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My perfect marriage episode 21



Episode 21


Patience was preparing supper when she heard Philip yell out her name from the living room.

“what is going on? Why are you yelling? She asked.

“Sydney is calling you on phone!!!” he yelled.

“Yes so why are you yelling on top of your voice?..” she asked him.

“Are you mad! Why is he contacting you?..” Philip yelled.

Patience was holding a cooking stick in her hands and she twisted it as if preparing to hit him. She stared at him angrily then walked back to the kitchen to continue cooking.

“Patience come back here!” he yelled as he followed her behind.

“What is it? What do you want?” she asked him.

“No wonder you have been so rude and ignoring me like I am not your husband..” he said

“My husband? Really? My husband Philip? Are you sure you just called yourself my husband?” She said angrily.

“Patience I don’t want to have this argument with you again! Really Sydney of all people? That guy broke your heart! I saved you from him! And now you have the guts to answer me back?” He yelled

“No you did not save me from him.. I saved myself from him and in fact I really didn’t need to be saved.”. She yelled back.

“My God you’re so ungrateful! I stood by your side through it all and that’s what you can say to me.. he broke your heart! He left you for somebody else!”.. Philip said

“At least he respected me enough to walk away and not do rubbish in my face and let me remind you that he did not leave me for another woman… he asked me for a break and I took the break to be with you.” Patience interrupted

“You call that respect! He was a coward! He couldn’t tell it to your face that he was done with you..”

“That’s because he wasn’t..” she answered rudely.

“What!! Patience am warning you if this guy thinks he is man enough then let him continue getting in touch with you..” Philip warned

Patience did not answer back this time but she went on cooking and set the table.

“Food is ready”.. She said as she knelt down before him in the living room.

“I’m not hungry”.. he responded.

“oh did she prepare supper for you?, tell her at least to let you to be eating at home..”.. She said.


stood up and walked passed her as he went to the bedroom.

Patience cried bitterly that night and she slept in the spare room, her heart wanted everything to work but her body was tired and it showed. She was beginning to look weak and her skin was becoming pale.

She gathered courage the following day and said enough is enough, she was ready to approach Tisa herself and not in a fight but just to speak to her in a more mature way.


bathed early in the morning that fateful Sunday and she asked her maid to make breakfast. She ate slowly and patiently then calmly walked out and took a taxi to Tisa’s house.

When Patience arrived she took in a deep breath before knocking on the gate. A gentleman quickly opened the gate and she asked if Tisa was around. The man ushered her in and she walked to the door comfortably in her black figure fitting dress and fancy stilettos, her hair was on point and she wore just enough makeup.

Patience took in another deep breath before knocking on the door. The maid opened and led her to the sitting room.

The house was well furnished, everything in it screamed “expensive”. She quickly swallowed the pain of losing the beautiful house to Tisa and she calmly sat staring at the huge plasma on the wall.

When she looked above her head she saw a big framed picture of Philip, Tisa and the twins in what looked like a professional photo shoot. She hadn’t done one of those yet with Philip and the baby so clearly Tisa beat her to it on this one.

The maid came back and brought pure juice for her and some cookies.

“What time will she be done?” Patience asked.

“She just finished bathing but she will be here any second” the maid responded

Patience said thank you and she continued waiting patiently.

Shortly she heard Tisa call the maid. After a little while the maid came out carrying the twins and she put them on the carpet to play while she gave them a few toys. It looked like they were just from bathing and they wore matching outfits. When she stared at them all she could see was Philip, they were a serious photocopy of him.

Thoughts ran through her head and she remembered the words “our children should meet someday”.


she heard the gate open and Patience wondered if another visitor would disturb the speech she had prepared. However, it wasn’t long before the visitor walked in. the visitor was Philip.

Philip wasn’t expecting to find her there, he was shocked and embarrassed and immediately sat down and started pressing his phone. He looked very nice in a white polo shirt and dark blue jeans, Patience just looked at him and she looked away.

As Philip sat there he fought many thoughts, what was he going to say to patience. The babies walked to him in excitement and he lifted them and put them on his lap. As Patience sat there she wondered whether what she had was a heart of gold or she was just very foolish.

However nothing at that point could stop her from doing what she was about to do and she was ready to save her marriage at whatever cost.

As she negotiated her thoughts Tisa finally walked out in a purple chiffon dress and stilettos, her hair up-do resembled that of Patience.

“What is going on here?” she asked calmly.

“Nothing dear please take a sit..” Patience responded.

“Just in case you think we came together.. no we did not come together. He came alone and I am here alone. In fact I thank God that it turned out this way because you are both here.” She added

“Tisa I came here to ask what you want from my husband and my marriage, I see you as this devil that is ready to tear my marriage apart but you know what? I don’t feel that way anymore. Because seeing Philip here makes me realise why you have refused to back down for this long . seeing the man I said my vows to in your house comfortably reminds me that how cheap I have become to my own husband.. He gives you the strength the drive and the courage.” Patience said calmly.

“Patience.. let’s go home.. lets go and talk from home.”..Philip said.

“Philip don’t talk to me.. leave me alone.”. Patience responded calmly.

Patience got down on her knees and looked at Tisa..

“Tisa firstly congratulations I see your house is very beautiful, aside taking my husband you took our house too and I see you have great taste because it’s beautiful. Unlike you I have only given Philip one child and I know you feel that much power over him, today I choose to be foolish ad stupid. Im kneeling down before you today Tisa to ask you calmly. Please leave my marriage alone. Despite everything I’ve been through with Philip I still choose to beg you an intruder, if you do not have a conscious at least for the sake of my innocent child whose parents got married legally.. let my daughter have a complete home.” Patience said as she broke down.

Philip went to her and begged her to get up..

“Patience what are you doing?, get up… get up right now”.. he begged,

“ No Philip maybe if I beg you will have pity on me. Please im begging you both.. spare me anymore humiliation.. just end this once and for all”.. she said

Philip chased after her but she refused to enter his car insisting she went alone and therefore would go back alone.

Tisa remained sitted on the couch and asked her maid to pour her a glass of wine.

When Patience got home she changed and slept the entire afternoon, Philip did not go home immediately but he decided to go and drink.



The chaos that was in Patience’s life was too much to handle but Patience stood her ground and she wasn’t going to let Tisa move her from her marriage. She had reconciled with Philip and decided to stay with him despite everything, her house had also become open to anyone that wished to visit or stay, it helped Patience feel more convinced about her marriage the more she had relatives over.

It had been a 5 months and Patience stayed strong in her marriage holding on, she resorted to praying seriously about her marriage and a certain relief and comfort had filled her spirit. Patience was as loving as she could be and made sure she was a supportive wife. She completely denied herself the chance to hear about anything that had to do with doubting Philip. He had given her Tisa’s contacts and she is the one who communicated with her concerning the children.

Patience did not see Tisa face to face but they communicated on phone only.

It seemed Tisa had finally got it and so did Philip.

Patience was driving home from work one afternoon, she knocked off late but she wanted to do last minute planning for father’s day which would be the following day. She wanted to surprise Philip. She thought long and hard as she drove when suddenly something stopped her thoughts, she saw Philips car parked at a pharmacy. Immediately Patience got worried and wondered if anything was the matter.

Patience turned and parked at the pharmacy then entered to look for Philip. She did a quick scan of the pharmacy but she did not see him. As she was about to walk out ready to call him she saw a heavily pregnant looking lady walk towards the car from the pharmacy. Patience then wandered if she had read the number plate correctly the first time.

She quickly walked towards the lady who was about to unlock the car.

“Excuse me are you the owner of this..”

Suddenly Tisa raised her head and Patience saw her, she had gained a lot of weight hence Patience failed to recognise her earlier.

Patience looked at Tisa’s stomach refusing to accept the truth and if she could she would have convinced herself that Tisa was just swollen and not pregnant but making such a conclusion would be very foolish because whether Patience was accepting it or not.. Tisa was pregnant and without a doubt it was for her husband.

Tisa got in the car and drove away without saying a word to Patience who was standing there looking traumatised. Patience immediately got her phone and called Sydney.

“I need your help please come and help me drive..” she said.

Sydney immediately rushed from work and went to pick her up. When Sydney arrived Patience was sitted in the car soaked in tears.

“Patience what is it? Please talk to me what is the matter?” He asked

“Please take me home quickly I’m begging you..” she said.

When they got home patience quickly picked the baby and a few of her clothes just like the last time and she got in the car. Sydney wondered what was going on and he begged her to explain what was wrong but she did not respond.

“ok where am I taking you? Sydney asked.

“We are going to my mums house.. “ she responded.

“I can’t go there you know your mum hates me how will it look if I go there with you and you’re a married woman” Sydney said

Sydney I am not married and please let’s just go..” she responded

When Patience reached her mother’s house her heart even broke more, there was nothing more painful than thinking of what her mum would say. All the money and effort she had put in to marry her daughter off, patience was torn.

Her mother was in the living room watching tv when she suddenly walked in with a bag on one hand and a baby on the other. Her mum quickly got up and ran to her daughter who cried bitterly

“Patience what is going on?” her mother asked helplessly.

“mum is my room still available? I’m back home” she said.


Oh my God! Please God save Patience from this trauma. Hmm! A lot is happening in marriages.

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