My Monster

My Monster episode 24 – 25


My Monster

Chapter 24

This is my second time being here, but am still left in utter awe by its splendor, they’re truly rich, everybody is with a mask, luckily that way I can avoid Eric since he won’t recognise me, with that I went inside. This party is truly a pussle, you won’t know your friend unless he or she tells you the mask they wear. I looked around and saw Eric, his wearing a tux, I could easily recognise him cause of his mask. People get trooping in to greet them, am glad his grandfather is fine now. I stood there just looking at him, he was looking around like he’s searching for someone, my heart whispers its me but my brain denied.

“Sorry” I heard from the guy that bumped into me

“Richie?” I said, his wearing a mask and a suit, I recognized him with his voice

“Barbara” he called and I nodded

“Why in a haste” I asked

“Amina broke up with me this morning and the only way to continue our relationship is if we find each other tonight” he said, still looking around

“She’s with a mask, how possible will it be to find her” I asked,

“She said you were able to recognise Eric so we will be able to recognise each other” he said, I smile ever trust Amina to do interesting things

“Are you confident you will find her” I asked, he then looked at me and smiled.

“If I wasn’t, then I won’t be looking around” he said with a confident smile, I smiled and he left, I looked and saw Eric exchanging pleasantries with the guest, after a while he whispered something to his grandfather and left. I walked to the side and took a juice from the urshers.

“When I said hot, I never meant long black gown” I heard Eric said behind me, I frozed and turn. “Well its better so no man get to look at you like a savage” he said smiling, funny I missed the mask.

“You recognized me” I asked, he smiled and got closer.

“I know you so much that I can even recognize your foot print” he said smiling and my earlier resolve not to care crumbled


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I tried to form a word but couldn’t

“You’re sad, I didn’t reply your text, angry I didn’t reciprocate when you professed” he said coming closer, he stopped only a foot away.

“All this I did had a reason, I wanted to say everything at the right time, that’s why I said its too early in the day to think of dinner” he said, I know this is heading to a good place, but the contriction am feeling between my legs is making it impossible for me to concentrate, my bladder is full, I was about going to the rest room when he came.


you hold that talk” I said not able to bear it anymore,

“What” he asked, the saw how I twitched my lips and hoping from one leg to another “oh Barbie, you’re excused” he said with a chuckle and I rushed to the rest room, I knew where its located I used it the last time I was here.

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I had to pull up my gown so fast for its nearly coming out, nothing can dent nature, I sigh as I release everything from my bladder. The rest room is for visitors, its have five toilet each in its own cubicle, I get it they host party a lot. I was about to flush down when I heard someone enter, I always hate it meeting someone in the rest room I decided to keep calm and wait till she leaves.

“What’s holding you” I heard her talk, is she with someone.

“Nothing on earth will stop my son from inheriting the company” she said, my eyes widened instinctly I knew she is part of the murder I wish I can see her face.

“Good, you already monitored every one” I think she is on call, I wish I can hear what the other person is saying.

“Yes use the girl” she said, I gasped, she stopped talking, I think she heard me, I heard her footsteps come closer, I was petrified. After a while the door sling open, lo and behold, its Eric’s

Chapter 25

“What are you doing here” she asked, she is old so I can easily over power her that’s my only confidence.

“Listening to your plot” I said confidently

“Now you have heard it, what difference does it make” she said, isn’t she suppose to be begging, perhaps I played everything wrongly.

“I will go tell” I said standing from the toilet, I walked past her to go wash my hand, I need to play along too.


go” she said coming closer “but who will believe a grandmother will plot against her son” she said, she’s right, but she’s forgotten one thing, we are in a global age, no matter how rich she is, she is born like 7_8 decades ago, that means she have no idea what technology can do.

I moved away from her, brought out my phone and started recording, my heart was frantically beating for I fear she might catch me, she is just behind me, yet she’s oblivious.

“I’ve been thinking why will you want to kill you grandson” I asked coming close to her, with my phone out of my purse, I made it look like am just waving it around.

“Cause technically, he’s not my grandson” she said, I hope its loud enough for my phone to record it. Am so scared “Mr Stephenson married me when his wife died, he already have a son, Eric senior, I never loved him, when I gave birth to Anayo, my son” she said Anayo with much admiration

“I swear to make him king of Stephenson empire, I plotted with him and killed Eric and his wife, with junior escaping” she said moving away, with the fear my phone won’t get what’s saying I moved closer.

“So you killed your stepson and his wife because of inheritance” I asked and she nodded

“But my son won’t still have the company unless junior dies, and he’s already trying to figure out all the money we loath” she said and moved away too, I sense she’s planing something like she’s buying time.

“You already have everything, why dirty your hand for more” I asked

“Cause the hunger for power is never satiated” she said and looking at her right now she looks like all these villain in Barbie.

“You won’t get away with this” I said, she smiled.

“Already did” she answered, her smile gave me the creep, it confirms my suspicions, she have something up her sleeve, not waiting to find out what I ran off the bathroom, I just heard her scoff. As I ran I saved the audio, and by instinct I sent it to Eric Whatsapp without listening to it, I hope its audible enough.

I came out to the hall and searched with my eyes for Eric, I wasted a lot of time in the bathroom, he must be worried, I looked and saw him with his mask, I rushed towards him.

“Eric something is wrong” I said, I figured he haven’t get what I sent him. He held me and shrugged, instantly I noticed its not him. The person before me have no vanilla scent, his eyes in plain.

“Who are you” I asked

“Your nemesis” he answered with a rapsy voice, I get he’s the person she called, I tried to scream but stopped when I felt something poked me. I look down to see a gun pointing at me.

“Just one sound, and I will shoot, move” he said, I know he wouldn’t shoot, for the noise will attract attentions, but I also don’t want to risk my life so I moved. What to do.

To be continued

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