My Mother In-law

My mother in-law batch 9

My mother in-law 18+ ❤️
Episode 16 & 17 ❣️
I allowed her and we slept in the parlor.
When I woke up in the morning been sunday,
I couldn’t see her in the parlor. I called her and she answered from the bathroom.
She told me,
She is bathing.
She had already tidied up my house and kept everything in order.
After she finished bathing,
I also took my bath.
She prepared our breakfast and we ate together.
I convinced her to follow me to my church and
She obliged.
We prepared to church ,when we got to her car,
She gave me the car key and told me to drive.
I took it from her and drove to the church.
After church service, I drove her home and she prepared our Sunday meal.
At a time, I became worried and she noticed it.
JUMMY: ** she came closer to me ** igwe your face is not bright,
What’s wrong?
ME: I’m worried about your mother….
JUMMY: my mother! What about her?
ME: you know you came to my house yesterday and you haven’t gone home since yesterday,
Am scared, she might be worried.
JUMMY: **laughed** Don’t get yourself worked up about that.
Am not a kid anymore. And
By the way,
If she’s worried, she should have call me.
So my dear, cheer up and forget that.
ME: If you said so, there is no problem.
JUMMY: Are you happy now?
ME: yes.
JUMMY: igwe I couldn’t just believe this
ME: believe what?
JUMMY: that we slept together last night and you didn’t touch me **I smiled ** I decided to tempt you by sleeping in this parlor with you.
I’m still surprise that a full fresh guy can do What you did last night. I’m so proud of you igwe.
ME: All men are not the same and same to women.
** in the evening of that sunday,
She got dressed and told me that she’ll be leaving.
I esc-rted her to where she parked her car.
Before she left, she asked me the number of my house and street name and I told her.
She pecked me and drove off.
I went in,side and started thinking about the response she gave me when I want to toast her.
“When will this brother of a thing ends.
I love JUMMY with all my heart with this homage she paid me and care,
I think she is a wife material.
I must marry her.
The next morning, i prepared to work,
When I got to the office, it was already 8:00am.
Our office cleaner was still cleaning our office when I entered.
She greeted me and I responded.
The girl was so good in terms of greeting because of the way she greeted me.
I asked her,
Her name and she told me it’s Clara.
She was so beautiful and industrious too.
I’ve been watching her over some days I’ve worked in that company.
My intention was to draw her to myself,
Not for relationsh¡p issue but I want to take her as my sister more less I
Gasped her wella in terms of age .
I started asking her about her education and background.
Her story was so touching, she told me that her parents and brothers were late.
They all died in motor accident in one day.
So she’s the only person left in her family.
I asked her where she was living and she told me that she was living
With a friend.
She further narrated that she once lived with her uncle but he was treating her bad.
She said that,
It was her uncle that disflowered her when she was 17years old.
So ever since then,
She ran away from his house to looked for what to do.
As she was still explaining things to me,
Val entered and looked at me with a rumpled face and the girl greeted him but he ignored her and mandated her to go out and she left.
Episode 17 🥰
ME: what is your problem val? Why did you sent that poor girl away like that.
VAL: igwe what’s wrong with you?
How can you be discussing with a common cleaner in,side your office.
C’mon this is your place of work,
So you’d not joke or play here.
If you don’t want to get yourself into trouble,
You better buckle up and avoid this to repeat itself here again.
If our madam see such a thing,
Bear it in mind that she’ll fire you.
She don’t joke with her business and so she don’t tolerate that in this her company.
Fasten up and be wise to avoid had I know.
ME: thank you for the advice but you shouldn’t have send that poor girl away in the manner you did.
VAL: OK but huge man,
I hope you’re not telling her what am thinking bcos it’s abnormal and amateur too.
ME: val, you get dirty mind ooo.
I was only asking her about her background…..
VAL: her background? What are you doing with her background?
ME: nothing…. The girl is so industrious and I Decided to know her more.
VAL: where did you kept your Phone since Saturday?
I’ve tried calling you but it’s switched off.
What happened?
** I narrated what happened to him.
He was amazed and I also told him that JUMMY paid me a visit.**
VAL: hmmmm.. Huge man, I know say you
Chop am now.
ME: chop am kwa!
VAL: eeeehe naw.
** I explained everything that happened between jummy and I
During the weekend to him.
He advised me to keep ongoing that one day she will fall for me.
We started with our work.
We stopped talking with each other and concentrated fully on our system.
We got a call from our madam,
She told us to suspend whatever thing we’re doing and come to her office.
We looked at each other,,,,
“Who knows why she is calling us?”
I asked Val.
“Maybe she overheard our discussion in the morning.” Val replied.
We went to her office and she was making a call when we entered,
So we stood aside as we’re waiting for her.
After the call, we greeted her and she responded**
MA’AM: Val I hope the Ghana delivery doc-ments are ready bcos the goods are ready…
VAL: That was what igwe and I were working on ma’am,
But we’ll soon round it up.
MA’AM: This time around, I don’t want any mistake again so that the company wouldn’t terminate our contract with them.
VAL: I assure you ma’am, it wouldn’t be any mistake this time around.
MA’AM: igwe I hope Val is coaching you well?
ME: yes ma’am, he’s trying.
MA’AM: Val go and meet the receptionist,
There was a paper I gave her to give to you in the
Collect it from her and fill it,
When you’re through return it to my office.
Be fast about that?
VAL: yes ma’am.
** Val turns to go and I wanted to follow him but she called me back.**
MA’AM: **smiled ** baby boy how’re you doing?
ME: I’m doing ok.
MA’AM: What happened, I’ve been calling your number but it’s switched off?
ME: some guys attacked me and stole my phone.
MA’AM: when did it happened?
ME: Last friday night as I was coming from one of
Our coworker’s birthday party.
MA’AM: sorry, I hope you didn’t sustain any injury.
ME: I didn’t.
** she opened her drawer and gave me #20,000 to buy another phone.
I thanked her so much. I perked her and left her office.
As I was going back to our office, I met Val as he was going to our madam’s office.
He told me to work on the doc-ment he dropped on my table .
I went to our office.
After the day’s work val took me home.
As I was about to open my door,
I heard a knock on our gate. I went there and opened the gate.
Something happened!
To be continued

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