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My perfect marriage episode 14



Episode 14

At 8months, Kassy went in to early labor and delivered a baby boy. Her husband was super excited and he showered her with many gifts. The boy weighed 4.5kg and he was a peaceful baby, he didn’t cry much.
Patience was still struggling with the pregnancy and it’s like the hot season did not make it any better.
Philip and Patience went to visit Kassy’s baby, holding the baby felt more real for Patience and she knew just how it would feel like if they had their own. Philip however did not show much emotion and Patience noticed. As the ladies were bonding with the baby Patience struggled to get something off her chest. Kassy held the baby and started [email protected] him, she looked at Patience and asked her what was wrong.
I’m scared Kassy.. Patience said.
Scared of what mama?.. Kassy asked.
I just feel like one day I will wake up and not know what to do with the baby.. She said.
Kassy burst into laughter upon hearing those words.
Don’t worry sweetheart, motherhood instincts just kicks in, you don’t need to learn much.. She responded.
Are you sure Kassy?.. patience asked,
Yes I’m sure.. She responded…
I feel like I want mum to come right now.. Philip is really not much of help.. Patience said.

You’re lucky you have a mum as for me it is all about learning as I go, but I know mums come in handy so if you feel mum should do it then yes she should come.. Kassy responded.
Philip just doesn’t get it, I mean he doesn’t seem as excited as I would expect him to be considering that this is our first child.. Patience said.
Mama don’t you think you people need to talk to someone. Kassy asked.
Oh someone like who precisely? Patience asked looking very interested.
Ok let me lay him down in his cot I will explain.. Kassy said as she got up to take the baby. She met Ted in the passage and he offered to put the baby to sleep.
Oh you are back quickly.. Patience said.
Oh yeah that is because Ted offered to take him to bed. Kassy replied
Wow! You see that? That is what I want, I wonder if Philip will be that concerned. Patience said.
Ok now you are exaggerating Patience, Philip is an amazing guy and I think he deserves more credit especially from you his wife.. Kassy interrupted.
Ok here is what you will do.. I think you need to talk to someone that will help you fix the issues you are feeling.. you know like a spiritual director.
No it is not good seeing someone, I know Philip.. he always show commitment but does little to prove himself. He does things for the routine, something is missing. Something is really missing and I’m very sure of it… a woman has a 6th sense, I believe what I am feeling is that 6th sense at play. Patience said
In short you think something is wrong? Kassy asked.
Yes absolutely, I believe something is seriously wrong and I want to know what that is.. Patience said.
Don’t you have one of those women who are good at helping people, I mean those that carry out counselling and all.. She said.
I know just who to talk to Kassy, I need to see her before I deliver.. Patience said.
I wish I could escort you but as you can see I cannot move around with the baby.. Kassy said.
Alright I will go alone.. guess we need to go now, I want to rest I feel sleepy. She said.


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they went home Philip noticed the silence and asked Patience what was wrong but she did not respond. Instead of trying to make things better, Phillip had been going to Tisa for affection because Patience was no longer able to do so as she was running towards delivery. A part of him wondered what would happen if she found out but he still had a weakness for Tisa that could all be summed up in s£xual satisfaction. She was in better shape and less grumpy than Patience but that is only because Patience was pregnant.
The following day Patience decided to visit a woman who was once her director, she had a lot of things to say to her and her problems with Philip were the top on her list. The last time she visited the named lady she was praying over something that came to pass.
After showering a part of her felt lazy.. She thought to herself.. “What If my pregnancy is just playing tricks on me?, maybe Philip is actually not bad.. but no something has to be wrong”
After sitting for some time she decided to put herself together and go.
The woman lived in Salama Park just near their house that Philip had gotten rid of. She deliberately passed through the same road and noticed the house was now properly done and it looked very good from outside, her heart sunk a little as she wondered what it would have been like if they did not sell the house. Patience finally arrived and it was indeed a blessed day as she found her spiritual mum Mrs Mutale had just arrived back from Chipata where she went for a prayer work shop.
Mrs. Mutale was so excited and they talked for a while, catching up on old times before she could get to the reason of her visit.
I see you are blessed in every way.. this baby is a blessing.. when are you due?.. Mrs Mutale asked.
Mum yes indeed this child is a blessing I thank God, I’m due in 7 weeks but I have a problem.. she said.
Whats the matter talk to me? Mrs. M asked.

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It is Philip and I, we don’t seem to see eye to eye anymore.. Patience responded as her voice cracked
Oh my daughter are you already fighting with Philip? Mrs Mutale asked.
Patience narrated all that she had been experiencing and Mrs Mutale listened attentively. Patience ended by saying:
“I don’t know if am crazy or if I have seriously lost my mind but I just feel something is wrong”
Well my dear, if you think something is wrong and if you have had this feeling for so long then something really is wrong. Do you know the power God has given you as a wife?..
Patience looked down for a bit without a word and then she looked up..
“yes I do mum.. I do”.. she responded.
Well I’m not sure you’re fully aware of that.. I’m urging you now to start praying seriously, you have taken your prayer life very reluctantly.. there’s no other help for a child of God than through prayer.. do you hear me Patience?..
Yes I do mum.. she responded.
I’m sure if you will follow the steps I have given you, it shouldn’t be hard, you can now close your eyes as we pray.
After the prayer Patience felt energized and felt the assurance she needed that everything would be ok.
Remember just like I always told you before, if anything should present itself.. don’t panic.. Leave it to God and he will show you what to do.. ok dear go well. Mrs M said
As Patience drove she felt very relieved but she drove past the house again and she was shocked when she saw the lady from the milkshake place parking at the gate and hooting. The lady happened to be Tisa.

“wow what a coincidence does she know the residents of the house? Or is she the one who bought the house?..” Patience thought to herself. she couldn’t guess what it was but as she drove past suddenly her stomach felt a sharp pain and she felt like something had moved in her stomach.
God what is this? She thought.
Patience quickly drove to the clinic and called Philip, she wasn’t on account at the clinic but she went on Philips account. The moment she got to the reception and told them she was Philips wife the receptionist acted shocked.
“Excuse me it is an emergency I’m in pain.. i said I am Mr. Mena’s wife I need to see the doctor!!” She screamed at the reception
“The receptionist quickly requested people to take Patience on a stretcher and she was rushed in to the gynecologists’ office.

The nurse in charge was so upset with the receptionist
“How do you watch a client in pain like that? Don’t you know pregnancies are delicate!” yelled the nurse in charge.
“Madam I’m so sorry but there’s a serious problem.. That woman claims to be Mrs. Mena but another woman delivered here close to a year ago and she was registered as Mrs. Mena, the one who had a complication with the pregnancy.. Here, if you want check on my computer.. Mr Mena’s wife is listed here as Tisa Mena and she delivered a year ago”.. The receptionist responded.
“Are you sure of what you saying?” the nurse insisted.
“Madam I’m positive that is what she said”.. The receptionist replied
“oh.. yes you are right about the other woman, I remember her. Ok it is fine she is being examined call Mr. Mena right away.. And make no mention of this to anyone” the nurse warned.


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