dad Igbo, but my mum said a lot about dad which make me think Immaculate mum might be right with what she said, anyways I am a man I can handle my life now. After I left Immaculate house I went straight to my friend’s house (KARIBIDESI) But we call him Karry, this man is older than me not small, he wasn’t my mate but I met him when he came to work in principal’s office back then, oh oh I forgot to tell you I was headboy , yes that’ it.
Karry: I am still trying to get your point and what you are trying to say about Mrs. Ogbonla. (That’s Immaculate Surname) did you said they kicked you out of their house?
KARRY: So what?
BADEJO: They betrayed me.
KARRY: Betrayed?
BADEJO: yes.
KARRY: Mr. Ogbonla I knew won’t do that to you. Was he around when you left?
BADEJO: No! How could I stand a man who betrayed me so much like that? How could he kept a secret from me?
KARRY: Badejo, Badejo, Badejo, how many time did I called you?
BADEJO: three times.
KARRY: Thank Goodness you remember it was 3times. Now listen, you thought I didn’t know your Father? I knew him very well and I knew him to be Mr. Ogbonla’s friend.
BADEJO: What? Karry and you didn’t tell me since all this while, why now.
KARRY: I have worked for your father and Mr. Ogbonla before. Let me leave it like that till further notice. But trust me Mr. Ogbonla will never do such thing without a reason and how sure you are that the woman was right when your mum didn’t say anything about it to you. Did she ?
KARRY: then you need to think again. Anyway let’s leave that for another day. So what are your plans now? But I won’t deceive you, it will be better if you can go back to that house and apologize.
BADEJO: No way. Forget that one Karry. Apologize for what? That I run for my dear life, knowing fully well that they might still be keeping another dangerous secret to harm my life, No. Please Karry don’t let them know I am here with you.
KARRY: Humm so you won’t go back? Ok, your plans please, I want to believe you know the kind of work I am doing and you are aware about the reason why I have not gotten married at this age?
BADEJO; Yes, but why are you telling me all this?
KARRY: for you to know how you are going to work very hærd.
BADEJO: Brother Karry. Is okay I am a man don’t need to be told before I know that, you just get me a job because I really want to go university without any delay.
KARRY: Job? Me find a job for you? Badejo you are very funny, as if you don’t know the kind of work I am doing. You know the nature of my work now. Anyway you will be following me to my furniture work pending till I get you a job or you go out yourself and look for job.
BADEJO: Sir! Karry why now.
KARRY: why what? What were you thinking before? When you conclude on which one to do let me know. I give you just 2days to think about it or else I send you out.
BADEJO: oh no. What have I gotten myself into! Why is Karry talking like this to me. Where will I go to be looking for job now? Where did I know? But I can’t be following Karry to shop o unless I want to remain in a s₱0t, I am very sure he will not be giving me money then my plan of going to university next year will be ruined, No. What I will I do?

The second day has come no decision talkless of conclusion. I was tensed couldn’t reach any conclusions, totally in confusion, I just hope Karry won’t send me out of his house.
Truly I didn’t realized how weak I am when it comes to decision making, I have never in my life make a successful decision than to read and pass my exams. The only decision I have make in life was to leave Immacula’s house, could that be count as a decision? Nevertheless I still need to work In other not to waste my time.

KARRY: I hope you have decided on what to do now?
BADEJO: good day brother.
KARRY: I just asked you a question.
BADEJO: Not yet sir.
KARRY: That’s very good. I will help you out. I was giving a contract of packing tree from a particular farm to sawmill, so I think you can join them in the farm.
BADEJO: Farm! Farm!! farm!!!
KARRY: What happened to farm? You don’t like it?
BADEJO: At this time I didn’t want to make any silly decision, I was afraid to say no,Karry might kick me out if I say No. Where will I go if he kicked me out? Rather I just answered him by asking ” Who will pay me”
KARRY: start work before asking for pay.
BADEJO: Karry please don’t forget I need to gather money for my University education.
KARRY: When you work hærd you earn money,so get ready to start tomorrow morning.
BADEJO: Thank you sir.
That was how I started working for Karry in the Farm, one year passed no money, I kept asking him for money he didn’t turned up, Karry was just using me. Atimes he would use a Scarry word to shut me up.
Going to two years I heard Immaculate has passed her exam and even preparing to go to university. Here I am in the farm without any direction again. Day by day my vision of going to university kept on dying as Karry refused to pay me.
After waiting for years and Karry didn’t showed any concern about me I decided to leave his house. Where to go was another problem,then I remembered I still have a distance relative in the city who I could still rest on for a while so I decided to go there. It’s 2years already, probably Immaculate might be gotten the admission into the university. Do I have any hope again, goin to three years no sign of going to university but I believe things will get better. Now in my relatives house.
When I entered the house I noticed the husband wasn’t around , the man I thought will help in one way or the other. What exactly is strong with me and the wife is not that friendly. What will I do? For like 3weeks I entered the house the woman didn’t even asked me anything,just greeting. So I went to her to ask about her husband.
BADEJO: good evening mummy Zer.
MUMMY ZER: Badejo what happened to you? Why are you so lean like this? I was told you leave with your father’s friend!

What kind of questions is this, did this woman just noticed I have been around for a while, anyway maybe is due to her work, she goes out early and came back in the middle of the night. Till today I didn’t know where this woman work. But it’s fine I need to compose myself and be a good and gentle boy.
So I answered her with every humility in me.
BADEJO: Yes ma’am, I have been passing through a lot these days ma. I left their house 2yra ago.
MUMMY ZER: You don’t mean it!
BADEJO: yes ma.
MUMMY ZER: Although my husband tried to reached you after your mum demised but we couldn’t get through. He travelled out couple months ago.
BADEJO: you mean your husband?
BADEJO: haaaaaa hummmm.
MUMMY ZER: Why the sight Badejo?
BADEJO: Ma I need job to gather money for my University education that’s why I am here.
MUMMY ZER: Oh no, so you have not gotten admission? I thought you moved on for your school stuff.
BADEJO: No ma.
MUMMY ZER: What have you been doing since all these while? What happened to your father’s friend, I heard he took the responsibility of your schools on him. Why did you leave there house?
BADEJO: Yes ma, he paid all my school fees throughout my secondary school with the money my father left with him. So now the money has finished.
MUMMY ZER: Waoo your father left money for you. Wait o your father, your father?
BADEJO: Yes ma.
MUMMY ZER: For where? Who told you that!
BADEJO: my father’s friend wife.
MUMMY ZER: Did you asked the man about it.
MUMMY ZER: So the next thing for them was to sent you out.
BADEJO: No ma , I left. After hearing that that they have been using the money my father left for me to sponsored me, I felt Betrayed and jilted because I had to solicited before they released the money.
MUMMY ZER: So what are your plans now? As you can see my husband has travelled.
BADEJO: I want to further my education.
MUMMY ZER: Good idea and good though, that means you will get a job and start gathering money.
BADEJO: Haa start another job again?
MUMMY ZER: Have you been working before?
BADEJO: yes ma.
MUMMY ZER: Then why did you leave your job again?
BADEJO: No pay ma.
MUMMY ZER: That’s very bad though. So how did you plan to move forward if you don’t work. Has anybody promised you anything.
BADEJO: No ma. I thought I would meet uncle at home. I kown if he is here he would’ve done something.
MUMMY ZER: Which uncle? My husband. Don’t mind him, since he travelled he has not send a dine home,can you imagine that! Anyway I will get a job for you.
BADEJO: Thank you ma.

Going to four years still working day and night, still no enough money. I always gave half of the salary to mummy Zer for upkeep as she always complain her husband refused to send money. It wasn’t easy at all, I started hating myself for leaving Immaculate’s house, alot of thought was running from my mind. What if Immaculate mum was lying? I should’ve waited and confirmed from dad before I left. Why didn’t I give it a second thought. What Immaculate said was manifesting already.
Nevertheless I need to move on, I couldn’t stand my vision to be jeopardize like that. I earned enough money to further my education.
It’s 5years and half, on getting to the school,I had issues with my registration, just a minor problem so I was asked to go and see the school president to take me to the school adsministration if I really want it to be sorted without any delay. I was shocked to see…..


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