My Prince Charming

My Prince Charming episode 19 – 20


👅 She’s feisty he’s hot 👅

✍️ Written by Lois ✍️

💖 Episode 19💖


It’s been a week and I have noticed something odd between my boyfriend and sister

Seriously I am not finding it funny any longer

Seems like they are hiding something from me

And trust me am gonna find out
Because Kelly now comes here with Adrian every f-cking day 🙄

I was going to the sitting room when I heard chattering

It was the trio again
Immediately they saw me coming they changed the subject

Oh okay now am getting more curious

I grumble angrily walking past them

“Baby what’s wrong” I heard Harry say walking up to me

“Really ya asking me that!”

“Yeah I’m sure am asking you” he said dumbly

“Whatever 🙄” I stood up obviously pissed

I went to my room angrily

My birthday is on Saturday which is a day after tomorrow and no one remembers

Even Kelly doesn’t

Why would she🙄 when she’s busy with my boyfriend and hers

😋 Harry 😋

I couldn’t help but burst into laughter when she left

Gosh she is too curious

“You know hiding something from tia is very difficult”

“You can say that again…. that’s why she has never had any surprise birthday party 🙄”


“Yeah……anytime we plan it she ends up knowing there by ruining the surprise 🙄”

“She’s a lot of work dude” Adrian said

We went on with the preparation plans

It’s got to be perfect for mi’lady

I made sure the venue is the best

Our mom’s are making it grand

Well most especially my Mom
Her daughter in law is so important to her🙄

And it’s been tiring

It’s just a day from now

😊Uncle Joe😊

I packed my things together
As I get ready to go home

Just then my secretary walked in
Her skirt is skimpy revealing half of her b-obs

She is dressed more like a slut to a office attendant

But who cares as long I have a taste of her

“Sir this is the file” she said sed-ctively as I eye rape her

Gosh my d*ck is damn hærd

“Erm Lena come back” i said as she was about to leave

” Strip” I said and she get on to it like she’s been waiting for me to say it

Of she is “slut”

The sight before me is mesmerizing 😋

I hastily unbuckled my p-nts bringing out my already er-cted c*ck stroking slightly looking at the completely bake blonde in Front of me

I beckon on her to come closer

“How about you give me a blow job”

I felt her hands on my hærden shaft as she began to stroke it up and down


Soon my d*ck was in her mouth
And deep throating me like a pro


I couldn’t take it again I carried her and slammed her on my desk as I began to pound into her furiously

Leaving to mo-n out my name in ectasy

Gosh! She’s damn wide

I kept thr-sting in to her for 30 more minutes before spilling my seeds on her br-ast

Damn! It’s been long I last f-cked

I picked my things as I head out leaving her to sort herself

I’ve got a birthday party to add spice to


🥂🥂On Tiana’s birthday party 🥂🥂

The event hall was well decorated with sparkling lights and balloons 🎊🎊🎉🎈

The wh0le place was astonishing dazzling 🎆

😋 Harry 😋

I dressed elegantly looking hot as ever

Everything has been set

All guest is in attendance even friends from school

Just to get tiana there in the most wierd way ever

I rushed downstairs and I saw her on the couch watching TV and sulking up

She thinks everyone forgot it’s her birthday

“What’s up with the rush” she said lowly

“Am going somewhere don’t follow me” I said making sure I sound cold

“Oh okay” she said confusedly

Well I made use of reverse psychology
She is definitely going to follow me😏


I have been sulking all day

Mom didn’t even call to wish me happy birthday

Neither did dad nor Kelly

Even my very own Harry

Now he’s going out and asked me not to follow him

I am definitely following him

I dashed upstairs to wear something nice

I picked up one of the car keys and rushed out

Maybe they are having another meeting behind my back

I will definitely find out what he’s been up to

Or maybe he is cheating on me 😢
He won’t even dare😠

A lot of things kept running my mind as I follow his car unnoticed

Soon he parked in front of an hotel

And lady came out to welcome him

He is actually cheating 😭😭

Am going in to give him a piece of my mind

As I walked in flowers fell on me 🥀🌹🌹🌺🌺💐🌼💮🌸🏵️

As the s₱0t light shines on me flaying down was a flyer bearing


Tears of joy strolled down my eyes
As I watched my wh0le family come out with a satisfying smile on their faces

Wow so they remembered ☺️


👅 She’s feisty he’s hot 👅

✍️ Written by Lois ✍️

💖 Episode 20💖


I woke up with body aches all over

That was the best surprise birthday party ever

Though it is the first actually they did successfully

I always ruin the surprise

But this year’s was fabulous 😁😁

Even uncle Joe got me a present am starting to feel comfortable around him he seems nice☺️

Flash back 📅

After I arrived at the party everyone came out and sang me a happy birthday song

Harry gave me a heart crushing k-ss😋

Dad gave me a surprise visit plus Harry’s dad

I was given a lot of gifts that I couldn’t help but blush

Back to present 📅

I still felt hurt cos Kelly stole few of my presents

It’s not like I need them anyways

I was still swimming in my thoughts when Harry walked out of the bathroom dripping w-t with a towel wrapped around his torso☺️

I didn’t realize I was drooling until he spoke up

“Are you gonna sit there and drool of you are gonna go bathe cos you’ve got school to attend remember”

☺️My cheeks were red from embarrassment

“Whatever 🙄 you are mine I can drool all I want”

“We’d be graduating soon you know that?”

Wait how long have I missed school

“Four weeks and we’ve gat two more weeks to go so get ya butt up and go bathe” Harry said

He might be my heartbeat but he could be more of a jerk sometimes 😁

Finally I was done bathing and I came out to meet Harry fully dressed

I caught him drooling and I smirk 😏

It’s tit for tat baby☺️

“Just go dress wanna use the bathroom” he stuttered and I noticed a bugle under his trousers

Whoa I can’t believe I affect him this much that he’s having a hærd on staring at my w-t body alone



🏢At school 🏢

I inhaled sharply as we entered the school premises

How much I missed this institute of learning 🤗🤗

Soon I saw Adrian and Kelly coming towards us

Kelly was holding a sorry face 🙄
This us going to stop me from the plan I have for her

1.for keeping my surprise a secret from me

2.for stealing my gifts

3.for having a boyfriend before me

Okay that last one is stupid I know just want to punish her

“Am sorry big sister” she said faking a sad face

It’s obvious it’s a fake apology

“It’s okay lil sis come gimme a hug” I said smiling while I paste the sticker behind her back

With the inscription “KICK ME”. 😂😂😂😂

She won’t be able to remove it even if she tries

She will be graduating next three months

Unknown to me she pasted a sticker at my back too

After we finished hugging I noticed the two guys were laughing

What’s funny 🙄

I saw Kelly receiving kicks as she made her way to class at the service time struggling to remove the sticker

I laughed my ass out 😂😂

But it was short lived when I started things started raining on me

“Bathe me with random stuffs ” Harry read out before tearing it

“Gosh you and ya sister is something else”


Soon the day was over and head home

😏 Chloe 😏

My mind wasn’t at peace since I saw that guy

Everything I want now is to have him

To have his d*ck shoved deep in,side my p*ssy

To have access to his money

I’d do anything to get close to him

I did research about him after seeing him on a commercial

“Harry gold” the heir to the gold empire
Having as my boyfriend would get me fame and most importantly money

It’s not that my family isn’t rich but not quarter to the gold’s

I will doing anything to have him
It’s a promise and I don’t care if he has a girlfriend 🙄

But first I need to settle down before going back to the school

Oh I forget to tell you Amma college student

I transferred here after I decided to move here

Now I have a new mission get Harry get richer


Crazy sisters I hope you were nur kill each other

Hmm Chloe you better back off

Team TIARRY all the way


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Say something nice

Love you 💖💖


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