My Perfect Marriage

My perfect marriage episode 2 – 3



Episode 2

Around midnight Petrina went to the kitchen and made herself a cup of tea. She was very emotional and she had been crying for two hours. She was leaving Chipata after staying there for two years and yet she still did not meet a man capable of marrying her.
All her friends were now with a significant spouses and she was still roaming around the same position in life, she met a lot of men In Chipata. Most of them who were on public service like herself with very well paying jobs but they all ended up being ordinary friends.. Although all this was hurting her, she had no choice but to go and face her life in Lusaka.

Meanwhile Kassy got tired of waiting for Ted so she decided to sleep. Around 3am Ted finally drove in . he went straight to shower then came to bed. Kassy did not want to start an argument right away so she continued sleeping as if she did not hear him.
It wasn’t long before he fell asleep when she got up and went to the bathroom. She searched the laundry basket for his clothes and yes she found them there. She quickly searched all the pockets but their was no single of evidence of what he had been up to .
Just as she was about to give up she saw a small receipt that had a room reservation… The receipt showed that a couple had checked into a hotel at 16:30hrs the previous day. Kassy was confused and wondered if Ted would ever change, although her body went into serious panic she kept calm and just decided to go back to the bedroom.
If they checked in at 16:hrs chances are that the named girl was still at the hotel, unless of course she was such a prostitute that he would wake her up at 3am to take her home. Kassy immediately knew she had to do what she had learnt to do so well through the years she lived with Ted.
She quickly changed, she wore all black. A black liquid legging with a black sleeveless top and black shades.

She drove straight to the hotel and was careful enough to pretend to be a guest. When she got to the hotel room she knocked on the door gently.

Who’s there? A voice answered..

Room service… She said.

I did not order anything… She responded without standing up to open.

Its a surprise from Mr. Ted madam.. Kassy said.


my baby… He just never ceases to impress me.. the girl shouted with excitement as she opened the door.

The moment the door was unlocked Kassy pushed her back inside, then she entered and locked the door behind her.

You are the shameless prostitute that was with my husband all night?… Kassy said in an angry voice.

I am not a prostitute my name is Laila… The girl responded confidently.

Kassy immediately gave her a huge slap on her face. …

Laila fell to the ground and started screaming…
Shut up right now! Kassy ordered.

Laila what do you do for a living?.. Kassy asked..


was still holding her painful cheek and did not respond.

I asked you a question! Kassy yelled as she got closer to Laila..

I’m a student.. I’m a student at Nipa… Laila said in tears.

Kassy the removed her shades.

Well I am a graduate from the university of Zambia and as you can see I have all it takes to make a great wife.. You see my husband has wandering eyes and quite often they wander on college girls but just for fun and then he comes back home to me his wife!.. He is my husband after all and I am the signatory to all his wealth..

So how long have you known him?.. How long!.. Kassy yelled.

Just 2 weeks madam… Laila said as she cried.

2 weeks and you are already gracing him in bed you s–t!.. Kassy shouted before giving her another huge slap.

Laila covered her face and burst into tears

Now listen to me dear I have eyes and ears everywhere… The next time you are found even an inch near my husband it will not be good. Am sure you have been splashed with enough money to last you until you meet your next target.. So don’t you ever call my husband again… You hear me! Kassy yelled.

Laila nodded her head in fear.

Kassy wore her shades and immediately walked out.

Laila jumped up immediately and quickly had a shower then she called a taxi and went back to school.

When Kassy got home her husband was still sleeping.. It was around 5am just before 6hrs.
Kassy changed and tacked in next to Ted who soon woke up.


morning beautiful, I’m sorry I came in late last night. You see the guys and I had done some drinks then we ended up staying much longer.

Kassy just smiled at him without a word.

Come here honey… He said as he pulled her closer and they went into a steamy session.

Surprisingly every time Kassy and Ted made love it was never about what he did, to her he was the best husband in the world. She knew what she had signed up for anyway.

Honey I’m taking you for a week of fun in S. A.. He whispered.

Aww! Really honey?… I’ve missed South Africa especially the beach. She said with excitement.

Yes I’m going to work there for a week so I’m taking you with me my lovely wife.. He said

They enjoyed the morning cuddling as they planned out the trip to come.
Meanwhile in Nondes’ house it was all rosy, her husband was very loving and understanding, he always helped with the baby. However all this was as a result of the constant charms Nonde used on him. She had control of everything he owned. She decided when and how the money was spent in the house and Clive’s relatives usually had no say.

She was keeping a distant niece from her side who was 21years old who she mistreated terribly. She got her as a babysitter while she promised that she would also take her to school but the poor lady stayed with them for a year without being sent to school.

Bwalya wake up!.. Nonde yelled.
Must I always wake you up!..
I slept late aunty.. Bwalya said as she stretched herself.
Oh shut up!… Can you hurry and make porridge for the baby.. She yelled.
Friends of your age are up and working there you are yawning and yet you do not even have a decent qualification to your name.
Bwalya woke and started making porridge, she opened the door and the gate for the maid to come in.
Wash those clothes for my husband and make sure they are spotless clean… Nonde said after throwing the clothes at Bwalya.

That afternoon the ladies met again for the rehearsals. Philip just dropped Patience and he rushed out promising to be back shortly.
Philip rushed to the bridal shop and found Tisa, she looked very beautiful.

Hi, sorry I almost didn’t recognise you.. He said
Oh ya yesterday I was tired and sloppy.. She giggled

Philip laughed along.. OK so is my suit ready? He asked.

Oh yeah! The suit. Yes of course the suit is ready ..she said.

She quickly walked away and gave him her back as she walked.

She was finely shaped and her dress fitted so so well, when she walked it’s like everything jiggled.

Philip quickly cleared his mind and looked the other way.

Tisa appeared with the suit in a zipped bag.

Sir you can check it before you go.. She said.

Philip opened the bag and confirmed then he thanked her with a K100 note as a tip.

Oh thank you sir but i do not get money from strangers.. She said

Tisa was excited inside to get the money but she knew too well how to get a mans attention.

Are you sure?… Its just my appreciation for being so kind. Philip said.

No thank you sir. Go well…. she added.

Oh OK.. If you say so.. See you.. He said.

See you?.. She asked.

Philip was confused and was saying things he didn’t know. She had something about her that confused him.

Oh sorry dear I meant goodbye. He said.

Maybe you are having a bachelor’s party.. She said with a smile.

Oh that.. No but well my friends will obviously do something for me…

OK send me an invite if you do have one.. I got to get back to work.. So see you then.. She said with a smile.

Philip walked out with an unknown smile on his face, he dropped the suit home and went to the rehearsals.

He quickly called His best friend aside who also his best man.

When he finished narrating the story Sam burst into laughter.

So let me get this straight Philip, you are asking us to go ahead with this bachelors party which you clearly told us you did not want in the first place because of a girl?

No man its because you were right all along and I apologise. You were very right. I need a send off party


Episode 3

You are what? Patience asked Kassy
Girlfriend it’s just for a week remember I got your back and besides everything is under control. I have done all my duties and I will be back 4 days before the big event. Please understand, Ted and I need this break together.. Kassy begged
Guess I have to let you go… but remember 4days before … she warned.
I promise.. She said with a smile.
Patience didn’t look happy at all, her chief bridesmaid leaving at the time she needed her the most.
Please smile for me sweetie… Kassy teased.
Oh stop it!, I’m just stressed and I need you around..
It will be perfect I assure you… Besides Petrina arrives tomorrow si you do not need to worry.. Kassy said.
Poor Petrina I guess this will be hard for her.. Nonde interrupted.
No she is a strong girl she will pull through it.. Patience said
I’m just thinking of how much she has wanted this .. Nonde said
God is the giver of marriage she should just take heart and a good man will come around soon… take a look at Philip and I, who thought we would be getting married this year?
I just feel Petrina has denied a lot of potential men… Nonde said
Nonde don’t say that.. Patience interrupted
Ladies let’s not make it awkward for her, when she comes let’s all be supportive no one should ask about her relationship status or any of that awkward stuff… do we have a deal?.
Honey can you come here.. Patience called out.

So that’s it my guy but she can’t know about it.. Philip said
Who are you talking about?
My wife to be! She can’t know we are having this party or she will kill me.. He said.
Sam chuckled and then started making arrangements right away.

Honey you’ve been so disconnected today remember our dance is still not well coordinated… patience I’m sorry my love lets go through it one more time… said Philip
As they rehearsed Philip kept thinking about Tisa and he made a number of mistakes.
Honey!,, you’ve made the same mistake for the 4th time, can we get over and done with this? Please?
I’m sorry my love I’m just tired I promise it won’t happen again but I am tired, I think we should rest, tomorrow is another day.. He said.
As they went home Patience just kept whining about how she did not want to do the traditional teachings and how it was so evil….
Philip are you listening?… She yelled.
Hey you scared me.. Do you want us to have an accident?.. He yelled back as he parked by the side.
Patience got emotional..
I’m sorry honey, I’m so sorry I’m just stressed with wedding preparations that’s all… he begged.
No your mind has been too occupied today.. Are you having second thoughts about me?..she asked
No no no honey I love you so much why would I think that? He said.
We are having a wedding and I am marrying the best woman in the world,,, you are a blessing to me honey.. he said.
Patience smiled and then they went into a long kiss…
Honey can we?.. He whispered..
In the car? She asked with a shocked face.
We can go to my place.. he said
No honey we have waited this long let’s just hold o, the wedding is not far off… she said.
Oh come on Patience it’s not like we haven’t done it before…
But we made a decision to wait a year ago and we shall stick by that until we get married. Besides we only did it three times so it’s not like you were addicted or something.. She said
Ok as you please honey.. He said with a gentle smile.
Ok let me drop you home before I get tempted again…

Petrina had just finished packing her bags and she sat to watch her favorite series that she had just finished downloading on her phone.
She wanted to watch TV but all her items were packed and sealed ready for the trip the following morning.
The series was done and she had no inch of sleep in her eyes.. She decided to go to Facebook to check some updates.
Kassy had uploaded some pictures on Facebook of herself and her husband as they were out for dinner with the caption “when hubby surprises me with dinner at Radisson Blu Hotel before our trip to S.A”..
The post had 200 likes and 30 comments, Petrina admired so much..
“How I wish I had this life”… she said to herself.
Petrina failed to understand how some people could be so blessed and lucky.
Kassy just seemed so happy in her marriage, everything was effortless for her.
God why can’t I have a loving man like Ted? One who spoils me and loves me just like Ted. She said to herself.
The following morning as early as 4am her items left with a company truck while she waited for her flight which was at 12hrs.
It was finally time to check in and as Petrina dragged her case a male voice greeted her from the behind.
A fine looking, yet simple man was standing right behind her..
Oh hi…. she responded with a gentle smile.
Going to visit or going back home? He asked.
Going back home.. she said
As Petrina took her sit on the plane she grabbed a magazine and started reading. Shortly a guy sat next to her and when she looked up she realised it was the same guy from before.
We meet again… he said.
Oh yeah… she smiled.
So you’re from Lusaka?.. he asked
Yes well I’ve been working here for almost two years but I was pushing for a transfer and well it was finally approved so I’m going back home.. She said.
Oh that’s great.. I’ve been in Chipata for 6years and I’m equally planning on moving.. he said.
Oh really that’s nice….said Petrina
Yeah! I guess so.. He said
Why are you not happy about it? She asked.
I’m actually going for interviews so if the offer is great then I will be moving..
Oh ok! What field are you in? she asked him
Agri business….. he said..
Oh I’m a social worker myself..
Where did you study? He asked her..
From UNZA 3years ago.. she said.
Oh that’s nice.. I was there too. I graduated some seven years ago..
Wow! that’s a long time.. she said.
Don’t worry I am not old.. he laughed
They went into a long conversation and eventually theIr contact numbers.

Nonde and patience were at the airport waiting for Petrina.
They screamed and jumped in excitement as they welcomed their friend..
Ok you guys, meet my friend Sydney we met on the plane, Sydney this is my friend Patience the bride I told you about and this is my other friend Nonde or you can call her Mrs. Mwalej.. she said..
Sydney asked for a lift up to Manda Hill and they dropped him off before they went to Petrina’s new apartment in Kabulonga.

Tisa was busy in the shop going about her own business, she had completely lost hope in Philip calling her for the bachelors’ party. She knew he was a typical church boy and there was no way possible that he could call her.
Suddenly as she finished attending to her third client of the day she found 3 missed calls. It was a strange number and she decided to call back.
Hello! I found your missed calls who is this? She asked
Hello! is this Tisa?..
Yes please.. Who is this? She asked
My name is Sam I am Philip’s best friend.. He said.
We are having a bachelors’ party tonight.. You are cordially invited.
Philip was standing anxiously waiting to hear her feedback.
When Sam hung up Philip jumped from his chair.
What did she say?.. he asked
She said she will think about it, if she won’t have other plans that is…
You see man that’s why I told you to call her on time.. You don’t invite someone on short notice.. He said.
Chill man.. she is just tripping. She will definitely come..
Are you sure??
Philip I know women from A to Z, she will definitely come.. Sam assured.
An hour later Philip received a text from Tisa.
“hi there, got a call from your friend.. will be there”..
Philip jumped up and down with excitement while dispersing the chess game he was playing with Sam.
Man what’s the meaning of this? And just when I was about to take you down.. Sam shouted
She is coming!..
Wait hold on! Take a sit Philip.. Sam interrupted.
What is this obsession about this girl? I thought you were the “PREACHER” who always coached us about being faithful in relationships… where is the real you, Bible preacher man?
Come on Sam you don’t obviously think I’m into her.. I just haven’t met someone so nice in a long time I just want to talk to her that’s all…
You have Patience isn’t she enough?
So what happened over night you started lecturing people about making good choices? Philip laughed
I know you better than that Sam come back to your old self please…
Are you calling me a bad friend? Sam giggled.
No you’re not a bad friend but you’re just not the best to give relationship advice.. Anyway she looks like a decent girl with morals so even if I had ill intentions she really wouldn’t let me..
Sam burst into laughter..
Ok seriously Philip the last time I saw you this excited about someone was when you met Patience. I’m just worried about you that’s all. Remember the times I told you to loosen up little bit more? This is exactly what I meant.. now you want to play when it’s too late..
I’m not playing.. Point of correction.. She is just my friend..
Well I am not married and I don’t intend to anytime soon but take advice from a brother who’s been in this game for a long time.. Be careful…Sam advised
I know exactly what I am doing.. I love Patience..
Well, all the best.. Sam chucked.


What do you think is going to happen next? Can we guess?

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