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My Mistake – Last Episode

Last episode

IMMACULATE: Badejo Badejo Badejo
BADEJO: ” Immaculate was happy to see me, I couldn’t hold my tears as it was rolling from my cheeks, I was also happy to see her, Humm Immaculate is now a big and beautiful girl. I managed to hugged her, held her tightly, she bursted into tears as well.
Immaculate see you,I have missed you so much. How are you parents?
IMMACULATE:We are fine, very fine. How are you too?
BADEJO: I am alive.
IMMACULATE: see you! Badejo you just disappeared into a thin air without any trace. Daddy tried to reached out to you but all to no avail.
BADEJO: Humm all is well.
IMMACULATE: So You have been in this school since and I didn’t locate you nor you located me if not for today, just because I stayed back on campus so I wouldn’t have seen you.
BADEJO:School? I just gained admission.
BADEJO: Admission into 100 level.
IMMACULATE: Are you joking with me right now? That’s not possible.
BADEJO: I am serious.
BADEJO: Immaculate you don’t need to cry for me.
IMMACULATE: I am not crying for you. I am crying because of the golden opportunity you lose.
BADEJO: Golden opportunity? You mean leaving your house?
IMMACULATE: No I mean the opportunity to pursue your academics race at early age.
BADEJO: Imma. I could get you right, let’s just forget about it for now.
IMMACULATE: My wishes for us to finish university together became unremembered dream and it died like that, what an abortive plans. I wrote my last exam couple months ago.
BADEJO: Congratulations friend. I am a guy, starting my education at anytime won’t stop me from graduating.
IMMACULATE: Are you trying to console yourself? Your decision of leaving our house then delayed your academics career, because of what doesn’t exist.
BADEJO: What your dad and mum did to me was unfair.
IMMACULATE: Stop saying that, what you did to yourself. I told you to wait for Daddy and confirmed from him before concluding, it was a pity as what mum said was out of content .
BADEJO: You mean it wasn’t like that?so my dad didn’t give your daddy any money or it wasn’t my dad’s money your dad was using to sponsor me? I am confused here, can you shed more light on that!
IMMACULATE: Anyway I will suggest you come with me home and hear from dad yourself but I bet it with you, your decision then was a great mistake.
BADEJO: I am still confused Immaculate.
IMMACULATE: What are you here for?
BADEJO: I have a minor problem with my registration so I was directed to go and see the school president.
IMMACULATE: Have you seen her?
BADEJO: Not at all,I was looking for her when you called me.
IMMACULATE: Okay! When we get home I will try and solve the problem. Guy it’s good to see you again.
BADEJO: I hope it won’t be too late to submit by the time I would be coming back to school.
IMMACULATE: Never mind.
BADEJO: Do you know her? May be you should take me to her first.
IMMACULATE: Yes! Her name is Immaculate Ogbonla.
BADEJO: What? You kidding me right? You or someone else.
BADEJO: Imma. You have achieved alot from the past few years.
IMMACULATE:You have not heard anything, I was given a scholarsh¡p as the best student my 300level to go and study in abroad with a year extention to completed my 400level.
BADEJO: Immaaaa…
IMMACULATE: Can we go home now?
BADEJO: your wish is my command but wait, all this for you alone?
IMMACULATE: Nothing much now, truth must be done, I was aspired by you and always want all the best for you, I have wished we could get through all these together like move together most especially in our academics career but here we are, you just decided to ruined my wishes and delayed your journey with your unfruitful decision and little mistake.
BADEJO: “sober”
IMMACULATE: let’s go please.
It was just like a dream, and I felt I shouldn’t be waked up. If it was in a dream Land I wanted to remain there. Immaculate a university president, scholarsh¡p to study more in abroad, a graduate of university?
I was crying within, not because of her achievement but the fact that I am facing a reality of been a coward, accepting the fact I delayed myself with my mistake. This girl has been my friend since we were babies and she always told me she will never move an inch without me by her side. I didn’t blame her for moving on, will she wait for me after I took a drastic decision that might ended both of astray even though she waited for me?
Probably I too would’ve graduated by now and may be a beneficiary of the scholarsh¡p as well.
See what I have caused myself, am a victim of my circ-mstances.
What would Immaculate Dad think of me? Will I be able to stand in his presence? A lot was running through my mind as I was following Immaculate like a lost sheep.
We got to their house, we met her mum and Dad in the sitting room, dad was just looking at me but mum rushed to hugged me and started apologizing for her wronged impression and how she transferred aggression on me last time.
DAD: Immaculate, where did you see Badejo?
IMMACULATE: School dad.
DAD: You graduated together?
IMMACULATE: No dad, he just gained admission.
DAD: Badejo is she saying the truth?
BADEJO: Yes sir.
DAD: so pathetic, I was told you left house and I was looking for you after I heard what happened between you and my wife.
Badejo I was highly disappointed in you. You are just like a son to me, myself and your father were a good and very close friend. He was my business partner which I hope your mother should’ve told you before she passed on. Now to the money my wife mentioned to you that got you angry and thought the best thing for you to do was to leave without listening to what I had to say about it. Your father introduced a business to me which I gave him money to carried out the job,it was a huge amount of money but along the line due to his sickness he couldn’t got it done, so before he passed on I went to see him with my wife and he handed over the money back to me,then after that he altered a statement that I should take care of his son for him. I didn’t know your father was close to death , I didn’t informed my wife about the money but she was there when your father returned the money to me with that statement. I didn’t know she got a very wrong impression about that and instead of her to ask me, she was telling what she wasn’t sure of. It was a disgrace to your path Immaculate mum,I have told you that. So that’s what happened about the money,it was my money.
Immaculate always came to me about with a very high expectations, she wanted you and her to attend the same school because she always wanted to be around you. She reminds me of how your parents passed on and encouraged me to try my best on you so that the gap wont be obvious to the extent of you thinking about your parents. Was that too much for her to asked me? No!
But you decided to rubbish her expectations by leaving this house without consulting me. Waiting for me was too much for you to do.
I was looking everywhere for you I couldn’t locate you anywhere. You didn’t make a decision, you made a mistake young boy.
BADEJO: I am sorry sir.
My legs are shaking already, my eyes are fainting gradually, my brain stopped functioning. Nothing to think about, nothing to say, I was crying saying sorry to Dad.
IMMACULATE: I told you to wait for dad, but you wouldn’t listen. I begged you to stay back not to leave but you pushed me away. I have been seeing people making mistakes but your own was just a silly and unreasonable mistake.
BADEJO: Daddy I am sorry please forgive me, pardon my wrong doing. I regret leaving this house. I am sorry sir.
DAD: No problem son. I promised my friend to give you the bast. If not too late I will take it from where I stopped or where you put a stop to it.
BADEJO: haa, thank you so much dad, thanks for your kind gesture. How would I repay you for all these? May God reward you sir. I have accepted my mistake and I am ready to make amendment and start all over. Thank you Dad.

Can you see where my silly mistake has landed me? It was such a regrettable mistake with uncertain decision.
At times our decisions might leads to a great mistake, so while taking your decision, be patient, think and rethink so it won’t lead you into a regrettable mistake.

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