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{ A Journey To Inner Beauty }

🐾Chapter FOUR🐾
[ Welcome To The Brixlars II ]

📌Written By:
Author Nuella


~😔Kaleb’s POV😔~


• Did I also mention that Mia has extreme guts? Yes! Like the type her mother has. She doesn’t have fear and is really bold.

” Well, I guess this marriage has to be adjourned.” The priest said and the room was filled with gasps coming from here and there.

” What?” My dad exclaimed as he sprang up from his seat on the front row.

” She’s a minor. How does her decision matter in this?” Dad asked and everyone began to murmur. I see reason in what dad says. Mia is a minor and her decisions are clearly not valid.

” Well I agree with you sir that she is a minor but she plays an important role in this family and her decision will matter, especially this that has to do with her mother figure.” The priest said and dad fumed with rage.

” Oh c’mon. Can we just forget about Mia and go on with this marriage? Any child in her shoes will do the same, she only said that because she hasn’t know Ashley.” Dad said and there was confusion amidst the crowd.

” Well I say the wedding must go on!”

” No, the child has the right to choose her mother.”

” The child is a minor and is totally dependent on her parents decision. If the two couples wanna get married, then let them do so.”

• The audience said their minds and now it’s only the priest officiating that can decide whether the marriage will go on or not.

” Well, I say the marriage should go on. And since there are no other adults opposed to this marriage. I now pronounce you Mr. and Mrs. Kaleb Brixlar!” The priest said and everyone clapped except Mia, she frowned and was looking so uunhappy

” You may now kiss the bride.” The priest said and I could see the hesitation on Ashley’s face. I mean KISS who?

” Cut Cut Cut!! No one wants to see you guys kiss.” Mia yelled and everyone laughed but dad flashed her a bad stare and she comported herself.

~😓Ashley’s POV😓~


• I feel so embarrassed right now. That Mia girl has guts. Just see how she utterly embarrassed me in front of everyone. If we’re gonna be living in the same house then she has to learn how to keep her big mouth shut whenever she sees me.

” Well at least, you can hug the bride.” The priest said and Kaleb came closer and we hugged. I felt a little bit shy about it, but it’s just a COMMON hug.

” On behalf of my family, I’m sorry for making you marry me.” Kaleb said. He has a sweet voice and this statement of his proves he also has sweet heart as well.

” It’s no big deal.” I said and we disengaged from the hug.

~🤗Nadia’s POV🤗~


📍Somewhere In Manchester📍

• It was a cold rainy day and everywhere was looking so gloomy and boring. I was sitting on my bed with my reading glasses on and my laptop in front of me. I was online checking for dance schools applications or dance competitions or anything at all related to dance.

You can say I’m a sucker for dance😉

• I’m Nadia Dutteron and I’m 27 years old. I’m not so rich actually but at least I don’t lack any necessity. If you must know, I’m a graduate of Theatre Arts in West Holman University. I love anything that has to do with dance. I’m looking for my big break to stardom that’s why I’m interested in dance competitions that will showcase me to the world.

Enough of me for now😉

• As I scrolled through the search results, I saw something that caught my eye. It was an advert for a dance competition.

❇Become A Star Dancer Now!

Participate In The Dance2Fame
Competition now and give earn yourself a
chance to win $500,000, A all expense trip to Malibu and an endorsement with Mega Dance Cooperation!! ❇

• My eyes nearly popped out on sighting that mouth watering advert! Wow! I really need to apply for that!

• I opened the portal and applied for it, filling in all my necessary and required details. After applying, I was told to check the site next week to see if I’m selected. I really hope I’m selected.

” Nadia!!!” I heard my mum call out to me. I closed the site and jumped from my bed and went to answer her call.

~🙂Kaleb’s POV🙂 ~


• Well, the wedding was over. There wasn’t a reception because there is no need for that. What is the use of having a reception when the groom and bride are not actually “Happily Married” ?

• Well we’re back home, away from the attention of all those wedding guests. I checked the time, it was 7pm. I’ve been on my laptop for three hours! I’m reviewing contestants for the dance competition and formatting the site.

• Just then, Ashley walked into the room and sat on the couch. She was with her phone and didn’t even say a word when she came in. Some minutes after she came in, I started having this weird feeling. The silence existing was quite awkward maybe that’s the reason why.

• Even though she may be with her phone now, I still feel that she wants to have a conversation but she’s kinda shy, so I might as well start up a conversation with her.

” Hi.” I said and she jerked. Maybe because she was so intrigued with whatever she was doing on her phone.

” Hi.” She simply replied.

” What are you doing? You’ve been on your laptop for so long.” She said sometime after her first reply.

” Well, I run a Humanitarian NGO that takes specialty in empowering the youths. Our next initiative is to empower them with a dance competition called Dance2Fame.” I said and she keenly listened.

” Wow, a wonderful innovative. I like that. But why would the son of Honorable Brown run an NGO. Don’t get me wrong.” She said and I chuckled.

” Well, I’m the heir to my dad’s empire but while waiting for him to retire, I decided to extend a helping hand to the masses.” I replied and she gave me a knowing look.

” Nice. So where’s your mum?” She asked and I sat atop on the bed.

” Well, she and my two sisters travelled out for a Fecation.” I said and she stared at me puzzled.

” Fe what?”

” Well I was also shocked when they told me the name.”

” It’s a yearly tradition in this house. All the females in our family go on a vacation so they came up with a dumb name Fecation. Hopefully, you’ll be part of next year’s Fecation.” I said and she kept silent but smiled faintly.

” What? Did the paparazzi attend our wedding?” She yelled looking at her phone.

” Well, maybe. Why so shocked?”

” There’s photos of us and our wedding all over the internet with caption:

❇Rich and Handsome son of Honourable Brown weds the not so known daughter of Multi-Billionaire, Mr. Hector. Is there more to this undercover wedding?❇
” She read out and I laughed.

” I could’ve sworn that I didn’t see anyone with cameras, microphones or flashy lights at the wedding.” She said again and I chuckled.

” Not all paparazzi are known. Some are undercover and are used in undercover events like our marriage.” I said and she laughed.

• We didn’t talk after that. At least I’ve broken the iceberg and the tension in the room has calmed down. And probably she’s not as shy as she was earlier

” So you have a daughter…” She said some time later as she looked at some of the photos hung on the wall

” Yes her name is Mia, paragon of her mother.” I replied and Ashley nodded.

” She isn’t the nicest that I know.” Ashley said and I laughed.

” Don’t worry you’ll get use to her and I someday she’ll get use to you.” I replied but I noticed she wasn’t focused anymore, all her attention was put towards the entrance of the room.

“Well I hope someday is now because here she comes.” She said and Mia strutted in.

” Oh you’re with her…” She said as she rolled her eyes and looked at Ashley.

” Don’t talk rudely to her Mia.”

” Ugh! Dad don’t tell me you forgot again! Today is our father and daughter night! You promised me a movie with first row tickets!” Mia said almost yelling.

• Father and Daughter night was today! I totally forgot! Like Mia is so gonna get so angry at me. I’ve missed four father and daughter days in a row and she isn’t gonna forgive me if she hears I also forgot this one.

” I knew it…you forgot.” She said in a sad tone after I didn’t reply.

” Ever since mum left, you hardly have time for me.” Mia said and ran out of the room crying.

” Mia wait!” I said standing up.

” Don’t worry let me do it.” Ashley said and went out of the room.

~😶Ashley’s POV😶~


• Okay, if I want to stay here happily ever after, I need to make sure I’m on Mia’s good book and have her on my side. And what better way to make her like me that being there in her uh..uhm sad moments.

• I went to her room because that’s where she must’ve ran too. I gently opened her room’s door and saw that she was lying on her bed sobbing.

” Go away!” She yelled as she heard the door open and sensed the presence of someone.

” It’s me Mia” I said and came in.

” I know it’s you. Just go away please.” She said and I felt bad.

• Despite her wanting me to leave, I still feel she needs someone to talk to and probably vent her feelings out. I went to her bedside and sat beside her.

” What part of “go away please” don’t you understand?” She said and sat atop of her bed.

” Look Mia, your dad didn’t mean to forget your father and daughter day.”

” Well maybe, but the thing is that dad always forgets everything regarding me ever since mum left. The other day he made me late to ballet practice and now he forgets the one day in a whole month where he has to leave his “work” and have fun me.” Mia said and I can actually feel her pain. Somehow, I feel that I’ve also been rejected once.

” See, I think you should just forgive him. I promise you that he’ll make it up to you.”

” And what do you know? Who cares about what YOU think? Maybe now that he has married you he’ll be so “busy” with you and he’ll probably forget my birthday!” Mia said angrily and ran out of the room.

• That’s it, I can’t deal with this girl. I may be nice and all but when it comes to temper I’m not one you mess with. I’d better avoid her or else I’ll go to prison cause of her. She’s an annoying brat.

Just then…I heard some noise downstairs.

• I looked through the terrace and saw a lady in her late 50’s and some young girls.

” They’re probably Kaleb’s mum and sisters.” I thought and I went downstairs.

” Ah everyone is here now.” Mr. Brown said as I came downstairs.

” Is she the new maid?” One of Kaleb’s sisters asked.

” No Amelia, she can’t be a maid. She has that rich girl glow on her face.” His other sister said and Mia laughed.

” She’s rich Aunt Amelia. She is Mr. Hector’s daughter.” Mia said with a sly smile.

” Oh, I never knew he had a daughter. Nice meeting you uh..” One of his sisters said extending her hand for a shake but she didn’t know my name.

” Ashley.” I told her and shook her extended hand.

” Oh good. My name is Sydney.” She added and released my hand.

” I like her already.” She said and I smiled.

” Well I don’t. Something about her looks fake.” Amelia said with crossed arms and I was shocked.

” I don’t like her either and I DON’T LIKE THE FACT THAT SHE’S MARRIED TO MY SON!” His mum said.

” WHAT!?!”

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