My Monster

My Monster episode 28 – end


My Monster

Chapter 28

Looking up close, I recognized him, he was there the day at the hospital, I felt Eric viberate, he is really angry

“Why” Eric asked raising his voice,

“Cause I want the company” he said with a smirk

“Its not your birthright” Eric said

“True, but still want it” he said Eric tried to lung at him but the four guys behind him pulled out a gun.

“So you planned all these with your mother” Eric said

“Yes, how did you know that” he asked a bit confused. I felt a happiness surge inside me, even in this dire moment am so happy I was of help to Eric.

“What does it matter to you” Eric said, squeezing my hand.

“Truthfully it doesn’t, cause you all will die here, this wasn’t our initial plan to kill you here, we want to steal the girl away, send you the address and kill you when you get there” he said and sigh,

“But you have just delivered yourself” he said with a wicked smile.

Eric turned to me. “Say it again” he said

“What” I asked with confusion

“This is what my life might always be, am in a position where I have to stand tall even as people want to bring me down, my life might constantly be in the danger. Even know all this will you still repeat what you told me that night at your house” he said and I immediately know what he meant.

I caresses over his cheek, look deep into his eyes,

“I told you, am in it till the end, I love you Eric” I said and he smiled

“I love you more” he said, though this moment might be our last, but its a happy moment for having Eric say these words is euphoria. I smiled as butterflies erupts.

“Enough of the love act, kill them all” He said.Eric hugged me as I pressed myself into him to bask in his warmth

“Move and we shoot” I heard a stern voice said, my eyes flicked open and I saw the soldier man that normally bring them to school.


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here with 6 other soldiers, I visibly relaxed, Eric is truly ahead, the culprit surrendered.

“Officers, am also a victim here” Anayo said with puppy looks, he’s trying to deny everything, how bad.

“Yes you are” Richie came out from behind the bed with a camera, when did he, am confused.


did he” I asked,

“The moment, I pushed this hoodlum back” Eric said pointing at the guy on the ground clearly passed out ” Richie, crept in and took the position, you were clearly admiring me you fail to see him” he said with a wink and I shoved him.

“Our main plan was to get the hoodlum confessed, I never knew I will get Anayo to” he said with bitterness.

“The importance of being petite” Richie said showing his in love with his nature.

“Come Barbie, your parents will be looking for you” he said, I took the phone where the hoodlum kept it. The girls were standing outside, Amanda and Amina,


let’s go” they said to me as the boys stood with the Army, I looked at Eric and he smile

“I love you” he mouth to me

“I love you more” I mouthed back as the girls literally Dragged me away

Chapter 29

The girl took me straight to my parents, they are not in the party hall, they’re with Eric grandfather. We passed the party hall before getting here, am surprise the party was still on and people don’t even know anything happened

“Mom, dad” I said, they turned and hugged me, mom have tears in her eyes

“Thank God you’re fine” mom said sobbing, I hugged her back.

“I told you to trust my grandson” papa said with pride. I get Eric told them everything and his plan.

“So where is grandmother” I asked boldly, he shook his head in pain

“She’s away for now” he said. My dad tabs my back and ask to speak to me alone, I then shift to the corner with him.

“Am glad you’re safe” he said


“But are you sure you can keep up with this family and their crisis, for even though the culprit was found this time around, they will always have people after them” he said, Eric said the same thing, and am not backing down.

“Dad, we always have enemies, God is the one that fight for us, so do not be afraid” I said, beside Eric haven’t proposed or anything, we went back to the people.

“This is a party so let’s get back to the party” grandfather said and we all laughed

“What of the culprit” I asked

“Taken care of” I heard my Eric said, coming beside me “tomorrow we will go visit them in the station” he said, hearing his voice made me m0an.


my voice made you m0an” he whispered to me, I gasped and looked around, I hope nobody noticed

“Don’t worry, you’re secrets save with me” he said “excuse us” he said to everyone and took me to the party hall.

“Here’s your mask” he said handing the mask over to me, I wore it and he wore his.

“Have this dance with me Barbie” he said, the music was slow and steady, people were just waltzing around

“Sure monster” I said and he growled, making me giggle

“We will make everything public tomorrow” he said as we waltz around

“Won’t it attract publicity” I asked

“My live is all about publicity, and I have to, so others will learn not to mess with me” he said, I nodded

“I know you don’t like attention, so I won’t involve you, the audio and video is enough evidence” he said and I smile, this moment nobody exist except Eric. I hear the music slowly play, and I dance around also listening to his heart beat.

“Barbie” he whispered and I m0an snuggling inside him the more. He kissed my forehead

“Will you marry me” he said and I gasped, not in a million world did I expect he will propose. He pulled apart

“I know my life is a mess and will always be under the public eyes, which you hate most, not to mention the dangers ahead” he said looking so desperate

“I know we are young and still have a lot of years ahead of us to meet new people, I know all this but am here asking you to marry me” he said breathing heavily

“Eric” I said

“I know you will be conflicted, that you have hope of meeting new guys, and saying yes now will only cripple you, so how about you give me the answer, perhaps 9-10 years from now, when you have explore the whole world and met new people, I will still be here to hear your answer for you’re the only one for me, be it now or a thousands years from now” he said, I fell deeper as I saw the sincere look on his face. My next answer will be the turning point of my life.

Chapter 30

“Yes” I said as tears flowed “be it now, tomorrow or a thousand years from now, my answer will be yes, because there is no one for me but you” I said and he breathing got louder.

“Yes!” He screamed getting peoples attention, did he just forget how I hate attention.

“Yes” he screamed again, I drew him down

“Scream again and my answer will change” I said and he made a motion to zip his lips, I smiled at how cute he is.

He took me straight to see my parents, I never imagine what they will think of this.

“Like I promised, we won’t be getting married or letting it known to the public till she finishes her education” Eric said to dad and I gasped, he already told my parents

“What” I said

“He asked for your hand before going to rescue you, so I told him as long as you say yes, we also accept but that before any marriage rite will be done you must be through with education” dad said, I look to see the smile on mom face.

“So we are now in-law” said grandfather and we all laugh “so quickly finish your education, cause I would like to see my great grandchildren” he said and I blushed, I pictured what must transpire for me to reproduce.

“Wipe that naughty thought off your head” Eric whispered to me and I shoved him, he giggled. And kissed me, just like always he knocked the breath off me, now I couldn’t even look at my parents, I kicked his leg and left angrily.

“My Barbie is a fiesty one’ I heard him said before running after me, am so going to make him pay for this
8 years later.

The wedding day.

I met a boy 8 years ago, he changed my life, he became the best of me, and here I stand saying vows with him, we’ve had our obstacles, even from jealous friends that tried to break us apart, but out love prevailed in the end.

His wicked grandmother and Anayo got what they deserved, The witch got a heart attack and died when the judge passed life sentence to Anayo. They we’re willing to pardon her since she is old and didn’t commit any of the killing herself, but God didn’t pardon her.

“Yes I do” Eric said, looking into my eyes and just like always his eyes still drew me in. I don’t think my heart will ever stop leaping with joy anytime I see him.

“Yes I do” I also replied the priest, I smiled as I look at the beautiful monster in front of me.

“I now pronounced you MAN and WIFE, you may now kiss the bride” said the priest, breath prepare to be knocked away, for every time he kisses me my heart skip and my breath hitch, he drew me close and smile.

“Barbie, you gave me a fairytale, in this world of horror” he said, and I place my finger on his lips to keep him quiet.

“Just kiss me already” I said, and he giggled

“How fiesty” he said, I tried to talk but he shut me up by sealing my lips with a kiss, it works every time, I heard the scream and howling of people. We broke apart after the kiss. I looked at my parents to see the happy face, grandfather is also happy, I wonder their happiness when I tell them about my pregnancy.

I looked at the guy before me and smile, since I met him my life have been a fairytale,

“Thank you for the fairytale” I said and he smiled

“I told you Barbie, every Barbie deserves a fairytale, especially you” he said and kissed me again.

This is how my monster became my prince charming
The end.

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God bless everyone of us

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