My Mother’s Curse


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Episode 7

”If u know wat is good for u, u better travel to th£ village to see ur poor moth£r and broth£r who are worried ab©vt u”, th£ uncle said and walked away ”h°ttie pie! do u !n anyway knows that man? th¡s one h£ was persist!ng that ur moth£r and broth£r are !n th£ village worried ab©vt u”, Sharon asked bianca who h¡ssed ”dont m!nd that man I don’t know h¡m from Adam! u know everyone is try!ng to get my attention because am th£ s£netor’s daughter! I don’t know h¡m before,£ government should do someth!ng ab©vt all th£se mad people roam!ng @r0vnd! I will talk to my fath£r ab©vt that! girlfriend pls let’s go”, bianca said ”ok oo”, Sharon said, as th£y both walked towards wh£re bianca’s car was parked.


Three weeks later, Ben was seen cry!ng and press!ng h¡s moth£rs b©dy with h°t water and face towel, h¡s moth£r’s b©dy was gett!ng worst and worst every s!ngle day, ”mama pls u needs to go to th£ hospital, ur condition is gett!ng worse day by day, I can’t bear it if anyth!ng bad happens to u! mama pls let me take u to th£ hospital, I know th£re is no money for that but atleast I can deposit th£ doctor th£ little I have saved, atleast I have saved up to 1500 naira, I stay h£re and watch u die”, Ben cried ”my son! even if u deposit th£ doctor three thousand, th£ doctor won’t collect it,.. hospital bills are very much expensive h£re !n th¡s village! pls my son don’t both£r ab©vt me! both£r ab©vt urself”, Mrs nana said !n a low and shaky tone ”mama u don’t needs to say that pls! I can’t bear it if anyth!ng happens to u! pls let me take u to th£ hospital I beg u”, Ben persist and h£ld h¡s moth£r’s [email protected] and placed it on h¡s ch£st with tears dropp!ng d©wΠ h¡s eyes ”my son I want u to promise me one th!ng”, Mrs nana said ”ok mama wat is it? Ben asked ”i want u to promise me that even if I die, u will be strong? and I also want u to look for ur sister wh£rever $h£ maybe and forgive h£r no matter wat”, Mrs nana said ”Godforbid mama! u will never die”, Ben cried, j√$t th£n h¡s moth£r’s phone started r!ng!ng, Ben cleaned h¡s eyes and look at th£ caller, it was h¡s uncle call!ng, so h£ picked it ”h£llo uncle afternoon”, Ben greeted on phone ”afternoon Ben how are u? th£ uncle responded ”am not f!ne uncle! my moth£r has been sick s!nce th£ past one month now and th£ condition is gett!ng worst day by day! th£re is no money to take h£r to th£ hospital”, Ben cried ”oh my! wat exactly is wrong with h£r? pls [email protected] th£ phone to h£r let me h£ar h£r voice and th£re is also someth!ng I needs to tell h£r”, th£ uncle said at th£ oth£r ends of th£ call ”uncle I am not sure $h£ will be strong to talk on phone! uncle pls h£lp me! I don’t want anyth!ng bad to happen to my moth£r! I know u don’t have but atleast no amount is too small”, Ben said on phone ”my God! so ur moth£r has been sick s!nce th£ past one months now and th£re is no money to take h£r to th£ hospital, while ur sister is h£re !n th£ city lavish!ng money”, th£ uncle said ”wat?? my sister? u mean u knows wh£re my sister is stay!ng !n th£ city? Ben asked on phone ”offcourse! I know wh£re $h£ is stay!ng h£re !n th£ city! I saw h£r three weeks ago com!ng ©vt from a very big mansion with h£r friend! $h£ even said $h£ don’t know me”, th£ uncle said ”hmmmm!! uncle pls which side of th£ city and pls can u h£lp me with h£r address? Ben said ”$h£ stays !n Lagos, at Victoria island, no 18b charity estate, I was com!ng [email protected]¢k from a friend’s place wh£n I saw h£r com!ng ©vt from a mansion! that ur sister is someth!ng else! don’t worry I will s£nd someth!ng to my son th£re !n th£ village to give to u so u can take ur moth£r to th£ hospital! any amount I s£nt to u pls j√$t manage it and take ur moth£r to th£ hospital, u know I don’t have? anyway my regards to ur moth£r”, th£ uncle said ”ok uncle! thank u very much I do appreciate”, Ben said ”no problem! j√$t take ¢ar£ of urselves bye”, th£ uncle said and ended th£ call ”mama uncle was th£ one that called! h£ said h£ saw bianca and h£ knows wh£re $h£ is stay!ng! h£ even told me th£ address”, Ben said ”oh thank u Jesus! I thought someth!ng bad happened to my daughter th¡s one am not h£ar!ng from h£r aga!n? my son! u needs to travel to th£ city and look for ur sister, wh£n u f!nds h£r, tell h£r I said $h£ should come and see me that it urgent”, Mrs nana said and forced a smile ”but mama who will take ¢ar£ of u if I travel to th£ city? Ben asked worriedly ”dont worry I will be f!ne! is it not j√$t for two days! pls my son go! I will be f!ne”, Mrs nana said ”ok no problem! but how am I go!ng to do th£ T fair? Ben asked ”dont worry ab©vt that, I have some little money I have saved though I reserved th£ money for u !ncase someth!ng bad happens to me! I will give u th£ money so u can travel to th£ city first th!ng tomorrow morn!ng”, Mrs nana said ”but mama why would u do a th!ng like that? why do u ¢ar£ ab©vt ur children even m©r£ than ur life? u have been sick s!nce th£ past one months and u have th£ money for hospital and yet refused to br!ng it ©vt simply because u reserved it for me! mama u shouldn’t have done like that”, Ben said almost !n tears ”my children are m©r£ important to me m©r£ than any oth£r th!ng! even m©r£ than my own life, pls my son! u needs to travel to th£ city tomorrow morn!ng and call me ur sister! I have missed h£r alots and really wants to see h£r! I needs to bless my children before I die”, Mrs nana said ”have h£ard u mama! I will travel to th£ city tomorrow morn!ng! but stop say!ng u will die! u are not go!ng to die! u shall live to eat th£ fruit of ur labour amen”, Ben said and hugged h¡s moth£r with tears dropp!ng d©wΠ h¡s eyes.



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