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My mother in-law batch 2

My mother in-law 18+ ❣️
Episode 2 & 3 🤡
I stood there and was looking at her as she
drove off.
i went home with a bit joy.
when I got home, i took my bath and laid
down on the bed.
Val call came in and I picked up. He asked
me if I’ve gotten home and I told him yes.
I asked him about Yvonne and he told me
that she’ll sleep over in his house
I advised him to be very careful about her
and he told me that nothing will happen,
infact that
Yvonne will be his future wife.
“bitter cola doesn’t sweet the way it sounds
in the ear” I said to him.
We discussed a little and hanged up.
The next day,
I woke up very early in the morning and did
some morning chores before I went to a
nearby building site to know if I can see
anything to do there,
even if it is to serve a bricklayer but
i couldn’t because
there are some people who came before me.
I went away,
as I was going on the road,
I fell into a big thought that made me
forgot myself
till one man tapped me from the back.
“com Mr man, u no go comot for road abi u
wan die” he said.
I regain myself and fall beside the road.
The woman that was inside the car horning
for me to clear
from the road parked aside and came down
and came to where i fell down and helped
me to stand.
some people were also around me,
some of them were scolding me for
blocking the road.
cha! nwoke n’ife!!!
The woman told them to leave me that I
didn’t block the road intentionally.
She took me to her car and asked me my name and I told her.
she a asked me what the problem was,
that made me forgot myself on the road.
I decided not to
let her know my predicaments but she
persuaded me to let the cat out of the bag,
so I lied and told her I lost a contract.
She pited me with the way her face
She gave me #20000 and told me not to
worry at all ,
that I should take the things of the world
easy to avoid premature dead.
She gave me her card and told me to call
her anytime I like.
I thanked her for the money and came down
from her car,
so she drove off.
I got home that day feeling excitement.
At least,
this money she gave me can serve me well.
Owu nwee gi, iwota na 5naira bu nnukwu
Two weeks later,
on Sunday, i decided to call that woman
and know how she is fairing.
I called her thrice but she didn’t pick up.
I deleted her number from my phone
In the evening of that same day,
one number called me and I picked up
CALLER : Hello, this number called me in
the morning but I was busy then so I didn’t
pick ,
whats your name?
ME:I’m igwe.
CALLER : igwe! the one I met the other day?
ME: **from her voice,
I found out she was that woman I called in
the morning ** yes
CALLER : I’m so sorry my dear. How are
you doing?
ME:I’m doing fine ma.
MADAM : will you be less busy this coming
Sunday? I want you to come over.
ME : There is no problem ma, I’ll.
**Hanged up
I started wondering why she said that I
should come over.
Next Sunday,
after church i called her to
inform her about our appointment and also
asked her for address.
She sent it to me.
The venue address she sent to me was a
hotel far from my house.
I got prepared and enter taxi and went to
the hotel.
when I got there, I called her and she told
me to tell the receptionist to bring me to
room 9.
I entered inside and told the receptionist to
take me to room 9.
The receptionist placed a call to her and
she approved .
The receptionist took me to the room and went down
I knocked and she ushered me in with a
I was dumb because I didn’t know why she
invited to the hotel room
I sat down and looked at her.
I greeted her ,
she responded.
“I’m sorry to ask ma,
why did you invite me here instead of your
house? “i asked.
She stood up from the bed where she sat down and
came closer and sat on
my laps and lowered her hand on my neck
and equally rolled
a k-ss on my lips.
Episode 3 👀
I was amazed for the k-ss.
MA: Don’t worry my dear. Tell me about yourself,
I mean your educational level and your background.
ME : **I didn’t just understand why she invites me there for.
I decided not to answer her but on a second thought,
she might of help to me so I cheered up and felt at home** I’m a second child of my parent,
I’m a graduate ….
MA: a graduate?
ME: yes ma’am
MA: ** she took a glanced look at me,
I guess she didn’t believe me with the way she looked at me when I told her I’m a graduate. ** Are you working now?
ME: no ma’am. I graduated last year but ever since then
I haven’t secure a job.
MA: so sorry about that.
so what’re doing for now?
ME: nothing ma,
i do work in a building site at least to feed myself,pay for house rent and others.
I’m really tired of this country.
After many years of suffering in the school,
i came out only to be a bricklayer.
Government cant create job opportunities for the youth.
The rich becomes richer
while the poor becomes poorer.
MA: that is Nigeria for you and I..
you see my dear,
you don’t have to wait for the govt to create job opportunity for you to make it.
Those that were employed,
they haven’t pay them their salary.
Schooling in Nigeria is not to get a job but to enlighten you.
I was once a teacher when my husband were still alive,
govt couldn’t pay us for 6months so because of that,
my husband told me to quit the work and join him in his company.
I’ve no option than to resign.
Just calm down, I’ll help you out.
ME : **I became happy **thank you ma’am.
MA: you’re welcome. what about your parent and your brothers?
ME: we’re only three boys in our family,
my father is late, my mother is a farmer and my senior brother works in a welding company while
my junior brother is in school.
MA: so sorry for your father’s demise.
igwe are you engaged?
ME: No ma’am.
MA :I like you from the first day we met and that’s the reason why I gave you my card.
you see ever since my husband died,
I was all alone…
ME: ** I cut in ** what of your children?
MA: I’ve only a girl, she is still in university.
so my dear,
I need a young guy who can be by me,
who can give it to me when I need it.
ME: ** I pretended as if I didn’t know what she mean ** I don’t understand ma’am
MA: ** she came closer ** igwe, I love you and I want you to be mine and I promise you,
you’ll never regret it.
I’m going to employ you in my company and equally make you a manager bcos I see the potential in you
just say yes to me.
ME: what you’re requesting from me is somehow hard.
Do you know am old enough to be your son?
MA: age doesn’t matter in this case but what matters is love and s€×ual
satisfaction. ** she robbed my head and was looking into my eyes.
“omo see this woman oo,
she wan start practicing love for this her age? I said to myself. ** igwe just say yes to me and your life will change automatically.
ME: ** I’ve to think about it, I’ll get back to you soon.
MA: c’mon, stop behaving childish
** no matter how old a woman may be,
they still know how to sed-ce a man,
if you doubt me,
check any old woman around you.
she held me to herself,
before I could know what was going, I pushed her to the bed by then my d–k was already hard and ready to mingle.
To be continued.

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