My Monster

My monster episode 22 – 23


My Monster

Chapter 22

I looked at him, I don’t know I was expecting him to say but I know whatever he say will make a difference and it got my heart pounding.

“Barbie barbie, its too early in the day to think of dinner” he said. We are already at night what is he talking about, its just his way of saying he don’t feel the same way.

“I will be going inside” I said feeling broken “I will hold my end of Tue bargain and went inside, I listen for him to call but he didn’t.

I went inside with mixed feelings, I don’t know if I should be happy he’s out or I should be sad I didn’t get I love you too.

I went to school, in the morning all eyes on me, I have only one motive to convince his friends the reason why he did what he did. I ignored the stare and waited for the delinquent to arrive cause I know they are the one that need explanation.

“And just like that, you became the most popular girl” Amina said coming beside me, I smiled

“How are you” I asked trying to ignore the popular girl talk.

“Am fine, just kept telling my parents I had no idea about Eric” she said with a sigh “how stupid we are, we never reason the fact his name is Eric and he never said his surname” she said bewildered and the delinquents arrived.

“Help me and convince the delinquents the reason why Eric did what he did” I pleaded Amina

“Truthfully, I don’t know why he did it” she said. I forget she also need convincing, I sighed, I guess she is the first, she will then help me to convince the delinquents during break. So I started telling her the whole story

“So you mean his life might still be in danger since they haven’t catch the culprit” she asked and I nodded

“Wow, he have guts, cause I will still be hiding if am him” she said, I have told her everything, just not the personal part and the fact am the one that prompt him. At least now she will help me convince the delinquents.


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help me convince the delinquents” I said and she nodded, we departed when she got to her class, I went inside mine and Amanda eyes was on me, well I will convince them during break time.
“So that’s what he had to shoulder alone” Richie said feeling pity for Eric after am done telling them everything, its break time but non have the appetite to eat.


question, how come you recognised him, when even me couldn’t” Collins asked, he was Eric bestfriend before he left

“Love recognises the heart, thats how she recognized him” Amanda said, thank God she did cause I have nothing to say.

“What do you mean by that” Richie asked

“You know for a guy with high IQ you’re dumb” Amina said to the oblivious Richie, and the started they’re chitchat. We just smiled and started our normal chatting, am happy its all been resolved, I can’t wait to tell him all about it.


knew its Eric Junior all along so you left me for him” I heard Kevin saying, he looks mad, I feel pity for him.

“Does it matter anything to you” Amanda said barring her fangs, she never hasitate to bare her teeth

“Leave since you are not welcome” Collins said standing up, I looked and saw Kelly and his crew advancing, I remembered how it ended d the first time, since the monster is not here it might get more severe, I then decided to end it.

“Leave Kevin, I never knew he was Junior, and I was never with you” I said, he gave me a death glare and walked away. Collins and the rest only stand down when they saw Kevin and Kelly gang have settle down.

“I appreciate you guys standing up for me” I said gratefully.

“You’re Eric’s woman, that makes you the Luna of this crew since Eric is considered the Alpha” Richie said and we all laughed, I feel so honoured.

I didn’t see Eric the whole day, except seeing him in the TV, he kept answering questions on where he’s been, he told them everything but never mentioned me. Even when they asked her about the girl he was with, he said ‘she just my classmate’ it kept ringing in my head, every other thing he said to me suddenly became a sweet word with no volume. I have been played.
Is she right????

Chapter 23

Friday was worst, even Gabriella said I knew about Eric, I felt so tired worst Eric wasn’t in school, even when Amanda stop up for me I still felt defeated.


made sure to plaster how Eric deny having anything special with me and no lover will never do that. Nothing was enough to brighten my day, even the news of Eric exposing Mr Offor for loathing the company, I was suppose to feel proud for he achieved so much in such a young age, but I still feel sad. So sad I couldn’t even cry, I thought cry is the peak of sadness, I thought wrong. The peak of sadness is total tiredness, nothing seem to stir you up, you just become a living dead, counting your step as you walk as if you’re heading to your grave. The worst kind of sadness is the love kind of sadness.

I left school without waving anybody, I just want to go home and lie down, when my driver got home I climb down only to stand face to face with Eric.

“Barbie” he called, I wanted to move forward and hugged him but remembering the interview made my feet get stuck.

“Why are you here” I said tears now flowing. He looked surprise at my question.

“To see you?” He said

“You, the heir to the biggest network company, came too see me, just a classmate” I asked as my throat tightened, I felt a bitter bile rose up from my stomach. Epiphany struck him and he tried to come closer but stopped when I stepped back.

“Barbie that was just an interview” he said

“Yea, an interview the whole world saw” I said wiping my eyes. ‘I should’ve expected it when you didn’t reply when I professed to you” I said remembering that night. “You made me believe the fairytale was just a game to you, am just a game to you” I said weeping. He sighed

“Before fairytale, fun, passion, feelings, wealth power, before everything, my first duty is to protect you” he said and came a bit closer. “Barbie am like a time bomb, at a point I will explode and damage everything in my part, my life is in danger” he got close enough and held my hand “in other to protect you and keep you from harms way, I have to give them the answer” he said, I want to believe him I so want but my heart is too hurt to.

“You’re lying” I said

“We are having a mask party today, please do come and I will prove it all to you” he said, he looks desperate, I want to refuse, I fear I will experience more heart break but his looks makes my heart melts.

“Please Barbie” he pleaded. I just nodded gently he visibly relaxed. “I will leave you to go prepare I already told your parent” he said and my eye widened, dad came back last night I avoided him this morning so I won’t explain anything to him. Now this monster have gone and break the ice.

“No did not” I said

“Yes I did barbie” he said and rushed inside I heard him giggling.

Dad was in the sitting room when I entered,with newspaper on his hand

“Good afternoon dad” I greeted and he turned to me

“You’re back” he said, mom came out all dressed.

“Where are you going mom” I asked and she smiled

“The Stephenson’s invited to a mask party, so am going to go get some mask” she said and left, my mom is always up for a party, no am alone with dad, I rushed outside to go get Eric so he also will bear with me. Imagine my disappointment when I found out he’s gone, I slowly went inside.

“So, I came home only to find your face in daily sun front page” he said and I sucked up “the boy he came, talking about how special you’re and how honoured he will be if we came” he said and flipped his paper. I tried to speak but no word formed

“He’s courageous, not all teen boy have the nerves to meet the girls parents” he said and looked at me I dropped my eyes immediately “what do you think of him” he asked.

There is no way am telling my dad am in love with him, no father wants to hear his teenage daughter talking about love.

“He is good friend of mine” I said with rapsy voice.

“I hope so” he said and motioned me to leave, I left in a robotic way. When I got to my room I brought out my phone and switched it on, that’s my daily routine, after boothing I received a text from an unknown number

“Wear something hot Barbie”

I smiled, only one calls me Barbie, wipe the smile off your face, weren’t you suppose to be angry at him, my inner voice said. True, but after his explanation and seeing how handsome he is, its sort of difficult to stay mad at him

“How did you get my number” I sent him

“Easy, your mom” he replied almost immediately. I giggled and sat down, I think I will remove my uniform later.

“Typical of her, am not coming though” I replied just to see his reaction

“Simple I will bring the party to your house then” he sent, how brutal,

“You monster” I replied

“Barbie, that’s what makes me different, for am a monster among men” He replied, I giggled

“No debate, I know, so you caught the culprit” I asked

“Yea, and I know his in affiliation with the murderer too, so am hoping the murderer will make a move pretty soon”

“Then isn’t dangerous throwing a party”

“Probably, but am done being afraid or hiding, I’ve got you” he said and it warmed my heart, I wish his near so I could kiss him, I miss him

“I miss you” I sent, my eye widened as I realise it will make me feel desperate, worse he never replied. Even as night came and as I prepare for the party, my happiness suddenly went bitter, I even tried to stay home but father insisted, so I dressed up and left with them. I finally made the decision not to care too, this is the end of my first love.

Is this truly the end????

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