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my mother inlaw rival episode 2 – 3


my mother inlaw rival

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Episode 2
When Shola and Tunde got home, she felt more
relieved. Tunde ask why she asked them to leave
she told him she’s was feeling fatigue. Tunde
thought maybe it was because of the love they
make before going out caused her fatigue so he
prepared meal for her and after eating, she fell
It about 3 days now that the incident has happened yet
sola doesn’t know the best movement to take, as
she was thinking about this, Tunde tickled her from
the back and she felt scared at first but Tunde took
her from the bed and carry her on his laps.
Yetunde was left alone in the house one day so
she decided to check who Shola was in her viewing
calabash after viewing her she saw how powerful she was. She
think of blocking her view towards her but she get
to know Shola as known every hidden secret about
her. She pronounced some incantation to make
Shola forget everything she saw about her but it
didn’t work on her and after so much attempt, she
decided to leave her since she did not make any
move against her but she has made up her mind to
report Shola in their witch meeting if she try anything
funny. As she was calling sola’s name through incantations,
Shola and Tunde were busy enjoying themselves in
their house.
After making love, Tunde went out to get something
which gave Shola a huge opportunity to think of the
best thing to do for Yetunde. First she knelt down
and pray to God not to allow any evil to befall Tunde and
his mother and during her prayer session, she saw a vision
telling her to confront Yetunde about her evil plan
and when she through with her prayer, she started
to grow in fears as she did not know how to
summon the courage to meet Yetunde. She knelt
down again to pray for God’s safety over her family
yet the vision comes again and it was then she knew
she as work to do.
After a week, Yetunde and her children have travel
as usual, she’s still expecting Shola while Shola
doesn’t know how to go about the confrontation.
She has been feeling dizzy of late and has been
throwing up as well,she went to complain to doctor
and some test were run upon her complaint.
Not long, the result shows she’s pregnant. She
was so happy and the doctor explain to her the do’s
and don’t in order to keep her and the baby
She left the hospital and headed to her parent house
…they were sad and happy to see her pregnant.
Shola was not pleased with the way her parent
responded, she expect them to jubilate with her but
they only congratulate her not long, she left
When she left, her mother started crying and
Shola’s father plead to her not to cry again as he
suggest they should go to the pastor maybe he’ll be
of help. Some minutes later, Shola was at home as her parent
sudden drama did not let her get herself, she told
Tunde about her pregnant in which he was so
happy about. Shola was pleased because she have
at least someone that is happy about her pregnancy.
She told him about her parent behavior and he told her not
to be worried maybe it because they have been expecting it since«««Shola knew that is not the
answer or reason but she just keep quiet as she did
not want to probe futher.
Some minutes later, Shola’s parent got to their
pastor’s house and after prayer session, the pastor
told them the madness will do her for 6 month but
if they pray fervently, it wouldn’t be more than 3
month. On hearing this, Shola’s mother broke into
tears ‘3 months of madness’ she started lamenting.
God this is not fear, how could you do this to my

Episode 3
Shola’s parent left the pastor place as he promised to pray on behalf of their child. He also told them to let Tunde knows about the madness.
Baba Shola: Iya Shola, did you think we should told Tunde about this?
Iya Shola: No way! We can’t tell him. How did you think he will feel?
Baba Shola: I thought as much too. Let pray and stop crying.
There 1st daughter walks in while they are still praying and she quickly join them in the prayer as well.
Throughout that day at Shola’s house,she kept on thinking about what might have went wrong with her parent when she broke the news of her pregnant to them but she could not fathom the reason. When Tunde left home for his mechanic place, she quickly pray to God maybe God will show her what went wrong with her parent. She started praying fervently and not long she saw a vision which show’s that she should pray very well for herself and the second vision was to pray concerning Mrs. Yetunde that any evil she’s planning upon anybody should not be fulfilled. On seeing that, she started praying for herself and she pray till tears started dropping from her eyes. She prayed for anybody Mrs. Yetunde is planning evil against and she was still in prayer as Tunde walks in.
Tunde: Hmmmmmm. Mother in Isreal, hope you prayed for me?
Shola: She nod her head and motion Tunde to lift her up, she hug her husband and continue weeping, tunde was worried why she’s crying. Later in the day she told him its a cry of joy cos she will become a mother soon. Tunde felt relieved as they cuddle eachother still she’s not happy because she did not see any vision concerning her parent.
Yetunde was just back from one of her numerous trip with her 2 children, she was so sad when she got home that she was unable to greet anybody. She walk pass every living things in the living room this got Mr. Olaosebikan angry and decided to storm into her room. As Yetunde enter her room, she started thinking of the loss she pass through some days ago all her maga’s in dubia did not give her a dime. All those she lick charm for before asking money from them did not give her money. She was so sad and decided to check who is behind her misery. She sprang on her foot and open her wardrobe , soon she took out the calabash, say some incantation and soon Shola’s pics appear, she was still in deep thought when she heard a knock on her door, she quickly return the calabash but before she could through, the person jam in but luckily the door was closed. She sat on the bed with tears in her eyes, Mr. Olaosebikan move close to her and ask why she walks in without greeting anybody. She told him she was dupe! Her husband ask the type of work she went to do in dubai and the amount of money they dupe from her. She could not talk but continue to weep. Her husband told her if that’s is the case that will be the end of her travelling. He told her if she cannot set up a business here, she should forget about working.

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