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my perfect marriage episode 10



Episode 10

Kassy and Ted were doing well and slowly Kassy was starting to go to church. She did not force Ted to come along but he started following her on few occasions.

Philip was confused how was he going to come out of this mess that he had brought upon himself, there’s no way Patience would understand. He loved her so much and didn’t want to hurt her but he was already in love with his unborn babies.

That day when Philip got home, Patience had prepared him a very nice meal and she was looking beautiful. Home is where he wanted to be now but he had messed up. He failed to eat the food set before him, a part of him wanted to speak out but he couldn’t.
“honey you’ve been staring at this food for a while now, are you not going to eat?.. she asked him.
“I will sweetie..”.. he responded as he poured some water into a glass.
My love anything the matter? you can talk to me.. Patience said as she drew nearer to him and rubbed his shoulder.
It’s ok, I’m ok, just work and stress.. I’m fine sweetheart.. I love you.. he said as he moved closer and gave her a kiss on her forehead.
I love you too honey.. she responded.
“I want to eat with you honey, I want us to eat together..”.. he said as he held her hand.
“I’m full but I will eat with you, lets eat honey”.. she said
As patience was clearing the dishes after lunch Philip decided to draft a letter to the bank , the letter was to allow him get a loan.
The following day Philip went to the bank and the same day the loan was approved.
Patience’s birthday was the following week and Philip prepared a surprise party for her at Protea. It was so beautiful that everyone kept talking about it and to top it all the Mercedes he got her made the party even stand out more. They were closer and more connected than ever but the secret was still haunting Philip.

The C section was successful making Philip and Tisa parents to two bouncy baby boys, the twins resembled Philip without a doubt and they were quite identical. The operation on the fibroids was also successful, Tisa was in hospital recovering and Philip visited often to make sure she was alright. Philip spent a lot of money on hospital bills as well creating a comfortable environment for Tisa to go back to after fully recovering.


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and Patience had been building flats that they intended to put on rent as well as a beautiful 3 bedroom apartment in salama park which Philip had started working on before his wedding. Patience was aware of this house but Philip had earlier mentioned that he was planning on selling it once it was finished in order to allow them to quickly build their dream house.
However, what Patience did not know was that Philip had used the flats as collateral for the loan he got and also changed the titles of his house into Tisa’s name.
Part of the loan money was used to finish off the wiring in the house for electricity as well as designing one room as a nursery for the twins.
Tisa was discharged after staying in hospital for six weeks, Philip had already made the home comfortable for Tisa and the babies by furnishing it up to standard.


The play finally kicked off and as they waited for money to start coming in Petrina decided to sell her car and then used part of the money to rent a small shop where she started selling secondhand clothes that she bought in bulk. They saved the rest of the money for future use. The business was doing very well and soon she opened another outlet in town and hired her cousin to work there. Sydney was in charge of the shop in town and he would often be there when he was not busy at the theatre club.
The world had started to talk and people pointed fingers at them, others calling Petrina a fool for marrying a man without a vision.
Before, Petrina would question God why she ended up in such an unfortunate circvmstance despite waiting so long to get married but as time went on she thanked God every day because despite all the struggles, Sydney was far much better than any man she had ever known

Since the last encounter she had with her cousin, Nonde had nothing to say but she just got up and left for home. Weeks went by and still Clive did not seem to change but he only got worse and much worse.

“There is no way I’m going to give up on my marriage so easily..” She thought to herself.
Nonde was ready to fight and do whatever it took to save the marriage, deep inside she wondered why Bwalya had run away. All her thoughts led to think Bwalya is the one behind her problems.
She finally made up her mind that she was going to see a different famous witch doctor she heard about in Lusaka west, after parking her vehicle at a nearby guest house she took the walk into the deep bushes.
When she had walked 15 minutes from the thick bushes she found a poster that said she had to take off her shoes. Nonde quickly removed her shoes and walked for another 15 minutes until she finally found a big tree. When she looked closely she saw a big black curtain hanging from the tree and other strange looking creatures were hanging from the tree.
She walked towards it and a voice behind her told her to sit down and not look behind. The voice then asked her to put an offering in the big calabash that was before her.
She placed the money in the calabash and sat waiting for a few minutes then suddenly the calabash before her disappeared.
She trembled but the voice told her not to tremble.
There was water some yellow looking substance in a container and the voice asked her to drink that substance. The moment she drunk it the black cloth suddenly started showing images like a projector.


saw her husband drive to a house in Chalala and drove in, the house was beautiful and well furnished, then Bwalya opened the door for him they went to the bedroom to see the babies. It was clear that Clive was seeing Bwalya. Nonde couldn’t believe her eyes and then suddenly the cloth became black again.
The voice behind her then began to speak
“I am sure that is what you wanted to know, now if you want husband back deep your hands in the calabash”
Nonde couldn’t see a calabash and was just about to turn as she looked for the calabash when the voice stopped her. Suddenly the calabash appeared before her and she trembled terribly.
“deep your hands in there and get the plastic that you will find”
Nonde stretched her hands and got the plastic.
“now go and do not look behind follow the path ahead of you “ the voice said.
“but I came that way..” nonde interrupted.
“Just do as I say woman” the voice interrupted.
Nonde quickly got up and was ready to walk away when the voice stopped her.
“Now remember whatever you do, do not approach the woman. You cannot go to her, do not visit her or even approach her. If you see her say nothing to her. Make no mention to your husband about his affair pretend you know nothing… you can go.” The voice said
She walked ahead without looking back, when she had just walked for 2 minutes she saw the main road and she quickly wore her shoes.

Before driving home she took the plastic and looked inside was a small bottle. She had to take half of the contents and put the rest in her husbands food.
She got home and immediately bathed then formed half of that solution and drank it, her maid was washing in the bathroom and had the baby on her back.
“what time did junior sleep?” she asked the maid
“not too long ago”.. the maid responded.
Has he eaten anything? She asked.
“no he has been very gloomy today and he has been crying a lot, I tried to feed him but he could not eat anything”.. the maid responded.
Ok give him to me let me take him to the bedroom.
Nonde’s son was now 3years old and had developed a strong attachment with his father, this was one of the reasons why she was bothered that Clive had no time for his own son.
Clive arrived home around 21hrs and Nonde was awake waiting for him to come.
Her son was awake but still refused to eat but he kept her busy as he ran around the house.
“welcome back honey”.. she greeted him while she assisted him with his briefcase.
Deep inside she was so mad at him for cheating on her but she couldn’t even question about it.
“I am well thank you” he responded as he sat.

Soon their son ran to him and he lifted him with joy..
Aww my lovely boy, how are you today.. he said as he tickled him.
Junior Clive giggled as he played with his dad, Nonde looked at how happy they were together and realised that’s what she wanted to last forever. She quickly went to the kitchen and then put the solution in the food.
After setting the table she grabbed junior and went with him to the bedroom and Clive washed his hands ready to start eating when suddenly he heard a loud cry from junior.
Nonde had put him on the bed but he rolled over and landed hitting his head.
Clive was really mad and yelled at Nonde, he picked junior and banged the passage door as he carried him downstairs. He started feed him the rice that Nonde had set for him.
After giving him 3 spoons of the rice, Clive noticed that Junior started looking drowsy then he started vomiting foamy substance and his eyes rolled up.
Junior! Junior! Junior!.. Clive screamed hysterically.
Nonde ran to the sitting room and realised the worst thing had happened, junior had taken the food instead of Clive.
Oh my God!.. oh my God!.. Nonde yelled as she threw herself on the ground in tears.
The maid who was in the guest wing heard the noise and she rushed into the house to see what was going on.
She quickly grabbed the child and told them to stop crying as the child was not dead but just unconscious.
“I know someone who deals with such cases he doesn’t stay far from here… you can pick him up while I start to intercede, what he needs is prayer”… she said.
Clive drove out with the maid’s husband while she held the baby and started singing a worship chorus.
Nonde ran out of the house and took to the streets not even knowing where she had gone
When the pastor arrived they prayed for the child and finally the child gained consciousness but the pastor asked to see Nonde and it was then that they realised she had run away.
Nonde had lost her mind and she started stripping off her clothes as she ran in the dark


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