My Perfect Marriage

my perfect marriage episode 18 – 19



Episode 18 – 19

“it was great walking with you.. Patience said as she got the baby.

Pleasure is all mine.. he responded.

You can come in for a chat.. she offered.

No that won’t be necessary I’m sure we’ve talked enough but I will see you at lunch.. he said.

Ok great take care.. she said.

See you at lunch.. he said.

As patience was in the room her mind was starting to play tricks on her, every thought of Elvin gave her chills and butterflies in her stomach.

It was finally lunch time and she was looking stunning as she walked to the restaurant, Elvin was already there and he waited for them to come.

Can I hold the baby?.. he offered.

Oh no you won’t manage, I’m used to her but for you, it will be a challenge to eat and hold her at the same time… actually let me get her car sit I won’t be long.. she said

Oh no don’t stress, give me the keys I will be back.. he said.

Oh thanks it’s in the back sit.. she said

Elvin went away for a couple of minutes while Patience waited.

He took a little longer than expected then suddenly he walked in with the baby seat in his right hand while his other hand was hidden behind.

Why is your hand behind?.. she asked.

When Elvin stretched his hand out he was holding a bouquet of red roses.

Wow… are those for me..? Patience asked as she blushed.

No unfortunately I got them for the little princess, but you can share them with her.. he said.

Mmm for the baby?.. are you sure?… patience giggled.

Elvin did the honour of fastening the baby in position, then they made the order.

As they ate Patience narrated what led to her split with Philip and why she was finding it hard to go back home, Elvin listened attentively.

After lunch Patience went to her room escorted by Elvin.

Aren’t you going to come in? she asked.


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I’m a little sleepy but I will come by later… I promise.. he said.

Patience closed the door then fell asleep with the baby.

After sleeping for almost an hour she heard a knock on the door and when she opened it was room service.

“madam you received a call from the reception and we tried to divert here but it seems like there is a problem with the line, so can you please pick from the reception?” the woman asked.


wondered who it could be but she accepted, at the back of her mind she thought it could be Philip. She quickly peeped on the baby then locked the door before following the woman.

“hello..”.. patience said.

“honey… please come back home”..

Patience automatically knew it was Philip, how did he locate her? Did anyone spot her?.

Immediately tears ran down her cheeks and she wiped them quickly..

“Patience I have a lot of explanations to do but I’m begging you to please come home”.


I don’t want to exchange any words with you but I am not coming home and I don’t intend to so please leave me alone’.. she said.

Patience hung up immediately and left the reception, when she reached the door Elvin was just returning to his room when he noticed the tears.

Hey what’s wrong?.. he asked.

She didn’t respond but just opened her door and entered. Elvin quickly followed her behind and sat next to her.

Patience I know how you feel but again I’m begging you please go back home, go and talk to him. If it doesn’t work then leave him alone but staying out here is not solving the problem..

No!!!.. patience screamed as she burst in tears and sat on the floor,

“I can’t go back, I can’t forgive him.. “.. patience cried out..

The baby woke up with a loud cry immediately and Elvin lifted her from the bed and comforted her, Patience was still crying really loud making the baby more nervous.

Patience I will take the baby for a walk on the beach will come back when you are calm.. Elvin said as he walked out.

It was a bitter pill to swallow and hearing from Philip uncovered a wound she was trying hard to cover, she cried so much until she felt peaceful then walked to the beach to check on Elvin.He wasn’t by the beach and he wasn’t in his room either, she wondered where he would be. After waiting for nearly an hour and panicking Elvin showed up with the baby.

“you got me so worried I looked everywhere for you..” she said.

I took her for a walk, did I not mention? Elvin responded..

I brought you some food.. he said as he put the plastic he had on the bed next to her.


she sleeping?.. patience asked.

Yes she is, he said as he led her on the bed.

Patience opened the food then looked at him with a smile.

“what?” he asked.

“cheese burger is my favourite”.. he said.

Oh guess that was a hit.. he responded with a smile.

“He called.” Patience said.

Who? Philip? Elvin asked

Yes.. he wants me back home.. he said.

Are you ready to face him?.. Elvin asked.

I don’t want to ….. she responded

“Look dear someone once told me that marriage is a commitment that you walk in once and vow not to go out, it’s a place where you stay and stay for good until death.. I will be honest with you though, the statement “through bad times and good times” does not mean torture. You see many marriages out are failing because husbands have decided to torture their wives intentionally because the woman has made a vow to stay through good times and bad times.”.. Elvin said.

Why are you not married, you did not mention and do you realise I know nothing about you till now. Patience said.

I was engaged to be married but I dodged the bullet and since then I have never met someone new.. he said.

What do you mean? She asked.

Well I had a wonderful woman and I did everything for her, i travelled to Russia to do my masters and On my return I discovered she was pregnant and my friend was responsible.. he said.

“what!!!!… some women.. how could she do that?”

Well it isin past for me now Patience.. he said.

Oh and what did you study and how come you are you here instead of working?..

I studied economics and I am on holiday.. home is In Lusaka Rhodespark.. he said

Wow, ok…now what a coincidence.. I studied economics too. She said

Really from where?.. he asked

From UNZA and I graduated top of my class.. she said..

Oh wow, I couldn’t have guessed I was with such a brainy person, you are so humble.. he said.

You are so funny.. she responded with a smile.

Well I equally graduated top of my class.. he said.

Wow.. great minds think alike.. she responded.

Mine was class of 2013 and yours?.. she asked.

Oh I graduated in 2009.. he said.

Wow you have grown Elvin when are you getting married?.. she teased

Well depending on what you decide I might just be marrying you.. he giggled.

Patience burst into laughter but deep inside she felt happy, the comment itself made her feel special.

On a serious note Patience when are you going home?.. he asked her.

I am going back tomorrow.. I have made up my mind and when does your leave end? She asked.

My leave ends this month end but I was planning on going when you leave, I didn’t want you here alone.. he said.

So we can leave tomorrow?.. she asked.

Well I didn’t really think us going together would be necessary.. he said.

So you will go by bus? I need someone to help me drive.. she said.

No I flew but we can together if you insist.. he said.

That night Elvin adviced Patience so much and finally the following morning all roads were headed for Lusaka.

After a number of stops along the way they finally arrived in Lusaka around 15hrs. As they entered, Elvin suggested that he would drop in town and make his way just incase by any chance someone saw them.

“no it’s fine you can drop off from your house..” patience insisted

Elvin had driven the whole way until they reached his place in Rodespark.

This is your house? Patience asked.

Yes this is it.. Elvin said as he pulled over at the beautiful looking yard,

Wow your surrounding is beautiful, I love flowers too.. she said.

Do you want to come in?.. he asked.

Sure I would love to tour this mansion.. patience said as she walked out of the car..

As they entered the house Patience couldn’t believe her eyes..

“Elvin are you sure there’s no woman in this house?” she asked.

There is actualy… he said

So you lied about not having a woman in your life???.. patience asked in shock.

It depends on what kind of woman you are talking about but my maid is here with me .. he said.

Awww.. now that makes sense but I must say you have great taste.. she said.

I better get going now.. she said.

Are you going to be ok??.. he asked.

I will come running right back if I won’t… she responded.

Elvin giggled as he escorted her to the door.

Patience then hugged Elvin unexpectedly.. she held him really tight and then gave him a fast kiss on his lips of which he didn’t deny

Wow what was that?.. elvin asked in shock.

I know you enjoyed it.. thank you for taking care of us.. she said.

Elvin was numb and confused but he pecked her forehead and said goodbye.

Patience drove home in panic wondering what she would say, her heart raced and ached even more. As she hooted at the gate a part of her told her to run away but she stayed strong until the gates opened.

Everything about her house had filthy memories.

The maid quickly ran to her with joy…

Welcome back madam.. the maid said.

Thank you Agnes.. please take the things from the car. Is your boss around?.. patience asked.

No madam he came for lunch but he has gone to the office.. the maid said.

Patience got to the bedroom and her heart tore in pieces, she just couldn’t imagine herself staying there forever, it all did not feel real.

She quickly walked out and sat in the sitting room, the wedding photos on the wall looked empty, it’s as if there was never love.

Agness!!! She called out.

Madam!! The maid responded as she ran to her.

Agness please bath the baby.. she said.

As Agnes bathed the baby, Patience went to bath in the master bedroom and she quickly changed and came back to the sitting room.

What can I remove for supper madam? Agness asked.

I don’t know Agness cook anything available.. she said.

Some mince remained at lunch.. can I serve the same thing at supper? She asked.

No my husband does not like to have the same food at lunch and supper, prepare something different. Patience responded.

The word “husband” unconsciously came out of her and when she realised what she had said, some pain went through her chest.

Patience put the baby in her swinging chair next to the couch where she lay as he watched a movie.

“madam supper is ready”.. the maid said as she knelt down before her.

Thank you Agness.. she responded.

S there anything else you need madam? She asked.

No Agness its fine you can home for today. See you tomorrow.. she said.

Shortly after the maid left Patience heard the hoot at the gate and the guard opened. It was Philip who had come.

Patience maintained her position in the chair when he walked in.

Honey welcome back.. he said.

Patience did not look at him but she responded.

“thank you”..she responded.

Philip went to the bedroom and did not return, after close to an hour she followed to tell him that supper was ready.

“Agness has prepared supper”.. she said.

Honey am sorry.. Philip said as he knelt besides her.

I made many mistakes and I regret them all.. he said.

Eat your food first wil talk.. she said.

No I can’t, I want you to listen to me.. Patience I am ashamed of myself, I am begging you to forgive me.

How did you meet? She asked him.

She’s the lady from the bridal shop where you bought your wedding dress.. he said.

What???.. she asked in disbelief.

I needed to get a suit too so as you tried on your dress that day I fell in love with a suit that was on display so I asked her to reserve it and that I would pick it up from her, I didn’t want you to see the suit. It was then that we exchanged numbers and….

Philip quit his speech and went into tears

Philip why are you crying?.. I would like to believe you knew exactly what you were doing… when the woman in question fell pregnant you gave her our house/ what else have you done Philip? Honestly even if someone forgives.. patience said in tears.

Honey.. am begging you.. I have cut off our relasionship.. its over.. he said in tears.

Its over? Over after ive found out??.. after being humiliated? She yelled.

That relationship can never be over, you have two boys with her and my baby.. my poor baby will grow up knowing her father was a cheat!!!.. patience said in tears.

Patience if you want we can go to court and gain custody of the boys that way I will never have to see her gain… he said.

Patience looked at him and then walked away.

Philip mourned on the ground and they never spoke again that night, she slept in the spare room but he followed her to see the baby.

She slept without saying a word to him and she completely ignored his presence.

Patience and Philip stayed like that for 3weeks straight, she never talked to him or even respond if he ever asked her anything.

Luckily Philip received his gratuity and his contract was renewed, he used half of that money to settle the loan and the flats were released by the bank before Patience could find out.

Patience had not figured out what she was doing but her coming back home was the first step. however, Tisa was not about to accept this.


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